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    You're the best.

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      So are you!! :wub:

  3. My First Time (writing original fiction)

    It's great you started writing OF. You know the middle and the end. Sounds so interesting. Enjoy your journey in your story.
  4. Rat Race #66 | :20 - :50

    Me! Me! Pick meeeeeeeee! SWC: 2070 EWC: 2186 Diff: 116 So... not my best showing. I got a little distracted.
  5. Just started another Rat Race, if anyone wants to join me!! ^_^ 


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      :/ nope, fell asleep again. *slow waves nano goodbye*

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      :bliss: NOOOOO!!!!  :no: Quick, someone get some coffee in Rumpel. STAT!!! :sipstea: 

  6. Rat Race #66 | :20 - :50

    Who wants to Race with me tonight?!? SWC: 16,126 EWC: 16,451 DIFF = 325 words Meh... Not my best round, but I'm trying to finish this chapter and I had to google a few things, lol.
  7. The Character Vignette Challenge | Deadline 1 January 2018

    Yayyy! Ty! Participants (all takers and maybes): forever_dreaming bittersweetflames Jen25 dreamgazer220 MuggleMaybe MegGonagall StarFeather MalfoysAngel abhorsen. BlackPixie wandlessmagic magpie Lost Muse Aphoride Entries: Everything by abhorsen. The Way You Say My Name, Redux (M) by abhorsen. Night Light (M) by abhorsen. Quote
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  9. Welcome to HPFT!

    Read and understood
  10. Balancing Act by dreamgazer220

    It's Wednesday, so that means: week 3 update! **** General Update: This week was even more challenging than week two, and to be honest, I'm shocked I've even made it this far. But I guess that goes to show what you can do when you set your mind to something. Work has been downright exhausting, with people calling out and as we prep for the holidays, so there was a solid three days I didn't write at all. That might not sound like much, but when I added it up, it brought me to over 6k behind. Definitely manageable, and I've done 6k days in the past, but I wasn't sure I could do that this time. But, I did! Yesterday, I sat down and wrote for five hours. I took several breaks, raced a bunch with @WindingArrow, and managed to write a grand total of more than 7,000 words in that sitting. I was quite impressed with myself. The story is now moving along into the middle section, where a lot of the drama and action is going to unfold, so I'm hoping that will make it a little easier to hit that looming 50k mark next week. It's hard to believe NaNo is almost over! November really flew by. Progress Report: current official word count: 37,220/50,000 current chapter: 9 Man, it took a lot of effort to get here! But I'm so proud of myself for pushing through, because I really do love this story. NaNo is great for my commitment problems. I still won't finish the story by the time I hit 50k, but that's okay. I would love to keep working on it, but since I'm me, I'm not exactly sure that'll happen. Things I've Discovered: Zach apparently has an on-again, off-again girlfriend named Veronica Sanchez, who was also best friends with Brittany. And she really hates Maddy, for various reasons. She's fun to write. Sophie loves to call Maddy out on her crap ALL THE TIME. Like Maddy's apparent obsession with Zach, which I wasn't really planning on... Maddy's parents apparently always work and are never around, except for that one appearance at Brittany's funeral. Because parents are inconvenient in YA, apparently. Zach is much softer on the inside than I originally intended. He pretends to be a bad boy, but really, he loves singing Disney songs and apparently has a history of doing overly dramatic and overly emotional renditions of Disney love songs with Maddy. Because you know, that's just something you do when you're ten... Snippets!: Dan comforts Maddy after she has an emotional breakdown --> Zach and Maddy, after celebrating Zach's birthday at the diner --> Maddy reflecting after Veronica catches her with James --> Shoutouts!: I say this every week, but I'm pretty convinced I wouldn't have made it this far without @clevernotbrilliant's constant encouragement and support, from brainstorming whacky ideas to putting up with me throwing random snippets her way without any context You're the best! And even though I mentioned this already, another shout-out of course goes to @WindingArrow, because without her epic races I'm pretty sure I would be like 10k behind by now. **** And that's a wrap for week 3 of NaNoWriMo! Many thanks if you stuck around reading all of this, and as always, I'd love any feedback, tips, or questions!
  11. I'm finally writing! And enjoying it! 

  12. The Character Vignette Challenge | Deadline 1 January 2018

    So I totally misremembered the word length and I do have my third Greengrass brother entry. Night Light (M)
  13. Hey guys, it's negative nancy, here with some good news (seriously, where is this positivity coming from?) For my final year i was meant to be writing a script. I'd heard lots of things from past students on what to do and what not to do, and in the end I had vague aspirations that lead to giving up on my degree and marrying into money. But I trudged on, creating an extremely political scary world with some fairly eccentric characters thrown in. There was just one problem: I hated it. I hated my plot, I hated my characters, and I hated that it felt like there was no one on my team - because no one understood it. So I scrapped it! Now instead I'm writing a piece about age, sexuality, and family secrets...and it's not so daunting. I always saw original fiction as some strange next level writing - because with FF for me it was just playing. I touched on serious topics like dementia, anxiety, and adultery - but the characters were ready made. I had my own spin on a few, but the challenge was to present them in character. In original fiction, the rules are yours...which should be liberating - but to me it wasn't. I felt like I had to create an exciting new world because so many had already been created, wizarding worlds, Narnia, Gallifrey - and I thought by making it 'normal' I'd be boring. I thought that if my play wasn't challenging then I was writing it wrong. I don't think I'm that creative, most ideas never make it out of my brain and onto paper because I don't have the determination to complete it - and I was trying to defend a world and a setting more than an actual plot. It was like if JKR had created the wizarding world, and just gone: here you go, have fun. Rather than giving us the chosen one, or Voldemort and his death eaters - and all these families that we love, imagine if Rowling had just given us the world. It's still magical and exciting, but it isn't enough. My piece seemed half baked. I was trying so hard to remould it, and make it what other people wanted, until I realised I wasn't enjoying myself anymore. Which naturally meant it wouldn't be my best work. The best thing I ever wrote was a piece called In the Mourning, a short story about Harry and Professor McGonagall, and if Harry had visited his parents grave before the scene in deathly hallows. Or Storge, my one shot about Ariana Dumbledore and her death. The reason I think that they're probably my best, is because I loved them. I planned them out from start to finish, and put so much love and care into them...which is why I like them anyway. With my initial script it was just like, I need to get this done! It was about pleasing others, and not myself. I think that original fiction is very similar to FF really, and I'm not sure why I had it placed on this metaphoric pedestal for so many years. I don't think I could write a book myself, but from what I've written so far - I had to enjoy what I was writing. I had to be comfortable with my idea. I want it to be entertaining, and insightful. I want to make people laugh, and cry, I want them to be shocked, maybe even uncomfortable - but I want them to feel. Which I think is what every writer wants, original or not. Maybe my initial experience is completely different to other people's, but this is my first time writing original fiction, and my first time writing a play! Once I liked what I had the words kept flowing...though maybe that was because it was 2am, and now I'm up to 600 words! I know I keep going on about it and you're probably getting sick of it, but this really is a huge milestone for me. Obviously I'm far from done...in fact, I've come up with a list! This is the most basic list, that I'll have to edit as I go along, but I thought you might like to see in case I'm missing something obvious, or if you'd just like to take a gander! OF List: fully flesh out characters: 1/6 understand plot have a timeline (halfway there) know the beginning know the middle know the end come up with a title create a summary/blurb pitch it to other people have set/costume/props in mind anyway, I think I've bored you all to death by now - and I have a scene to finish!
  14. So glad to be back home after days in the hospital. I missed writing so much!!! <3

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      *hugs*  Feel Better!

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      oh no! I hope you feel all better soon!

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      Thank you, everybody! I'm recovering but I'm a pretty poor patient... I do hate lying about doing nothing. D= 

  15. Things I Didn't Know About my Story

    Haha, thanks!! He'll probly only appear in a chapter or two, but I actually don't know about that yet... Right now he has just become a Death Eater, and is currently on his initiation mission for Voldemort, so that's fun, lol!
  16. Things I Didn't Know About my Story

    Oh my gosh! Theo was a prominent character in Collateral, and I love him so much! Have fun with your version of him!
  17. Things I Didn't Know About my Story

    Apparently Draco's former classmate, Theodore Nott, wishes to have a role in my story now... I'm in the middle of writing his introduction scene right now, and it is quite interesting the direction that this has taken, lol!
  18. Things I Didn't Know About my Story

    Zach has much more of a soft spot than I originally intended, and apparently he and Maddy have a history of singing Disney songs to each other very very dramatically and very overly emotional. These two kids
  19. Milestones

    I've made it to 35k! And on a more personal note, sat down and wrote 7k today in about 5 hours Congrats to those who have hit 50k already!
  20. Rat Race #65 | :15 - :45

    Me too! SWC: 1378 EWC: 1738 Diff: 360
  21. Rat Race #65 | :15 - :45

    Yay, me! SWC: 23,084 EWC: 24,089 +1,005 EDIT: (Forgot to update; sorry!)
  22. Rat Race #65 | :15 - :45

    Who's up for another Race?!? SWC: 15,283 EWC: 15,770 DIFF = 487 words
  23. Rat Race #64 | :30-:50

    EWC: 397 words Difference: 293 words
  24. Rat Race #64 | :30-:50

    Coming in a little late... SWC: 15,010 EWC: 15,283 DIFF = 273 Words
  25. Rat Race #64 | :30-:50

    SWC: 104 words
  26. Things I Didn't Know About my Story

    Soooo, there's a mysterious academy that kidnaps Muggleborns and trains them as soldiers. I essentially know nothing about it, despite it sounding really cool. And also, I'm currently bogged down in a sad and slow subplot about the Weasleys' grief after certain things happened at the end of Collateral. All-in-all, Rendition is doing things I hadn't expected.
  27. Would anyone like to rat race in the next 4 hours or so? I'm free the whole time!

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