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About this blog

Dear Listeners, 

Paula likes to ramble a lot. Here's a collection of random things that I feel like blogging about. Apparently I only speak in podcasts today.

Entries in this blog


Okay, so I stayed up all night reorganizing my OF and outlining the remaining chapters and I'M SO HAPPY WITH MYSELF. Like productivity has been dead and gone for months and I had this wonderful burst last night and now I'm writing easily again and my story feels so much more cohesive and meaningful and interesting and it makes me ramble. 

I also wrote the Bencident of my story, but I think it's just going to be a side story I share once I post the entirety of Rose & Co. Basically, it's the story of when Bia and Cast first meet. They're both dating this college boy named Ben and think he's a dreamy, albeit stupid boyfriend. Cass is at his apartment for a date night in when Bia shows up and lots of yelling and stupidity incurs and then Bia drags Cass out of the apartment with her because she feels bad bc Cass is so young to be dealing with someone so shitty and then they go get food and live happily ever after as girlfriends instead*. 

*eventually they stop dating because they aren't as compatible as they'd like, but there's definitely residual feelings there or at least I low key ship them because 99% of their scenes alone have that going on so I have to sort out who Cass actually ends up with because this point idk. But here's a story snippet that I'll go post in story snippets in a minute (totally unedited so excuse me that's how i live my life): 


Cass slumped into Bia, tears soaking through her shirt. Bia carded through Cass’s hair, murmuring shushes into the girl’s hairline. Bia couldn’t help but laugh when Cass made a terrible slurping, snorting noise through the tears and her laughter brought Cass’s tear stained, mascara smeared face directly to hers. Her eyebrows knitted together and then she laughed too, a small hollow laugh, and then took a step back from Bia. Bia missed her warmth immediately.

 I also made a list of "hot girl stuff" and "hot guy stuff" so I could keep mannerisms in mind instead of just lovingly gazing into orbs and I made a list of Bia and Cass things. Bia suffers from severe anxiety (bc I love self inserts) and Cass tries to be sensitive of that and do things like order her food for her and bring it to work so she can eat in peace and be mindful of when she needs space so that's nice. It was just a nice productive night.

Also I realized that y'all are the best support system I've ever had. Like I felt a little insecure about going to the movies by myself on thursday, but with the outpouring of positive responses and understanding words I don't feel nearly as stressed about it. Like I think I'm going to actually have fun. Also the fact that I told y'all how I'm feeling over my IRL friends is a whole thing in and of itself. 

Today I'm headed into the city to go buy christmas presents for my husband's side of the family (they're the worst to shop for and always buy me crazy expensive presents and never abide by limits so ugh). I'm looking forward to alone time while shopping, but also I just bought six new books (Maggie Stiefvater had a sale on amazon–I think she still does if you want to start the raven boys and fall in love) and a new pair of glasses I didn't need and two coffee mugs so spending in december just makes me guilty. If I could just buy my nieces and nephews their presents and call it a day I'd be happy. 

Last but not least here's a video of my pup being festive. Or me being festive at him. Whichever. (Idk if this will work I've never tried it but there's no time like the present)



dog days

I forgot how to blog so forgive me as I stretch my legs a bit. My personal life has been mayhem dramatic and unforgiving lately and I'm trying to catch my breath the only way I know how. By diving into a fictional world of my own making that is somehow even more chaotic than my real world. 

Today I bought a book to help me with the Wiccan aspects of Rose and Co. While my book definitely doesn't have anything directly to do with Wiccan beliefs and I'm not representing the religion, I don't want to publish anything that might be disrespectful towards their beliefs so I needed to spend more time researching it to be certain. I don't want to appropriate their practices/traditions. Family grimoires are a thing in my story, along with herbal magic, moon cycles, rituals, etc. I'm really, really excited to read it.

I'm also working on another original fic that I'm not quite ready to really discuss in depth, but I'm still pretty excited about it. There's a lot of Roman aspects in the story that are fun to research and I'm writing in a male perspective. I write best in a male perspective I think. The story is set in what would be DC in a post-usa world and I'm flying to DC in November for a conference so I'm hoping that'll be inspiring. 

Fall finally feels like it has arrived and with it came my muse. I've been sitting outside drinking my chai tea (do I really have to say tea after chai or is that redundant) and listening to the local high school band (which you can hear for miles) while I write. Oh, and apple cider. The keurig apple cider plus a hint of honey is 10/10 would sip. 

I've made a pact with myself to try one new thing (or thing I don't regularly do) every single week so I might just post with my weekly new things. This week I'm hitting up a new coffee shop and bakery downtown that looks really cute. I never stop and actually sit down in coffee shops because when I'm buying coffee it means I'm in too much of a hurry to make my coffee at home so it'll be a new thing for me. Since my town is dog themed (dog friendly? I'm not sure how to describe it–there was a historical court case here that the entire town is obsessed with and it involved a dog) the coffee shop is also dog themed so maybe I'll meet some nice pups? 

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