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HP Ship Recommendations / Re: Remus Lupin/Sirius Black
« Last post by poppunkpadfoot on Today at 08:01:23 AM »
Title: dear moony, my dearest of dears
Author: camarauderie
Link(s): +AO3 (rated G on ao3 but M for a single smutty sentence right at the beginning)
Length / Completed: 2434 words, one-shot
Additional Pairing(s): n/a
Genre(s): humour, fluff
Summary: "sirius has written a poem, james finds it, the would-be recipient remus finds out about it, and"
Reasons for recommending: i find this story so delightful, it's SO funny and all the characters are captured really well! it's also really sweet, and sirius is perfect - so melodramatic :') ahaha

Title: The Electric Fizzing Prick Pistols, or Whatever
Author: whitmans_kiss
Link(s): +AO3 (rated T on ao3, but M for lots of f-bombs!)
Length / Completed: 3816 words, one shot
Additional Pairing(s): James Potter/Lily Evans
Genre(s): AU, humour, fluff
Summary: Everyone is born with Words on their arm that connect them to their Soulmate. James finds his, Sirius had everything figured out back in First Year, Peter doesn’t talk to girls anyway, and Remus thinks he’d very much just like to put his earmuffs back on and disappear.
Reasons for recommending: I know a lot of people aren't wild about soulmate aus, and neither am I most of the time, but I find this one to be really funny and sweet, with a great characterization of Sirius (which is a high priority of mine!)

Title: Pine-fresh
Author: melian
Link(s): +HPFT (M)
Length / Completed: 747 words, one-shot
Additional Pairing(s): n/a
Genre(s): romance
Summary: Remus goes to a late-night rendezvous.
Reasons for recommending: This was Mel's first wolfstar (iirc) and I really enjoyed it! I found it very real both in terms of the way the two of them were characterized as well as how their behaviour was influenced by the time period.
HP Categorical Recommendations / Re: Humor
« Last post by Pixileanin on Today at 07:44:09 AM »
Title: A Recipe for Disaster
Author: 1917farmgirl
Length / Completed: 929 words, Completed
Pairing(s): none
Genre(s): Humor
Summary: Just once, Minerva McGonagall would like a night of uninterrupted sleep.

This is a perfect little one-shot that captures perfectly the absolute hilarity of what teachers have to deal with at the most inopportune time.  You really feel for poor McGonagall, but you still end up with a big smile on your face. 
HP Categorical Recommendations / Re: Rebuilding (HP)
« Last post by poppunkpadfoot on Today at 07:31:33 AM »
Title: Renewal
Author: Oregonian
Link(s): +HPFF
Length / Completed: 2880, one-shot
Era: Hogwarts
Main Character(s): Prof. McGonagall, Prof. Sprout
Main Pairing(s): none
Genre(s): general
The Hogwarts teachers are facing the first school year after the Battle of Hogwarts. How can they help the students, and the whole community, heal? What will it take to feel as if the world is back to normal?
Reasons for recommending: I read this for CTF and it actually really stuck with me. I thought all the Professors were really well-handled and the piece had this infectious air of optimism. It was cool to see the teacher's perspectives on the rebuilding of the castle and what the best way forward would be.
HP Categorical Recommendations / Re: Fluff
« Last post by poppunkpadfoot on Today at 06:55:37 AM »
Title: Invisible Horses
Author: MuggleMaybe
Link(s): +HPFT, +HPFF
Length / Completed: 677 words, incomplete
Era: second wizarding war
Main Character(s): Colin Creevey, Dennis Creevey, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood
Main Pairing(s): Unlisted pairing (Colin/Luna)
Genre(s): fluff, romance, angst
Summary: Luna and Colin have a way of seeing what other people overlook.
Especially each other.
Reasons for recommending: I had never even considered this pairing before this story but Renee made it seem so natural! This first chapter is really sweet. Hopefully she'll update sometime but even if she doesn't I think this stands alone quite well :D
Writers' Nest / Re: Chapter Updates
« Last post by Penelope Inkwell on Today at 05:32:42 AM »
New chapter of Traitorous Hearts!  It's a race against the clock to save Neville, and we're down to the wire. 

Story Title: Traitorous Hearts
Pen Name(s): Penelope Inkwell
Fandom: Harry Potter
Link(s) and Rating: Chapter 22 (Mature)
Site(s) Posted On: HPFF
New Chapter Number: Chapter 22 - A Dire Task

Summary: "We’ll talk later. But I need your help with this now. Neville isn’t out of danger yet.”
Great Hall / Re: Ultimate Frisbee
« Last post by Dojh167 on Today at 04:39:24 AM »
I'm also no frisbee expert, as I haven't played in years. We used to play ultimate in the street as kids (on the street that intersected with a busy street. Good choices), and I think I may also have done it for gym in middle school or something. My brother has been on ultimate frisbee teams for the last several years though - he played in college, and then found another team for the last couple years once he moved. He really loves it!

But I believe that the distinction is that when playing ultimate frisbee you are always on a team. That's what makes in "ultimate" - you have two teams squaring off and beyond just throwing/catching you are aiming to have your team keep possession and make goals. So kinda like soccer with a frisbee?

This was probably a really bad explanation *couch*
Great Hall / Re: Ultimate Frisbee
« Last post by danicasyer on Today at 04:32:28 AM »
To be honest, I never played Ultimate Frisbee professionally and I was never on a team but I've heard and think it's cool there are teams for it too since I recall a girl in my high school telling me about it. The only time I've played it for a course of my second semester of Gym class during my senior year. I'm not really good at throwing the frisbee as I am probably with catching it but it's still fun to play even though I have no idea how to go on about it at times. xD

That being said, I guess, I do have a question regarding ultimate frisbee, and that is: what's the difference between playing on a team and just for recreational fun?
Writing Exercises / Re: MuggleMaybe
« Last post by MuggleMaybe on Today at 03:52:15 AM »
Hi Liz! Thanks for stopping by and reading my little story intro about Julian. I am actually pretty intrigued by him, so maybe someday I really will write more of his story. Who knows? :)

Now, for the new prompt-

Genre: Romance
Character: Alien
Archetype: “Redshirt”
Narration: First Person - Secondary Character

Situation (optional): Wartime

"Paskil," barked the commander, "enter the coordinates for the rendezvous point!"

Paskil, caught off guard in the midst of fixing up her make up, wiped all 14 of her powdery fingers on her red shirt and did as instructed. The rendezvous point, at last! She'd been waiting for months to finally arrive. Not that she cared so very much about the work. Working as the Navigation Data Assistant for the Betastar Space Cruise company was a perfectly decent job. She didn't meant to complain.

However, this particular port of call held a special appeal. This time, she would get to see Oluuf. True, on their last visit he had not kissed her goodby. There simply hadn't been time. However, this time she felt sure he would finally realize the depths of his affections for her, and they could get married and live happily every after.

Out of nowhere, the ship lurched to the side. There was a loud grating sound, and Commander Gar's voice came over the intercom with more static that usual. "Code Orange. I repeat, Code Orange. The ship is under attack. Enemy ship on the port side. Engage defensive procedures immediately."

oh. I totally just realized this was supposed to be in first person. Also THIS ONE IS SO HARD OMG. I am not a person who writes aliens. :P So that was a lousy effort but goodness. I'll try for better next time? haha
Reviewing Talk / Re: Squee-Worthy Reviews!
« Last post by MuggleMaybe on Today at 03:21:53 AM »
Wow, Aph! That review is beautiful!

Meanwhile, I got this wonderful review from our very own Dojh167

I love both Lee and Oliver, but they are both so blatantly wrong for Alicia (our headcanons or not).

Having a first kiss during a quidditch after party makes me think of Harry and Ginny’s first case in HBP, and though this kiss is quite different, it’s a nice nod to that.

I like the ambiguity you used to describe Alicia’s awkwardness around Lee in the beginning. It’s not totally clear if it’s because she likes him or because she doesn’t, or a mixture. I think that works really well, because the root of those feelings isn’t totally clear to Alicia either.

There is a great simple evocativeness to a lot of your lines, like “She’d just leaned over and done it, no trouble. Like it was nothing. But kissing wasn’t nothing. Kissing was something.” and “prayed they’d forget the question so she didn’t have to say not yet out loud.” These lines work really well because they feel very earnest and genuine.

I’m really glad Alicia ended that kiss when she knew she didn’t like it.

I’m not sure if the timeline of this lines up with My First Date(s), but in my mind the stories are part of the same universe. Not actually the Polyverse, because I don’t think that Oliver has ever considered kissing a girl in his life, but maybe a little bubble universe. Polyverse AU.

“She could have a crush on Oliver” This is so real, kill me now. That wanting to be normal. Wanting to like a boy not for the sake of the boy, but for the sake of liking a boy. Deciding to have feelings that aren’t there. This really gets me.

“It was cool and vacant, like arriving at an empty house. Nobody home. They pulled apart.” WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS ISN’T ALL THAT GREAT, IT’S PERFECT

Did Oliver think it was a date or not? His behavior when asking her to go seemed like it, but not during. I’m applying my He’s Super Gay headcanon to this story.

One thing I really like about this is that Alicia doesn’t necessarily spend a lot of time anguishing about her sexuality, but more that the factors that she would anguish about are underlying anyway. It’s very real. Obviously

I enjoy your characterization of Katie. “Always sweet, and kind, and deceptively fierce” is a great description. Gryffinpuff?

I know I said Polyverse Katie doesn’t have partners other than Alicia, but she might test that for one night with Angelina. Those three girls together…. It needs to happen at least once.

Oh, Katie has a secret crush? I would expect the truth or date to focus on Alicia, so that was interesting.

“Someone turned on the wireless and why hadn’t they already been dancing? Dancing was brilliant. The Weird Sisters were brilliant. Other people joined them on the dance floor, and that was brilliant.” That line is brilliant.

All the hugs for everyone who needs them for the end of that section.

Omg the three girls hanging out is so intensely beautiful and nostalgic. How did you make that so magic.

I was surprised with Katie being so bold in “Alicia lifted a finger and traced the outline of Katie’s form.” Or did she mean that in a platonic way? XP It read as incredibly sensual, so I was a bit confused about how sensual the characters both thought it was.

Face touching. How are they still making words. XD

“and oh, god, she had never considered this.” Mic drop.

That ending. The last eight paragraphs. Chills and tears.

I really really love this. And, you, obviously.

Fun fact, the first time I saw the title I accidentally read it as “Skewered By Truth.” Kinda different.


This review made my whole week, honestly, because I can tell Sam was almost as excited about the ship as I am. And also because her Katie/Alicia is one of my most favorite fics <3
Writing Exercises / Re: Random Scenario
« Last post by WindingArrow on Today at 02:14:44 AM »
Genre: Romance
Character: Alien
Archetype: “Redshirt”
Narration: First Person - Secondary Character

Situation (optional): Wartime

(Note: The 'redshirt' archetype stems from the original Star Trek series where is was a running gag that a random crew member wearing a red shirt had to die to show how serious the situation was.)
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