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      January's bulletin is up! It includes information about recent staff/prefect bumps, the upcoming FROGS, some special awards, and more! You can check it out +here.


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  1. November 2017 Bulletin

    Congratulations to the members who are the new Prefects, head students, and the featured members! @Renacerá, also can't wait to see you as the new Hufflepuff prefect! Also happy birthday to all of you guys who are celebrating your birthdays this month! I hope you all have a great birthday as well!
  2. Good luck to everybody participating in NanoWriMo this year! I hope and wish you the best of luck in your writing! <3

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    2. danicasyer


      Due to real life issues and other things going on, unfortunately I'm not this year. I really want to next year though!

    3. Rumpelstiltskin


      :hug: Sorry you're not able to play with us this year! Hopefully next year! :D Thanks so much for rooting the NaNo'ers on, though!! 

    4. danicasyer


      Yes, I really want to join next year for sure! And you're very welcome! c:  I really hope you guys are able to achieve your word count goals and such! Also: YOU CAN DO IT! YOU GOT THIS! (personal motivation from me to you and anybody reading this)  :twothumbsup:

  3. Stranger Things

    With Stranger Things season 2 shortly approaching us very soon (2 days eep!), I'm surprised that I haven't made a contribution to this thread since I would love to discuss things about the show too! So who's your favorite character? There's so many wonderfully written characters on the show that it was hard to choose! I really liked Will despite the small role that he had because his character had to endure through such a horrible ordeal and I'm genuinely excited to see what the next season brings for him yet nervous too because of what the trailers are indicating as well as that ending in Season 1. I honestly do like that he's also creative, kind, and how stealthy and resourceful he was in this season. I know that he's such a minor character in this season but he still had a prominence in this season or at least his presence did. I also love Eleven because she's gone through so much, has superpowers, and also compassion for those she cared about. Her and Mike's relationships was also one of my favorite things to watch too. Anyway, apart from those two, I'm going to go and say Mike Wheeler because he's been patient, caring, and also trying to help and lead the other boys to finding Will as well as taking in and accepting Eleven. I love that he tries to be the mature one even though he is flawed and still growing as a person too! I feel not a lot of people appreciate him as Dustin and Eleven per se but I find that he's the leader who's willing to come through for his friends and even though, he and Nancy don't really seem to get along, I love their dynamic because it seems but at the time, we've been told he and Nancy used to be close before she grew up and switched interests and went onto do other things. I'm hoping Season 2 explores more of their relationship because I also really love Nancy and her character's transformation especially after the events of her friend, Barb impacted her deeply. I honestly love the writing for her character and Natalia Dyer does an exceptional job of her. But honestly, I love all the kids, Joyce and Hopper, and just everybody else as well. I'll be honest and say that I disliked Ted, Troy, James, Carol and Tommy H., Dr. Brenner, and the Demogorgan but otherwise, I loved many of the characters in the show. I was devastated about Benny and Barb though. Oh, and can we just talk about the acting? The whole cast of the show especially the children were wonderful. There's so much talent on this show. It's great to see Winona Ryder as Joyce too. But honestly, the cast really just help really dive into their characters too! ;w; What did you think of the ending and what about those Eggos that were left by the Sheriff? The ending really was super intense, exciting, and also saddened me because of what happened to all of them. I really enjoyed how they manage to tie the adults, teenagers, and the children's stories together. I honestly enjoyed the scene where the teenagers were all dead set on killing the monster and how awesome Nancy was in those scenes with not only taking charge but facing it head on. Her, Johnathan, and Steve worked well as a team too and it was fun to watch it. I was scared for the children until Eleven sacrificed herself but oh gosh, Lucas with his slingshot, I was like, "No, no, no, no," until she woke up and fought against the monster but oh gosh, I had so many questions after watching it like: how is Barb's funeral is going to be handled, what's going on with Hopper, and what's going to happen with Eleven and Will?" Well, it's already answered in one of the trailers.... ...I'll leave it at that for now. How many 80's films references did you notice? Which ones? To be honest, I didn't search for any since I just walked into the show not knowing much other than: "It's got horror but it's filled with suspense, mystery, and i's Sci-Fi." but I love the 80s so I was too busy enjoying that it was setting in that time frame rather than search for obvious references. But I did notice the Jaws poster in Johnathan's room, how scenes were inspired by Stand By Me, E.T., and Alien. I also noticed Star Wars references to Lando Calrissian and the Millennium Falcon although I was able to notice it because of how much I love the original trilogy and it was great how the Empire Strikes Back was also referenced. There was also a neat video on Youtube that also showed scenes from different 80s movies compared to Stranger Things too that helped in my rewatch when I couldn't find some of them. I admit that I like the 80s but not enough to call myself but it's always nice to learn about the era as it's one of my favorite so any reference was fun to spot or at least when I found out some later than most of the others. What's your favorite theory regarding the lost knight, the proud princess, and strange flowers? I'm not sure which one is my favorite in honesty but I've seen theories here and there although I don't remember all of them specifically. I think the one that Tanya posted from the reddit user, SamuraiPandatron posted is the one that I read at one point and definitely can also concur with. I also even like too. Otherwise, my only guess is that Eleven is the Proud Princess but that's all I got so far. Any thoughts on the Demogorgon and Thesselhydra? If I'm honest, I don't really care and or watch horror movies and or shows and I usually avoid them but Stranger Things piqued my interest and while I will that both are creepy and do scare me (I know the second one's bigger and it's going to creep me out already), I do admit both of their designs are interesting especially the latter and both of them definitely fits the show's tone for their respective seasons. I feel, however, that mainly the latter will be larger as well as a lot worse than the former from the looks of the trailers that I've watched so far. Oh, and I can I mention how much I enjoyed the music for both the Comic Con and the Final trailer for this show? I really enjoyed Thriller being a part of that one too as it was fitting too! I also can't go without mentioning how excited I am for the newer characters as well! I've been counting down the days until it hits Netflix as well! I know this next season will be darker and more intense but also character driven should be interesting and I can't wait to see what unfolds! I just know there's going to be alot that's happening in this season as well! ;w;
  4. Just wondering, is anybody on the forums around and or willing to let me vent about something? 

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    2. danicasyer


      Hi Rumple! As long as you're okay with listening, that's fine with me! I'll PM you though, is that okay? ;w;

    3. Rumpelstiltskin


      Yes, that's perfectly fine! :)

    4. danicasyer
  5. October Head Students

    Congratulations to both of you! I'm so happy for you both! c:
  6. Victoria_Anne Stepping Down

    Bianca, you've been such a tremendous helping hand and doing so wonderfully as a prefect! I'm so grateful for all that you have done to help not only contribute to the site but for the time and effort that you put into your part! Thank you for always helping this forums as well as doing so much for our own House too! Thank you for everything! <3
  7. I just saw the House Cup points and I was very shocked but so happy for our House, yay fellow Hufflepuffs we did it! Ahhhh so happy. Sorry I couldn't do much for the last round as I hoped.   I'm also excited that October is tomorrow because so many great things are happening that month! :D

  8. Hi Anni! I'm Kayla. I don't believe we've ever spoken before, but I wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I see we share a love for Peter Parker! :D Did you like the new movie?

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    2. danicasyer


      I honestly hadn't noticed your avatar and signature at first to be honest but that's great! c: And ooh wow, 5 times, yes, I love it when you can go see a movie and love it! Ahhh I see, that makes sense! I don't think I can ever see a movie in theaters more than twice or three times unless I'm lucky or something but haha that's great! c:

    3. poppunkpadfoot


      lol I took advantage of half-price Tuesdays :thumbsup: I definitely didn't pay full price to see it that many times! I don't have that kind of money!


      Total subject change but are you enjoying the House Cup so far? Have you been able to participate? :)

    4. danicasyer


      Ooh awesome, I heard of Tuesdays being those days for discount of movies and that makes sense! xD

      Yes, it's very fun, challenging, and quite eventful! I try to partake in it whenever I have time! I like the House Cup thing because it feels like the site has tons of events? So yeah! xD And yup yup, I have! Done a few things for Round 1 and did something for Round 2 and hoping to participate in more but also want to give other people a chance to do some of the tasks too and it's nice working with my fellow Hufflepuffs hahaha but I love seeing other Houses work together and compete in a healthy and friendly way too! :) 

  9. Hey Bianca!

    Just thought I'd say hi and ask how you're doing. c: I hope you're doing well! <3 Also really will try and make time to read one of your works. Things just been hectic on my end. ><

    1. danicasyer


      Since I forgot to add this, I do honestly want to say this as well:

      I also just wanted to drop by and say that I admire and appreciate all that you do for this forums and of course, the Hufflepuff House especially during the summer where you had planned for us to have a movie night (sorry I couldn't make it!). I also admire your ability to not only spread your kindness and awesomeness but also helping those who are shy and or new feel warm and welcome! You're such a wonderful and lovely being and I'm so glad that we're in the same House! That, and your writing is amazing--from what I've read of it and I'll have to review it soon but I just wanted to say that I love your writing so much and I hope that you keep up the wonderful job and your ideas are great! Just thought you should know that as well!  Also thank you for always contributing and doing so much for the Hufflepuff House. Don't know where we'd be without you.<3

    2. victoria_anne


      Aw this is so sweet! Thank you so much Anni :wub::hug::$

    3. danicasyer


      You're very welcome. <3 :hug:

  10. The Hunger Games trilogy

    *cue The Horn of Plenty Anthem* Okay so the theme for Panem that we recognize in the Hunger Games movies is beautiful despite what it entails, but anyway, I'm a little surprised there isn't a topic or thread on The Hunger Games trilogy and while I'm aware that it is done, I still wouldn't mind having conversations about it for those who are new and old in the fandom. I know the book has touched a lot of intriguing and engaging conversations too especially to those who have read it. That said, I really also want to see what your thoughts on it as well for those who have read the series. Here are some questions I'll start off with: 1. What's your favorite book in the Hunger Games trilogy and why? 2. What's your least favorite book in the Hunger Games trilogy and why? 3. Who's your favorite character in the Hunger Games trilogy? 4. What District would you guys live in if you were to live in Panem? 5. What are your thoughts on The Hunger Games movies? Apart from comparing the books and looking at a filmmaking aspect, what would you say you found interesting about it? Or if you didn't like it, what could of have been better? 6. Was there a line that resonated with you from any of the books in the trilogy? 7. If you had to change anything about the trilogy or at least one of the books from the trilogy, what would it be and why?
  11. Hey dear! Just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. :wub:

    1. danicasyer


      Hi Meg!

      I've been struggling for the past few weeks due to some family issues,  my job stressing me out, having a cold that I caught from a family member, and trying to figure out personal stuff,  so I wasn't feeling too good and it was hard for awhile too but I'm doing better now and or at least recovering from the events that's been going on my end! Thanks for checking up though! It means alot and I appreciate it!  How've you been by the way? c:

    2. MegGonagall


      *hugs* I'm sorry to hear that hun. I hope that you're feeling better! If there's anything you want to talk about in a not so public space, you can always PM me to vent. <3 But I'm glad to hear that things are getting better! 

      I'm doing well. Settling into my new job, which is stressful at times, because it's so new still. And planning a benefit for my aunt who was recently re-diagnosed with cancer. So they're some bumps in the road. But overall things are decent. :) 

      Sorry I kinda disappeared for a little. That was right at the beginning of me starting the new job, and when we first found out about my aunt. But like I said, you can always PM me if you need someone to talk to! 💕

    3. danicasyer


      I'm doing better, thankfully! I just needed time to myself to sort it out but I'll PM you anyway since I do need to vent about something if that's okay. ;w; You don't have to respond automatically either, I understand! But other than that, yeah, same here. c: Again, thanks for offering to PM you to vent and stuff, it means alot! <3

      Ahhh I'm glad that you are and I hope that it's going well for you! And yeah, it does take awhile to adjust to new jobs, understandable but here's to hoping you can do it! Ooh I see, I hope things go well for you and your aunt! Will keep her in my thoughts and prayers as well you and your family! And I'm glad things are decent so far! C:

      Oh no worries about that although I was going to ask if you were okay at some point! I understand life gets in the way and things happen too so it makes sense. That, and when that happens, I understand people tend to not be responsive  because of it. But thanks for letting me know! Again, I really hope the new job goes well for you and things with your aunt will be okay! And of course, will do! Same goes for you if you need to rant/vent/talk about anything too!<3

  12. MAGIC - Task Submission Info

    So just to clarify but do you only submit one task suggestion after you selected the task category? I guess what I'm trying to ask if you selected: WRITING for example, do you only put one task submission on the line like: write a fanfiction about your least favorite character per se or can you put multiple of tasks like: write a fanfiction about a minor character you wanted to know more about, write an original fiction about the words BINGO, and write a fanfiction about House Unity for that selected category? Does that make sense? Or do you want us to submit it one by one of the task even if we have multiple of ideas and submissions?
  13. Once Upon A Time

    I honestly love Once Upon A Time but after Season 6 ended, I'll admit that I'm now cautiously optimistic about the return of the show especially with the fact that it is returning without alot of the main cast from the previous season. Apart from that, I'm hoping Season 7 will turn out okay but I'm not expecting too much and keeping my expectations low for when and if the show returns. I've been also seeing bits of the next season's preview, sneak peeks, and stuff yet I won't try and spoil myself this time.
  14. Stella! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I love that Toph picspam! I'm hoping to put out stories sometime next year if not this year since I'm trying to adjust to my new part-time job and picked up on doing other stuff so haven't been writing for awhile admittedly but I really want to because I do want people to read my fanfiction works at some point! Anyway, thank you for the Toph/badger picspam! How did you know that I like Toph or was it a coincidence? c: That being said, I'm so happy that you made that for me! *badger hugs* It's great. =w= And Toph...ahhh I love Toph from AT:LA...wait have I talked to you about her to you before or no but anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you! =w=  And sorry this is wordier than it was supposed to be but THANK YOU! <3

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    2. danicasyer


      Hahaha yeah, it's great! I like anything my friends can take time and make! c: (Thank you so much for understanding! And I'm glad--I'll definitely let you know when I do!)  Ooh okay that makes sense and hahaha yeah, I posted there since I tend to have a love of fictional characters hahaha! I'll definitely contribute to it soonish but I need to rewatch the show! Apparently I watched the show a few years ago, loved it (especially Toph, Sokka, Aang and everybody else of course!) and then I apparently read the thread and was like,  "Man, I gotta rewatch this show!" because I loved AT:LA and still need to finish The Legend of Korra too because I know the show is great even if I do still prefer AT:LA over it. :P  But yeah.  She is--I loved how they wrote her character too and her character arc apart from Zuko's is my favorite on the show! And hahaha of course, anything with Toph (and Badgers) is great! xD

    3. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      Ooh yes you have to finish LoK. Season 4 is fantastic. Don't let Season 2 put you off :P But yeah in terms of A:TLA there's just so much to love, they really did well with all of the characters and their story arcs. (Yeah Zuko was probably my favorite ;) but I adore all of them). Lol and I couldn't resist putting the badgermoles in, as they're so closely tied to the Earth theme and because badgers ;) 

    4. danicasyer


      I will definitely have to do so and I'm trying to remember where I last left off on the show. But Season 2 sounds about right hahaha. Yeah, they did, it's very well-written, the animation is great, and so is the voice acting! (Yes, his character arc is great! c: ) And yes, badgermoles are great! And hahaha yup badgers! ;) 

  15. Been trying to get back into writing and working on my Harry Potter fanfiction again since things have been crazy busy on my end!

    1. velajune


      Same here. RL is demanding. lol

    2. danicasyer


      Good luck to you if and when you do! :)