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Carrie's Creative Cacophony

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Anything But Harry Challenge Results

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First off, I want to apologize to all participants of my challenge!  I did not expect to take as long getting your stories read and judged.  Life just swooped in like a hawk taking me off to do things that were not this challenge.  However, I am back I am here and I am super impressed!  Ya'll knocked my socks off with these wonderful stories.  I revisited worlds I traveled to before with some of you and then others took me to new worlds or worlds of your own creation and it was brilliant.  I am so thankful to everyone for participating.  There were 10 entries and 9 participants.  (Someone got eager and took advantage of multiple entries being allowed).  

The judging for this challenge was no easy task, and I highly recommend that people read these stories they are legit and even if you don't know the world you get enough to appreciate the story for what it is.  So those not familiar with the universe explored in the stories take a chance learn about a new place - you may want to pick up a new book after the fanfic, I know I do!

For the judging process I had a set number of points that could be earned with a set number of bonus points such as obscure fandom and OF (a bonus point I think everyone got)  I judged on other things such as flow, form, details. and various other things important to the craft of story and the challenge.  Of the entrants 6 out of 10 people met or exceeded the base score of 17.  It made final counts very difficult.  To be honest two people actually tied for 1st place and will both receive 5 review apiece.  I thin thought about just then awarding a 3rd place as many professional competitions do but I could not do that as I would be remiss in not award our 3rd place winner for their fabulous work in meeting the challenge requirements.  So we'll start with 3rd place and work forward to our dual winners.

3rd Place

Revenge (M) by @StarFeather

Kenny wrote a wonderful original fiction about a young person who is being bullied and sets things up wonderfully for what is to come which I suspect will be revenge based on the title.  Anyone who has read anything by Kenny knows that he has a true artists heart and it was a pleasure to read this beautiful piece and feel right along with his character.  I look forward to when you write more!

As a reward, you get 1 additional review from me.  Please let me know if you want something specific reviewed.


2nd Place

We, Lawbreaking Citizens (M) by @Rumpelstiltskin

This is another brilliant original fiction by Rumples that had me gripped from the get go.  The story takes a look at a dystopic future where people take medication to eliminate the human 'diseases' of negative emotions.  The side effect?  You forget the previous day.  Not only does Rumples present an intriguing world but she also presents compelling characters where a beautiful romantic relationship is being softly woven in.  There are already 3 chapters up with more to come.  I can't wait to know what happens next.

(Please note I only judged the 1st 2 chapters as I did with all entries)  As a reward you get 3 reviews, please let me know if you have a specific story/stories you want me to focus on.

1st Place

Seven Deaths (M) by 
@Unwritten Curse & I have a Dream by @potionspartner

I can't imagine two more dynamically different stories winning 1st place.  Seven Deaths is a a fan fiction for Scythe and it is a book I very much want to look into if the fiction is anything to go by.  This is a story set in a future where people are now immortal and to keep balance in the world there are those trained to be Scythe's to glean people from the world.  It is an accepted practice and the deaths caused this way are minimal compared to how it was in the time of mortality.  Love is forbidden for a Scythe and yet this story explores the forbidden romance between two of them and what that entails. 

Conversely, I have a Dream is a whole other creature.  I would summarize this particular tale but to do so will rob any reader the joy of discovering the unique twist this story provided.  This is almost original fiction but at the same time lightly references some fandoms.  Honestly upon reading this story you'll know what I'm talking about and how the story cannot be summarized but indeed in comparison to  Seven Deaths it is completely light hearted and maybe even a bit comedic.

As a reward you both get 5 reviews each.  Please let me know if there is a specific story or stories you would like me to focus on.

Congrats again to all winners.  Also fabulous work to everyone else.  Ya'll made this judging process fun and difficult and did an awesome job too.


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Yay! Congrats everyone!!! 

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Posted (edited)

Thanks @scooterbug8515 for hosting the challenge and congratulations to all. The stories were awesome!. Also, thank you Carrie, for not telling the "fandom" of my story. I'm curious how long through the story it takes people to realize the setting and true story of the characters. BTW to readers, the story is from a strictly American fandom. Although you will understand the story as a whole, you probably won't get the jokes and references unless you've visited America a lot. . . except on Sundays.

Edited by potionspartner
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Of course @potionspartner  part of the joy of the read is to discover the fandom.  The tale itself is a surprise twist and I love surprise twists.

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Unwritten Curse


First, if you do happen to read Scythe, please PM me so we can talk about it! The third book of the series isn't out yet and I am impatiently dreaming up theories about how the cliffhanger is resolved.

Second, THANK YOU. Thanks for hosting this challenge because it forced me to write a story that I'd had in my head for quite some time. Also, thank you for the honor of first place! It's been a rough week for various reasons and seeing this really brightened my day. Genuinely. :hug:

Congrats to all other winners!

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