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      March Bulletin   03/01/2018

      March's bulletin is up! You can find our monthly awards, some special announcements, a little more information about our upcoming events, and more +here!


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    My job interview was great! I got hired!!! I have my first job!!
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    I don't have have a set goal just yet. Here are my lists. Read -The Great Gatsby -Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Currently Reading -Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets -The Catcher in the Rye
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    As familiar faces coming back and new faces joining, why don't we participate in? I'll be a participant.
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    Hi Bianca! Story and Author Name, including link: a caged soul (M) by justawillowtree Warnings and Advisories: domestic abuse, hate speech Genre: drama, general, hurt/comfort, romance Length: ~3k Summary: Ships: Dominique Weasley/OC Areas of Concern (if any): So this is based on a fairytale, and I want to know whether I've managed to write an adaptation where the fairytale inspiration is clear but without being too much of a copy, if that makes sense? And also I want to know your thoughts on the two characters, and whether the story is intriguing, and if you would want to read more of the story (since I'm planning on adding more). Thank you!
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    "Alright, let's get this sorting done," I said as I put the hat on my head. "Why are you even here?" it asked me. "You yanks have your own bloody school. You're not supposed to go to Hogwarts" "Why are you even talking?" I shot back. "You're a stupid hat. Hats can't talk" "Touche," it responded. "Very well then, let's get on with it." The hat made a sound akin to clearing whatever the hat equivalent of a throat was and began to rhyme, "Gryffindor House is the home of great glory, and almost every character important to the story. You're a guy who like pumpkin juice by the flagon, so I know you'll jump on that bandwagon. Good tales and adventures will be in store, when you join the house of GRYFFINDOR!"