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      February Bulletin   01/31/2018

      February's bulletin is up! It includes information about recent staff/prefect bumps, our secret cupid event, our monthly awards, and more! You can check it out +here.
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      2018 FROGS Winners   02/10/2018

      We've announced the winners of our 2018 FROGS Winners! You can check out the livestream +here and the awards post on the forums +here!


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    Hello, all! It's time for us to announce the winners of this year's FROGS awards! If you didn't catch our livestream from earlier this evening, you can find it +here. First off: thank you to everyone who nominated, reviewed, and voted in this year's FROGS awards, and congratulations to everyone who was nominated, whether or not you won. HPFT is home to some incredibly talented people, and we can't express how glad we are to be part of this community. We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did. All of that said: we'd like to unveil our special, limited edition set of chocolate frog cards. We're including small versions of them in this post, but if you click on them, you'll find the full version hidden behind them. I'll also be uploading the entire collection +here on my deviantart. Please use only the mini-version in your story notes, since the full version is so big; however, you're welcome to include the full size card as a chapter image, on your profile/in your writer's journal here, and anywhere else you hang out online. Best Reviewer Congratulations, @Felpata_Lupin, @just.a.willow.tree, and @Stella Blue! Most Versatile Author Congratulations, @abhorsen., @nott theodore, and @BlackPixie! Best Angst gods without grace (M) | beyond repair | silence.death. (M) Congratulations, @dirigibleplums, @MuggleMaybe, and @poppunkpadfoot! Best Dark/Horror Congratulations, @esmeraude, @AbraxanUnicorn, and @Rumpelstiltskin! the skull beneath the skin (M) | erasure (M) | spiral (M) Best Humor when dahlias bloom (M) | immortal misconceptions (M) | hormones (M) Congratulations, @dirigibleplums, @AbraxanUnicorn, @Deeds! Best Original Fiction from | I am | the wind chimes are calling to me | fall in love with a writer Congratulations, @Stella Blue, @Rumpelstiltskin, @Alexis Black, and @manno-malfoy! Best Romance nights like these (M) | a candle (M) | when I go out with you (M) Congratulations, @banshee, @abhorsen., and @Dojh167! Best Non-Harry Potter Fanfiction silence cuts loudest through the chaos (M) | hero (M) | an age of change (M) Congratulations, @1917farmgirl, @banshee, and @scooterbug8515! Best LGBTQA+ when I go out with you (M) | and the world went on | before the sun sets Congratulations, @Dojh167, @manno-malfoy, and @toomanycurls! Best Depiction of a Mental Illness/Disability the department (M) | keyframe | dead eyes and red eyes (M) Congratulations, @poppunkpadfoot, @forever_dreaming, and @abhorsen.! Best Major Harry Potter Character beyond repair | icarus (M) | after life (M) Congratulations, @MuggleMaybe, @Stella Blue, and @MegGonagall! Best Minor Harry Potter Character liar (M) | jigsaw (M) | first lit, last burning | lightning love (M) Congratulations, @Felpata_Lupin, @nott theodore, @MuggleMaybe, and @toomanycurls! Best OC when dahlias bloom (M) | hero (M) | love, not war (M) | house of stone (M) Congratulations, @dirigibleplums, @victoria_anne, @RoxiMalfoy, and @WindingArrow! Best Family/Friendship secret keeper (M) | shenanigans, capers, and hi-jinks (M) | prisoner | red luck Congratulations, @poppunkpadfoot, @abhorsen., @Crimson Quill, and @just.a.willow.tree! Best Rare Pair parisian scars (M) | logarithmic (M) | war & mint Congratulations, @Crimson Quill, @val, and @sihaya! Finalist Even though you didn't necessarily win your categories, congratulations on being finalists, @abhorsen., @ailhsa23, @BellaLestrange87, @clevernotbrilliant, @dreamgazer220, @esmeraude, @forever_dreaming, @manno-malfoy, @MuggleMaybe, @nott theodore, @PaulaTheProkaryote, @pookha, @Rumpelstiltskin, @Shadowkat678, @sihaya, @Stella Blue, @TreacleTart, @Veritaserum27, @victoria_anne! Thank you all again, and I hope you enjoyed the livestream and enjoy your cards! Please remember to rehost & credit them to me (abhorsen.) if you want to use them.
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    These awards are incredible, Branden! Thank you so, so, much to everyone for making the FROGS so awesome, especially to @clevernotbrilliant, @LadyL8, @manno-malfoy, @PaulaTheProkaryote, @Rumpelstiltskin, and @ShazaLupin for the nominations and seconding/thirding, and to everyone who voted. I honestly wasn’t expecting to be nominated, let alone win, so this means a lot to me. Congratulations to everyone else who placed and/or were nominated! And a shout-out to the staff for putting so much time and organisation into making the FROGS such a fun event. Thank you for making HPFT such a wonderful community that we can all call home.
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    Just echoing everyone else's comments about the amazing graphics! I can't stop watching those pretty cards spin! Congrats to everyone! Also, I want to officially thank @poppunkpadfoot @TreacleTart @RoxiMalfoy @LadyL8 for the noms and seconds for my story. I really didn't think I'd get any noms at ALL and I was just so, so thrilled to see them!
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    I'm so glad you like them, guys! I fixed one award and added links in for all the stories. I'm also apparently not quite done making frogs cards so I made one for all the finalists that I'm editing into the above post. <3
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    Wow! Branwen, those awards are amazing. (I'm not going to admit how long I just spent staring at all of them, but it was a while ) Thank you so much to everyone who made the awards a success - all the staff who organized it, everyone who nominated and voted, and everyone who wrote awesome stories and/or reviews (so like, all of you). Voting was extremely difficult just because everyone is so talented! ♥ Extra special thanks to those of you who nominated and voted for me/my stories - I was never expecting to see my name in there at all, after being away for almost 3/4 of the year, so it honestly meant so much to me. Thank you ♥ I'm so happy to be part of such an incredible community. You are all so wonderful and talented, and congratulations to all the nominees and winners!
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    Title: You Are HereAuthor: @scooterbug8515 | M C CrockerLink to Story: +clickWarnings: n/aWhy do you think this Story deserves to be Nominated?: Microfiction at its finest. Carrie built an all-too-familiar picture of life (namely, the choices one makes that leads them to be in their current position in life) with a determined tone in moving forward after some self-reflection. It's definitely a fantastic read!
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    These are so cool!!! Thank you so much!!! (on the one of mine for non-hp fandom, I think it accidentally says the title from a different story)
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    Coming to you LIVE from our YouTube channel!! The time has come to announce the winners of the FROGS Awards!!! Tune in with us in the link below for the Official Announcement Livestream with me, @toomanycurls, @TidalDragon, & @PaulaTheProkaryote!!!
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    Congratulations to all the winners, finalists, and nominees! We had an awesome amount of diversity in terms of those who won and placed and it was really great to see the participation and joy from everyone all around! And as everyone has said, mad props to @abhorsen. for these epic graphics!
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    Oh my gosh, those are amazing! I have no idea how you managed to make those, and ALL of them! Thank you so much!! (Really hopes she will be able to figure out how to save them and put them up in places.) Congrats to everyone who won, and everyone who made these awards possible! I'm still so shocked that I made it into this amazing group. I really thought I was totally out of the running given all I've been posting forever is Merlin stuff, and I wasn't sure if it was any good. Seriously, this made my weekend. THANK YOU!!
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    These awards are absolutely incredible, Branwen!!! I don't know how you do it Congrats to everyone who was nominated, placed, or won! I already knew our archive was filled with incredible talent, but this most certainly drove that point home
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    I don't even know how you managed to make those awards, Branwen To everyone who was involved in the process, thank you so much. I wasn't expecting to win anything at all, so watching the livestream and seeing the tweets was such a huge and wonderful surprise. I'm honestly so so happy to be a part of this talented community. <3
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    Congrats to everyone!!!! And wowz, those graphics are amazing!!!
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    Congratulations, everybody!! Branwen, the awards are simply stunning
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    Branwen! Those awards are seriously amazing! Thank you! Congratulations everybody!
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    I have just giggled like a mad woman at the graphics. I didn't expect anything as third place so thank you! The images are gorgeous! Congrats to everyone who won something! (and those who even were nommed you are awesome too!
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    These are beautiful awards, holy moley!!! They are wonderful, Branwen!!! Thank you SO much to all the staffers for making this happen, and to everyone who nominated or voted for my stories. Or even if you voted for other stories bcs I’m so grateful for our community and active members keep it alive. And a huge congratulations to everyone who was nominated or placed! We have so many wonder authors here, and ya’ll are constantly blowing my mind with your talent
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    Yes, oh my goodness, I agree--these graphics are absolutely amazing! Congratulations, everyone!
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    Damn it! Sorry - I'll fix it now.
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    Bran these are beautiful!!!
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    Hey! Just letting you know my challenge entry is in the queue and I'll link you as soon as it's up!
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    wow, these are amazing! 😍 congratulations to everyone who was nominated/placed/won and thank you to everyone who sent a little love over my way. i love you all 😭❤
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    These graphics are simply stunning. Congratulations to everyone who placed/nominated/voted! This is such a wonderful positive event for our community! Love you all! xx
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    The FROGS cards are so stunning! Seconding what B said, you really outdid yourself, Branwen! So many congratulations to all winners and nominees, you guys are all wonderful!
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    Wow, these are amazing! Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, and big thanks to all the staff who helped organize the awards, not to mention maintaining the site all year to make all these things possible!
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    OH MY GOODNESS!!! Branwen, you have really outdone yourself. I don't have the words to tell you just how beautiful these are!!! Like.... omg?! Congratulations to EVERYONE! We have so many talented writers here
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    I read your "love note" in the Slytherin CR and it made me smile and get all teary eyed at the same time. That was lovely. And thank you so so much for your kind words to me. We've indeed shared some beautiful and fun times together and I will never forget them. You are awesome and I look forward to staying in touch and having a chat whenever we can. Lots and lots of love!
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    Chapter 14 of After Destiny [M], Long Stories, is now posted to HPFT!
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    Thank you @nott theodore for the entry, this is exactly what I was looking for! Now I’m wondering if I should wait for the other participants @manno-malfoy, @Rumpelstiltskin , @abhorsen., @victoria_anne and maybes @Felpata_Lupin I’m of course happy to wait more, but the winner is the one who met the deadline ;-)
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    Title: Haunting Shadows Author: @dreamgazer220 Link to Story: here+ (M) Warnings: eating disorders, sexual content, substance abuse, violence Why do you think this Story deserves to be Nominated?: Jill's OCs are so well written; they're flawed, and they struggle, and there are misunderstandings and disagreements between them that make this story so interesting to read. Her characterizations are wonderful (especially of Fred, who is so difficult to get right), and the suspense in this story will keep you on your toes every single chapter. She fits a whole new plot into canon, and really, this story is just remarkable.
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    Title: five lives Author: @just.a.willow.tree Link to Story: +Click [M] Warnings: Hate speech, violence, sexual assault Why do you think this story deserves to be nominated?: Like all of Eva’s writing, this story is beautifully written. Like all of Eva’s writing, this story is also so complicated and well-thought; she presents a true portrayal of heroism and its consequences. The main reason I’m nominating this story is, however, Astoria; Eva has created a wonderfully complex, relatable, witty, intelligent, and selfless character in Astoria—while still keeping her very human. This story is so gripping and so powerful—definitely one of my favorites on the archives!
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    Hey everyone! Voting threads for the FROGS categories will be open soon, in the meantime here is a full reading list for your perusal! Best Humor (Fan)fiction Nominations Hormones (M) by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap @Deeds Immortal Misconceptions (M) by @AbraxanUnicorn When Dahlias Bloom (M) by @dirigibleplums In Which Ron and Harry Discuss Everything But Quidditch by @Veritaserum27 Best Romance (Fan)fiction Nominations A Candle (M) by @abhorsen./Beeezie Nights Like This (M) by @banshee When I Go Out with You (M) by @Dojh167 Skewed Toward Truth (M) by @MuggleMaybe Thrill (M) by @nott theodore When Spring Doesn't Return (M) by @Rumpelstiltskin Best Minor HP Character Nominations Peter Pettigrew in Liar (M) by @Felpata_Lupin Crookshanks in Hermione's Betrayal by @forever_dreaming Anthony Goldstein from First Lit, Last Burning by @MuggleMaybe Roxanne Weasley in Jigsaw (M) by @nott theodore Olive Hornby in Dear Myrtle by @Stella Blue Lysander Scamander from Lightning Love (M) by @toomanycurls Best Angst (Fan)fiction Nominations Beyond Repair by @MuggleMaybe Gods Without Grace (M) by @dirigibleplums Haunting Shadows (M) by @dreamgazer220 silence.death. (M) by @poppunkpadfoot This Misery Will Suffice (M) by @BellaLestrange87 Best Family/Friendship Nominations Fred II & Victoire Weasley in Shenanigans, Capers, and Hi-Jinks (M) by @abhorsen./Beeezie Lavender Brown/Parvati Patil in to the end of time (M) by @clevernotbrilliant Dumbledore family in Prisoner by @Crimson Quill Chloe & her family in red luck by justawillowtree/ @just.a.willow.tree Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black in Secret Keeper by @poppunkpadfoot Best LGBTQIA+ Character Nominations Hannah Abbott in When I Go Out With You (M) by @Dojh167 Albus Severus Potter from And the World Went On by @manno-malfoy Albus Severus Potter in the 'Before the Sun Sets' Series by @toomanycurls Best Major HP Character Nominations Albus Severus Potter from And the World Goes On by @manno-malfoy Hermione Granger from After Life (M) by @MegGonagall Lily Luna Potter from Icarus (M) by @Stella Blue Petunia Evans/Dursley from Beyond Repair by @MuggleMaybe Best Dark/Horror (Fan)fiction Nominations Erasure (M) by @AbraxanUnicorn Muggle Studies (M) by @esmeraude The Skull Beneath the Skin (M) by @esmeraude Spiral (M) by @Rumpelstiltskin Got You (M) by @sihaya Bruises (M) by @TreacleTart Best Original Fiction Nominations a garden of weeds (M) by @ailhsa23 The Wind Chimes Are Calling To Me by @Alexis Black Fall in Love with a Writer by @manno-malfoy I Am by @Rumpelstiltskin From by @Stella Blue Best Original Character Nominations Brendon Greengrass from Sidenote: Greengrass dys/function by @abhorsen./Beeezie Dahlia Darzi from When Dahlias Bloom (M) by @dirigibleplums Hero Blishwick from Hero (M) by @victoria_anne Piper Stone from House of Stone (M) by @WindingArrow Roxi Zarooni from Love, Not War (M) by @RoxiMalfoy Best Depiction of Mental Illness/Disability Nominations Words and Silences (M) by @Shadowkat678 The Department (M) by @poppunkpadfoot keyframe by @forever_dreaming Dead Eyes and Red Eyes (M) by @abhorsen./Beeezie Best HP Rare Pair Nominations Cormac McLaggen/Eloise Midgeon in Logarithmic (M) by @val Dorcas Meadowes/Marlene McKinnon in war and mint by @sihaya Lavender Brown/Parvati Patil in Parisian Scars (M) by @Crimson Quill Best Non-HP Fandom Nominations Silence Cuts Loudest Through the Chaos (M) by @1917farmgirl Hero (M) by @banshee Age of Change by M C Crocker/ @scooterbug8515 Most Versatile Author Nominations @abhorsen./Beeezie @BlackPixie @melian @nott theodore @PaulaTheProkaryote @pookha Best Reviewer Nominations @Felpata_Lupin @forever_dreaming @just.a.willow.tree @PaulaTheProkaryote @Rumpelstiltskin @Stella Blue @victoria_anne