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Stalled, Christmas, Birthdays and more...

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 Ok, so - I have written 1,948 words. Yes, I am WAY behind :roflol:

It's OK, I will catch up. But, has anyone noticed that Christmas is coming up?? I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Yes, I have been Christmas shopping and not writing. To be fair though, I have 5 babies to shop for. Even though my eldest is 14 and into Anime and Pokemon, I'm still looking at HP stuff to buy. Which also reminds me. A friend's son is turning 11 this year, so he is getting a HP birthday. I'm going to crochet something small up for him and post it from "Mrs Weasley" :) 

The last few days I've spent moving my sites to a new hosting server that is more economical and that reminded me to update here. 

Here are a few lines from what I have written though :) 


“I don’t think of Jon in that way though.”

“You will,” Katie grinned. “We always end up thinking that way.” She looked at the school hall before them, their peers laughing and mucking around outside with the music from inside pulsating out into the night air. “We should go in.”

Naomi shook her head. “I’m not ready yet.” She could feel tears well in her eyes. “But you can go on in.”

“And leave you alone out here? No way.” Katie said. “After what you’ve been through, you need us.”

“Us?” Naomi laughed. “You’re the only one here with me.”

“At the moment, I am. Who’d have thought it, huh?”

“You’re not all that bad, not what like some people make you out to be,” Naomi admitted. “Not as much as you make yourself out to be either.”

Katie shrugged. “We all have our part to play, remember?” She pointed toward their right. “See, you have us.”

Naomi looked and saw Coralee, Nate, and Jon heading their way.



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