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  2. How do you think?

    YES! Though I'll admit, sometimes I go overboard and the spiderweb starts spiraling out of control and I start finding metaphors and symbols and analogies in everything, and abstract meaning in those things I had already found abstract meaning in (so, abstracts of abstracts?? ). + I love listening to music while I'm PLOTTING. If I find a song (or songs) that replicates a mood I'm going for, I'll listen to it (them) on repeat for hours . However, when I get down to actually WRITING, I find it extremely hard to concentrate on anything but writing, and music usually becomes this annoying background noise that I have to eliminate.
  3. dreams: a world of nonsense

    Oh my gosh -- this is a wonderful horror plot. The Wendigo that came to life for believing in it. I love it!
  4. Yesterday
  5. dreams: a world of nonsense

    lmao this part just made me burst out laughing, the wording is just too good 😂😋
  6. dreams: a world of nonsense

    Okay so here's the dream that I had last night, which was the one that was probably inspired by your blog post. I wrote it down as soon as I woke up, because you know how there's that little period of time when you can remember it so well before it starts fading? (How do dreams even work, man.) Anyway I'm just going to copy-paste what I wrote down in my phone here: Okay so um half-awake me wrote a lot I guess.
  7. dreams: a world of nonsense

    OH MY GOD that's so bleak, especially as a five year old. 5yo you was piling on the angst that's actually so cool and i would definitely live there. i've always wanted to have a tree house, but sadly, i never did 😢 now this is actually so cool! i wish i could do this ngl. it's almost like watching a fic become a movie oh my gosh, that's terrible! i read your entire post and the dreams all sound terrifying quite frankly so hopefully they die down. especially the demon children one gahhh. i absolutely hate horror movies because a) i'm usually up until 3am and b) i really don't like the creepy music. it's just a no from me 🙃🙃 personally, i don't get many nightmares anymore, though i did have one the other day. it started off with my aunts dragging me to watch a horror movie in the cinemas which i absolutely hated and me explaining why i hated it somehow triggered the monster in it to enter real life and it began stalking me. i remember it was a wendigo and at one point, i stumbled across it in the house where it was in the corner, absolutely drenched in blood and wearing a blank white mask to cover its bloody face 🤢🤢 (and then later when i ran to my friend's house, it took on the form of her little brother to mess us up psychologically as we tried to kill it.) but even then when i woke up, i didn't wake up fully scared, it was more of a 'well, i probably shouldn't go back to sleep' realisation i had another vivid dream last night, likely inspired by watching the ocean's 8 trailer, where myself and a bunch of friends used the cover of illegal drag racing to commit a crime while also exposing the owner of this big business for his own? something like that anyway
  8. dreams: a world of nonsense

    I dream often and quite vividly -- usually in the form of nightmares. I place the blame mostly on the large quantities of coffee I drink before bed [heh, go figure]. Then, of course, there's my love for horror films and books which probably doesn't help. I'm a scaredy cat but I love being scared, and I also hate being scared. [I mean, there are probably some other factors but I'm not one to poke a sleeping beast so I'll leave it be for now.] Not all of my dreams are horrible, some are strange, but most are nightmares. They usually wake me up a few times each night. The most recurring ones are almost always happening in my bedroom (which are the worst, because when I do wake up I sometimes have a hard time discerning the dream world from the real world) and is also why the lamp is on Rumpels' side of the bed. There's the one with the large black dog that lunges at me. Basically, I dream that I'm laying on my side, facing the edge of the bed, and I open my eyes just in time to see a large, angry doggo who lunges at me in an attempt to bite me [he's not a friendly boy]. I wake up before it happens. That one is less scary than it is startling. Another one involves demon children. Essentially I open my eyes (in my dream) but I'm laying on my back, looking at the ceiling. Demon children start scaling the walls and climbing across the ceiling, all distorted, spider-like limbs and rotating heads and black eyes. I hate that one the most. Creepy kiddos are the worst -- that's why I've always loved The Shining . Another one is one that either happens in my bedroom or in the forest and it involves a man whose face I can never see. BUT he's always wearing brown clothes, a hat, and boots. When he's in my bedroom, I usually "wake up" [dreaming, of course] with him standing over me and when he starts bringing his hands towards me, I wake up [for rea]. When it's in the forest, I'm always being chased. I don't remember anything before being chased, I just remember running through the forest with this man running after me. If I was more lucid in my dream, I might stop to ask what the heck he wants. I think the dreams that I have in my bedroom are the MOST frightening to me because it kind of ruins the sense of safety I have at home. It also causes me to be an extremely light sleeper which is not great when my husband comes to bed after I do. I usually wake up a flailing mess of Rumpels whenever he gets close to the bed and he always says in his exasperated tone-of-voice, "It's just me ." Speaking of my poor husband and nightmares and light sleeping, I flail a lot in my sleep mid-nightmare. So. He usually gets beat up a little and will wake me up if I get too crazy . It's also the main reason I never coslept with my kiddo. Sometimes I have nice dreams. I remember one quite vividly from when I was [very] pregnant. I was in my brother's car with him while he was just driving around our hometown, and we were eating candy. The entire back seat was FILLED with candy. That was the whole dream and it [felt like it] lasted a while. Just driving and eating candy. I was also [very] pregnant in the dream...so, it was probably the pregnancy cravings. I had a lot less nightmares when I was pregnant [but I also wasn't hopped up on caffeine when I was pregnant], until after I had my baby. Then they were the worst I'd ever had because it was always about something happening to my newborn. It was most-likely new mom paranoia that was affecting me but that didn't stop me from getting up and checking on my little a thousand times a night.
  9. dreams: a world of nonsense

    dreams are so fascinating, but for all of my vivid daydreaming, i can't remember any of them!! i do remember a select few though, and i actually did write down the story! i've edited it a few times since, and every time i read it, it just gets weirder and weirder. in this dream i remember that i was in danger, and apparently, i literally created a new country that i could move to to get myself out of danger. no one could find me there and at the very least, it was a very pretty country (my definition of pretty is modern buildings weaved into the very basics of nature; think tree houses but on a much grander scale). it was also apparently a utopia where everyone lived peacefully. man if only i could live in my dreams. my favorite stuffed penguin from my younger days (lovingly dubbed "pengui") was also a main character in the story as well. (i had this dream when i was nine, and i STILL remember it haha!!) if nothing, i remember little snippets of my dreams. some of them have featured some of your characters (my brain likes thinking about fanfiction even when it doesn't have to be thinking about fanfiction. what is my life), and some of them have featured my own. in fact, it's how 'miracle' came by, haha!! other dreams have featured the people in this community, where i met all of you in person, and the fanfiction all of you wrote were bestsellers!! except... except for the fact that we all referred to each other as our usernames. so i was sunshine_locks. people were very confused as to why my name was sunshine_locks, as if dirigibleplums or just.a.willow.tree. or beyond the rain weren't weird too?????? other times, i don't really quite remember the dream, and the only traces left are my emotions. one time, i woke up smiling, and my mum asked if i was tripping on acid. my mum is so lovely. and then, i've woken up sad too, and i think it either featured someone dying, or me dreaming about the direction my life might go.
  10. Last week
  11. How do you think?

    this is such a cool topic!!! it's so fun to see how other people think and it kinda really puts how i think out there haha,,, i think the first thing to know is that i've got severe maladaptive daydreaming. i'm always thinking about stuff i need to do, how i'm gonna write that one scene in that story i'm writing (i literally visualize myself typing away on a word doc), creating scenarios where i'm with a talk show host so i can vENT, etc. i'm always thinking, and it's hard to find myself in a situation where i'm... not thinking. i do it while i walk, i do it while i do work, while i'm doing nothing, etc. i think one of the biggest reasons why i have a low attention span is because i think too much!! but on the other hand, if i'm really into something, my thinking can actually help me speed up the process to whatever i'm doing!! when i read books, i tend to find ones that don't really stimulate my brain to have a correlation with books i don't like, hence why i really like the action scenes in the harry potter series! because during the action scenes, i have very specific images of what they look like, their surroundings, their voice, etc. i also find that when my brain is stimulated, i have to be listening to fast-paced music, or on the other hand, fast-paced music helps me think. (i'm almost always listening to music!) slower paced music is not my favorite kind of music unless... unless... i'm not actually sure. there are only very specific scenarios in which i will listen to slower paced music.
  12. dreams: a world of nonsense

    Yikes, that dream sounds really awful, just.a.willow.tree. I don't have nightmares much or at least not really scary ones. Even when I don't know I'm dreaming, the really dramatic ones, like ones when I was a kid and being chased by baddies, don't feel real. I may not consciously know they are dreams but I do sort of know they are in my control at some level. I do have realistic dreams too, that seem entirely real. Bad things sometimes happen in those, but on the level of being turned down for a job or having a fight with a friend. And of course I have had that almost compulsory nightmare for all Irish adults, being back doing the Leaving Cert. and not being adequately prepared. It's Leaving Cert. time now again, coming towards the end if it for this year's school leavers. And there are articles and all about people dreaming about it years and even decades later. Google "Leaving Cert. nightmares" if anybody is interested.
  13. dreams: a world of nonsense

    I don't have vivid dreams at all, except for a nightmare every once in a while. All your dreams sound really interesting haha. One nightmare that I had when I was five (it was a really scary dream haha so I still remember it) was when my mother was handed a box of medicine, but I saw that it was really a box of nails. But she couldn't see that for some reason, so she swallowed a nail and then died in a flash of white light (5yo me was very dramatic), while telling me, "This death is all because you treated me badly. It's all your fault." Another nightmare I keep having is where something is chasing me through a forest but it's like I'm running through molasses while the world around me is at normal speed. It's made me scared to be chased by people in RL.
  14. dreams: a world of nonsense

    that's so cool! the concept of lucid dreaming is so foreign to me because my dreams are so wild and i just sort of go along for the ride. being able to actually be aware of it sounds amazing oh no that sounds like a pretty scary dream to have as a kid! especially multipme times! i'm trying to think about whether i ever had a recurring dream, but none springs to mind actually same tbh. i feel so cool telling them because my mind came up with all that when i was asleep, but it always sounds really weird as well because half of it doesn't make sense 😂 ooh i've never had this though. i don't think i'd particularly like to either, it sounds exhausting i just remembered i once cried in a dream and woke up with tears running down my face. has anyone else done that?
  15. dreams: a world of nonsense

    I've had that in dreams a few times, even more so recently. It's so strange. Honestly, I'm glad someone is talking about dreams, because I remember all of mine. I used to have this recurring dream, every day in September, from the age of 4-10. It was like a game, but very real, where you know you have to fight the "bad guy" to get to the next level. I'd do every level with ease, until I got to this one level. I still remember it today, it was in a cave, and it'd be total darkness except for these yellow eyes looking at me. I got terrified and tried running out, I'd tell 'them' (idk who they were, whoever was watching) that I couldn't do it, but they didn't let me leave. I'd never see this monster, because I'd always wake up before it came out of the shadows. It stopped when I moved house, I think it had something to do with the fact that I used to think there was a giant aragog hiding under my bed because I could see the shadow of something that looked like a huge spider. I love telling people the dreams I have, because they can either be really intense action plots, OR they're like murder mysteries, or soap operas. Like dull stuff, but all very intricate. But I remember most of them, or at least part of them. I have those dreams, where it's like not sleep paralysis, but I'm dreaming about sleep paralysis? I'll dream that I'm awake and someone's in there, but I'm watching myself in bed - unable to move. And then when I wake up I'm in agony. Great stuff! -.- I also dream a lot about going back to school as a teacher, but there being something wrong with the school and Nancy Drew over here has to solve the mystery. I never work it out, I'm a terrible detective.
  16. dreams: a world of nonsense

    Yes, I have lucid dreams. Not all the time, but some of it. I actually said to my mother in a dream, "oh, don't worry about it. This is only a dream" or words to that effect. I've also actually tried the thing about how, in a dream, if you look at a clock, turn away and look back, the time will change. It does work and it's actually kind of hilarious. I've kept looking away and looking back and making it change randomly. It does things like changing from 2:25 to 6:15 to 1:04. The pinching yourself thing doesn't really work, at least not for me, because when it doesn't hurt, you're never sure if it doesn't hurt because it's a dream or if you've just done it too gently because you are subconsciously afraid of hurting yourself. Another type of dream I have, and I think this is kind of uncommon is dreams in which I am not really present. Or I sort of am, but it's like I'm invisible and the scene plays out in front of me. And I cannot be effected by anything that happens. These dreams are usually sort of like I am watching a film of a story I am writing. I will sometimes stop and decide what should happen next. One I particularly remember from my childhood had me and my brother standing in the doorway of this sort of hall where a concert was taking place and then a bomb went off and my brother and I were discussing how many people should be killed by the bomb before the scene continued. Brilliant topic, by the way.
  17. dreams: a world of nonsense

    dreams: a world of nonsense I'm a very vivid dreamer. Always have been and I hopefully always will be. I have a distinct memory of describing a dream to a friend when I was twelve years old and how she lamented that the most exciting thing that she'd dreamt about was falling down the stairs. There I was recounting an action-packed plot where my family was escaping town to avoid war and I suddenly realised we'd left my little sister behind so I threw myself out of the car and ran back for her, but couldn't escape in time so we were hiding in the walls of a block of terrace houses while we waited out the soldiers - but I digress. Point is it didn't occur to me that not everyone dreams such vivid dreams. Many of mine have appealed to me so much that I've tried to make them into stories albeit a lot more coherent and logical. I mean, I failed, but that's not the point. To be honest, I find dreams to be really fascinating. I've seen facts in the past that state some people don't dream in any colour and others that say you're completely paralysed while dreaming. I find that one to be pretty cool actually. Your body's locked down while your mind is racing at a mile a minute. All this thinking about dreams was inspired by two I had last night, or what I remember of them anyways. I've been considering making a blog on HPFT for a while now as a way to be more active in the community, but my unoriginal butt couldn't think of anything until now. (Hi, by the way! I'm Plums if you don't know - which you probably don't tbh because I am a well-seasoned Lurker who just hangs about for a bit until I come out for like two minutes to chat lmao.) If I'm being really honest with myself, this is all an elaborate way to let me talk about my dreams because my sisters are too busy doing unproductive things with their time like revising for exams or socialising. Pfft. Honestly. Anyways, DREAM ONE: I'm pretty sure this one was inspired by my sister showing me Blackpink's latest comeback, but basically I was part of this talent competition where the winning group would debut as part of the next big band. I managed to make a deal with five other people as per the rules to form a group and the entire dream was about us struggling to make it through the competition. One of the managers/judges was really supportive throughout the entire process as we learnt some intense choreography, made some pretty humiliating public appearances and trained our voices... only to vote against us in the final round and tell us that was just how cutthroat the industry was. Really, the highlight of the dream was one of my fellow members responding with this pretty amazing retort that I sadly cannot quote as it includes mature language, but we had to make a break for it afterwards lol DREAM TWO: This was one was more action-packed. In the dream, I was this Elizabeth Swann-esque character who had run away from home with a bunch of pirates. Somewhere along the way, we managed to anger the most notorious pirate gang on the seas - I think we were after the same treasure? I can't remember, but it all culminated in this insane battle on a stormy sea where NPG (Notorious Pirate Gang) nearly won, but we managed to turn it all around in the nth hour. Tbh my most vivid memory from this dream is swordfighting with a bunch of the NPG and then turning around to see the Captain of the NPG land on the captain's deck at which point I grabbed a rope to swing myself around and kick him in the chest so he went flying down to the deck below. The guy tried to kill me afterwards, but it was well worth it to be frank Anyways those were my dreams from last night. To make this entire thing less about me: what are some of the dreams you have all had? Are your dreams ever really vivid and complex? Do you have any recurring dreams? Can you lucid dream? I would genuinely love to know <3 First blog post woohoo
  18. How do you think?

    @Rumpelstiltskin that is exactly how I think when I’m writing! Most of my stories start out with a single “What if” or a small idea or even just a specific line, and it just sort of spirals from there. Sometimes I wonder where I get those ensuing ideas from and I do think it’s sort of a result of that web style of thinking. That just means that I’m able to trace connections stemming from a single idea to a multitude of other ideas and then somehow weave them together to form a coherent thought. @Margaret When I was little, I also referred to thinking as “talking in my head”! Do you know those little figures for the emotions in Inside Out? I used to think that there was a little person in my head, and all my thoughts were its dialogue. I really don’t know what I thought about hahaha. Nowadays, I usually find myself sitting, staring into space and just thinking... I can’t imagine myself having these discussions with myself when I was a little kid. @dirigibleplums I think I know about the headphones you’re talking about (or something similar, at least!). I think that’s sort of like those mindfulness apps that try to force out thoughts with music. Those never work for me because I just start thinking about the music instead hahaha. I had two additional thoughts about this (while I was staring into space thinking hahaha)! My web style of thinking makes reading poetry pretty easy because once I notice anything that seems significant about the poem, no matter how little it is, I can start drawing connections and similarities to other aspects of the poem. Poetry explication is all about being observant and being able to connect multiple observations together to form a logical conclusion about the meaning of the poem. A web style of thinking just naturally lends itself to that sort of work. Con: I find it super hard to multitask? Like, I can’t listen to music and write at the same time because I’ll start writing about the lyrics then (or start writing the lyrics themselves hahaha). Does anyone else have this problem?
  19. How do you think?

    I am an extremely visual thinker. Instead of a monologue, I usually think in terms of 'situations'. It might stem from my over-active imagination as a child that I've refused to let go as I swung into adulthood, but I need to establish a visual in my head. I mean, sometimes at first, I might think, "What if Bob fought a giant frog?" Then I get bombarded with those fraction of a second, quick-succession questions, "Well what did he fight with? What color is the frog? How big is the Frog? Who the heck is Bob? Why is this Bob fighting this Frog?" And the next thing I know I'm fantasizing in great detail about a great green frog (he looks just like a bullfrog, in case you're wondering) sparing Bob, the owner of a local sweet shop. While the frog is using his sticky, darting tongue, Bob is using giant candy canes that he sells in his shop. They're just large and sticky enough to become a menace to the frog when he slurps one back to his mouth, only to have wind up with it stuck to his head. I'll stop, because that's insane, but that's the general idea of how I think. Only, those words don't really exist -- they're all flashes of moving images. Very short scenes that thread together into a mini-movie. This is why I think outlining works best for me because it's the first step in writing actual words (besides dialogue). But when I do think of people interacting and dialogue, I generally already know exactly what they look like and what their voice sounds like. I don't piece together the finer details (ie: he has brown hair, he has an upturned nose, etc.) -- 'he' just kind of appears as a whole entity, usually somewhat faded and lacking pieces that come into existence the more I see 'him'. While I'm reading (and enjoying what I'm reading), the words fall away. I don't know if that makes sense. I don't see words after a little while -- they just kind of get replaced by images. Does that make sense? So instead of hearing myself reading the narration back to myself (which is usually what happens for the first couple paragraphs), they get replaced by a visualization and instead of "seeing" words on the page (which, of course I can still SEE the words, but I guess I don't realize it?) I just see the scenes -- I feel the environment, see the characters (and the way the breeze teases character x's hair) and hear the sound of their voice when they speak (at least what I've imagined, anyway). And outside of writing, in example, if I have to remember to ask my husband to pick up bread on his way home from work, instead of saying that in my head, usually I'll imagine a conversation with my husband where I ask him (for example, I imagine that I'm standing in the kitchen doing dishes and he'll walk in from the other room when he's decided that he might like a snack and, while he's opening the cupboards to figure out what he wants, we have the dialogue). So, I might be crazy. But that's okay, I already knew that.
  20. How do you think?

    i just realised i can hear voices too! that sounds weird out of context lmao but if i'm writing or reading something, i'm usually sounding it out in my head with an actual voice and differing tones and so on. i also hear dialogue in my head like this too! so if i'm writing a scene that has a lot of dialogue, i'll sort of get the full picture. i'll visualise the scene, how they're naturally positioned in my mind and sort of 'hear' how the characters are delivering their words, and then try to articulate it as best as they can. again, i can get a little caught up in it. i remember once i was waiting for the bathroom so was thinking of an argument i was planning to write later and i got so worked up that my sister seemed so concerned when she saw me just because it all translated to my face as well exactly! there's this sort of fogginess that comes with not thinking and i really don't like how it makes me feel but i genuinely think i can't switch off now. i tried these headphones once that were supposed to get you to relax in a really cool way. what they did was feed you the sound of a seaside and the sound of the weather was dependent on how much you were thinking according to the sensors. so i'd try to think about nothing in particular and would briefly hear seagulls, but then i'd be aware of my breathing or something and the next thing i know i can hear a storm needless to say, i wasn't v successful, but it was a cool experience
  21. How do you think?

    I'm not all that sure mine has changed all that much (though of course memory does distort things so it is possible I'm remembering my childhood thoughts in light of how I think now). I probably thought more about my stories when I was a child. I was almost constantly making something up and believed that playing meant using your toys to act out your stories. I used to watch kids in the school playground when we were 4-6, trying to figure out the plots of some of their games. I also thought about the books I was reading and complained about problematic elements. And of course I thought about school and according to my mum, used to flick to the end of my schoolbooks and worry that I couldn't do the questions there yet. When I was little, I used to refer to thinking as "talking on my brain" which pretty much describes how I think fairly well.
  22. How do you think?

    This is a really interesting question! And I love reading everyone's answers. I think my brain functions the most like Aph's - I visualize a lot, particularly when I'm reading or trying to write something. I'll get an idea for a scene in my head, and I'll watch it unfold. It's not really detailed; like, I can't write verbatim what I see in my head, but I get the general gist of how things are playing out, and it's really useful. But then, for dialogue scenes, I can usually hear it as a voice in my head. It's like a lot of different voices in my head at once, sometimes, which can get overwhelming. When I'm at work, or doing something that's not creative, it's like a stream of consciousness, another voice I hear in my head, like I'm speaking out loud, but I'm not. Occasionally, if I'm alone (or sometimes when I'm not) and really frustrated, I'll mutter these thoughts out loud, but I try not to do that too often It's basically very loud in my head all the time, but I've gotten rather used to it.
  23. How do you think?

    I relate to this so hard. I find that if I’m not thinking about anything, my mind feels clouded with this sort of stifling sadness, which is usually why I try to actively think about anything at all. I relate to this so much too! My friends know that I am prone to switching topics so fast it’ll give you whiplash hahaha. Usually there’s some connection, albeit very very loose. The only person who can possibly follow my train of thought is probably my sister haha. I’m super curious about how much your style of thinking changes with age. Do kids have inherently more hyperactive brains? (....what do kids even think about?? Hahaha).
  24. How do you think?

    Haha, yeah, this not-thinking thing is something I can't do intentionally. It just feels like there's a blanket over my mind. I don't quite know how to explain it. I have a very slow-moving brain
  25. How do you think?

    That's really interesting. I can't visualise really at all. Sometimes if I really concentrate and close my eyes, I might get a vague picture, like if I try to picture my sister's house, I get a vague sense of it, but that's all. I only fairly recently (like in the last 5 or 10 years, in my late 20s or 30s) realised that people did have pictures of things in their head's. I always assumed thinking was just silent talking for everyone. I also hear words inside my head as if I am speaking to somebody - that is what my thoughts always are. And for me, this includes clarifications and rephrasing to make things clearer. I don't know why I do that, since I know what I mean. It's just exactly like talking to somebody. I even occasionally whisper or mutter part of it (very occasionally, thankfully) in the same way one might be whispering and occasionally say a thing louder than intended. I am really interested at the thought of picturing different fonts and handwriting. Considering I usually can't even picture something I see regularly (once had a delivery driver ask the colour of my house and had to step outside to check), it is hard to imagine that. Pretty sure I am aphantasic: Aphantasia (All Audiences). (Not convinced about the fat man part. I can't picture him physically but I can still imagine how he would feel. I am also really interested in those of you who have said there are times you aren't thinking of anything. I've tried that sometimes for the laugh but then I start thinking, "OK, mustn't think of anything. Am I thinking of anything? Am I sure my mind is completely blank?", which kinda disrupts it. Dojh167, sorry to hear about your trauma in your adolescence.
  26. How do you think?

    Ooh this is such a fascinating blog! It's so cool to see and hear how other people think I'm rarely not thinking and most of my thinking is visualised in some way - or, if not, then I 'hear' words inside my own head, as though I'm saying them, almost as though I'm talking to someone but I'm not. Under pressure, like in exams, I drift between one and the other, depending on how much time I have to think - the longer, the more I visualise it; the shorter, the more it's 'heard'. But I can visualise words, in different colours and types or handwriting, especially when I'm working out what a character might say - I either, then, see them say it, in the scene where they're saying it, or see the words scroll past in my head. Different fonts/styles/handwriting come up when it's a different character or I'm in a different mood or a different place. So much of my thinking though is visual, especially involving writing: whether it's words connecting to words, ideas and phrases leading to others, or complete visualisations of scenes. I don't know if anyone else does this but I can focus in on particular details; like, normally, the 'scene' has the two/three people in it and their surroundings, but I can shift focus in the same scene to the trees/furniture/clothes/hair/etc. to see detail; or, conversely, I can pull back to see landscapes/wider scenery and, like, my brain just fills that all in instinctively. If I'm reading anything fiction, I instantly visualise. Poetry is a bit different; it's more abstract visualisation for me and the visualisation only comes in bits when I read history books/non-fiction texts. When I was a kid, though, this didn't help, really - I'd get stuck in dreams/nightmares where everything seemed so real and like it was actually happening to me where I felt I couldn't get out for whatever reason. A recurring one was being trapped inside a box which was getting smaller and bigger randomly and all I could hear/see was white with a black speck in it (me, I think?) and my own voice echoing, louder and louder, saying 'hello'. It also means I can literally terrify myself into not sleeping, haha, which is a really inconvenient trick to be able to do - but as I've got older, I've got better about dealing with that. I jump all over with thoughts, as well, like I think most other people in this thread said. I can literally go from the middle of one train of thought to another and pick up the previous one afterwards It's why so much of my fic-related notes/plans/etc. are in my head; they just sit there and I can riffle through them and pick them up again almost at any point ( saying this, I've lost a few before though, so I do have to be careful with that, especially if I'm tired... #rip )
  27. How do you think?

    this is such an interesting topic! i've never really thought about it before, but i guess i'm most similar to @forever_dreaming with the way my brain works. i'm a big visualiser so many of my plot ideas consist of disconnected scenes i've daydreamed or dreamt up and then knitted together with my writing. whenever i write, i can sort of see what's going on in my mind's eye. it's always rather vivid and snatches of imagery here and there, but it's definitely visual i don't think i'm ever not thinking. i can have a number of trains of thoughts in my head at any one time. like honestly right now, i'm thinking about writing this, but i'm also remembering the images in my head from when i was writing ice baby and i'm also getting messages about two friends of mine who aren't really on good terms so i'm thinking about that whole mess and my sister just asked me to get her a green tea so i'm aware that i need to wrap this up and grab her one lol (+ other stuff) it sounds exhausting and it does mean i get lost in my head and unnecessarily attached to my characters and fics, but i prefer it to the alternative. not to get all deep and sad on you all, but having an empty mind just takes me back to the peak of my depression and that's something that i'd rather avoid. so yes, visual thinker with a whole web of thoughts for me
  28. How do you think?

    Recently, some articles from the newspaper gave me hints for writting James Potter I, his emotion, his thinking way, etc. Human's history is repeating of barbaric acts. Good old culture and traditional customs or morals could be lost instantly after conquest. I'd like to write this chaos in my OF, Moribito fandom or HP fandom. Of course, friendship, family love or the other elements are universal themes to write. When my Muse whispers, they visits my stories.
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