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      HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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      do you ever stare into the void because.....only one of the fics on your hpft page passes the bechdel test.
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      wrote a severus snape centric fic for the first time as my entry for the angst challenge & it was so much fun getting into his character!! i hope i've done him justice, it took me longer than expected to churn this out. so much rusttt 
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      Voting for the My Father Will Hear About These Awards is now officially OPEN!!  Best of luck to all the Nominees, Snakes!!!    
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      Can anyone help me?
      I just noticed that the first chapter of my fic posted on the Archive doesn't show completely (or perhaps I'm missing something).
      It clearly says that it's 2748 words long; however I can only see my Author's note. The actual chapter doesn't show. I tried editing it and it's there, so I don't understand why I can't read it 
      Can anyone please check it to see if it's just me? link
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      Somehow my Hogwarts Express story came out longer than my Trip to Ollivanders' one... But I gotta admit, joining the HPFT community has been inspiring. And hey, the story is finished, posted, and now it's time to write about my Sorting Ceremony
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      Thank you so much for the review! 
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      HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3 ALERT! We have pictures of the gang all grown up! 
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      I see you write Charlie Weasley and dragons... Welcome to HPFT, I think you and I are going to get along very well 
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      I will be reading/reviewing all entries from my challenge tomorrow night! Results should be posted the next day!
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    • you-make-me-wander
      The purchases I made on my first ever trip to Diagon Alley kept me entertained for days. Being a Muggleborn, everything seemed new and exciting to me. I’ve marveled at every single illustration on my books, I must have weighted and scanned every inch of my cauldron, and worn my robes every single day ever since. My wand hasn’t left my pocket, even if I can’t use it for anything but to gawk at it at this point. However, as September 1st gets nearer, I can’t help but to start feeling anxious. What if I don’t make friends? What if I can’t keep up with other wizards and witches who were born into the magical world? What if I’m not good at magic? The night before my departure, I barely sleep, partly due to excitement and partly due to nerves. On our way to the station, my mother rattles off instructions and advices and tips for this and that, wanting to make sure I don’t forget anything. As he drives, my father keeps looking around as if he’s expecting to spot wizards or witches popping out of nowhere in the London streets. My sister sits beside me, holding my hand while mumbling along to some song on the radio. I, in turn, stare outside, my thoughts on the train I’ve yet to embark and on the destination it’ll lead me to. After finding a luggage trolley to carry all my belongings, we enter the train station and wait just inside to the left, per the instructions that had come with my Hogwarts letter. As, it mentioned, recent years have had an increasing number of Muggleborn students, a committee of volunteer wizard and witches were designated to welcome the non-magical families and direct us to platform 9 3/4. Mrs. Abbott, the Landlady of the Leaky Cauldron that we first met when we visited Diagon Alley, and who is part of the Welcome Committee, greets us warmly and introduces us to her daughter. The girl’s name is Alice, and she seems a little shy to meet me. I can't say I'm feeling all too brave myself, but I smile at her and she returns in kind. Mrs. Abbott explains that Alice is starting her first year, like me, and I wonder if we'll be friends. If she is as nice as her mother, we might get along just fine. Joining a larger group a few minutes later, and with renewed confidence, I follow Mrs. Abbott through the station with my family trailing behind me. I falter when the time comes to go through the barrier, I'll admit, given that I don't make a habit of running directly at walls, but all the kids are paired up. A dark-skinned boy with really light brown eyes timidly extends his hand to me and I hold it. Overtly-nervous or not, off we go. The sight that greets us upon passing the barrier is mesmerizing. A beautiful, ostentatious looking steam train, scarlet and black, fills the station as if the space was built specifically to accommodate it. It makes the experience all the more real, as if everything is this train and the train is everything there is. A loud whistle sounds, startling me, and Mrs. Abbott reminds everyone that we have half an hour to board the train, and that it's time to start saying goodbye to our families to find our seats. Behind her, I see another handful of groups like ours, where in each of them a wizard or witch seems to be giving similar directions to non-magical first-time students and their relatives (we’re not so hard to spot amongst all the magical folk, as we’re the ones who are looking around as if we’re completely entranced by literally everything). It’s a bit of a relief to think that a lot of Muggles - I hope I won't have a hard time remembering all the strange and unfamiliar words - will be joining Hogwarts this year. It helps me relax a little, knowing that I won't be the only one who might struggle fitting in. My mother tears up when I hug her goodbye, and my father tries his hardest to remain stoic. My sister, on the other hand, is openly staring at a group of redhead kids of varying ages while they play with what looks to me like a little black marble that, right before our eyes, vanishes in a small cloud of smoke. My sister gasps, fascinated, while they laugh amongst themselves. Alice catches my attention by pulling at my sleeve gently, asking me if I would like to join her on the train and help her find a compartment. I nod, excited and eager to start a new adventure. I hug my family one last time, ruffle my sister’s hair with a smile, and thank Mrs. Abbott for everything. I make sure I have everything I need while Alice says goodbye to her mother, and soon we’re pushing our trolleys down the platform. A wizard takes our luggage and the trolleys are left behind. I can’t express how right it feels that I’m here, like I finally found something that was meant just for me, even if I didn’t know it until so very recently. Climbing the steps into the train after Alice, we chat all the way along the carriage of the train, looking for an empty compartment. She tells me all about how her father is a professor at Hogwarts, and how she’s known some of our classmates ever since she was a little girl. Halfway through the train, we find a compartment with only one person inside. The boy I'd crossed the barrier with earlier introduces himself as Naeem, and invites us to ride with him. Alice and I join him. Another whistle tells us that it shouldn’t be long until we depart. Opening the window, I wave at my parents and sister contently, and let them know who I’m with and what the train looks like from the inside. As the platform clears of all students, I immerse myself in idle chattering with my new companions, and by the time the train leaves my blood is pumping in my veins. I’m so happy I can’t sit still. A couple of minutes into the ride, a girl with long, beautiful read hair and bright blue eyes opens our compartment’s door and greets Alice excitedly. Turning to me and Naeem, she tells us her name is Rose Granger-Weasley and asks if she can ride with us, since her cousin - she mumbles under her breath - had ditched her for someone else. Alice tries to keep her smile to herself but rolls her eyes, I note, and starts ditching all these interesting stories about the Potter and Weasley families in amusing details, that Rose interjects with hilarious facts here and there. It’s obvious that the girls have known each other for a really long time but they don’t make me and Naeem feel like outsiders. Some of Rose’s relatives stop by now and again to welcome us, and to say that they’re a loud bunch is putting it mildly. Her cousin Lucy, a third year girl a little more reserved than the rest of their family, it appears, sits with us for most of the ride with one of her friends. The entire journey is spent with everyone telling stories about where we’re from, things we’ve done, and what we expect and imagine Hogwarts is like while we nibble on all the goodies that we bought from the trolley witch. Lucy and her friend keep mostly to themselves, except to tell us about classes with fascinating subjects as well as about the castle whenever Rose tries to get them involved in the conversation. Rose, for her part, looks like a natural leader, and it’s clear that even though her family sounds a little nuts, she loves everyone dearly. She seems to be rather smart too. Alice, having known the Potters and the Weasleys since birth, shares with us a lot of the stories that Rose tries to keep to herself, a little embarrassed, but it’s all in good jest. Alice even confesses to be a little worried about having classes with her father as a Professor, more so because Herbology will likely be her favorite subject. Naeem shares with us his love for music, and Lucy explains that Hogwarts has been extending its program for a while now, so he’ll be able to learn to play with new, magical instruments. As for me, I’m more interested in the books, and I’m quickly assured that the Hogwarts library is unparalleled. I can’t say I’m not thrilled about their sport either – Quidditch, I’ve got to remember the name. It sounds equal parts interesting, terrifying, and like a damn good time, so I can’t wait to try it. At first, I’ll admit, everything the girls already know about this world leaves me apprehensive, like they have advantages that I don’t. Not only that, but they’re all so pretty and fun and easy-going, things I’ve never really considered myself to be. But as the hours pass and we cross the countryside into Scotland, all the worries on the back of my mind vanish. They seem as fascinated about mine and Naeem’s Muggle stories as we are by theirs, and by the time the train stops, I’ve forgotten that I’ve just met them. It feels like an age has passed since I first boarded the train, and now my only worry is what will happen if we’re sorted into different houses. Alice reassures me that all first years are both eager to find out and dreading the wrong choice of House, should it happen, even if Molly has told us three times already that the Sorting Hat – how interesting does a talking hat sound? – has never been wrong, and that there are no wrong choices; just different ones. Rose states that we shouldn’t worry too much about it because times have changed, and the Houses aren’t as isolated as they once were, so even if we end up in different Houses we can for sure remain friends. We part ways with the third years and Alice grabs my hand, pulling me along to the front of the line while I’m still thinking about what Rose said, if we could really become friends so easily when we just met. It's hard to disregard her words when she's so sure of herself, so confident in everything she says. It's what I'm clinging to. A giant man, Hagrid – who, Rose points out, is just a half-giant, and if that’s not impressive I don’t know what is –, welcomes everyone and leads the way to a few boats by the shoreline. It would be hard for him not to mesmerize everyone with his presence, he’s so tall, but his kind way grabs our attention just as much. I’m wary when the boats start moving by themselves, since I can’t swim. The full moon was a few days ago so at least the lake is bathed in moonlight, and it amps up the anticipation. Alice tells me that she’s visited Hogwarts before but never through the lake, and that everyone has told her that it’s a sight like no other. We get distracted by several people pointing at a particular spot on the water up ahead and gasping in surprise, about what the students on the boat next to ours say to be the merpeople that inhabit the lake, coming to the surface to see us through. In excitement, I think every single one of us first years leans on the edge of the boats to get a better look. Surprisingly, they don’t tip, and momentarily even I forget about my reluctance to be in the water. I watch, enchanted, as a group of about ten merpeople see us pass by. They look intimidating and don’t make a sound, but they appear to be so interesting that I want to learn everything there is to know about them. I wonder what else lives on the lake. And then, I’ll take an educated guess, we all stop breathing. When the castle comes into view, I’m spellbound, as is everyone else. It’s in silence and amazement that we approach it ever so slowly, and by the time we all climb out of the boats and onto the rocks by the Boathouse, I can’t believe I’m really here. I’d seen images of the castle in my “Hogwarts: A History” book and they looked incredible, but looking up at the castle now, it feels surreal. This is my blank page. This is where I’ll learn the most unbelievable, powerful magic. Where I’ll hopefully make new friends, meet new people and follow the path I’ve always been meant to follow. Where I'll study estraordinary subjects, learn the most captivating historical facts about the Magical World, and become who I'm meant to be. Side by side with the three first years that welcomed me with open arms, we make our way into the castle. And so it begins.
    • toomanycurls
      Sian!! Thank you so much for feeding my need for attention!!  I just love these questions   1. How much detail do you go into when you're planning your stories? Does it vary for each one? I used to be able to just have an entire novel in my head without really anything written down.  That was before I had a child and lost 15% of my brain  How much I plan and write down all depends on how long it'll take between thinking of my cool/writable idea and actually writing it. Most one shots never really get planned out formally. Maybe a 4-5 item bullet list of things I want to happen or emotions I want to cause people to have. For Lightning Love I wrote out character bios, notes about the major plot thing that'll happen, and a chapter by chapter 3 point summary of what happens (because all my chapters have three sections and it was a way for me to remind myself what should happen). It turned out to be very helpful because there was this entire dramatic subplot I forgot about with one of my OCs and the story would be less interesting without it.  2. I know you do a lot of research - do you have a point when enough is enough and you have to start writing instead of continuing with research? I try to treat research as a way to get my gears going for an idea or character (and sometimes to check feasibility of an idea/statement I make). For instance, an OC I have is the son of Queenie/Jacob from Fantastic Beasts. Being an American I didn't have to do too much research except that I wanted a reason for him to have lived on the West Coast. I ended up researching anti-miscegenation laws in the US and used that as a reason for him and his wife to move away from racist muggles. When I'm writing someone who is further outside my immediate life, like an OC I have from India, I do a lot more research. This is usually spread out over months (i mean, I wrote my outline for LL in April 2017) or longer and slowly shapes how I think about and write the character. I will usually stop researching a character when I feel I have a good sense of their voice and motivations. It's difficult when I'm writing someone outside my culture and own experience because I don't want to write a horrible mockery of that person's background and culture.  3. Are there any themes you always try and include in your writing - or any which make it there without you consciously planning it? I really enjoy writing about relationships (romantic and platonic). Sometimes themes will come out of those topics which I didn't intend to hammer on. For instance, in True Romance, I didn't set out to write a coming of age story but that's a lot of what the story dealt with. When I set out to write about Hugo in Lightning Love I knew he was ace but as I developed his character I realized he also was bullied and struggled with depression. I know sometimes people will point out a theme in a story and it's not one I had consciously written there. I feel like that happened with A Moment of Fear (which I need to repost!!) but I think that's because I felt my way through that story more than others.  4. Are there any personality types or characters you find difficult (or just don't like) to write? I hate writing mean people and bullies. There's one in LL who just comes across as very mean and one-dimensional. I know i can give him more attention in the story to show some of his background and motivation (I mean, first I'd need to flesh that out a little better myself) but his point in the story is to be the mean bully and I'm not really planning on giving him more development. so, maybe it's that I hate writing characters who I don't fully understand and aren't worth taking the time to understand better. They always feel sloppy but necessary. Once I understand someone I can write them and will enjoy it.  5. Who's your current favourite character in Lightning Love? Does it change as you're writing? It's a really broad cast of characters but Hugo is definitely one of my favorites at the moment. At the start of the story he's kind of a background character but he gets more narrative time as the story progresses and as he opens up to those around him. Writing about Molly is becoming quite fun -- she has a romantic interest in the story but as an older person it's quite different writing her versus Lily. 
    • nott theodore
      Hi Rose! Here with a couple of questions for you   1. How much detail do you go into when you're planning your stories? Does it vary for each one? 2. I know you do a lot of research - do you have a point when enough is enough and you have to start writing instead of continuing with research? 3. Are there any themes you always try and include in your writing - or any which make it there without you consciously planning it? 4. Are there any personality types or characters you find difficult (or just don't like) to write? 5. Who's your current favourite character in Lightning Love? Does it change as you're writing?
    • toomanycurls
      I wanted to post here with my slow progress on Lightning Love. I've outlined the rest of the story. It'll be 20 chapters and I have a pretty strong/settled ending (whereas when I wrote True Romance I wasn't really sure how to end it until I wrote the ending, lol). I have a lot of twist and turns coming up that'll really take people for a ride.  Um, that's all I have for now!
    • toomanycurls
      Probably not easily. Responses to reviews are amended to the review itself (instead of being two entries in the database or two columns. If you send me the review and what you'd like to change in the response I can go into the database and update your response. 
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