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  1. Today
  2. bex's brain: the highlights

    It's not all bad. I'm not saying I haven't gotten better at it, it's definitely helped me grow as a person. Some days are better than others and some days are just terrible, but that's normal, right?
  3. bex's brain: the highlights

    That's insane! When I was an extremely anxious child I found myself a lot dizzier. Nowadays being dizzy and totally losing balance happens so rarely. Props to you for putting up with it! Aw, haha, thank you! Honestly with the crosswords I have, I end up getting 60% through it and being like, nope my vocabulary is too limited for this. Also not being able to deal with people is why I never want to work in retail. My family are like 'but it might be good for you' honestly I'm the worst with people so that's possibly the worst idea ever. ^yay for boring lives! I should probably start doing more interesting stuff but I'm just like [looks at bed] nah, I'm good.
  4. A Study in Eep

    SAM. I loved this a lot <33 I am excited to be a consistent 'eeeper', but disappointed to see I have only used (any variation of) 'eeep' 4 times. I need to step up my game!
  5. Last week
  6. A Study in Eep

    this was such a delight, thank you for this pure and uncomplicated small bundle of joy.
  7. A Study in Eep

    Thank you. Thank you for your hard work and dedication in this 'Study of Eep'. This is the highlight of my night. Also, I tend to just use "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" in place of 'eep'.
  8. A Study in Eep

    So, it would seem that I am the most frequent user of "eep" with excessive eeeeeee's. Loved this posted and smiled the whole time I was reading it, knowing full well of my frequent use of the word.
  9. A Study in Eep

    For eeeep: 1 Veritaserum in prefect area 1 MuggleMaybe in prefect area For eeeeep 1 Veritaserum in staff area I went all the way up to 12 e's before giving up. There was one 10-e eep in holiday wishlists by DanyFire. I don't know how many you searched up to. Five? There is also an 8-eep by MegGonagall in a nano nest.
  10. A Study in Eep

    For eeep: 1 Treacle Tart in Gryffindor CR 1 Veritaserum in cemetery 1 scooterbug in cemetery
  11. A Study in Eep

    I can see everything on the site. For the search term "eep" I can add 3 usages by nott_theodore in the Gryffindor CR and 1 from her in the cemetery (where we archive some old topics), 2 usages by abhorsen in the Ravenclaw CR, 1 usage by me in the Slytherin CR and 1 by me in the admin area, 1 by Lost Muse in the Slytherin CR, 1 by MegGonagall in the Slytherin CR, and 1 more by StellaBlue in the cemetery.
  12. A Study in Eep

    Indeed, you folks are eepers!
  13. A Study in Eep

    Your dedication is impressive I think we do need to find some Gryffindors and Slytherins to provide some additional data. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if the Puffs were still the most frequent users of the word “eep.” You guys seem like very “eep”-y people (I mean that as a good thing, like you all make me want to go “eep” and tacklehug you!). Also, a theory: Ravenclaws tend to use more e’s because we’re all overachievers and one e simply would not suffice
  14. A Study in Eep

    OH MY GOD, SAM, I AM DYING!!! This is amazing, and I can't say I'm surprised I made an appearance, haha! Don't ever change. I love you
  15. A Study in Eep

    What is a dojh? Anyway, Sam, this was so delightful to read, and your scientific mind amazes me. (Though I don't know why I'm still surprised at this point; the first time I met you, you'd set up this whole spreadsheet for calculating point gains during Winter Wonderland.) Your hypotheses were really interesting, though it made me wonder how accurate the search function is? All I know is that TDA's search function is quite terrible, but maybe HPFT's is significantly better. Excluding the posts made in the Hufflepuff Basement, and only looking at the general forums, Hufflepuffs still have used "eep" the most, right? 11 out of 14 usages have been by Hufflepuffs. Do you have data on whether House has any correlation with the type of "eep" being used (apologetic, thankful, etc.)? I can't imagine the sample size is nearly enough for that, though. All in all, "eep" is an excellent word and should definitely be used more often. I had a lot of fun reading this, so if you ever go on statistic hunts again, please post it for us to see. (Also I loved your thought process through this whole thing?? Like you dug through the history of "eep" on HPFT to answer your question, and that's amazing. No wonder why Hufflepuff is winning. )
  16. A Study in Eep

    Language fun + odd fixations = this blog post So I have a tend of picking up and overusing little phrases or words for periods of time. Sometimes I'm conscious of where these come from, sometimes I'm not. I recently became aware of someone I've spent a lot of time speaking with using a word that I had often been aware of myself using but had not observed from others, in this case "eep." I suspected that I had passed the usage of the word along, but I did not know where I had picked it up from, or who else I may have spread it to. This interested me, so, as you do, I did some research into the usage of the word on our forums. I was very interested in what I found and welp now here's this Most uses were for the spelling "eep" notes have been made where there are extra Es @Stella Blue 6/25/16, Writers Journals @Veritaserum27 7/4/16, Reviewing Talk (*eeeep - only use of 4 Es) @dreamgazer220 8/4/16, Monthly Awards & Actvities @MuggleMaybe 8/7/16, Hufflepuff Basement (*eeep) pointlessproclamations 8/21/16, Monthly Awards & Activities (this usage was actually edited into the post by Stella Blue) dreamgazer220 8/22/16, Site Announcements, Resources, & Help dreamgazer220 8/27/16, Monthly Awards & Activities @esmeraude 1/10/17, Hufflepuff basement (*eeep) Veritaserum27 4/1/17, Monthly Awards & Activities MuggleMaybe 8/11/17, status post on a Hufflepuff's page @forever_dreaming 9/21/17, status post on a Ravenclaw’s page (*eeeeep - only use of 5 Es) @danicasyer 10/25/17, Other Fandoms @Renacerá 10/29/17, Writers Journals dreamgazer220 12/9/17, Story Challenges Stella Blue 1/15/18, Writers Journals Stella Blue 1/15/18, Hufflepuff Basement (*eeep) @victoria_anne 3/3/18, Hufflepuff Basement Dojh167 3/4/18, Hufflepuff Basement dreamgazer220 4/7/18, Novel Nests Dojh167 4/8/18, Hufflepuff Basement MuggleMaybe 4/15/18, Hufflepuff Basement (*eeep) Ten users have used some variation of the word a total of 21 times. Of those, 8 of the users and 18 of the times were by Hufflepuffs, with the remaining to users and 3 times being Ravenclaws. My data is naturally limited by the fact that I do not have access to other house common rooms or staff/prefect areas of the site, which may reveal that the usage of this word is not as predominantly Hufflepuff as this data implies. I welcome any additional contribution of data. The use of four and five Es as unique to Ravenclaw users suggests there may be a distinct house culture associated with accepted spellings I was surprised that my own uses of the word were fairly limited and appeared late in the pattern. While I believe I have been using this word for at least two years, it is possible that my use has been limited to deleted house cup event threads or twitter chat messages (both of which would be primarily Hufflepuff exchanges) Occurrences of the word seems to have natural peaks and valleys. It would be interesting to research if these periods follow house cup events, during which time these users have higher exposure to each other’s enthusiastic outbursts. The word seems to be most often be used to convey flattered gratitude at receiving an honor, an expression of excitement, or embarrassment for a transgression While occurrences are often in the same subforum, the spelling "eep" was never used twice in the same thread, though in one case "eeep" was used twice in the same thread (though on different pages), in both cases apologizing for a double post A quick search of TDA returned 200 results since 2013, with only one usage appearing during 2017 The subforum most likely to contain the word is the Hufflepuff Basement, with 7 out of 21 uses found there, Dreamgazer220 has used the word the most, with 5 recorded instances Stella Blue has the distinction of being the one person to use the word twice in a single day, though she varied the spelling on that day, from "eep" to "eeep" an hour and a half later. The only other user to have fluctuated spellings is Veritaserum27. MuggleMaybe seems to be the most consistent in her use of the word, which she has used once for each calendar year, each time with the less common spelling of “eeep”
  17. bex's brain: the highlights

    This is an interesting idea for a blog, and I found the bit about not blogging because your life is boring to be relatable. I feel the same way—but I think most of us have "boring" lives where we essentially do similar things every day.
  18. bex's brain: the highlights

    Hahahaa! I loved this blog and I think you're wonderful and adorable. I loved the bit about poor Severus, actually lol'd in real life at that part. And I totally feel you about crosswords, I can never figure out how to solve real ones, the hints are always super obscure. And after five or six years of working retail, I honestly still do not know how to talk to, or react to crying/upset people, so you're not the only one.
  19. bex's brain: the highlights

    as someone who has days where I literally can't stand up without immediately crouching because dizzy: mm, yes, that is why people get het up about it. It's suuuuper annoying. Really cool to observe what your body is doing though? Like, my audio processing goes, as does my ability to follow basic reasoning (e.g. "you're dizzy, why don't you crouch so you don't fall down" mm no how about I cling to the top of my dresser instead). Sometimes I get limb spasms! It's an exciting time. also, i am too a jake and hoo boy my adhd son is a mess.
  20. bex's brain: the highlights

    Hello! So people may have noticed I don't really blog here much (or anywhere, idk why I felt that I needed to be location specific...whatever bex) there's no 'reason' other than, my life is boring and I don't have much to say. I saw a post on tumblr recently where this girl essentially listed the highlights of her thoughts throughout the day. I wanna do that. There's no want or need for this, but I feel like people only know me from my work on TDA. I actually hope that you do because my graphics are a lot better than my actual writing (and i'm in a huge graphics rut right now, so that speaks volumes.) This won't be a daily thing, because I assume a lot of my thoughts are the same, and my life isn't that exciting - not enough for my to blog about my brain DAILY. Maybe this will be a monthly thing....maybe we'll never speak of this again. We'll see how it goes! bex's brain 13th April, the highlights: omg remember that girl who started crying two years ago and you were the only one around to cheer her up? Why were you the only one there???? why???? why were you trusted with someone who CRIES? It's weird because I still see her now, and we're just like awkward acquaintances. Oh lord why was I there....I SHOULD NEVER BE LEFT WITH CRYING PEOPLE. ESPECIALLY WHEN I DON'T KNOW THEM! I JUST MAKE JOKES. TERRIBLE JOKES. My social skills are roughly about Chandler Bing & Rosa Diaz level. Ugh god that girl probably hates me. I don't care, but she should hate me. She should also judge herself for allowing me to see her cry bc people should be able to tell just by looking at me that i'm not equipped for this level of social interaction! you know now that i think about it, every fic i've written so far in the past 18 months....snape has seen some action???? i dont even plan it, one minute he's being snarky, next minute he's sleeping with someone???? Clara fancied him as a kid, Eleanor's well yknow we all know what Eleanor's doing, Hermione and Snape are like meant to be together obviously - i just???? the weirdest thing is - I don't find him the least bit attractive. Would we chill and be sassy? Absolutely. Would I date him? gooD LORD NO i'm betraying my otp. I'm a terrible person who's betraying her otp. I'm writing a snape x oc. forgive me snamione FOR I HAVE SINNED OHHHHH I KNOW WHY I KEEP GIVING SNAPE LOVE INTERESTS. To make up for the fact that I keep killing him in all my fics. Literally. every. single. fic. With all the women he's getting I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind. wow stood up too fast. you know i haven't felt this in FOREVER - idk why people get het up about this stuff, i didn't actually mind that okay i googled the whole standing up too fast thing....this is why people freak out about it. it was a one off, so it's all good! i really need to finish my script. or maybe i shouldn't because my writing is horrific well okay then i need to stop writing ff til my script is done idc how hard it is bex stop arguing with urself and do it i can't believe i thought i could do proper crosswords that don't have the answers, just impossible hints. I AM NOT A RAVENCLAW I REPEAT, I AM NOT A RAVENCLAW well actually i'm a slytherclaw, but i have the ravenclaw creativity rather than their ability to solve riddles. If i had to solve a riddle to get in my common room i'd be sleeping outside. voluntarily. like i'm not here to make myself look an idiot, i already do it subconsciously this episode of Brooklyn nine-nine is a masterpiece i'm not ready for the fact that i'm almost caught up [here's a visual++] speaking of the nine-nine this show has really made me aware of my flaws because i'm so jake, and i love him to death but omg there's times when he can be annoying as heck. However as I said, I am jake, so I'm aware of my flaws....but changing them sounds like it involves a lot of effort and i'm not about that it's been a while since easter and my sister hasn't even touched her easter egg. i'm gonna give her two more days, then it's mine. i want some flares so bad. like high waisted flares, if this summer's good i'd wear them ALL THE TIME. i need to save up money for those flares it's 3am why am i still thinking about my sister's easter egg and those flares?????? Reading all these seems perfectly normal to me because....well they're from my head. Maybe I've just revealed to the world that I'm slightly less sane than we all thought? Let me know if I should be carted off in a straight jacket? Otherwise I hope you enjoyed getting a teensy little snippet of the life of bex!
  21. Five years (Or twelve, depending on you look at it)

    "Canon" Marta Ummm and I'm not telling you the plot, but you know how good I am at subtlety so... I think you will like it Aww Thank you! And yes, I am! I realized it's been an embarrassingly long time since I posted anything on that, and suddenly it's gotten noticed again so I have been motivated to get back to work on it. (And that's not to mention the other couple of WIPs on the back burner. Why do I do this to myself.)
  22. Five years (Or twelve, depending on you look at it)

    A Marta one-shot? But "canon" Marta or alternate Marta? Like, are you going to give me some Marta/Lance? Because I would love it! And yay for TBAH! I loved that story, too! And are you going to work some more on The Order of the Serpent as well?
  23. Five years (Or twelve, depending on you look at it)

    Omg you are so sweet and I love you forever. I am writing! Sort of! I have almost no time, but I'm trying to write several things at once. A one-shot for a challenge that ended months ago (obviously it's no longer competing in the challenge but the plunny wouldn't let go ), a one-shot sequel/spin-off of Icarus that ties up some loose ends for Marta, and editing up TBAH so I can finally publish it on HPFT. hahaah SO MUCH. And I can't even imagine this place without you. Thank you for being a wonderful friend! Aww! I can't even begin to say how sweet this comment was, it made my day! *HUUUUUGGGGSSSSSS* It's still surprising to remember you've only been here a few months, you already seem like part of the fabric of this place. You're the best. Miss you! This is so sweet of you to say, Kenny! I hope you keep writing too! You've always been so supportive and I appreciate it so much.
  24. Earlier
  25. A list of fics that I have not yet written but should probably

    Doh, I asked you in our PM what you are working on and forgot that I had read this blog a few days ago. I remember thinking to myself after reading a good number of these ideas, "I will have to keep an eye out cause these ideas sound awesome."
  26. Five years (Or twelve, depending on you look at it)

    Kristin, your words reminded me of all good memories there. I can just imagine what was like before 2013 on the forums, (if my memory is correct, I just jumped in the forums around 2012 - 2013, after I got a kind review for my story from the person participating in the review activity on the forums.) As you keep writing, which gives me courage to go on as well. I will also keep writing. I'd like to care of fellow authors here as possible as I can.
  27. Five years (Or twelve, depending on you look at it)

    YOU'RE WRITING YAYAY Every time you come back to us for a day, I always get so happy! Because even though I've only known you a few months, you're already one of my favorite parts of being here. I hope you're gonna stick around for a million more years (lifespans? psh)
  28. Five years (Or twelve, depending on you look at it)

    and #TeamUnreliability5ever and just... Kristin, I adore you! I won't waste time telling you how foundamental your presence in the community is for me and what a huge joy it is to see you appear. But I will tell you... wait, are you writing?! What?! When?! Where?! GIMME! RIGHT NOW!!! Sorry (not sorry) Thank you for being your wonderful self and for always coming back here to us! And thank you for your beautiful friendship! Love you!
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