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  2. Rat Race #63 | :40 - :10

    Lol, @MuggleMaybe!! Not quite Tasha here, but that's hilarious!!! Get some sleep, love!! Perhaps we can do it again tomorrow evening?
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  4. Rat Race #63 | :40 - :10

    Thank you so much for posting this, Deana. <3 I've been telling myself to write for like, two hours, and just keep messing around online. *rolls eyes* SWC: 0 (new chapter) EWC/WW: 347 Im so sorry, Tasha, but I'm literally falling asleep while I type. But I'm happy I got a couple hundred more words. Thank you for racing!
  5. Rat Race #63 | :40 - :10

    Because late-night races are the best, and waiting until the last minute seems to be my new trend, haha!! SWC: 14,456 EWC: 14,988 DIFF = 532 GAH!!! I am SO CLOSE to the 15,000 word mark right now, OMG!!!
  6. Milestones

    CONGRATULATIONS! I've recently passed 21,000. Almost halfway!
  7. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 32 Rebels: 36
  8. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 31 Rebels: 36
  9. Yesterday

    So pleased you guys are excited too! I warn you it'll take some months before there are any new chapters up that aren't on the other site, but rest assured they will be coming. And Jasmine has promised to beat me about the head a bit to make sure I keep writing it.
  11. I've just realised I have 49 stories on the archive. Guess I need to write another one quickly to get up to 50 :D

  12. Milestones

    50000!!! *dances*
  13. Rat Race #62 | :00 - :25

    SWC: 1553 EWC: 2146 WW: 593

    Yessss! I've been looking forward to this ever since I ran out of chapters to read on HPFF years ago I love this story and am so glad you're posting it here! Very exciting. Congrats
  15. Rat Race #61 | :05 - :25

    Aye, I'm late, and I think I missed that last one! Here we go! SWC: 0 Ewc: q 107 Forgot to come back and edit for a couple minutes 😑 it's been a heck of a weekend.
  16. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 31 Rebels: 35
  17. Rat Race #61 | :05 - :25

    Ran a little over on the last one SWC: 1222 EWC: 1553 WW: 331 Ducking out a hair early bcs i need food. But welcome, Rumpel! I'll hopefully be back in time for the next :00
  18. If a blonde and a redhead were to have a child. Would the child have blond or red hair? or maybe a strawberry blonde?

    1. abhorsen.


      It could really go either way - whatever you prefer. ^_^

    2. Hufflepuffbookworm1990


      Thanks. I was curious I might give Verity (the helper at WWW) a child with Fred and she supposedly has blond hair.  

    3. abhorsen.


      Yeah, you can definitely go either way there. :)

  19. Rat Race #60 | :30-:55

    SWC: 752 EWC: 1222 Words Written: 470
  20. Rat Race #59 | :00 - :25

    I'm going to be writing a lot today, if I have any luck at all. Feel free to join in! SWC: 505 EWC: 752 Words Written: 245
  21. Idea for a fanfic I'm too lazy to write: Sirius assuming the identity of Joe King White. "Are you Sirius?" - "No, I'm Joe King."

  22. This week's POV Change-Up exercise is geared towards boosting YOUR NaNo word count!



  24. Things I Didn't Know About my Story

    my story is now set in melbourne, i accidentally have an MC ??? there is a romantic subplot. apparently things happen when you actually start writing, who knew
  25. I have a new blog post! And a posting schedule for my new novel! Yes, I'm excited too :D

  26. So, I know I've been noticeable by my absence lately - if you notice that sort of thing and are familiar with me, that is. It's the usual excuse: real life is really hectic and I'm struggling to find time to spend on these forums and the archive. I have far too many unanswered reviews and it's been far too long since I've updated my author page with anything new ... or, really, with anything at all. And, to my eternal chagrin, Gryffindor are languishing near the bottom of the House Cup, and (very ashamed here) I haven't done anything to help lift them back up where they belong. But! I have news!!! After consultation with my beta, the lovely Jasmine, and looking at how my Neville story is coming together, I have decided to START POSTING IT ON HPFT!!! Yes! A new novel! After goodness knows how many years since How to tame a Marauder was finished. (I hasten to say that I have written other novels in the meantime. It's just that they're OF and I'm not ruling out trying to get them published, so they're not being posted on the archive here.) I am finding myself extremely excited about this, because it really has been a long time since I"ve posted a story of anything like this length. I should probably say here that the novel is by no means nearly finished, like HTM was when I started to post that. It's something like 60,000 words and I think there is probably another 40,000 to go before it's done. But, it's taking shape nicely, and I'm not going to be overly taxing with my schedule. So, I'm posting, at this stage, monthly. The first four chapter are pretty much what I posted on the old site, but I have two more ready to go and a bunch of other material that just hasn't been sorted into chapters yet. I like it, though. I like how it's coming together. I like how I'm characterising the main canon cast, and I like how it's flowing. Of course, there is a lot of work to do yet, but I figure that if I have the added pressure of needing to post the next chapter by a certain time, that will actually work for me. Deadlines and I actually get along. So, here goes. Year of the Snake is now in the queue at HPFT and I"ll do an edit on this blog when it gets up. I'll add a new chapter in the third week of every month from now on.And, should it get to the point that I can progress to, say, fortnightly posts, I'll do that too. A new novel. I'm feeling so good about this!
  27. I need a racing buddy for about an hour so I can try to update with a better word count than 28, lol. Takers?

    1. PaulaTheProkaryote


      did you ever get your wc up? 

    2. WindingArrow


      Lol, yes! Updates 10 minutes before midnight hahaha!

  28. Aww that’s ok, love. *hugs* Thanks for letting me know! <33
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