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    Until I decide on a title for the Rule Breaker sequel, I'mma just call it "The Squee-quel" out of excitement. But not, like, that Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. Sigh.
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    Got call back from recruiter. Passed my job interview. Have a ride-along next week. May have to start in city 60 miles south or I might have to wait for job in my nearby 10-20 mile city radius. Will have to talk with wife about this.
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    The title is a reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender One of the things and astonished seven-year-old me the most when I moved to Massachusetts to California was the fact that Massachusetts actually has four seasons. In California, it's more like you've got 2 seasons: one incredibly hot, wildfire-igniting, bone-melting summer, and the rest of the year being a little wetter and little less hot. Oh, and if you live in San Francisco, there's always fog, so you might not even notice the difference in the seasons haha. Massachusetts is much different; we have four beautiful seasons (though with global warming, some of those seasons are stretching out a little bit). I'll start with autumn, as that's the one we're in right now AUTUMN New England is famous for autumn foliage and I can attest that it really is beautiful, in certain places. Where I live, it's sort of just crusty brown leaves. But I love waking up and seeing the sun rise; there's always a pretty feathery pink in the sky that melts into orange and yellow and it's just gorgeous. Also, it's really only chilly in the morning, but only enough to call for a sweater, so there's a nice mix between summer and winter here. Regardless, I feel like autumn is a bit overrated. But maybe that's because for me, it's associated with school starting again WINTER When I first moved to Massachusetts, winter was easily my favorite season, and for exactly one reason: snow. I'd never seen anything like it! The first snowfall, my face was pressed against my window the entire time. Now, after having shoveled way too much and almost frozen my butt off, I'm not so fond of winter anymore. In recent years, winter hasn't been so severe; we've had sporadic snowfall, a couple major storms--definitely more manageable than five or six years ago. But it's still annoying! SPRING If I had to pick a favorite season, it would probably be between spring and summer. Spring is beautiful in Massachusetts; there's lots of pretty flowers and there's always a sense of growth and change, which is really nice. I dislike all the rain, but that, much like the snow, is very sporadic. Unfortunately, spring is very short here in Massachusetts; there's definitely a stretched out winter here. SUMMER Maybe because it's my default state, being from India and having grown up in California, summer is my favorite season. I don't mind the heat; I love it I'm always cold so summer is awesome. Summer in MA is never too hot, but just hot enough to feel really good. I like summer too because time seems to slow down with the longer days, which is great since my life seems to be permanently stuck on fast-forward in all the other seasons.
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    Thank you for kind encouragement. I was inspired by Robert Galbraith's novels. Yeah, definitely I got some insights to the next story! Thank you for giving me the chance!
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    Michael Gambon should have saved all his anger from "HARRYDIDYOUPTYOURNAMEINDAGOBLETOFFAIA" and poured it into "REMEMBER MY LAST, PETUNIA".
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    I'm so glad you posted this because this is a story I've been debating about for soooo long. I had it recommended to me by a friend, but the summary didn't do much for me, and reviews were so mixed that they didn't really help my decision. But you've made Katsa sound really intriguing to me!
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    As I crept towards OF I started writing stories that relied less on main characters and well known HP settings and more towards rare/original characters and times that the books don't touch. I am semi committed to writing a story for nano that's all of my own making. It's a little sci-fi but not related to the magic of HP. I might try to interview a friend's bf for context about his job (because it'll help with the story). Maybe I'll be able to come back to this thread in December and share my success!
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    When I get a negative review, I just shut down my creative part of my brain for a while. I get so low that I feel like I don't wanna write. But then I talk to some of you guys and I start writing again. I think the encouragement I get from my fellow writers helps me get through the bad review(s). I guess I have a unique way of dealing with it.
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    Title: The Recombination of One's Soul and the Psychological Aftereffects: a Case Study Author: @Rumpelstiltskin Link(s) to story With Rating: HPFT (M) Warnings (if applicable): Sexual Assault, Violence Why do you think this story deserves to be nominated?: What is this, even. Like, I don't even understand what this is. Rumpel does an absolutely incredible job of presenting an alternative universe in which Tom Riddle experiences remorse and survives DH... and shows how incredibly toxic he continues to be despite that. Highly recommend.
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    This is intriguing and a little stalker-y. I like it! I'm actually going to the story to bookmark it for later because my curiosity has been piqued. Why is this dude following Cho? Why is Cho at King's Cross? Why does he look like Harry? Things that I'm sure the story will answer! Did writing the scene from unknown points of view give you any insight to the scene?
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    It depends on how you intend on publishing. For example, if you want your work available free online, you can post to Gluttony or HPFT or AO3, or any other archive that allows for Original Fiction. You can publish on your own website - MANY are publishing to Wattpad - and some even go right to Kindle or iBooks. If you are more serious, like I am - I want to try for a main publishing company. I want my book in book stores. This is why I'm very vague about what I'm writing and keep it close to my chest. Fanfiction is easier because it has its audience with an already established world and characters. But they aren't your own. Even if you create an Original Character - You are still inserting them into an established world. Then you have to ask, are you writing fanfiction for yourself or for reviews? We all love feedback and readers and our own “fans”, but do you REALLY love what you have written because it’s the story YOU want to tell and hope that readers like it too, or are you writing to get their approval? With original fiction, it’s just you and your own mind, your own story and characters and world. You have no idea if anyone will love it, like it, or hate it. But is it a story you really want to write and publish? Or do you just want people to love it and follow you? JKR never once thought of a fan base – she just had a story to tell and wanted to share it. There was NO WAY she could predict how much it would take off. But imagine if she didn’t, and just hid away in fanfiction and Harry was possibly a character in Charmed or Buffy?