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Ratings/Advisories Change

by abhorsen. at 20 May 2018 07:12 AM  

We'd like to announce two ratings/advisories changes.


First, the 'Hate Speech' advisory has been broken down into two advisories: 'Derogatory Language' and 'Hate Speech.' The 'Hate Speech' advisory continues to require an M rating but is now reserved for only the most egregious and socially unacceptable uses of slurs. The new 'Derogatory Language' advisory captures other usage of slurs, and can apply to both T-rated and M-rated stories.


Second, the 'Sexual Assault' advisory has also been broken down into two advisories: 'Consent Issues (Mild/Moderate)' and 'Consent Issues (Severe).' The 'Consent Issues (Mild/Moderate)' advisory can be apply to both T-rated and M-rated stories, and indicates that a story includes some relatively non-invasive unwanted...

No Queue Limit Reminder

by abhorsen. at 29 Mar 2018 05:42 AM  

We've gotten a lot of new members recently, and we just wanted to remind everyone that we abolished our queue limit earlier this year - you can put as many chapters into the queue at once as you like. If you put a lot of chapters in, keep in mind that it might take us a little while to get through it, because we will validate individual chapter updates first, but you won't have to do anything other than wait for the validation emails to come in/deal with any potential rejections. :)

March Featured Stories

by abhorsen. at 18 Mar 2018 03:40 PM  

Congratulations to our newest featured stories, including:


Haunting Shadows - dreamgazer220

five lives - justawillowtree

That Post is a Keeper - Pixileanin

On Air - Stella Blue

Burdens - BlackPixie

A Candle - Beeezie

Prisoner - Crimson Quill

The Bro Code - wandlessmagic


You can find these stories in the featured tab, and you can check out the rest of the bulletin on the forums!

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