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      January Bulletin   12/31/2017

      January's bulletin is up! It includes information about recent staff/prefect bumps, the upcoming FROGS, some special awards, and more! You can check it out +here.


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    Alrighty gang, time to reveal everyone's identity! Saiph - dirigibleplums Ser Bronn the (Would-Be) Dragon Slayer - Diogenissa Archer Rose - CrimsonQuill Winky - Felpata Lupin Libatius Borage - PaulaTheProkaryote Nyx's Redbird - MalfoysAngel Edward - StarFeather Fawkes - MuggleMaybe ProudPanther/QB1 - TidalDragon Unreliable TimeTurner - Rhaenyra moon & stars - poppunkpadfoot Anonymous/????? - Stella Blue Pumpkin Pasty - LadyAsphodel (with a little help from RoxiMalfoy and victoria_anne) The Basilisk - TreacleTart The Wanderer - Alexis Black You-Know-Who - MegGonagall ChartreuseQuill - Aphoride abhorsen. - Siriusly a fan Jimmy-Steve - ImaRavenclaw Keeper of the North - dreamgazer220 As promised, I have a few awards to give out to a few people who went above and beyond. So, without further ado... Abbi really shone during this challenge, leaving 9 gifts that included writing a drabble and hosting her own fic night. Congratulations, Abbi! You've won two reviews and a picspam for stories of your choosing. Kaitlin left an impressive 10 gifts, even during the middle of her busy travel plans! Well done, Kaitlin! You've won two reviews and a picspam for stories of your choosing. This next award was extremely hard to choose for because everyone had such wonderful alter names, and even now I can't narrow it down further than these two. I loved the alter names you used because they related to your giftee and you also stayed in character. Congratulations! You've both won two reviews and a picspam on stories of your choosing. And, last but not least... Most of you guessed correctly, but Diogenissa guessed first that the Anonymous Gift Enthusiast was me! (Was I really that obvious? ) You didn't think I wasn't going to join in, did you? You've won another review, Karen! And this is for everyone who participated! Prize winners, please PM me for what stories you'd like to use them on. Credit victoria_anne for the graphics. I hope you all had fun and thanks again for participating!
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    Did I get it right, Kayla? I went hunting through your reviews for the name and now I'm doubting myself @abhorsen. Please confirm?
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    It's always interesting when you watch/read an adaptation and think "I've read better fan fics of this universe". We are a talented bunch.
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    Thank you for so many awesome graphics and Al/Rose one-shot! I really enjoyed all your gifts!!
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    Ollivander i couldn't think of a spell t_t
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    Evanesco! spell battle.
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    I missed it. Belated Happy Birthday!!! I hope it was a great one! (And I just got done messaging you too )
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    Ugh! I’m feeling like a poor representative for Slytherin because I’m not clever enough to know who my gift-giver was. I wish I could blame this failing on something like a lack of caffeine, but alas, I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee and I’m still clueless. Anyhoo … I’m going to guess Anonymous Gift Giver was victoria_anne. As for The Basilisk, the only clue I have is they seem familiar with my horror-centric Unspeakable fic so maybe … PaulaTheProkaryote, TreacleTart or Diogenissa. In any case, I *love* my gifts! Thanks so much! (and thanks to Bianca for pulling together this event)
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    Our reviews for CA status have been completed, and people who have been granted it have been emailed using whatever email they used to register their archive account to notify them. If you haven't been granted CA status, you can absolutely PM me to ask what you need to be doing in the future/how close you were if you'd like - we'll be doing reviews 2-3 times a year, so you won't have to wait until next summer to have another shot at it.
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    Only fitting to start this thread with a gift to dirigibleplums from You-Know-Who Title: Gods Without Grace Author: dirigibleplumsLink(s): Clicky (M)Length / Completed: 9198 words / Yes Additional Pairing(s): Hermione/RonGenre(s): Angst, AU, Dark/Horror, DramaSummary: “Miss Hermione Granger might not remember a single thing but she does know that Tom Riddle, for all his charm and charisma, terrifies her to the bone. And she's never even breathed a word to him in her life.”Reasons for recommending: Plums has written one of the most unique time-travel fics in this piece. It's dark, unsettling, captivating, and extremely well written. She completely nails Hermione and Tom Riddle, keeping each of them entirely in character, and for such a unique pairing, makes it entirely believable. The ending is bittersweet and a little jarring, but also satisfying. I think that even if you're not a Tomione fan, you will find yourself really enjoying this story.