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    Hello HPFanficTalk Fam! Last weekend we rallied together to solve the tragic muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurder of Tasha! We had many clues which included: Murder Scenes: Suspects: Weapons: Wow!! That was quite a lot of clues to go through! In Round One, correctly sleuthed that toomanycurls used a 1st Year's Botched Potion to off Tasha in the Quidditch Pitch! In Round Two, correctly determined that Veritaserum27 offed Tasha with a 1st Year's Botched Potion in the Library. In Round Three, correctly deduced that TidalDragon used a Crystal Ball to slay Tasha in Greenhouse Three! In Round Four, correctly suspected that paulatheprokaryote blasted Tasha with a Wand in the Hufflepuff Common Room. With so much murrrrrrrder and intrigue -- where did each house land for this event?? The Results: First place: with 200 points! Second place: with 150 points! Third place: with 100 points! Fourth place: with 50 points! Places were determined by the number of correct guesses, the number of total clues eliminated per game, and the number of points found on the archives. Well done, everyone, thanks for helping us crack this case wide open! And a very special thanks to clevernotbrilliant for making those beautiful playing cards, and to toomanycurls for making the check-off sheets that were provided for each house to use.
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    Let's hope that NaNo helps me start writing again
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    Hello! Thanks for stopping by my NaNo Nest. A few months ago, I made my girlfriend make me promise I wouldn't do NaNo this year because it's my first year teaching.... whoops... As it turned out, I couldn't resist NaNo, because I got all excited about this story. It's the same one I did in 2015, but significantly altered. I'm starting from scratch. Divine Chaos Current Summary 7th year Gryffindor Rose Weasley-Granger wants to live up to her mother’s expectations... but that’s hard to do when your mother is probably going to become the leader of the magical world. Rose is decent enough at most things, and everyone tells her she could be “just as bright as her mother, if only she’d apply herself.” Too bad she can’t seem to concentrate on schoolwork long enough to get anything turned in on time. And it doesn’t help that her brother seems able to do no wrong. As if things aren’t stressful enough, Rose starts having crazy deja vu, dreaming prophetic dreams, and seeing weird things in the corner of her eye. The stakes increase when she starts to have repeated dreams about a violent terrorist attack on muggles. Thwarted in her attempts to deal with things through official channels, Rose decides to take matters into her own hands, enlisting the help of her cousin Albus, her best friend Mercedes, and a scheming Scorpius Malfoy. Before long, their well-intended vigilante justice begins to blur the line between fighting crime and committing it. Other points of interest - no romance for Rose - eventual Scorbus on the side - the mother/daughter relationship is central - still not really sure about the villain My Rose face claim for this is Amandla Stenberg. Comments and questions welcome!
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    Hi Plums! I’m so glad you’re interested in my version of Scorpius. He’s almost always my favorite character, despite the wide range of portrayals, so I really want to do him justice.
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    My complete fics all gave me Agatha Christie. Depending on which WIP I put in, I got: Anne Rice (fairy tale AU, canonverse soulmates, handbells AU, Leverage AU, accompanying AU) Stephen King (modern AU, scorpio races AU) David Foster Wallace (futuristic AU, secret garden AU) Agatha Christie (dresden files AU, we rattle this town, we rattle this scene) Leo Tolstoy (enchanted AU summary) Cory Doctorow (thief lord AU) Arthur C. Clarke (accompanying AU) The real takeaway here is that I need to finish up some WIPs
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    It's half 4 in the morning so my brain isn't really working atm, but can I just say that this is just !!! Also this made me so excited, I don't even know why, just the way you phrased it?? Like you don't usually link empathetic with Slytherin and ofc Scorpius still doesn't want to hurt people, but I love love LOVE how the empathy is linked to the ability to manipulate people!!
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    i am just here to say that this sounds like nothing short of perfection and omg do i want to read it
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    Hi! I'm glad you think the OF sounds good (I can't find a way to describe it properly without revealing the entire plot lol so I wasn't so sure it would) Katrin's mother is from a merchant family and was disowned for sleeping with someone when she was seventeen. She promptly walked straight to the doors of the Blessed Court and asked to be let in. The fact that her mother chose the life of a concubine is something that does play an influence on Katrin, but more significant is Serra's naivety. While it's true that she is only ever with Katrin's father (and that she is the only concubine he is with), Katrin finds Serra's belief that he is in love with her to be delusional. At some point growing up, Katrin realises that he looks at them more like pets to be affectionate to rather than his true family; it's this that sparks and feeds her desire to be the Lady of the Blessed Court. As the Lady, no one would look at her that way. Because of Serra's blind devotion to Katrin's father, she also feels a bit sorry for her, but she loves her without question. Her father has a wife and children who Katrin doesn't care about and who I haven't yet created properly. Her father also has an older brother who the patriarch of the family, owns land bordering Neighbouring Country, and is a Defender of the Realm. This uncle also has a wife and children. Katrin is faintly aware of them, but again, has no interest - for now As the Lady, Lucrezia essentially rules the Court and selects favourites who also benefit from considerable respect. As she was growing up, Lucrezia saw Katrin's hunger for power and took her under her wing to mould her so she could get it. Whether this was out of kindness or an agenda is up for debate 😜 The nobility encompasses all the Houses and yes, there'll be political conflicts with them. Due to the nature of the story, we'll see less of it great detail, but it's important to the story. Can't have a war without it, after all This is actually hella important too. (Everything is, apparently.) So the mainland is split into four countries: Lethanya, Neighbouring Country (NC), Adria and Carsalon. NC is the biggest of the bunch while Adria is the smallest, mostly because it was part of NC a little over a hundred years ago. The two split when a former king of NC died and his crown went to his son, a reckless minor with a temper who was unsuited for rule, instead of his older sister who had a natural political inclination. Cue a civil war which ended with the rebels retreating to NC's most secure fortress and claiming all the land behind it as theirs. The two have fought regularly ever since with both sides calling in allies from Lethanya and Carsalon to help. Though Adria initially only wanted the most capable to be ruler regardless of gender, they quickly declared that it was to be a matriarchal society (mostly to anger NC even more). Due to this, slavery is forbidden in Adria; since NC own the slave trade, this is extra tension. And there is always tension. I've never written a fantasy novel before. My fanfiction typically focuses on characters and their relationships rather than an action-y plot. I'm worried about whether I'll be able to give the idea justice, but I hope I'll be able to write something that doesn't simply rely on characters Thanks for the questions!
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    Oh, you KNOW how psyched I am for this I just can't wait for "Have you met Fred?" :DDD
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    Mine is a whole mess of stuff. - pyjamas - My boyfriends jumper because its so soft and warm - fuzzy slippers - Ipod -Laptop - Story notes - Nano stash, which is a whole array of sweets and chocolates, hot chocolate, junk food. - Easy to make food, so I don't have to waste my time on cooking meals. - Nano mascot - this year it's a wind up pumpkin that hops around
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    Mine is basically what I have every time I write, so nothing special here lol Oversize T-Shirt (or hoodie depending on where i'm at) Yoga Pants Comfy Blankets Pillow Pop (my Midwest is showing haha) specifically Mountain Dew My 1000ml water bottle Healthy Hand foods like Green Grapes, American cheese, celery and peanut butter ETC. Extra Hairbands
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    Oh my god you guys are all so wonderful! I hope this lives up to the hype!! *Tackles you all in a hug* Will all of your characters be barney-esque (for lack of a better word) or will you have some characters who are similar to Ted, Lily, Marshall, and/or robin? / Which of the next gen characters will you be writing about? None of them are completely based off of the characters in HIMYM but i have definitely taken their key personalities and thrown it into the mix. James, like barney, is a player and has some insecurities that no one realizes is a thing. Fred isn’t really like any of them if I am being honest, he is a bisexual man who is a bit of a player and is 100% done with James’s over dramatic self….so maybe Barney’s brother if I HAD to chose someone lol. Frank* is a lot like Ted, a hopeless romantic who just wants to be married and be in love -James dry heaves in the background-. Alice* is more like Lily as she too wants to be a teacher and is annoyed with James player like escapades and lets him know it and doesn’t humor him. Skye (oc) is more like Kate Beckett from Castle if you have ever seen that show, but has Robins obsession with her hockey, Quidditch. And lastly there is Gemma (OC) who is the famed Blah Blah Blah as James can never remember her name and is from America instead of Canada -lightning strikes in the background- * I will most likely change one or both of the Longbottom's first names as everyone is named after someone and how annoying but the Longbottom's kids will definitely be in it. What made you decide to participate in Nanowrimo? I have always wanted to participate, but could never come up with an idea that I loved enough to stick with for an entire month/50,000 words. Plus as i have said before I want to be a good author and have some chapters ready in advance to posting lol and hopefully i will be too busy writing that the urge to post will be nonexistent. What inspired you to write a story based off of the bro code? I bought the famed book several years ago and thought it would be a hilarious fanfic but wasn’t confident enough to write it myself and plus life got in the way. I decided to say screw it this year and just dived in and I’m honestly having a blast. If they are not all barney-eque then who is the Barney? James is more Barney then anyone, surprise, surprise. Will the story be more episodic, or have more of an overall plot? if it has an overall plot what is the main idea of your plot? More episodic but working towards a main plot. There will be several nods to the show, like for example the Playbook will pop up but like not in a way that you would suspect and a ton of running jokes like James not remembering poor Gemma's name. The POVs will change as i have some side plots for the other bros, but it’s mainly from his POV. Does Your barney character have a ‘hippie past’ like barney does? LMAO no James does not but I am considering giving it to another character now that you mention it because how fun, though I don’t hold me to it.