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  2. Severus Snape

    Did Snape really love Lily? That's actually a really vague question because there are so many definitions of love. While he called it love, I would view it more as an unhealthy obsession but I think it's safe to say that Snape had very few models of healthy relationships as a child. Given his obviously love challenged childhood, one could see how he morphed her into an obsession. Did he have a choice about joining the Death Eaters, or was it the only way for him? There is always a choice, but Snape might not have viewed it that way. I'm sure he felt very powerless after Lily "ditched" him. He needed acceptance and wanted to feel powerful. After 18 years of feeling trod upon (by his father, by the Marauders, in some ways by Lily, it's not surprising. Think about the ways street gangs typically recruit. Did his work for the Order and the manner of his death redeem him? His work with the Order, yes. His manner of death, no. Honestly, I feel a bit like he wimped out in the Shrieking Shack. He had no idea that Harry was in there, but he just sat there listening to Voldemort's tirade. When he realized the conclusions Voldemort had made and his intent (and I'm sure Severus knew because it was obvious to Harry and the reader), he should have apparated out, or in some way attempted to flee to fulfill his duty. At the same time, perhaps he was so horrified that deep down, he didn't want to tell Harry and death would have been a way out of fulfilling the promise. Was he justified in treating Harry the way he did? Yes, I can't image keeping an occlumency shield is easy. The more positive memories he had with Harry, the harder it would be to keep that shield up. Was Snape actually a good guy? This again is a vague question because there are so many definitions of good. He definitely was not nice, caring or empathetic. Yet, despite the fact he had been bullied and manipulated his entire life from Tobias to Dumbledore, he recognized true evil and was willing to sacrifice everything to eliminate it. I'm still not sure, but I bet it would be an interesting discussion with St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.
  3. Original Fiction Discussion/Feedback

    Yeah, I absolutely have to agree -- that's a fantastic plot idea. I'd say hit up that outline and run into the sunset with that idea.
  4. How do you think?

    YES! Though I'll admit, sometimes I go overboard and the spiderweb starts spiraling out of control and I start finding metaphors and symbols and analogies in everything, and abstract meaning in those things I had already found abstract meaning in (so, abstracts of abstracts?? ). + I love listening to music while I'm PLOTTING. If I find a song (or songs) that replicates a mood I'm going for, I'll listen to it (them) on repeat for hours . However, when I get down to actually WRITING, I find it extremely hard to concentrate on anything but writing, and music usually becomes this annoying background noise that I have to eliminate.
  5. dreams: a world of nonsense

    Oh my gosh -- this is a wonderful horror plot. The Wendigo that came to life for believing in it. I love it!
  6. Yesterday
  7. dreams: a world of nonsense

    lmao this part just made me burst out laughing, the wording is just too good 😂😋
  8. starbuck

    i need to write but i also need to sleep. a conundrum. :hmm:

  9. dreams: a world of nonsense

    Okay so here's the dream that I had last night, which was the one that was probably inspired by your blog post. I wrote it down as soon as I woke up, because you know how there's that little period of time when you can remember it so well before it starts fading? (How do dreams even work, man.) Anyway I'm just going to copy-paste what I wrote down in my phone here: Okay so um half-awake me wrote a lot I guess.
  10. dreams: a world of nonsense

    OH MY GOD that's so bleak, especially as a five year old. 5yo you was piling on the angst that's actually so cool and i would definitely live there. i've always wanted to have a tree house, but sadly, i never did 😢 now this is actually so cool! i wish i could do this ngl. it's almost like watching a fic become a movie oh my gosh, that's terrible! i read your entire post and the dreams all sound terrifying quite frankly so hopefully they die down. especially the demon children one gahhh. i absolutely hate horror movies because a) i'm usually up until 3am and b) i really don't like the creepy music. it's just a no from me 🙃🙃 personally, i don't get many nightmares anymore, though i did have one the other day. it started off with my aunts dragging me to watch a horror movie in the cinemas which i absolutely hated and me explaining why i hated it somehow triggered the monster in it to enter real life and it began stalking me. i remember it was a wendigo and at one point, i stumbled across it in the house where it was in the corner, absolutely drenched in blood and wearing a blank white mask to cover its bloody face 🤢🤢 (and then later when i ran to my friend's house, it took on the form of her little brother to mess us up psychologically as we tried to kill it.) but even then when i woke up, i didn't wake up fully scared, it was more of a 'well, i probably shouldn't go back to sleep' realisation i had another vivid dream last night, likely inspired by watching the ocean's 8 trailer, where myself and a bunch of friends used the cover of illegal drag racing to commit a crime while also exposing the owner of this big business for his own? something like that anyway
  11. Call for Stories - June

    I missed the last one of these, but they sound so cool so I thought I'd throw in something recent of mine that I enjoyed writing, even though it's pretty short. Story Title: Laundry Day Link: here (T) Penname: MadiMalfoy Will you be available for Q&A? If so, do you prefer live video, live audio, or text only? I can be available for Q&A, but it'll have to be text only as my current internet situation is not the greatest and live video/audio likely would not be supported very well.
  12. just.a.willow.tree's graphic requests

    Sorry misread my bad. Not intentional.
  13. #WriterProbs

    35. When you think you've filled a plot hole only to realize that you haven't, and in actuality you've created another one
  14. Pixileanin

    Gryffies!  Don't forget to vote for the POGS!  Voting is up now!


  15. dreams: a world of nonsense

    I dream often and quite vividly -- usually in the form of nightmares. I place the blame mostly on the large quantities of coffee I drink before bed [heh, go figure]. Then, of course, there's my love for horror films and books which probably doesn't help. I'm a scaredy cat but I love being scared, and I also hate being scared. [I mean, there are probably some other factors but I'm not one to poke a sleeping beast so I'll leave it be for now.] Not all of my dreams are horrible, some are strange, but most are nightmares. They usually wake me up a few times each night. The most recurring ones are almost always happening in my bedroom (which are the worst, because when I do wake up I sometimes have a hard time discerning the dream world from the real world) and is also why the lamp is on Rumpels' side of the bed. There's the one with the large black dog that lunges at me. Basically, I dream that I'm laying on my side, facing the edge of the bed, and I open my eyes just in time to see a large, angry doggo who lunges at me in an attempt to bite me [he's not a friendly boy]. I wake up before it happens. That one is less scary than it is startling. Another one involves demon children. Essentially I open my eyes (in my dream) but I'm laying on my back, looking at the ceiling. Demon children start scaling the walls and climbing across the ceiling, all distorted, spider-like limbs and rotating heads and black eyes. I hate that one the most. Creepy kiddos are the worst -- that's why I've always loved The Shining . Another one is one that either happens in my bedroom or in the forest and it involves a man whose face I can never see. BUT he's always wearing brown clothes, a hat, and boots. When he's in my bedroom, I usually "wake up" [dreaming, of course] with him standing over me and when he starts bringing his hands towards me, I wake up [for rea]. When it's in the forest, I'm always being chased. I don't remember anything before being chased, I just remember running through the forest with this man running after me. If I was more lucid in my dream, I might stop to ask what the heck he wants. I think the dreams that I have in my bedroom are the MOST frightening to me because it kind of ruins the sense of safety I have at home. It also causes me to be an extremely light sleeper which is not great when my husband comes to bed after I do. I usually wake up a flailing mess of Rumpels whenever he gets close to the bed and he always says in his exasperated tone-of-voice, "It's just me ." Speaking of my poor husband and nightmares and light sleeping, I flail a lot in my sleep mid-nightmare. So. He usually gets beat up a little and will wake me up if I get too crazy . It's also the main reason I never coslept with my kiddo. Sometimes I have nice dreams. I remember one quite vividly from when I was [very] pregnant. I was in my brother's car with him while he was just driving around our hometown, and we were eating candy. The entire back seat was FILLED with candy. That was the whole dream and it [felt like it] lasted a while. Just driving and eating candy. I was also [very] pregnant in the dream...so, it was probably the pregnancy cravings. I had a lot less nightmares when I was pregnant [but I also wasn't hopped up on caffeine when I was pregnant], until after I had my baby. Then they were the worst I'd ever had because it was always about something happening to my newborn. It was most-likely new mom paranoia that was affecting me but that didn't stop me from getting up and checking on my little a thousand times a night.
  16. StarFeather

    What color of Auror uniform? Your suggestion, please. We know they wore brown trenchcoats in the film.

    #writing Auror's Tale


    1. facingthenorthwind


      navy blue? they are wizard cops after all.

    2. pookha


      i personally think silver, but Au is symbol for gold, so gold is possible. there is no canon mention of unis, and when an Auror's clothing is described there is a small variety of robes

    3. MadiMalfoy


      I think maybe navy blue or brown/black with gold accents like buttons and trim on their robes? It might be different in America than in the UK too. 

  17. facingthenorthwind

    I put so much effort into the CSS coding for my fic on ao3, and it feels like...almost a waste to put it on hpft with none of that. What do folks think? Do you have fics that have coding on ao3 but not hpft? Can I ask people to preferably read it on ao3 but leave the review on hpft? buh.

  18. The Vocational Challenge | 1 August 2018

    While this is also going up on hpft, could I request that you read the version on ao3? I worked so hard on the coding for +chapter 2 [m] of 'dicks out for a functional wizarding justice system'.
  19. just.a.willow.tree's graphic requests

    @LunaStellaCat I don't have a slot open right now, as I'm waiting for Abbi to pick up her graphics. She may want changes and such, so please come back once I say that there's one slot open.
  20. just.a.willow.tree's graphic requests

    Story and Author Name, including link: Luna StellaCat Story Marionette (M) Graphic type/dimensions: standard It’s a story banner Sites you intend to use the graphic on: HPFT What you'd like on the graphic: This is completely up to you as you are an artist. I had a banner and then realized I don’t like people in it but objects. It’s about Kingsley and his rise in the MoM. I like brighter themed banners and I’d rather the title be on one line. Again, this is up to you. It’s a story about getting used to the political scene. It would be awesome if you accept. Thanks.
  21. #WriterProbs

    ^ I relate to #33 so much omg. 34. poetry
  22. #WriterProbs

    31. When you decide to simultaneously write a fluff piece and an angst piece at the same time using the same characters and switching back and forth between the two gives you emotional whiplash. 32. Trying to write an argument scene that ends in one of the characters angrily storming out but they refuse to cooperate and keep apologizing to each other. 33. Realizing you're never going to be able to write a story that's not rated M because you literally cannot stop yourself from using the f-word in every single thing you write.
  23. MadiMalfoy

    To make or not to (re)make a review thread...

  24. #WriterProbs

    27. when you write for everything else but your WIP. 28. that feel when you don't know the word you want to use so you bring out the dictionary only to realize that the word you want doesn't exist in every dictionary you checked. 29. being obsessed with a character and being able to write only them; if you are writing a story with someone else as a main, the character you are Obsessed with will make a cameo and/or become a main. (i have this problem with albus potter lmfao) 30. technically, planning your story should help you write your story, but then your characters decide that they don't wanna do that and do something else entirely which skews the whole outline so you have to outline again, only to realize your characters don't like that either--
  25. greisful

    if you ever get a chance to go to italy please do so i promise you it's worth it ... something about that country just makes you feel good

    1. Felpata_Lupin


      If you ever get a chance to go to Italy, please throw me a PM and we'll arrange a meetup? :P (Sorry, had to throw it here... And yes, I love my country and I'm so glad you loved it, too. Even if I will admitthat I don't always love the people who live here... :hmm:)

  26. dreams: a world of nonsense

    dreams are so fascinating, but for all of my vivid daydreaming, i can't remember any of them!! i do remember a select few though, and i actually did write down the story! i've edited it a few times since, and every time i read it, it just gets weirder and weirder. in this dream i remember that i was in danger, and apparently, i literally created a new country that i could move to to get myself out of danger. no one could find me there and at the very least, it was a very pretty country (my definition of pretty is modern buildings weaved into the very basics of nature; think tree houses but on a much grander scale). it was also apparently a utopia where everyone lived peacefully. man if only i could live in my dreams. my favorite stuffed penguin from my younger days (lovingly dubbed "pengui") was also a main character in the story as well. (i had this dream when i was nine, and i STILL remember it haha!!) if nothing, i remember little snippets of my dreams. some of them have featured some of your characters (my brain likes thinking about fanfiction even when it doesn't have to be thinking about fanfiction. what is my life), and some of them have featured my own. in fact, it's how 'miracle' came by, haha!! other dreams have featured the people in this community, where i met all of you in person, and the fanfiction all of you wrote were bestsellers!! except... except for the fact that we all referred to each other as our usernames. so i was sunshine_locks. people were very confused as to why my name was sunshine_locks, as if dirigibleplums or just.a.willow.tree. or beyond the rain weren't weird too?????? other times, i don't really quite remember the dream, and the only traces left are my emotions. one time, i woke up smiling, and my mum asked if i was tripping on acid. my mum is so lovely. and then, i've woken up sad too, and i think it either featured someone dying, or me dreaming about the direction my life might go.
  27. Last week
  28. How do you think?

    this is such a cool topic!!! it's so fun to see how other people think and it kinda really puts how i think out there haha,,, i think the first thing to know is that i've got severe maladaptive daydreaming. i'm always thinking about stuff i need to do, how i'm gonna write that one scene in that story i'm writing (i literally visualize myself typing away on a word doc), creating scenarios where i'm with a talk show host so i can vENT, etc. i'm always thinking, and it's hard to find myself in a situation where i'm... not thinking. i do it while i walk, i do it while i do work, while i'm doing nothing, etc. i think one of the biggest reasons why i have a low attention span is because i think too much!! but on the other hand, if i'm really into something, my thinking can actually help me speed up the process to whatever i'm doing!! when i read books, i tend to find ones that don't really stimulate my brain to have a correlation with books i don't like, hence why i really like the action scenes in the harry potter series! because during the action scenes, i have very specific images of what they look like, their surroundings, their voice, etc. i also find that when my brain is stimulated, i have to be listening to fast-paced music, or on the other hand, fast-paced music helps me think. (i'm almost always listening to music!) slower paced music is not my favorite kind of music unless... unless... i'm not actually sure. there are only very specific scenarios in which i will listen to slower paced music.
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