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  1. And here's the third! <3
  2. Best LGBTQA+ Character Nominations

    Character Name: Dominique Weasley Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Transgender Story/Stories/Series Title: Esse Quan Videri Link to Story/Stories/Series: Link+ (M) Author: TidalDragon Reason for Nomination: This is a great piece featuring what one person is willing to put themselves through just to feel like they are (or are at least close to) who they were meant to be. Kevin plays a wonderful game of pronouns in this piece that adds almost an air of mystery to the story for the first part of it. Taking place in a hospital bed after an overdose, this story is well written, gripping and very powerful.
  3. Archive Name: AbraxanUnicorn Story Title: Erasure Link to story: Link+ (M) Reason for nominating: This was, I felt, a pretty outstanding piece about George Weasley. If I gush too much, it will give away the ending, but in his need to escape one nightmare, he gets locked inside another. Very well written with a wonderful twist.
  4. Best Original Character Nominations

    Character Name: Dahlia Darzi Story/Stories/Series Title: When Dahlias Bloom (Dormitory 2.6A spinoff) Link to Story/Stories/Series: Links+ (M) Author: Dirigibleplums Reason for Nomination: Dahlia Darzi is, to say the least, a handful. From her introduction in Dormitory 2.6A, she has been beyond my favorite character. She's loud, unapologetic, ridiculously blunt and delightfully sarcastic. How she can work at a social place like a coffee shop and not get fired is magic in and of itself. Amazingly, even with an arsenal of curse words on her tongue, she is very respectful when she is at home, almost like slipping on a Family Mask where she is filtered and more reserved. (She's almost adorable.) She is true to herself, loyal to her family and friends and just super fun to read.
  5. Best Original Fiction Nominations

    Archive name: Rumpelstiltskin Story title: I Am Link to story: Link+ (M) Reason for Nomination: I Am is a raw look into the mind of someone with serious image issues and eating disorders and whether we like it or not, it's filled with thoughts that I think everyone can relate to. It is a hard and inspiring road. So well written and so very, very powerful in its message.
  6. Challenge Hall of Fame

    Challenge Name: The Body Positive Challenge Challenge Creator: WindingArrow Short Challenge Description: Write a story that shows that every body is beautiful Fandom(s) Included: All of them. Challenge Winners First place: I Am (M) by Rumpelstiltskin This is a very, very powerful piece. Take care when reading it, the maturity rating is very, very serious, but it is very worth the read. This story shows that loving yourself is a hard road to travel. Second place: Monster (M) by LunaStellaCat I was very surprised with how this piece was handled and I very much enjoyed it. This story shows that love doesn't care about appearances and love is also contagious. Third place: One Head Taller (15+) by ImaRavenclaw and Insecurities, My Love(15+) by Jen24 (Jen25 on forums) I couldn't decide between them. They are both adorable and show that just having someone who understands can make a world of difference. <3 ---
  7. I would like to apologize for not being around. I know I have a lot of stuff to catch up on and I can't promise it will get done this month, but I haven't forgotten about any of it! It WILL get done! Eventually.

  8. Author Talk changes

    No thank you ❤
  9. This week's POV Change-Up exercise is geared towards boosting YOUR NaNo word count!


  10. I need a racing buddy for about an hour so I can try to update with a better word count than 28, lol. Takers?

    1. PaulaTheProkaryote


      did you ever get your wc up? 

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      Lol, yes! Updates 10 minutes before midnight hahaha!

  11. Firestarter by WindingArrow

    So! I've been doing a lot to catch up in the last few days with extra special thanks to the wonderful @dreamgazer220 and as of today I am back on track this NaNo! So far this rewrite is very surprising. There are new characters and new tones and new avenues and the last time I wrote the death scene of one of the character, I didn't cry. This time around, my husband walked in while I was finishing the scene and legitimately thought someone had died, so... Finally getting into some of the meatier bits of the story! Rocha has met the dragon and her father's part in the storyline is decidedly darker than normal. (A lot of the story is decidedly darker than normal. I also think this is the doing of @dreamgazer220 who has taught me a little too much about angst over the years...) There is an unexpected love interest that isn't destined to work out, but it's interesting nonetheless! And yeah! Stuffs and things! AO3 is down for maintenance today, so I don't know that I will be able to update like I have been, but it has actually been a really great motivator to know that I committed to writing and posting every single day. There are chapters with like 500 words just because that's all I wrote. It's pretty awesome, I think. My initial goal this year was to exceed 50k and get to the end of the story, but I'm not sure that will happen. I think I'll at least hit the big 50-0-0-0, but I don't know if The End is something I will reach.
  12. This week's Random Scenario Prompt has been hijacked by NaNoWriMo! See if you can use this plot ninja to help you get out of a writing rut! 


  13. Things I Didn't Know About my Story

    There is a new villain in this rewrite. His name is Jora and he is a bard and he does magic but is not the typical human magic user. Why you ask? Because not only is he a new character, but apparently he is half siren as well. Just to make it make sense why his magic works on my MC and not the other magic user's magic. I don't think mermaids or sirens were things 6 years ago in the original...