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  3. facingthenorthwind


    I can't believe the archive has 16 MILLION words on it, omg.

    1. Theia



  4. facingthenorthwind

    • facingthenorthwind
    • PaulaTheProkaryote


    Every single time I see your profile pic whether it's on the forums or on twitter I smile because it's such a good and happy photo of an excellent and delightful person who is so lovely and kind and :wub: :wub: I love you!!!!!!! I hope your borthday was wonderful. ❤️ 

    yes the borth is intentional, it was an accident but i quite like it

  5. Lady Ausra

    Write a Bad Summary...

    This thread is AWESOME. Here's mine: The Princess Bride: (Which is very, very different from the movie, just so you're warned) The Hunger Games trilogy: The Grass Is Greener On the Other Side (Or So They Say) (M) by me
  6. StarFeather

    • StarFeather
    • just.a.willow.tree

    Hi, thank you for dropping many reviews on my stories. Your insight encouraged me a lot.

    If you have interest, chapter 3 added with CI is now up, so please stop by when you have time.

    After the Storm (M) moribito fandom chapter 3

    After judging Auror's Tale story challenge, I'll set up a Dragon themed story challenge, so please have a look at it later as well.   :D

    1. just.a.willow.tree


      oh thank you for letting me know!! i'll definitely leave a review later ❤️

  7. RoxiMalfoy

    • RoxiMalfoy
    • PaulaTheProkaryote




    Before the day closes, I just wanted to drop by here and wish you a Happy Birthday one last time, darling!! 🎉 🎈 🎊🎁🍰   You are one of the most beautiful, talented, kind, funny, and caring people that I have ever met.  :hug: I feel beyond blessed to have gotten to know you over the past year, and it has just been such a privilege getting to work with you so closely. We've certainly had some crazy adventures together, haha!!! 😜😅 You have become one of my dearest friends, Paula, and I cannot imagine my life without you in it either, girl. 💙💕 You are my one true partner-in-crime, and I just love your face SOOO FREAKING MUCH!!! :wub:  I truly do hope that your Birthday was just as special as you are, @PaulaTheProkaryote!!!!!  :happybirthday: 


    P.S. You know it's true love when I post all this Blue shit on here just for you, lmao!! IT PAINS me use such a horrible shade of green on your profile, Paula.

    You know what I'd like for MY Birthday next year?!? For you to come to your senses and realize what color you should really be wearing, lmao!!! 😆🐍😛

  8. TidalDragon

    Press Release: Week 4 Assignments

    @Dojh167 I don't think we made this clear as to whether this is a different "section" as identified in the "Graphics" portion of the Week 1 Assignments post. While it was originally intended to be its own section (and thus to have a header), let's treat it like this. If you are setting it out as a separate section from your Articles in your final product, it needs a header PLUS the two (2) required graphics. If you are not setting it out as a separate section you can choose whether to use one (1) of your two (2) images as a header or not.
  9. Lady Ausra

    For Love of Fanfiction

    Oh, dear... that means so much, thank you, you have no idea. Ever since I've found fanfiction, it's been a wild personal ride, but I think it's been a great one, and it'll only get better if you all are anything to judge by. But serious props to you for giving your students that kind of an assignment, really. It means a ton to know there are teachers like you not giving out the assignments I described in my personal soapbox above. I agree with you on the importance of essays (Even if I seem to prefer writing unconventional ones), though, I seem to keep getting the by-the-book teachers. Thanks for reading, and for the great welcome!
  10. TidalDragon

    Internal Memorandum: Quadpot

    @facingthenorthwind Just note it in whichever thread you have in your CR to keep track of reviews.
  11. TidalDragon

    Write a Bad Summary...

    Here's one (1) for Evolution
  12. TidalDragon

    Call for Stories - August

    It's Call for Stories time again! Whether you're new to HPFT or simply joined in yet, Fic Night is an opportunity to have your story read, live, on our HPFT YouTube channel. Featuring praise from our host and the opportunity for additional Q&A from members, it's a truly unique opportunity for your story to be featured by our community. This month we'll also be taking questions from members in advance of the stream at 11:59 PM GMT on Friday, 31 August 2018. Still have questions? Click to learn more. You can also check out an archive of our previous stories and streams in the Video Archive. What comes next? It's time to volunteer your story for glory! Simply reply with a completed copy of the form below before 11:59 PM GMT on 19 August 2018. Voting will commence thereafter. The Form Story Title:Link:Penname:Will you be available for Q&A? If so, do you prefer live video, live audio, or text only?
  13. BellaLestrange87

    Original Fiction

    Title: Dum Vivimus Vivamus Author: sunshine_locks Link(s): Mature Length / Completed: 18,227 words / yes Era: Original Fiction Genre(s): angst, general, humour Advisories: eating disorders Summary: Reflections don't change, but people do.
  14. Unwritten Curse

    For Love of Fanfiction

    I want to echo what @Margaret has said. I’m also an English/Language Arts teacher and one of the things I want my students to cultivate is their own creativity. I think essays can be a way to do that. I let my students choose a topic and I tell them to imagine the person they are writing to in order to give their writing voice. I’ve had students who have hated writing tell me that they are excited to work on their essays. I don’t say this to brag—I say it because I think there’s something to be said for the “typical English essay” and its capacity to help students communicate their opinions and, often, to come into their own. I do sympathize, though, because I know there are teachers out there who teach “by the book” and focus on structure instead of voice. I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with that, but I do agree it’s less engaging. (Also, studies have shown that explicit grammar instruction can actually cause writing skills to plummet. So I do very little and I try to make it fun.) But more importantly, I am so glad you found our community! I feel the same about fanfiction. It has always (well, almost always) felt like fun to me—not a chore, not a duty. It’s a place I could explore the craziness in my head. And I immediately gravitated to HP fanfiction because the world felt so familiar to me—kind of like coming home. I also admire you so much for sharing your thoughts on love and opening up about your sexuality. You’ll find that we are an incredibly inclusive community and I am so proud to be a part of it. I’m never afraid to share personal things because I know that these wonderful humans are some of the best out there and they won’t judge me. They’re all supportive. And like I said: The. Best. You’ll fit right in, hun.
  15. sunshine_locks


    have you ever just heard the pronunciation of word... and then noped it out of there because it just sounds wrong to your ears

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    2. ShadowRose


      i googled the pronunciation of archipelago because of this, and i just... WHY.

    3. sunshine_locks


      i agree,,,,

    4. facingthenorthwind


      How did you pronounce it? I always said "archipelAYgo" 

  16. MadiMalfoy

    • MadiMalfoy
    • Veritaserum27

    Um hi so I just read that you have a degree in biochemistry and just wanted to say that i just graduated in May with my BS in chemistry and am going to grad school for my PhD in atmospheric/environmental chemistry, so we should like totes chat about chemistry sometime? k bye :waving:

  17. CambAngst


    After much longer than I would have liked, Chapter 19 of After Destiny [Mature] is now posted to HPFT! Ron and Hermione depart for Australia. Neville and Luna are looking for a new place to stay. And there's a duel!

  18. LunaStellaCat


    Redrafting and rewriting again.  Being told to try again is not a bad thing.  :)

  19. Yesterday
  20. victoria_anne


    It’s my favourite OC’s (Wren Ferguson, but don’t tell the others) birthday today, and I can’t wait to introduce him to you all one day 💙

    1. Margaret


      One of my favourite of my original fiction characters will get her Leaving Cert. results tomorrow and college offers next Monday. She's all grown up.

  21. LunaStellaCat

    victoria_anne's reviews

    Story and Author Name, including link: Warnings and Advisories: Substance Abuse, Death, Violence Genre: Original Fiction, Short Story Length: 3017 Words Summary: A man learns to live again after the death of his wife. Ships: OC/OC Areas of Concern (if any): This is my first attempt at sharing original fiction. I did just rename the piece because I can't decide what to name this thing. Characterization. Plot, Structure. Anything, really. Story and Author Name, including link: London at Park Lane (M) Warnings and Advisories: Substance Abuse, Death, Violence Genre: Original Fiction, Short Story Length: 3017 Words Summary: A man learns to live again. Ships: OC/OC Areas of Concern (if any): This is my first attempt at sharing original fiction. I did just rename the piece because I can't decide what to name this thing. Characterization. Plot, Structure. Anything, really.
  22. LunaStellaCat

    Staff Review Thread

    Hey guys could I ask you review this piece instead. London at Park Lane (M) I'm loopy and stupid with my OF. Sorry. Not trying to jump the line. I'm crippling indecisive.
  23. FawkesyLady

    These Spells Are Not Gluten Free

    Are the number of strands in a round challah different? One of my friends makes Finnish Biscuit for New Years every year, but I can't find any sources (albeit with a limited Google Search) suggesting that it is considered a ritualistic sort of food. Lisa might just have the time at New Year's (and the willing audience). It is braided (straight, not round) and has the same colour of challah. She brings me a loaf as we tend to invite them over for New Year's. It is so pretty and yummy. I can't say I've had the pleasure of making challah or any other braided breads myself, but I've got difficulty getting bread to rise, much less creating the right recipe that won't die under braiding. In a world where prayer can be as simple as putting one foot in front of the other, I think it is interesting to think about all of these things that have "always" been done with the intent of bringing good luck. Thanks for commenting!
  24. Dojh167

    Press Release: Week 4 Assignments

    Does the Featured Article need a separate header from the other articles?
  25. starbuck

    Badge Claim Thread

    from OWL to NEWT please! Badge Type/Category: Reviewing Milestones - Author Review Badge Level (if applicable): NEWT Relevant Link(s): [e.g., Author Page, HoF, bulletin, announcement] AP (M) and here's a list of all the authors i've reviewed so far:
  26. greisful

    • greisful
    • 800 words of heaven

    skdjghskjgh have you really read 523 books? I'm shook where do you find the time to read so much holy shit?????

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    2. greisful


      oh my god for a second there i was in awe and mild terror of you i was like only some sort of god would have the time to read that many books 

    3. 800 words of heaven

      800 words of heaven

      Would love that superpower and luxury, but alas - it feels like I don't have enough time to do all my study, let alone read for pleasure

    4. 800 words of heaven

      800 words of heaven

      And what I meant to say was that I have not read 523 books - not that 523 was my goal

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