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  1. This week's POV Change-Up exercise is geared towards boosting YOUR NaNo word count!


  2. I need a racing buddy for about an hour so I can try to update with a better word count than 28, lol. Takers?

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      did you ever get your wc up? 

    2. WindingArrow


      Lol, yes! Updates 10 minutes before midnight hahaha!

  3. Firestarter by WindingArrow

    So! I've been doing a lot to catch up in the last few days with extra special thanks to the wonderful @dreamgazer220 and as of today I am back on track this NaNo! So far this rewrite is very surprising. There are new characters and new tones and new avenues and the last time I wrote the death scene of one of the character, I didn't cry. This time around, my husband walked in while I was finishing the scene and legitimately thought someone had died, so... Finally getting into some of the meatier bits of the story! Rocha has met the dragon and her father's part in the storyline is decidedly darker than normal. (A lot of the story is decidedly darker than normal. I also think this is the doing of @dreamgazer220 who has taught me a little too much about angst over the years...) There is an unexpected love interest that isn't destined to work out, but it's interesting nonetheless! And yeah! Stuffs and things! AO3 is down for maintenance today, so I don't know that I will be able to update like I have been, but it has actually been a really great motivator to know that I committed to writing and posting every single day. There are chapters with like 500 words just because that's all I wrote. It's pretty awesome, I think. My initial goal this year was to exceed 50k and get to the end of the story, but I'm not sure that will happen. I think I'll at least hit the big 50-0-0-0, but I don't know if The End is something I will reach.
  4. This week's Random Scenario Prompt has been hijacked by NaNoWriMo! See if you can use this plot ninja to help you get out of a writing rut! 


  5. Things I Didn't Know About my Story

    There is a new villain in this rewrite. His name is Jora and he is a bard and he does magic but is not the typical human magic user. Why you ask? Because not only is he a new character, but apparently he is half siren as well. Just to make it make sense why his magic works on my MC and not the other magic user's magic. I don't think mermaids or sirens were things 6 years ago in the original...
  6. Firestarter by WindingArrow

    Aaaaaand this happened today. Technically, this is not supposed to be a funny scene, but this is what happened when the 10 year old answers first.
  7. Well, the total tone of my story took a dramatic shift because I was rereading the original and decided it was funnier, so my continuity is out the window...

  8. Firestarter by WindingArrow

    @FlamingQuilltips I'm certainly trying! This year is particularly challenging for NaNo with so many things in RL going on, so I thought working on an old project would be easier. Erm... I have a notebook full of notes. And another notebook full of notes. And a few handfuls of loose paper... Full of notes. I try to keep them organized and separated by writing the title of the book the notes are for at the top of the page. When I first sat down to write Firestarter, it was supposed to be a stand alone book, but I wrote details about all the dragons just in case they popped up or someone mentioned them. (I think there is a scene where a water dragon is visiting the fire dragon in a river that runs by his cave.) Everything from color to size, defining characteristics, habitats and special abilities. For instance, air dragons don't have wings. They can just literally make themselves as light as air. I've actually worked on almost every single book at one point or other, except the fourth one. I have notes on which dragon type is in which book, their names, who they travel with and what country they're in. Thank you for the questions! I hope I answered them appropriately. @Crimson Quill I DON'T KNOW WHAT SIMPLE IS!!! I need help.... T_T
  9. First Words

    The next several days that followed the dragon's periodical visit were the same as every other time the beast came- Tomin gushing about the beast to Ancel, their father, and the blond blacksmith grinning and encouraging the boy's notions with stories of adventure and grandeur, leaving Rocha to have to deal with the aftermath of a travel-hungry ten year old. I'm technically starting with chapter 2, so.... This is what I got.
  10. Firestarter by WindingArrow

    B, you are amazing, but my computer is not. Some of your pics aren't working, but they show on my phone??? Anywho, since I already rewrote the first chapter a while back and I am jumping off from there, I decided to go ahead and put it up. It can only be viewed by registered AO3 members and the comments are moderated. Firestarter (15+)
  11. Firestarter by WindingArrow

    Um... If you're a really good tech person, you can read what little exists off of many different hard drives. I used to be not so good with the backup thing, but my husband was GREAT at the 'make the netbook die inside a month' thing. The stories aren't posted anywhere, though Firestarter will be briefly posted on AO3. I'm hoping posting my progress will help motivate me because November is going to be faaaaaaar more busy than normal this year. I've worked on every single book for a NaNo except for the 4th one. The role of the church is sort of complicated. As I said, there WERE five ruling familes, each starting its own monarchy. By the time Firestarter begins, there are only three. One was completely killed off shortly after the church was established, their castle now being basically the equivalent of the Vatican in my world, and the other was forcibly abdicated with their magic bound due to their association with Lucier. Those two countries are more or less run by the church. The other countries still retain their rule, though they look to the church often times. The church itself is actually... Evil. It was founded corrupt. The man who was supposed to found religious teachings and the church in general was killed by his disciple who then took his place pretending to be a prophet in order to gain power. In Firestarter, the church is presented as humble, though you start to get an inkling of what could be lurking when you realize that everything Maudina has ever done was approved of or blatantly ignored by the church. As the series and the centuries progress, the church becomes a dominating force in the world. Hahaha! This is probably the only story I've never thought about that for! I'll have to go on surface things for the moment. Rocha and Tomin are definitely Gryffindors despite the major personality differences. Tomin craves high fantasy adventure and Rocha will break rules to protect her family. Ancel (the father) and Gytha (neighbor and family friend) are Hufflepuffs, I feel, both hard working and family oriented. Jarek (the newly named dragon) is something between a Ravenclaw and a Gryffindor. His mouth just... His mouth... Rycan (a nobleman you will learn about later) is really hard to place. He is brave and fiercely loyal, so somewhere between a Hufflepuff and a Gryffindor. Maudina is a straight Slytherin of the Tom Riddle variety. I think those are all the main characters... Thanks for the questions! <3
  12. The Bro Code by Wandlessmagic

    I'm jumping on this fangirl bandwagon because HIMYM is one of my all time favorite sitcoms and I LOVE the Bro Code and have thought about doing similar things myself, but I just haven't had time. Please place me on this upload alert list! <3<3 I do have a question as a sort of follow up to Isobel's - of the next gen cast you will be using, if they are not all Barney-esque, then WHO is the Barney?
  13. Firestarter by WindingArrow

    @esmeraude Hi, Isobel! (Your screenname is so pretty!) I am going to try and answer your questions in a more coherent fashion than I caused them. (Yes, the dragon talks. There was going to be mystical mumbo jumbo about how dragons gain the ability to speak, but I chucked that in the bin because they are already super mystical with their soul keeping, tear-stone sculpting, immortalness ways. All dogs go to heaven, all cats are plotting world domination, and all dragons talk.) The problem between humans and dragons dates back to the Origin Story which almost literally ended with their awakening. Though the ancient histories aren't much explored in the main series, the new recorded histories begin at the end of an endless winter when the Lord God Sulis (name subject to drastic change) intervened. During the "endless" winter, magical beasts and creatures were asleep and the winter lasted for so long, that people forgot they existed. When the creatures awoke, dragons were the last to get up and had to be raised by the angel Lucier. They were so fearsome and terrifying that people straight up said NOPE and proceeded to fight them, blaming Lucier and labelling her as a traitor. (In their religion, Lucier is basically the devil.) Dragons didn't really know what to think, waking up and being viciously hated and attacked, so they do what they have to to survive and terrorizing is easiest way to get food and not be killed by commonfolk. Well, they are afraid because to them, dragons are giant elemental breathing killing machines and on their own, no, they really can't do anything. They're too afraid of a horrible retaliation if they anger the dragon in an attempt to stop it, so it's easier to let the dragon take off with food and hope that the church will send aid. You are born with it and it is very genetic. Also, it's angelic! In "the beginning," the angels selected five families to rule across the different regions of the continent. (It's a single super-continent world.) The offspring of these families were blessed with magic. The vast amount of magic users now is due to large families and royal infidelity. You're just born that way. 'Archelai' was the name given to the magical offspring of the ruling families, a name invented in honor of the Archangels who blessed them. You're fine! There are 5 classes of Archelai and they are defined by how powerful you are, Class One being the most powerful with the ability to solo most spells with little environmental impact (you draw on the lifeforce of nature as well as your own since nature is a neverending spring of untapped magic), and Class Five being the weakest with barely enough ability to heal a minor cut or scrape without using up a lot of energy, often feeling physically drained afterward. Basically, the higher your class, the more you can do and the more useful you are to the church. You don't. Generally speaking, the class you're born with is the class you will remain throughout your life. With proper training, you can improve your stamina and be better adept in your class, meaning if you're a Class Five you won't wear yourself out as much with your magic use, but you still cannot cast more powerful spells without help from other Archelai. Eventually when she comes to understand exactly what Maudina is doing. I've never thought about it, but I think in this case, it's the heart. When I wrote the original scene, it was very Dragonheart in my head, with the dragon pulling back scales to reveal his heart. I don't know if that will change or not. I will have to think on that second part and get back to you because it's something I haven't considered before, though I think the underbelly of any dragon is considered a vulnerable place. Thank you for all the lovely questions and if you have any more, come at me, bro! I have a LOT of pent up info on this series and any question that makes me think is a good one. I seriously am trying to be on a JKR level with the knowledge of my world. <3<3<3
  14. Nano Penpals

    Because this literally was the best thing that happened to me last camp...! Pen Name: WindingArrow Full NaNo or Rebel? FULL Nano Goal: 50k and/or actually reaching the monster at the end of this book. House: RRRRRRRAVENCLAW Nano Project: Firestarter Will you be posting as you go?: That's the plan, fingers crossed! Link to your NANO Nest: Yes'm What can your penpal do to help encourage you along?: All cards on the table, work has been really draining lately and the husband's new business is also taking up a lot of my time and I think I've been mildly depressed because I haven't been doing/wanted to do much of anything that I like and/or want to do lately, so... Just be as annoying as possible and poke me into writing if I'm not. <3
  15. Nanowrimo Sign-Up Thread

    HPFT Penname: WindingArrow/NotWithoutMyFanfic NaNo Username: SilverMoonFairy NaNo Project: Fire Starter