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    I know little about filmmaking either but I don't think one has to know a lot about filmmaking to know that it's possible. After all, Ridley Scott replaced Kevin Spacey in a major role with only a month until the release of All the Money in the World, so... the least they could have done for FB is recast Johnny Depp for this. Who cares if he had a contract. So did Kevin Spacey for House of Cards, I'm sure. Also agreed about the fact that Depp just looks wrong for the role. There is no way in which Grindelwald should resemble a troll doll, but alas, here we are.
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    To both of these points: I really do assume part of this is also about some contract Depp secured before the scandal broke / earlier enough that the producers would have had to pay him a bunch of money anyway, and they're greedy and don't want to do that. Also, omg yes. Why does he look so terrible??? Because honestly, you're telling me this guy looks like THIS after only a few years???? Gtfo, that's nonsense.
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    Since we're criticizing the casting decision beyond the already-pretty-awful "he's an abuser" point, I would just like to say that Johnny Depp is way too old to play this part. Isn't this story supposed to be telling the tale of Dumbledore and Grindelwald in their prime, when they're first messing around and experimenting with different types of magic? Johnny Depp looks two hundred years old in that photo. Certainly past his prime.
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    Holiday and Diversity Writing Challenge Happy holidays, HPFT! It's a wonderful time of year, and the prefects and staff have been collaborating on a writing challenge for the month of December! The theme is Holidays and Diversity. You can write about these topics using any holiday and/or any take on any diversity you'd like. You must use one of the five "prompts" listed below as the first line in your story. Here are some other general rules: Your story must be posted on HPFT's archive. Any fandom or OF will be accepted. A new chapter on an existing WIP is okay as long as the chapter fits the parameters of the challenge. You may update your prompt to fit the POV, tense, etc. of your story. Please include "Holiday and Diversity Writing Challenge" to the story summary. Please specify your House in the story metadata. Entries may be between 500 and 8,000 words long Your submissions are due with a link posted in this thread by December 22nd 11:59 PM GMT. December 25th 11:59 PM GMT. You must be 18+ as of December 1st 2017 in order to win (see legal info below). However, you can enter as an under-18, but please specify in your post / to a staff member in a PM that you are under 18. First Line Prompts It's not every day your world ends. What you have to understand is that it sounded like a good idea at the time. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be laughing about today for years to come. Nothing--not even the very sun falling from the sky--would ruin today...nothing. I never realized how much I love the scent of peppermint. Prizes! We are giving away Harry Potter House themed notebooks! As such, we're going to pick a winner from each house to win a notebook/folder combo. All entries will be evaluated by staff and prefects with the winners being announced January 5th. We'll be judging based on the following criteria Overall quality (25%) Integration of first line (20%) Use of theme (30%) Spelling/Grammar (15%) Originality (10%) A little more on the legal end Contest The distribution of the above-listed merchandise to members shall be made according to each participant's performance in a writing contest set by the Prefects, listed here. This contest shall take place over the entirety of the month of December (the "Prefects' Writing Challenge") and all entries shall be judged by at least two (2) of the Prefects. Participants will be required to submit at least one (1) piece of writing conforming to the requirements in the post announcing the Prefects' Writing Challenge on the HPFT Forums (the "Entry"). Winners shall be determined by the quality of writing as judged by the Prefects according to factors including, but not limited to: characterization, creativity, fit to guidelines/prompts, flow, grammar, mechanics, and plot. Eligibility Unfortunately, legal requirements force us to restrict eligibility to individuals who are at least eighteen (18) years old on or before 1 December 2017. There is no restriction on a member's country or state of residence provided the age requirement is met. In order to win, an otherwise eligible member must submit at least one (1) Entry to the Prefects' Writing Challenge. Prizes Prize winners shall be determined from each of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin (individually, the "House"; collectively, the "Houses"). The top scoring member of each House shall receive one (1) prize package irrespective of overall scoring or placement of any individual Entry. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if no member of a particular House submits an Entry, no prize will be awarded to that House and if no member of any of the Houses submits an Entry, no prizes of any kind will be awarded. Winners must supply a mailing address upon notification of award in order to allow shipping. Said address will not be used by HPFT for any other purpose. Participants who submit at least one (1) Entry will also be eligible for nominal titles ("Honors") irrespective of whether their House performance entitles them to receive a prize under the first paragraph of this section. Such Honors shall be awarded in rank-order based on overall score and irrespective of House. At least two (2) Honors shall be awarded: Champion and Runner-Up. Should the total the number of Entries exceed six (6), Honors for Third Place and/or Honorable Mention may be awarded in the Prefects' discretion, with a limit of one (1) Honorable Mention. In the event that the Third Place Honor is used, the Champion and Runner-Up Honors shall convert to First Place and Second Place respectively. Governing Law This contest shall be governed by the laws of the United States and the State of North Carolina.
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    I will get this done. I need to just draft the damn thing. Write something. Stop overthinking. May I switch again? May I have McGonagall? You will have something by 14 December. I owe you.
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    Omg my muse just decided to write a short one-shot about Draco giving Astoria a birthday present a few weeks before Kite Flying and it is literally the cutest thing.
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    I'm glad you said something here because I'm feeling it pretty strongly too. I was iffy on the first movie, but I went ahead and saw it and now I'm not at all convinced I'll be seeing the next one. I'm very, very disenchanted with JKR and the whole franchise right now. To me he should have been recasted from the get go (also his role was so minuscule in it I don't think it would have been very difficult to reshoot but also i have no concept of filmmaking and the legal stuff and the logistics so what do i know), but now with all of this backlash I'm hoping they'll be shamed into reconsidering. Ignoring all the obvious and serious social issues, I can't even envision him as Grindelwald. like who even decided that he looks like jack frost
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    Hey. I'm BACK! Well. Will be. After finals are over.
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    I agree with everything said above. Also, I don't want the rest of the cast and crew to be viewed poorly because they had no power over the decision to cast Depp. Has anyone thought of a way that we could support everyone else working on the film besides Depp, JKR, and David Heyman? I'd love to participate in that to show that we still love Eddie, Jude, Zoe, and the rest of the cast.
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    Oh, gosh, I didn't even consider the possible biphobia factored in. Has he given signs of being biphobic before? This just makes his casting a million times worse. If we were discussing an everyday person, then I can understand this. The thing is, Johnny Depp is so incredibly famous. His face is tied to his profession. Kids (and many teens and adults) still idolize him. They see his face, and they associate it with a really awesome Jack Sparrow, or Edward Scissorhands, or whatever role is assigned to him. I don't think it's right for us to keep Depp in a place where people will still adore him, especially since he's been violent. Currently, he's not paying for what he did, and if he's not now, I doubt he will later. He's being awarded the position of a major face in Fantastic Beasts, and he's almost certainly going to get much richer from all of this.
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    Hello, there @scooterbug8515, I come bearing a gift form the Great Salazar!! I do hope that you enjoy this!! Happy Christmas, Carrie!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!!