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    I'd give more space to Slytherin: Not paint them black and white (in black ofc) - with the message "all Slytherin's are bad/evil". - the way she explained them more than presented them in the book every single manager and accomplished scientist I met in my life is Slytherin - I don't see that as bad. More Slytherin interaction with other students and activities. Slythering in DA - I think this was mentioned Slytherins stay to fight in Final Battle (not all, but some) - also mentioned Better emphasize the fact that Slytherin is NOT a house full of purebloods. So many times when I talk about that - people see Snape as an exception, not a rule. 28 families only... they would need a picknick blanket not a table in Great Holl if that is the case, not to mention not all purebloods are in Slytherin. Majority of students in Slytherin are half-bloods. Muggle-born in the Slytherin. Also, more about the other houses, not just Gryffindor and Slytherin, and more dimension to characters from other houses. How she presented Ravenclaw! That just makes me mad - we have Flitwick and Cho the only "normal" ones, Trelawney - a looney, Lockhart - mean and pompous, Luna - lovable but too quirky and Xeno - lost in space. I generalised and overexaggerated but really like JRK had something against smart ones that are not in Gryffindor :D. More about Puffs as well.
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    I think Slytherin kept old prejudices because the threat of Voldemort and the old ways were still amongst the community. So those original DEs had their children who were Slytherin (to explain why Crabb and Goyle were in Slytherin - and also the Hat takes their opinion into consideration). I think post Voldy dying would see better house unity. I would also change Cho - not that she couldn't be in the book, but I hated her for Harry's first crush. I just never liked her.
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    Omg so this is so interesting! I look at the Slytherin/Hufflepuff divide re: loyalty as being one of scale - I think that Slytherins are often loyal to individuals while Hufflepuffs are often loyal to communities/broader groups. I'm not sure whether I think Crabbe and Goyle fall into the latter category, but I do think that a very strong argument can be made that Draco does. That's never really explored, though - which on one hand I get, but on the other hand, I feel like she's kind of doing a little retconning when she talks up Slytherin now.
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    @RoxiMalfoy, @TidalDragon, @Rumpelstiltskin - I've finished all your requested reviews! For future reviews, I may take a few days to get to your stories, due to time constraints. But I'll definitely try to get to them as quickly as possible. All slots open!
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    I finished uploading Absolution, just shy of 104k. All my reviewers were so encouraging, but I'm still terrified that I may share it with some people IRL.
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    I agree on so many points. So she even wants to stress this right? Like we keep hearing about inter-house unity and the world not being divided into good people and death eaters, but we rarely saw anyone even partially positive from Slytherin. I can think of Slughorn and that's really it. I wanted at least one or two obviously good people from Slytherin during Harry's years there. Also, slight tangent but I'm starting to think that Crabbe and Goyle should have been Hufflepuffs. Now hear me out, they were crazy loyal to Draco. Nowhere did we see any hint of ambition or cunning. I'm just saying that they didn't remotely fit the house values, but they somehow ended up Slytherin? Don't even get me started on Ravenclaw. I would have really loved for the houses to have more dimensional characters. I'm Ravenclaw to the core (ahem, okay, a little Slytherin too) and I can hardly relate to any claw characters even if I like them.
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    Today I clicked on HPFT by accident and discovered that not only did I win the prefect writing challenge, but two of my stories have been nominated for a F.R.O.G.S. award. There are no words that can describe what I'm feeling right now. You guys are awesome.
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    I think that Draco's generally a lot less controversial than other characters in the HP universe, and much more loved (I think a certain Tom Felton has something to do with that ). But he's still really interesting to discuss - personally I have a lot more sympathy for him than most of the Death Eaters, partly because of his age and upbringing. Do you think that Draco ever really had a choice? Could he have gone against his parents and Voldemort? Should he have gone to Azkaban for his actions, or was it right for him to be granted a reprieve?
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    Browsing through my archive when - bam! I find a photo with Viktor Krum. I look awful on it, too.
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    I wish Hermione were here now to urge me to study more. Learning a foreign language is so hard.
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    I mean, we do have proof, though - we see him bully multiple students in Harry's year as their professor. I don't think we need to see proof in other classes to say that his behavior was both bullying and entirely unacceptable. Off the top of my head, he: Mocked a student on his first day at a new school by calling him their "new celebrity" and implying that he's stupid for not having memorized the textbook Called an enthusiastic student an "insufferable know it all" Called a student who struggled with his first potion an "idiot" and then took points away from another student for not noticing the mistake Told a student who was struggling with an assignment that nothing penetrated his "thick skull" and then used his pet to test the potion he was struggling with, explicitly saying that the pet could be poisoned Told another professor in front of an entire class that a student shouldn't be trusted to perform basic spells Mocked a student who had been hexed by saying that he saw no difference when her teeth had gotten so big that they were down to her chin Terrified a student whose parents were permanently incapacitated due to torture to the point that he was that student's biggest fear That goes far beyond "strict" and "no love for Gryffindor," and we saw all of those things directly in canon. We don't need other students that Harry has minimal contact with using one of their few lines to badmouth Snape to identify behavior that we directly observe for what it is: bullying. It's also not like other students were singing Snape's praises - that some of them didn't explicitly badmouth him on the relatively rare occasions that they talked to Harry really doesn't prove anything.
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    I think all teachers are biased to their own Houses I can see where you are coming from with Snape, though I still feel him being irrational isn't a bad thing. We all can be, especially when it's personal and that's one thing the Minister had no idea about. This was personal for Snape, not just day to day stuff. It goes to show how he came to be in his position - not quite on the Dark Side, but not exactly on the "Light" either. Just like Snape asking Voldemort to spare Lily's life. Snape can show weakness or emotion even at the wrong moment. I think it makes him more human and not so cold. I don't think Snape needed something to compare off. Love is love. You "know" when you love someone. Love is an emotion, it's not a thought or something you get over in a fleeting moment. He had YEARS of getting to know Lily, being her friend, understand who she is, and her getting to know him. Although only friends, that can be how love grows - from friendship. This is one place I'd love JKR to write more about. A prequel - the Marauders. To fill in the gaps we don't know about. We certainly can as fans, but JKR would have had some idea. How James and Lily really came to be, was it that moment from Snape's Worst Memory that finally killed it for Snape and Lily? If James wasn't in the picture, could Lily have saved Snape from becoming a DE? I don't think Snape needed to be dying for Harry to believe him - but he would have needed to be forced to view the memories. I think Snape could have convinced him by simply mentioning his parents. Harry, regardless of their situation, wanted to know more about his parents - this alone would have grabbed his attention, much like the Mirror of Erised.
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    Hmmm. Dumbledore: All true. For myself, I can't say that I like Dumbledore as a character. He is a genius, but he is also too manipulative for my taste. That is why everything he does I take with a grain of salt and go back, trying to see...how that fits in his schemes. He is a type of person who is needed in a time of war, one to deal with tough decisions. But I see him also as the teacher who showed the Snape that favouritism towards the students of your house is ok - Dumbledore does favour Gryffindor's. Anyway, I may be overly critical of his character. Snape: I see your point, I've been there. I think Dumbledore did know, and maybe even Snape. Snape staying in alive and in school to help Albus "protect" Harry is only a hint that both of them knew, I'm not saying that Snape knew as much as Albus - but he had to have at least some idea. As for Sirius - I don't think that knowing the whole truth would change Snape's reaction. He had plenty of reasons not to like Sirius without that one. What I was aiming at...we do not have a switch in the head that changes our reactions and behaviour as needed, some things are a habit and for the spy's that goes double. In a way, I loke how this is presented in movies more - Rickman did play the part with more rational and controlled emotions, which is what I do expect from a spy, even one in retirement, not just in HP books but also in all spy books/stories. I could easily accept that he showed all those emotions in front of Dumbledore in privacy, but not in front of the Minister. And that is the part that just does not klick in my head. Marauders: I agree - he didn't think. Or rather he did but only about himself, and if he had 5 or 8 y.o. I could understand - he was at the time. It happened in the fifth or early in the sixth year which means he was 16 or 17, still an adolescent but the one that has to be more reasonable. At that age, it is expected to have knowledge of consequences and actions - James did. And that is the main reason why I don't see Sirius in a positive light. If you have a friend who is a lycanthrope and you use him in a prank - at that age - is says a lot about your personality but also your perception of that friend. I also think that wasn't punished adequately for that prank. Snape and Lily: Just a quick correction - I never saw Snape's love for Lily as sick. Obsession is not healthy, but I wouldn't go so far to call his feeling sick. Why? We have hints of Snape coming from potentially abusive, certainly unloving an unstable home. Child from that surrounding would develop strong feelings for the person who is kind to it. Snape didn't receive much love in school either, so she was still the only one that was giving him what is basic human need - to feel loved and accepted. And for him, it was easy to mix up his own emotions, especially in his circumstances. To address issues one must have known that he has them - a point of comparison, which he was lacking off. Given the chance to be in a relationship with Lily - he might have gained another perspective, even realise that he is not in love with her or that they are not compatible. As for everything else... Dumbledore couldn't be so genius and blind at the same time not to see how much damage guilt is dealing with Snape. So, Snape's guilt was either nurtured or ignored completely - which ultimately served the purpose. I am leaning towards - ignored. Snape and Harry: But that is just it! In order for Harry to accept what Snape has to say, if he stops long enough to listen is possible only if Snape is dying or dead. I went through so many scenarios and what if's - none of them works besides the one written that resides on coincidence. Harry was so stuck in his hatred of him (so much like Sirius and James - don't you think?) that it would be either fight to the death or no passing of information that would be accepted - no matter what. The only way it could work, maybe, would be if Snape managed to reach to Hermione, but that is a mighty big if.
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    First of all @Elena I'm sorry for downsizing your post, I left just the parts I intend to discuss. And I have to say, I like discussing them with people who think like you (from social and psychological perspective). In the first book in the welcoming feast, DD says that line of gibberish words that got me thinking about his mental state. Like I said, he grows later but at that moment he is just... silly. So that's why I mentioned him like that. Oh, I expect to have them, and some! But, not publicly. I'd expect him to rant and rage behind closed doors but in public to be as he is presented - cold, mean, menacing, to spit the words that have bite to them and to hit below the belt. I do agree with all you said about him. I can see him losing his temper in Shack with Sirius and when he caught Harry looking into Pensieve at his memories. But at the end of book three when he acts almost hysterical in front of Albus and Minister... that is kind of overstretched for me - especially because he has to think three steps ahead. That was a complete loss of control one that is humiliating (Minister is present) and not beneficial (Minister is unlikely to "spread the word about that"). No matter how damaged, double spy can't afford that kind of outburst - it can cost him dearly if he does. Every time I go over that moment, I find one peace that just doesn't klick with the whole picture, no matter how many angles I add to it. Marauders are whole another story, I was well in my twenties when books appeared so my perception of them was different from the average public from the start. Let's just say that I questioned Marauders from the start - their interaction among themselves. Peter was a friend, but also he was a "group jester" and not by choice. They did pick on him, but lightly, he was on the margin of their group. From that perspective, he wasn't the most logical choice as the Secret Keeper - Lupin was. And yet, Lupin wasn't even considered as a choice. What Sirius did, not to Snape but to Lupin, when he send Snape into a Shack is also what made me think - how good of friends they were to Lupin as well - or at least Sirius. Sure, they turned to Animagus's to help him, they kept his secret. But... Sirius's action contradict's all that - he is exposing Lupin's secret to the enemy and even if Snape didn't survive the encounter (the secret is safe) how that would affect Lupin? But Marauders didn't bully just Snape, he was their favourite target - but by Lily's words not only target. That is why I think that books are meant for the more mature public, one that can pick up on the "fine print" that is implied. I agree if nothing of said happened Potters would fight Snape. I Snape's obsession with Lily I see something else - not true deep love but reluctance to let go and lose only good thing he had in life that went out of hand, twisted and turned to obsession. Obsession is far more dangerous than love because when you truly love someone you think of their happiness first. Which in my eyes makes everything Snape went through after Prophecy more painful. I am curious to see your input on one of my favourite puzzles in the books if you do not mind. It is easy for us to play metagame now when we know the entire story. But looking at things separately... how did Albus actually planned for Snape to give Harry all necessary instructions and information. Harry never loved Snape (the feeling is mutual) and never trusted Snape. It is all nicely packed in a coincidence, but what if the trio wasn't in the Shack when Voldemort killed Snape? And even if Snape managed to get to Harry first... what then? It is unlikely that Harry would listen, even more so, that Snape would share his devotion to Lily.
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    Thank you @RoxiMalfoy for the recommendation - I still didn't manage to read her story but I will SS/HG is my favourite sandbox to play in, and most of my stories are created for that sandbox, but sadly, I won't share them here - they are explicit and Mature Adult by nature, not to mention in a desperate need of a beta. But I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in my passion for this couple :)
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    I am super delayed in replying to this, whoops. Anyways, Thank you SO MUCH! I had a great time writing my entry, and I've loved reading all the other entries, too!
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    Hello @MalfoysAngel, I have returned with yet another surprise for you!! This is something I know that you've been wanting for a realllyy looonngg time, lol!! I hope that you enjoy it!! Happy New Year, Tasha!! Hope you get to feeling better soon hun. ~Salazar's Caroling Sorceress
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    Hey, Eva! I'm totally going to take advantage of this since this has been weighing on my mind for a while. Story and Author Name, including link: What We Become [M] by Rumpelstiltksin Warnings and Advisories: Sexual Content, Violence, Substance Abuse and Hate Speech Genre: Dark/Horror, Romance Length: 13, 276 [the chapter that I'd really like some input on is 3042 words] Summary: Leaving Hogwarts to leap into the cesspool of adulthood is hard. Leaving Hogwarts to leap into the cesspool of adulthood in the wake of a life-altering war and falling in love with a Death Eater is even harder. Ships: Igor Karkaroff/Original Character, canon pairings, and some randoms Areas of Concern: Just the very first chapter [Chapter One]! The timeline tends to jump around, which is the way I intended (I like to experiment) but each section is dated (just a disclaimer). My main area of concern is that the characters are feeling extremely flat and uninteresting as they are being introduced (starting in the second section and to the end). Something feels particularly dry about it, as if it were an exposition but I can't quite put my finger on it, so I would definitely like a second opinion of that. This chapter feels incredibly dull and things start to work themselves out as I've been writing chapters, becoming much more alive and colorful whereas, no matter how much I've tried to fix it, this chapter seems incredibly boring [I can't tell if it's the flow, the plot, or the characters, or some kind of combination]. I'm particularly worried about it because it's the very first chapter...I don't want anyone who reads it to fall asleep or something. Thanks so much!
  19. 1 point
    Howdy Eva! Your thread is very generous! Since you already have a multi-chapter request though, I'll limit mine to two (2) or three (3) chapters (all of which are less than 3,000 words). If you wind up liking it I may follow up. Story & Author Name: No Accounting for Taste (M) by TidalDragonWarnings & Advisories: Sexual Assault, Sexual Content, Substance AbuseGenres: AU, Drama, RomanceLength: Novellette (Completed: six (6) chapters; 13,633 words)Ships: Harry Potter/Katie Bell, Unlisted PairingSummary: There's more to life than crunching numbers. Professors be damned.Areas of Concern: Like I said above, if you could take a look at the first two (2) or three (3) chapters that would be awesome. Primarily I'm interested in three things: (1) how you think Harry and Katie are presented as individual characters, (2) how the description works - particularly with regard to balancing dialogue and description, and (3) your thoughts about the starting and ending points in the time jumps and Harry/Katie dynamic. Thanks!
  20. 1 point
    Story & Author Name: Love, Not War [M] by RoxiMalfoyWarnings & Advisories: Hate Speech, Suicide, ViolenceGenres: Angst, AU, Horror/Dark, DramaLength: Novel (21 Chapters) WIP: 139,944 so farShips: Draco/OC, Lucius/Narcissa, Molly/Arthur, Summary: When tragedy strikes, Lucius Malfoy is forced to make a difficult decision. He then hands his only son over to the Order of the Phoenix, in the hopes that they will protect him from Lord Voldemort. Now, with nowhere else to go, Draco Malfoy is stuck living at the Burrow with the Weasley’s. But when another new witch from America moves in too, things start to get... interesting.Areas of Concern: If you wanna just go ahead and do the first 4-5 chapters, that would be really cool!! I do realize that some of my chapters run a little bit on the longer side though, so if 4-5 is too many, than just feel free to R&R whatever you're comfortable with. (I honestly just need to learn better balance, haha!!) Thank you soo much for the generous offer, Eva!! If you like the story, I will most definitely come back to re-request the next few chapters when you have spaces open again!!
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    If McGonagall crossed paths with a grandchild of her ex-fiance Dougal McGregor? How would she react? Although, I know this would be in AU since there were all killed in the first WIzarding War.
  22. 1 point
    Congratulations everyone! I've only read a couple of entries and I've loved them! Need to check all the others, too...
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    When it comes to Snape, I think you have to remember the layers and complexity of his character. He didn't favour Draco just because he was a Slytherin or because of the vow. Snape was a double spy. Every move/counter move Snape made had a reason. Now when it comes to the Vow, Snape had no hesitation. Not because he was loyal to these people or close in any way, but because he had already promised to kill Dumbledore to Dumbledore - We just hadn't learned this yet. However, during the Prince's Tale when the memories unfold, Snape uses dry humour to mask the request, but then this: Snape can only speak this way with Dumbledore. He cannot speak this way in front of any of Voldemort's followers. So by the time the vow happens, he had already sealed his fate. Making this vow was easy for him. Snape's relationship with Draco would also be one of complexity. He's bound by duty to care for him as a student, but he also must keep up appearances. Favouring Draco keeps up the pretence that Snape is still on the Dark Lord's side because Draco would report everything back to his parents. I would rather explore Snape's character if Voldemort had truly died the night he attacked Harry. With no more threats looming over their heads would he then get Defence Against the Dark Arts in his own right? Would he still favour Draco or in other students who showed more potential? Would he be at Hogwarts at all?? I do love/hate Dumbledore's relationship with Harry. Dumbledore plays mentor, father figure, idol to Harry, but I hate that Dumbledore also treats Harry as a pawn in the "big" game and doesn't tell Harry things directly. It's like he's trying to protect Harry and use him at the same time.
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    Ugh this is so difficult! I love them all ♥ well actually ok not really. First off one of my favourites is Snape - which is weird considering up until about 2 years ago I used to hate him. He was one of my least favourite characters. I think rewatching half blood prince, and thinking about his situation throughout the entire saga really made him one of my favourite characters. Not only that but I love the sarcasm and wit he has. A lot of my favourite scenes are his, and I wish they'd kept the deleted scene with him and karkaroff in GoF (if you haven't seen it you must!). I thought he was brilliant in Half Blood Prince, especially at Slughorn's party, and at the end. A part of me wonders if he really was in love with Lily, or if he just felt a lot of deep regret, and hadn't loved anyone since so he harboured all of his feelings. The only person he'd been around who really encouraged love was Dumbledore - and I think Snape would've resented him towards the end too. He was surrounded by cold people, so I don't think Severus knew how to. That's why I think he's such a great character. Honestly going over the books he was brilliant, Alan Rickman portrayed him perfectly, I just think we all had a teacher that was a bit like Snape growing up, I know I did. She even looked like him a bit ! My other favourite is Professor McGonagall. I feel like she deserved a better back story, it was far too sad and she deserved a bit of happiness. She's my favourite because I can imagine her treating Harry like a son, in the books she seemed to. Despite that she was still strict and fair, whereas Snape clearly favoured the Slytherins (with some of them having death eater families he kind of had to) Minerva was fair with everyone. She had a bit of Hufflepuff in her there I think. She was also fierce and wasn't afraid of standing up to anyone, even Albus, when she had to. You saw what she was like against Alastor Moody (well she believed him to be) a top auror who was terrifying and probably a brilliant duellist but she didn't care. I love that she hated Umbridge too, she was so down to earth. I always write stories about Minerva, especially when she's younger and either in school or inbetween leaving and joining hogwarts as a professor. Oh and I can't forget Neville & Seamus. Those two are so cute and funny, I'd love to hang out with them I think they'd be hilarious! Neville was such a Gryffindor at heart - and Seamus' explosions all the way through the series honestly make my life.
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    I do think Dumbledore was good, but that largely is due to his aims and intentions rather than his means. To borrow from D&D, I think he is a pretty strong representation of the Neutral Good character. To answer your questions in more detail: Was Dumbledore right to hide the information he did from Harry? Right in a moral sense? No. Right in a strategic sense? Yes. I don't think it would've been possible for Harry's journey to be the success it proved to if he had known more earlier. Did Dumbledore knowingly manipulate Snape from the very beginning? From the beginning of...? I assume we're referring to the pact regarding trying to protect Lily. I would say no, because I honestly don't think Dumbledore knew what would end up happening when they went into hiding. Simply because he became aware of the prophecy and the fact that it could apply to Harry didn't mean that everything that followed would proceed as it did and though Dumbledore is very insightful and almost prescient at times, I think giving him that much credit is a stretch. He wanted a double-agent and viewed protection he could offer (relatively) easily to someone desperate for it as a more than fair trade. Now...if you consider that alone manipulation, then I suppose: (1) you're a better person than me and (2) yes. Would Dumbledore have stayed on the same path with Grindelwald if Ariana hadn't died? This is very hard to say. I like to think the honor of his inner Gryffindor would've come out in the end when the truth of Grindelwald's actual, far less benevolent vision came to light, but love, even infatuation, can lead people to do crazy things and Dumbledore himself acknowledged that he was a sucker for power. Had his sister's death (and the manner of it) not brought things to a head...the Wizarding World could be very different. Do you think that finding out the truth about Dumbledore's past was a necessary character development? Did it make him more relatable? Well...in the sense that JKR intended his character to be much more gray, I think it was absolutely necessary because prior to a lot of the revelations about him we saw him only through Harry's eyes as this infallible sort of hero figure. I don't know that it made him any more relatable to me though in the same sense that finding out about skeletons in the closet of any leader or well-regarded individual doesn't necessarily make you understand them better.