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      January Bulletin   12/31/2017

      January's bulletin is up! It includes information about recent staff/prefect bumps, the upcoming FROGS, some special awards, and more! You can check it out +here.


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    No matter what your NaNo Word Count is, ahead or behind, know that you have written SOME words, and SOME is a lot more than NONE. Be proud!
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    SWC: 15859 EWC: 16220 WW: 361 Let's do this! Coffee shop is closing =( Back as soon as I get home!
  3. 2 points
    SWC: 14741 EWC: 14922 WW: 181 *game face this time*!
  4. 2 points
    Hello, fam! I'm back!!! I'll slowly get active again (or tr to... ) but in the meantime... to all!
  5. 2 points
    NaNo is lovely because it reminds me that i actually enjoy this writing thing
  6. 1 point
    There is a new villain in this rewrite. His name is Jora and he is a bard and he does magic but is not the typical human magic user. Why you ask? Because not only is he a new character, but apparently he is half siren as well. Just to make it make sense why his magic works on my MC and not the other magic user's magic. I don't think mermaids or sirens were things 6 years ago in the original...
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    SWC: 16,218 EWC: 17,048 Difference: 830 Not quite as good as the others, but not bad! At least I'm working on today's words now. And great job, Renee!
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    SWC: 15,258 EWC: 16,218 Difference: 960 I love high school parties. So much potential drama (+awesome word counts...)
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    SWC: 15104 EWC: 15859 WW: 755 I started early and then lost track of time, so I sort of cheated. Regardless, yay! Many words!
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    SWC: 14,288 EWC: 15,258 Difference: 970 Still like two days behind, but getting there!
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    SWC: 14472 EWC: 14741 WW: 269 hoping for better concentration than last night <-- just barely, but better
  12. 1 point
    I just ground to a halt at 1.2k. Again, it's a lack of motivation + uni. Le sigh.
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    Tense!Draco and amused!Astoria is the best Drastoria..
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    After a slight delay the results for Story of the Month are in!! I am delighted to announce that the story YOU have selected as Story of the Month for October is. (Please rehost and credit poppunkpadfoot) Beyond Repair(M) by MuggleMaybe! Congratulations!!
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    I wrote 169 words after weeks and updated my old story.
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    I am so behind! Thought I'd be able to write a little at work, but my job got more hectic this week. But I'm still thinking about my story all the time, and am really excited to see where it goes even if I don't meet my goal
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    I've written a lot of words this month! Unfortunately...they've almost all been for work and not NaNo. I'm hoping that will change after next week, but...yeah, I'm drowning.