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Something Unpredictable

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How is 2018 a Quarter Over?



It's been another month and I've still barely written anything in 2018. But hey, this month was a crazy one, so I'll pretend it's okay.

On the first of March, the bookstore where I worked had a small fire...and then the sprinklers went off and flooded the store. For a couple of weeks, I worked alongside the rest of the staff to clean and begin repairs, but then most of us were laid off. I miss it a lot, despite understanding why they couldn't keep us on, and finances are now tighter than they were before.

So that kept me busy and stressed throughout the beginning and middle of the month. The last week or so has been a bit better, though, and I'm starting to get back on track. I'm even going to be a Camp NaNo rebel next month and hopefully (finally) get all of Collateral (M) onto HPFT! So, let's cross our fingers!

This month's anxiety update is mixed. It was definitely better than last month, though I did have a few hard days here and there. I experienced more stress this month, but not as many near-panic attacks.


So, we have actual writing goals for next month! Keep me accountable for these if you can, because I'll definitely need the encouragement:

  • edit all 50 chapters of Collateral
  • participate actively in Camp NaNo (see my NaNo Novel Nest!)
  • not lose my mind

The weather in the northern hemisphere is finally warming up slightly. So hopefully that will also encourage me to kick myself to be productive. Let me know if I can help any of you!

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I'm sorry that March didn't deal you a nice hand :( I hope things get better for you from here on out. Good luck with Camp! :hug:Stay strong, and remember that you're amazing! :twothumbsup:

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You're so sweet! Thank you!

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HUG HUG HUG! :bighug: 

That does sound like a tough month! I'm so sorry. I'm glad things are getting back to normal. Your writing goals are very exciting, and I will be cheering you on :yay:

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Gosh, a quarter over already? That's insane. I haven't written hardly anything either this year, but you definitely had a good reason for it. I can't even imagine what would happen if a fire broke out in my own bookstore. But I'm glad to see that with all these stressful things, you've managed to have less near-panic attacks, that's wonderful!

Good luck with Camp Nano! I hope to check out your novel in the near future!

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