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    Michael Gambon should have saved all his anger from "HARRYDIDYOUPTYOURNAMEINDAGOBLETOFFAIA" and poured it into "REMEMBER MY LAST, PETUNIA".
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    Any Twitter task does not require 1000k characters but all others do. That's okay!
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    Ahh, this is such an interesting topic! I wanted to say, immediately, that I don't really think that you could compare Draco and Snape's relationship with anyone else's. I mean, Snape literally made an Unbreakable Vow with Draco's mother--their shared past and their common situation indicates that their relationship is a little different from other student-teacher relationships. I definitely agree with you in that I wish these sorts of relationships would be considered more often in fandom. The character that I'd want to explore the most would be McGonagall's relationship to her students. I hadn't really thought of Neville until you mentioned it, but as I started thinking about it, I'm a little conflicted about how McGonagall feels. See, I'm assuming that she knows Neville's parents and thus feels some pity for him--but because she knows his parents, she must therefore have high expectations of him. McGonagall is, after all, the sort of professor to demand excellence from all her students, to not coddle them, but to help them be the best they can be. So I think you're right--she's supportive, but can also get embarrassed and maybe disappointed a little in Neville. I think that in the end, she acts as a sort of mentor to Neville, but perhaps indirectly? In like a tough love kind of way? You mentioned Hagrid, and the more I think about it, I realize that I never really considered him as one of Harry's professors primarily, but rather as one of his friends, and I think that's something that's common in a lot of Harry's, and I'm sure other students', relationships with their teachers--they often evolve beyond just a student-teacher relationship, into mentorship and mutual friendship. I think this is definitely shown in Harry and McGonagall's relationship. This is something that I wish was explored more with other characters--referencing back to Neville, I'd love to read a fic about his relationship with Professor Sprout!
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    Stopping in a little late here, but I am SO EXCITED for the both of you!!! These awards were so well deserved this month!! @forever_dreaming, you have already added so much to the community in the few short months that you've been here!! I seriously don't know what I'd do without you now, Shreya, lol!! And my dear @Rumpelstiltskin!!! I cannot even begin to express how AMAZING is has been to have you back in the pit with us these past few weeks!!! And yes, you have been a reviewing MACHINE, haha!! BOTH of you bring so much joy and enthusiasm to the forums; and to your perspective Common Rooms. And both of you did so well in Round 1 of MAGIC!! Congratulations on winning Head Students. You both totally deserve it!!!
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    Please note that this topic is about PLATONIC teacher/student relationships ONLY. Thank you! Has anyone else become morbidly obsessed with a fan of the podcast Harry Potter and the Sacred Text over the past year? No? Just me? (It's amaaaaaaazing - and I am not usually a podcast person. ) I was just re-listening (I told you I was obsessed) to the episode about CoS chapter 7, where Draco calls Hermione a mudblood, and then the trio retreats to Hagrid's. Hagrid is very kind to Hermione in that scene, and it made me think about how, in PoA, Hermione is initially the only one of the trio who is really there for Hagrid during the allegations against Buckbeak. I think that if the stories were told from Hermione's point of view, Hagrid would actually have an even greater presence in the books than he does in Harry's experience. He doesn't just support Hermione - she supports him, too. They have a very caring and genuine teacher-student relationship, and I had never really thought about it before. Teacher-student relationships in HP don't seem to get a lot of attention in the fandom (with the exception of Snape's loathing for Harry), even though some very important characters fall into this category. For example, I would love to know more about the relationship between McGonagall and Neville. In the scene where she does career advising with him in OoP, she is clearly very supportive, and able to see strengths in him that most people don't notice. On the other hand, she can be dismissive of him and find him embarrassing. The relationship between Snape and Draco is also fascinating, in both similar and different ways. And then there are some we don't know anything about at all. Who was Luna's favorite professor? Or Oliver's? Is anyone else interested in this? (As a teacher, I may well be biased )
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    Yes, I definitely agree with you that that is interesting. Now that I think of it, I subbed once in a boarding school and there were clearly closer relationships between teachers and students than would be in an ordinary school. I was only there a week but if another teacher came into my classroom to give a message, students would greet them in a friendly, rather than formal manner and there was occasional joking, like one day a first year class (think Hogwarts 2nd years) were being really annoying and one of the teachers was joking with one of the older kids about how "your brother was driving me crazy today." And most of the teachers there didn't even live in the school - there were three or four who did. Add in the fact that the wizarding world is pretty tiny and we know a lot of the teachers know family members of students (Remus being friends with Harry's father, Snape fancying Harry's mother and attending school with both his parents, Snape's conflicted relationship with the Malfoys, Neville's grandmother and McGonagall) and you have a really interesting mix. The teachers aren't just teachers but also almost parental or at least aunt/uncle/grandparent/older sibling figures. You should definitely create a challenge about this. I would probably write a story for it if you did. I have actually planned teacher-student relationships to play a big part in year 6 of my next gen series, but since I'm stuck at the beginning of year 3, whether or not I'll ever even write that is questionable. And a lot of the characters are OCs anyway.
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    *looks at online user list* *looks at time* *looks at your name specifically* *looks at time again* Shouldn't you be sleeping?
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    Wee hours of Saturday morn where I am and I'm sitting at work just waiting for MAGIC to start!
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    Yes, absolutely! Come to Boston in the fall--the foliage is gorgeous. One of my favorite things to do in the fall is go to Boston and walk around in Boston Commons (the big park in Boston). It's absolutely gorgeous. Right now, the leaves haven't started changing colors yet; I think around October is a good time (but it might even be delayed further because of climate change). I have to find some pictures to post to prove my point, but you don't really get it until you see it in person. Is Autumn generally a wet season in your country? The typhoons make me think of India (there we only have two seasons: monsoon season and a scorching hot summer). Where I live, we don't actually have that many insects--except mosquitoes, which like to bite me way too much >_< But I like listening to the birds, and yes, the other insects too. It's very calming, in some way, don't you think?
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    Autumn foliage sounds beautiful. I'd like to visit Cape Breton, Canada in autumn someday. I heard it's the best season to visit there with the same reason, autumn foliage. Finally autumn arrived here in my country though some typhoons may arrive after strange humid tropical weather due to global warming. We listen to crickets singing in the autumn evening. We also enjoy listening to various kinds of cicadas singing in summer. Do you listen to insects sing? Or are their sounds just noisy?
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    If Dudley was a wizard, would Snape treat Harry better because the boys would remind him of Petunia and Lily, respectively?
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    Authentic. Action-y. Awesome. (I have to get back to reading Tengu!)