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    I think the most upsetting thing is that they did consider recasting, but decided against it. They looked at all the evidence and thought "maybe we shouldn't have a man with extremely public abuse allegations in a children's movie?" and then decided to go ahead and do it anyway. That feels like a slap in the face, honestly. And like, we couldn't have had Max Riemelt or Alexander Skarsgard? They're both age and accent appropriate! (ish)
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    I hope to be around a lot more after the new year. Settled into new store and the craziness of Christmas is done. My wife and I did some budget work together and that's done. Hope to be writing new stuff soon. Wanted to write for the challenge, but with Christmas work (11 straight days recently), I just haven't felt like writing. Looking forward to getting back to my normal 5:30 to 2 shifts. Thank you everyone who left reviews during the events, and I will answer the last few soon. Also thank your for making Reverie the Ravenclaw holiday SOTM, I truly appreciate it. It's one of my favorite stories that I've written, so I'm glad others enjoy it's fluffiness, too.
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    Hey! I was wondering if we could add Feminism as a theme? I have one story already posted that would definitely fit under that theme and another in the queue
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    kitten is curled up on my lap purring and i love her
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    I don't really have a process, I think. Though, one thing I have discovered since the snowball fight is that I have severe short-term memory. As I'm reading a chapter, I'll take notice of something really cool, and I'll continue reading and continue squealing over parts I really love. At the end of the chapter, I start writing the review, and sometimes I submit it before I've realized that literally the only thing I've mentioned in my review is the last thing I read. So what I've started doing is, as soon as I get to a part that I really like, I stop reading, scroll quickly to the bottom of the page, make a quick note in the review box, and then return back to where I was in the story. Rinse and repeat, throughout the entire chapter. By the time I finish reading, there is a (very crappy) outline of what I should write, and I just elaborate and ramble and flail from there.
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    I love getting reviews from 'That Special Reviewer'. I try my best to leave them in exchange as well to that person if I read something of theirs, but it's just so flattering and amazing that they've spent so much time thinking about my story and putting that much effort into the review. Of course, I love any and all reviews I get -- sometimes the short and sweet "This is so good!" are more than enough to motivate me to post another chapter or keep working on a story and make my day. But yeah, I love receiving 'That Special Reviewer' the most. In terms of reviews I give, it seems my method is pretty similar to Kristin's. It depends on the story, and back when I had a review thread, it also depended on if it was requested or not. The requested reviews I always took more seriously, especially since that person usually asked for specific feedback on something, and tended to treat reviews similar to comments I would leave in my creative writing workshops. Start with positive, any constructive criticism in the middle, and end with an overall note about the story as something positive. I always try to find (and it doesn't take much, tbh) at least a few things I like about the story and make sure I point them out, even if the review tends to lead more on the honest constructive criticism. If I'm reading multiple chapters at a time, my reviews will be a more condensed version of this. In general, though, it's almost always positive feedback, reactions, sometimes stream of consciousness, and a positive note on the overall story. Someone told me once to think of reviews as conversations about the story, and that's helped me immensely with the way I write reviews. But all reviews are so great.
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    I think the type of review I leave depends on the story. But generally, my reviews are a combination of reactions to particular things, and sometimes philosophical thoughts about something I noticed in the chapter, and what I thought of the chapter overall. If I offer CC, I tend to do it in the middle, because as previous people have said it's nice to start and end on a good note. I also tend to be a bit more focused in requested reviews, because usually people are looking for specific things and so I address all of those. But yeah - a little of everything In terms of what reviews I like to receive - honestly I just love the fact that everyone reviews in a different way, because it means that sometimes I get the stream of consciousness where people react to certain things, and sometimes people read the whole chapter before remarking on their opinions on it as a whole, and I really like that mix of a little of everything.
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    I have pretty complicated and not fully formed thoughts not just on the Johnny Depp issue but on the overall issue of coping with this wave of sexual harassment in the entertainment history/abusers having prominent roles in media. It's pretty upsetting that JK and the film execs for FB2 aren't taking this as an opportunity to side with victims. I did see that Amber Heard posted something along the lines of a retraction about the spousal abuse from Depp but it seemed kind of coerced. I'd like to think that people can come back from a history of abuse, change their behavior, seek forgiveness, and come back into acceptance in the media/society. I don't think Depp is there though but in general but I'm not sure I'm at a point where I'm willing to forgo film that looks generally exciting because of his presence. My unwillingness to abstain from a movie because an actor in it is an abuser is part of the issue though. I'm rewarding them with my money, time, etc. and supporting an entertainment industry that looks the other way when it comes to abuse and predatory behavior. I guess what I'm saying is that I can't rail too hard against JK and the movie execs if I'm still planning to go to the movie. I'm also feeding into the cycle. Regarding whether Depp is a good fit for the role -- He's about 10 years older than the character he's playing, which isn't huge in Hollywood. My main issue is how he looks in the movie (so, maybe my issue is with the makeup department). He's 20 years older than he was when Ariana Dumbledore died so the white hair seems very premature. They used a lot of famous actors in the HP movies but not so many who are as infamously typecast and with as much negative press.
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    I like the “That Special Reviewer”. Some people say my work has left them speechless so they can only leave a short review because they’re too stunned to write a long one... those are always nice I’ve realized I tend to review as if I’m analyzing the piece for an English class, so usually latching onto the piece’s thematic idea and going crazy with my analysis of character development, literary devices, etc. sometimes I forget to actually tell them, flat-out, that their piece was great hahaha... though I think that the analysis itself shows that the piece made me think a lot and that I noticed all these things and how they connect to the theme indicates paying close attention while reading—often bringing up points that the author wanted to make or even hadn’t realized they were making. So idk that’s another approach for reviewing if you’re good at that sort of stuff
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    I've never done one of these prompt challenges before, and this is definitely on the short side... But here goes! Overhauling Hogwarts
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    Thank you for your kind review on my story. I've been trying to have a chance to stop by yours as well separated from prize reviews at my story challenge.
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    Keep posting your stories, Kevin. I transferred some reviews for you.