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Dumbledore's Ardour



I have to admit, it's so disheartening when you have readers acting with hostility and derision toward a character you're trying to present as complex and doing his best.

I appreciate that not everybody likes certain characters, but so many reviews I've received recently are jumping right into this mad caricature of Albus Dumbledore as evil and manipulative, and I'm just like... But if you read the story, that's not how he's presented? Like, at all? 

A lot of my readers, because of the nature of the story, also read independent!Harry or Lord Potter style fics, but here the hostility toward Dumbledore just isn't justified.

It's surprising how disappointing it can be to read a review and find it very focused on a negative response to the behaviour of "Dumbles" when he genuinely is doing his best, particularly when other characters are being so much worse. 


I don't know what to do about it, honestly. I'm certainly not going to write an AN about it or anything similar, but yeah... It's a real shame.

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It's hard to get people out of their headcanon for certain characters, especially one like Dumbledore. He's controversial and has become even moreso as the fanbase of Harry Potter has gotten older. I do tend to disregard people who have a completely different take on a character and aren't paying attention to how I'm writing someone or just don't get the character/story. 

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It's strange and interesting when you get reviews which say your characterization of your headcanon is wrong in spite of your effort for writing your story. First when I got negative ones on my plot about Harry/Ginny ship, I felt slightly or heavily disappointed. Recently some reviews say they don't think my characterization about Draco Malfoy will let readers feel sympathetic towards him. I tried responding to them by telling my thinking way. It's your story. Just a fanfiction. We can enjoy writing a variety of story. And at the same time I try to think what I can do or could do to let readers feel sympathetic towards the character more. So thinking those reviews positively might make your writing strength strong.

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