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  1. The 10K Weekend Challenge!

    Forum Username: esmeraude Starting Word Count: 7,709 Starting Time & Date: 14:54 GMT, Friday 3rd Ending Word Count: Ending Time & Date: Words Written:
  2. The 10K Weekend Challenge!

    *drumroll* It's Fri-YAY! Weekends are awesome! (Unless you work weekends, in which case you have my sympathies entirely!) In the humdrum of the Monday to Friday nine to five, work or school can be a real pain when it comes to finding time to write, and getting that word count up, which brings us to... THE 10K WEEKEND CHALLENGE!!! Originally posted a few NaNos ago by our dear Tammi (WalkingDredd) the goal of this challenge is very simple: to write ten thousand words in 72 hours. I'm sure none of us would turn down lazy Sundays underneath our duvets, so this is the perfect excuse to do just that while tapping away at our keyboards and seeing that word count rise as we kill our characters off! (Or is that just me...? ) All you need to do is post in this thread with your starting word count, using the form below. Take the weekend to write, and come back 72 hours later (Monday - or Tuesday if it's already Saturday where you are. Sorry I'm late, Australasia!) with an ending word count. Those of us who are rebelling or have manic schedules this weekend can aim for smaller word goals, which is completely okay, because every word written is a word you didn't have before! Let's get ahead on our word counts before real life starts to kick in (Thanksgiving, work, school, shopping for the unmentionable C, etc) and get NaNoWriMo 2017 off to an awesome start! [b]Forum Username:[/b] [b]Starting Word Count:[/b] [b]Starting Time & Date:[/b] [b]Ending Word Count:[/b] [b]Ending Time & Date:[/b] [b]Words Written:[/b]
  3. Rat Race #17 | :00 - :20

    SWC: 7,509 EWC: 7,709 WW: 200 RLisapain Not bad for having to jump in halfway!
  4. Rat Race #13 -- :55 to :15

    I need to hit 7k haaaaalp SWC: 6,632 EWC: 7,018 WW: 386 I DID IT!!
  5. Rat Race #12 | :25-40

    Whoops, forgot to post my SWC, and misread the time and thought the race ended at :45 SWC: 6,240 EWC: 6,632 WW: 398
  6. Rat Race #11 -- :50 to :10

    SWC: 5,921 EWC: 6,240 WW: 319
  7. Rat Race #10 -- :20 to :40

    SWC: 5,568 EWC: 5,921 WW: 353
  8. Rat Race #8 -- :10 to :30

    SWC: 5,126 EWC: 5,455 WW: 329
  9. Rat Race #7 | :40 - :00

    SWC: 4,890 EWC: 5,126 WW: 236
  10. A Scandalous Affair, by esmeraude

    Hi Kevin!! So great to see you here! I have far too much headcanon with regard to the Blacks, so yes, original characters will feature on the tree as well as the illegitimate/disowned branches. I wasn't planning on publishing it anywhere but here, since I don't know how much people would be interested, but I was thinking about restarting my Writer's Journal in the New Year -- perhaps I could post it there, if I finish off all the dates in time? (The one I'll post soon will have a couple of OC names missing and some dates absent, since those won't be relevant to this novel so I'd rather focus on NaNo at this point in time. I... have no idea? This story came to me quite suddenly, and without really much of a plot, so I've not had the chance to form headcanon before writing like I usually do. In this particular case, though, Cedrella is the wife of an Auror, so there are issues there in terms of confidentiality and keeping Septimus separate from the investigation -- times are too turbulent to exclude him from the department during the investigation because Aurors are sorely needed, but as we've seen from the books, it's generally an open-plan office. To be completely honest, I only named my Auror about two minutes before NaNo started (hi there, Thaddeus Croxley!) and while I know he's going to have a secret in his past, a reason that he was demoted from Auror First Class to Second Class, but I haven't figured out what that is yet. What I do know is that the department is very different to how it is in Where The Wind Takes Me, which was my initial NaNo project before this plunny took over, so all the headcanon I formed for Windy can't be applied to this novel. I'll be learning as I write, apparently Can I answer this question when I've actually figured out the answer? Because at this point in time, I don't know who the murderer is, let alone what I want to happen to them. I've planned NaNo before, and I've plantsed -- for someone without a green thumb, I love plantsing -- but this year is the first time that I've truly pantsed, and it's equal parts terrifying and exhilarating. I feel like a reader at some points, because most of the time when I'm typing, I don't know what's coming next until after I've written it. Unfortunately, one of the downfalls of this method is that I have no sight of the ending yet. So answering this one will be on hold. Your questions are too good! --- Thank you so much for the yummy cake pops and for stopping by, FlamingQuilltips! I look forward to your questions, but there's no rush -- getting your own words on the screen/page takes priority!
  11. Rat Race #3 -- :30 to :50

    SWC: 4,020 EWC: 4,322 WW: 302
  12. Rat Race #1 -- :10 to :30

    SWC: 3,204 EWC: 3,620 WW: 416
  13. A Scandalous Affair, by esmeraude

    Apparently I am writing out of order, and starting NaNo with a morbid Augusta... I'm posting this scene here in its entirety because I can't quite believe I wrote it (especially without a plan...) but at the same time, I feel a little proud? Idk? It's two hours into NaNo and I have conflicting emotions about my novel already, oops. (Staffers -- I apologise if this scene is too long, let me know and I'll cut it down a bit!)
  14. If I haven't stopped by your Novel Nest yet, please accept my apologies and know I'll be interrogating your novels in the next couple of days! RL has been crazy and I'm playing catch-up!


    *is totally not pretending there's five minutes left until NaNo* :couch:

  15. A Scandalous Affair, by esmeraude

    Laura!! My favourite encyclopaedia!! I'm so excited to see you stopping by, and I hope I can give you some satisfactory answers! I am, actually! To be completely honest, even though it's not the first time I've written in this period, a lot has changed since I first wrote about life in this period (including Walburga's date of birth. Oops) so I'm really excited to be able to write a concrete headcanon this time. In the past, when I've needed to write Blacks, I've just aged the characters I needed for my story and left the others -- but this time, I have the whole family tree solidified and a handwritten version that I can expand upon and refer to in future stories. I love exploring the WWII setting too, and there are flashback scenes planned for Marius and Callidora that involve the Muggle world, so that's going to be interesting to write in constrast with the wizarding world. (Also, I hope your Skins withdrawal symptoms will be remedied by the appearances of Tatiana Burke, at least, in this novel. ) I'm looking forward to writing Charis, because I've written a chapter for her before in the aforemented midwife novel and I really love her character. It's so refreshing and unique, and she's really a breath of fresh air compared to her family, but balancing that with the Blacks' societal expectations makes it more fun to write. Cedrella is very morally grey, and Callidora is not all she seems, so those two will be interesting to write about. I actually think that Augusta will have a larger role in this novel than I'd intended. She was supposed to provide friction and unhappiness for Callidora (and therefore motivations for several things) but as I've been mulling over the plot recently, she's ended up with her own storyline, which I'm really intrigued to write. Well, I don't know about beautiful writing but I do intend to keep the style I write with, with an exception -- I'm currently playing with the idea of flashback scenes. I have no idea how I'll weave them into the story, only that I know what happens in them, so I think the majority if not all of the novel will be in third person, which is something I struggle with description-wise (I tend to do well at the beginning then lose all description as actions or dialogue appear) but there's always December for editing! This is something that has actually changed as I've grown as a writer. Initially, I had 1945 as a golden era for the pure-bloods, a time when they weren't affected by war, and when they were ready to let a Dark Lord grow in power. As I did research into WWII and thought about the co-dependency of the magical and Muggle worlds (mostly for Equilibrium, but still) I started to consider the possibility of a fragmented society. Albus put off defeating Gellert until he couldn't, which means Gellert had to have come to Britain -- but who brought him here? One of the pure-blood families? But who? The Malfoys or the Lestranges, with their French cousins staunch supporters of Gellert's regime? The Blacks, who are so vocal about pure-blood superiority that they openly disown those who are 'inferior', instead of hiding them from society like most other families? The Diggorys, the Prewetts, the Potters... none of them particularly pure by any means, but all it would take is one supremacist in the family to convince a handful of others. People are pointing fingers, conversing in hushed whispers, and living with the realisation that if Albus hadn't won the duel, half of them would be dead. And the blood traitors and Muggle-borns, championed by Carlotta Pinkstone, are seizing this opportunity to advocate for Muggle rights and saying, "Look at the Muggles' war, look how it affected the wizarding world -- how our Muggle farmers had no produce to sell us, how not everyone's wards were designed to protect against bombs, how Gellert's regime and Hitler's were intertwined" -- and the pure-bloods don't want to know, because Muggles are inferior, they're not important, living in denial as society turns upon itself, the pure-bloods and the blood traitors at opposite ends of a spectrum, increasingly divided at how Britain should respond to this threat to our security. (Should we be more involved in Muggle society? Should we just cut off contact completely?) No-one knows what to do, no-one knows what to say, and out of the ashes of war rises Tom Riddle.