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  2. Severus Snape

    Did Snape really love Lily? That's actually a really vague question because there are so many definitions of love. While he called it love, I would view it more as an unhealthy obsession but I think it's safe to say that Snape had very few models of healthy relationships as a child. Given his obviously love challenged childhood, one could see how he morphed her into an obsession. Did he have a choice about joining the Death Eaters, or was it the only way for him? There is always a choice, but Snape might not have viewed it that way. I'm sure he felt very powerless after Lily "ditched" him. He needed acceptance and wanted to feel powerful. After 18 years of feeling trod upon (by his father, by the Marauders, in some ways by Lily, it's not surprising. Think about the ways street gangs typically recruit. Did his work for the Order and the manner of his death redeem him? His work with the Order, yes. His manner of death, no. Honestly, I feel a bit like he wimped out in the Shrieking Shack. He had no idea that Harry was in there, but he just sat there listening to Voldemort's tirade. When he realized the conclusions Voldemort had made and his intent (and I'm sure Severus knew because it was obvious to Harry and the reader), he should have apparated out, or in some way attempted to flee to fulfill his duty. At the same time, perhaps he was so horrified that deep down, he didn't want to tell Harry and death would have been a way out of fulfilling the promise. Was he justified in treating Harry the way he did? Yes, I can't image keeping an occlumency shield is easy. The more positive memories he had with Harry, the harder it would be to keep that shield up. Was Snape actually a good guy? This again is a vague question because there are so many definitions of good. He definitely was not nice, caring or empathetic. Yet, despite the fact he had been bullied and manipulated his entire life from Tobias to Dumbledore, he recognized true evil and was willing to sacrifice everything to eliminate it. I'm still not sure, but I bet it would be an interesting discussion with St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.
  3. Original Fiction Discussion/Feedback

    Yeah, I absolutely have to agree -- that's a fantastic plot idea. I'd say hit up that outline and run into the sunset with that idea.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Call for Stories - June

    I missed the last one of these, but they sound so cool so I thought I'd throw in something recent of mine that I enjoyed writing, even though it's pretty short. Story Title: Laundry Day Link: here (T) Penname: MadiMalfoy Will you be available for Q&A? If so, do you prefer live video, live audio, or text only? I can be available for Q&A, but it'll have to be text only as my current internet situation is not the greatest and live video/audio likely would not be supported very well.
  6. #WriterProbs

    35. When you think you've filled a plot hole only to realize that you haven't, and in actuality you've created another one
  7. The Vocational Challenge | 1 August 2018

    While this is also going up on hpft, could I request that you read the version on ao3? I worked so hard on the coding for +chapter 2 [m] of 'dicks out for a functional wizarding justice system'.
  8. Last week
  9. In order to update forum software (it's a major version change, and in addition to that, our new themes add complications to every update, including minor ones), we are going to close the forums for a short time to ensure no one is trying to post/browse/etc while things are updating. The update should occur Monday, sometime between 10:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. GMT. The downtime is expected to be pretty brief--under half an hour. Of course, if something goes wrong, it may be longer. The archives will remain up during this time. Thanks in advance for your patience.
  10. Original Fiction Summer Goals

    @TheGoldenKneazle that is quite the list! And adding more to it?! Wow. I hope it's okay if I jump in! I want to finish the draft of my fake dating novel by July 31. This is probably too ambitious of a goal, but I'm hoping that with some time off from work over the next 6 weeks that I will have time to do this. I figure that even if I don't meet the goal I'll have made lots of progress so that will still be a victory of sorts. I also want to enter at least one challenge over the summer.
  11. Ask a Validator

    @Alopex - okay, thanks! it seems i'm just impatient no worries, i just thought the email might've gotten lost somewhere or something (or i accidentally deleted it)
  12. Archive Wish List

    [I'm so sorry, I'm in here way too much.] I understand the process that the validators work in, where if someone submits an entire multi-chap and one chapter gets rejected, the others are put on hold, but would it be possible to remove those on-hold chapters from the queue, or keep them there but make them invisible in the total count? I feel like the way the "oldest chapter in the queue" count works right now is misleading (and it feels a little pointless too). But I totally understand if this isn't a major concern. Thank you
  13. Genealogy/Family History

    my only interesting and cool ancestor is my dad's aunt (so my...great aunt?) - she was in the yugoslav partisans (a resistance movement) and fought in the WW2. she was a tough lady!
  14. The Cultural Diversity Challenge | 17 August 2018

    YES YES YES. TAKERS MAYBES sunshine_locks - Indian StarFeather - Nordic facingthenorthwind - Māori Rumpelstiltskin - Latvian Chelts-rhj - Deaf
  15. Soccer/Football

    my little vikings managed to hold out against argentina
  16. Felpata_Lupin's reviews

    All done! @Sleepingbagonthesofa I've reviewed the first 4 chapters, feel free to come back and request for more if you like! Throw me your links, people! (Although we'll start voting for the Chalices soon, so there's a chance I will need some time to get back to you...)
  17. Reading Challenge 2018

    Reading slumps are the actual WORST. I had one in May and it made me very sad. I didn't enjoy HoO nearly as much as I thought I would. I read the first two shortly after finishing PJO, and it just didn't hold up to the first series, unfortunately. I then gave Magnus Chase a go, and I think RR stories are no longer for me. It felt a little weird letting go of an author whose books I loved so much, but life's too short to not read books you don't really enjoy. 10) The Sandman, Volume 3: Dream Country - Neil Gaiman 12) The Screwtape Letters - CS Lewis 13) The Chimes - CS Lewis 14) Deadly Intent - Carolyn Keene 15) The Double Horror of Fenley Place - Carolyn Keene 25) The Case of the Disappearing Diamonds - Carolyn Keene 68) The Cricket on the Hearth - Charles Dickens 89) Scenes from the Hallway - Penny Reid 113) Murder on Ice - Carolyn Keene 123) Sightwitch - Susan Dennard 136) The Wolf Lord - Ann Aguirre 156) Marriage of Inconvenience - Penny Reid 159) Dating-ish - Penny Reid 160) Kiss of Frost - Jennifer Estep 220) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Illustrated Edition - JK Rowling 246) Snowspelled - Stephanie Burgis 261) Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance - Penny Reid 277) Royals - Rachel Hawkins 328) My So-Called Bollywood Life - Nisha Sharma 370) Ocean Light - Nalini Singh
  18. A Poetical Mood Challenge | Deadline: 15 August

    \O/ Hooray! I'm so excited to read all these poems! @MalfoysAngel -- yes, you can add it to your poetry collection; that's not a problem! Possible Participants (all takers and maybes) forever_dreaming just.a.willow.tree Aphoride Theia UnwrittenCurse MalfoysAngel
  19. Phoenix Potioneer's reviews!

    Hi Claudia!! If you like this one-shot, I'd love to come back and request the first few chapters of my Novel after this one!!! Story & Author Name: Doing the Right Thing by RoxiMalfoy Warnings & Advisories: None Genres: AU, Dark/Horror Length: One-Shot, 1,500 Words Ships: N/A Summary: Mother had always said that I was different. She believed that I was capable of doing the right thing. Whatever that meant... Areas of Concern: This is a missing moment from my main Novel; Love, Not War. It actually takes place about 3 months before the events of the main story begin... I'd love to hear your thoughts on this before coming back to request the full story. It's a shorter one-shot, so just feel free to point out whatever sticks out to you. Thank you so much!!
  20. just.a.willow.tree's reviews

    *Gasp* Eva, I have found something on my AP that you haven't R&R'd yet, lol!!! Story & Author Name: Perfect [M] by RoxiMalfoy Warnings & Advisories: Hate Speech Genres: Drama, General, Romance Length: One-Shot (6,534 Words) Ships: Sirius Black/Original Female Character, James Potter I/Lily Evans Summary: To others, this night might have been considered a disaster... But to us, it was perfect. Areas of Concern: The switching back and forth between Sirius and Saleena's POV's in this has always been an area of concern of mine in terms of flow. Like, is it easy to understand who's talking in each section? (I wrote this for a "Firsts" challenge, and I had first kiss, lol.) It was also one of my first times writing in 1st person, so I'm pretty proud of it. Feel free to point out anything that sticks out to you. Your reviews always brighten my day so much!!! <3
  21. ShadowRose's Reviews

    Hey Taylor!! Thank you so much for offering to Review!! Story & Author Name: Doing the Right Thing by RoxiMalfoy Warnings & Advisories: None Genres: AU, Dark/Horror Length: One-Shot, 1,500 Words Ships: N/A Summary: Mother had always said that I was different. She believed that I was capable of doing the right thing. Whatever that meant... Areas of Concern: This is a missing moment from my main Novel; Love, Not War. It actually takes place about 3 months before the events of the main story begin. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this before coming back to request more of the full story. It's rather short, so just feel free to point out whatever sticks out to you. Thanks again so much!!
  22. Challenge Hall of Fame

    Challenge Name: Angst Alone Challenge. Challenge Creator: Margaret. Short Challenge Description: A character alone reflecting on some form of angst. Fandoms Included: Harry Potter. Challenge Winners: 1st place: Hollow (Mature) by Chelts-rhj 2nd place: Ninety-Two Seconds in Catetonia (Mature) by MuggleMaybe. 3rd place: Purgatory (Mature) by Theia.
  23. Unwritten Curse's Reviews

    Story and Author Name, including link: War Stories by forever_dreaming (M) Warnings and Advisories: Spoilers, Violence Genre: Genfic Length: 2nd chapter is 3763 words Summary: In the end, war heroes are, too, only humans. // Chapter summary: “You were once a delicate China doll, but now you’re cracked and broken.” Ships: N/A Areas of Concern: Your first review basically killed me, so I’m back! <3 I wanted to know what you think of this as its own entity and in relation to the first chapter, “courage”. The second chapter is wildly different from the first but I’m always interested in the connections people make. CC is always appreciated
  24. The Anything But Harry Challenge | Due 10 Aug 2018

    My entry has been validated. I want to thank you very much for hosting this, because it's the first time in years I've actually managed to complete a challenge! The House and the Sea (M), for the TV show Siren (2018). Please still list me as a maybe, I may want to write another story for a different fandom. Or OF.
  25. Review Tag

    read and reviewed prologue of That's All http://archive.hpfanfictalk.com/reviews.php?type=ST&item=1769
  26. The Divination Room

    This whole entire topic is like the gift that keeps on giving, I swear, lmao!!! Of course, I just HAD to come back and do all of the 4 House ones, and a few of the other ones off the list I haven't managed to hit yet... You might belong in Hufflepuff or the next few minutes of your life sounds like it was just trying to be okay with giving yourself up to the right thing. You might belong in Ravenclaw and you know what to say to me on this new phone now too. You might belong in Gryffindor with the whole team of people who have excuses about how much they want you on board with your life but they say they've got a lot more sense than you think. You might belong in Slytherin first and foremost if you're the only person who has won the title for a good idea for the most amazing thing ever. Slytherins are in the process of making their own opinions about their own personal life experiences with the people who have excuses for their actions against them. Gryffindors are the representatives who will tell you what was going to happen in this event and be ready for a new social security program in which the government would be a part of. (Wow, that one took quite an unexpected turn, lol!!) Ravenclaws are exceptionally good at getting the Divination room for whenever they want you to know how much they are just as important. Hufflepuffs are the most common types of people who have used their power to do something about the situation with the whole entire world. (Wooww... Even my phone knows about the Puff World Domination conspiracy theory, lmao!!!) Wit beyond measure is the most amazing new album I've seen since I rejoined the movie theater and played the music. All was well received in a review and said that we had to be a part of the people who are playing now. Together, we shall cast ourselves into a threesome that we will not mention to the people of the united states who are just as bad at this point in time. The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord of God is a bit more complicated than we thought. You've got the emotional range of a lot of people who don't have a good sense of humor. That was soo much FUN!!! I can't want to bring a version of this game back to the Slytherin Game Room, lol!!! I have LOVED reading everyone's crazy responses SO MUCH!!!
  27. Find your Party Persona

    Sinister teacher who knows how to get down (but can't get back up again, bc I'm old)
  28. Bullet Journals

    I feel like this definitely varies from person to person (I've seen people on Tumblr who make these meticulous spreads that must take hours to do), but I timed myself once for the heck of it and it takes me about 25 minutes to do a full four-page weekly spread. Which sounds like a lot of time I guess, but for me it's this nice little thing I do every Sunday evening that just gets my head into gear for the upcoming week. Other than making the actual spread, no more than like 10 minutes per day, because at that point, it's basically just a hand-drawn planner. I like trying to be in the habit of looking at it first thing in the morning and just before bed, but I'm not always the best at sticking to that one. For me, my bullet journal is basically the one place I'm allowed to make mistakes because literally, no one else will ever see it but me (unless of course, I post a picture of it like I did just now lol). So for me it's basically become this low-pressure situation where I can tackle some of my worst perfectionist tendencies head-on. (like, you see that "m" in may? I messed that up horrendously and it killed me at first, but now I barely notice where it's all wonky)
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