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  1. GinnyPotter242's Reviews

    Hello there! I'm Sara, and I've recently decided to get back into the swing of things here at HPFT after being gone for...an extremely long time. What better way to do that than to give some reviews out to you lovely authors out there? Okay so some ground rules: I will have 3 slots open at a time I will review one chapter per request If there's a specific chapter you'd like me to review, let me know and I'll do that chapter Give me about a week or so after you request for me to post my review. I'm a college student, my schedule can be pretty hectic at times! If I take over two weeks to give you your review, please just shoot me a DM or something and nicely remind me- it's possible that it just slipped my mind! I've become more open to non-canon ships, but there ARE a few that I will not read: Dramione, Hermione/Snape or any Marauder, Harry/Sirius, Tom/Minerva. I am okay with Drarry, though it is not something I ship, and do not tend to read those fics, but I will read a Drarry fic if you really want it. I know quite a few fandoms, too many to list, but if you want me to read a story outside of the HP fandom, you can either DM me to check if I know it, or I'll just ask you for some background on it if I don't. OF is welcome too! Please reply to my reviews. I like validation as much as you do. Okay I can't really think of anything else that I absolutely won't read, but if I come across something, I will let you know immediately if I'm not comfortable reading it. (I'm sorry in advance if this happens, though I can't think of why it would) Okay! Request on! [b]Story and Author Name, including link:[/b] [b]Warnings and Advisories:[/b] [b]Genre[/b] [b]Length:[/b] [b]Summary:[/b] [b]Ships:[/b] [b]Areas of Concern:[/b]
  2. Music

    Ooh, I love music! I have such a wide variety of tastes too, like I like some country, some pop, some old school rock, some indie....it's kind of just a mash of everything tbh. Has anyone heard of Troye Sivan (I sure hope so). I watched him when he was still a Youtuber and I'm just so PROUD of my baby he's doing so well. I love his song Heaven (which he released the day of the Presidential Inauguration in America which... hehe) but all his songs are so good, and the music videos are just gorgeous. Dodie Clark is another Youtuber that I watch, but she has a couple EPs released, and she's just amazing, I love all her songs. Onto others- Panic! at the Disco is one of my all time favorites! I went to see them live last March, and it was one of the greatest times of my life. I also saw Halsey live this past November and just- be still my heart, I'm actually in love with her. "Bad at Love" is so popular, but it's still one of my favorites, but "100 Letters" and "Alone" are both up there too for Halsey. Hailee Steinfeld is actually my wife and I love her so much, and "Most Girls" is like my anthem. Same with "New Rules" by Dua Lipa- some good messages in both of those, haha. I've recently discovered the song "Phoenix" by Olivia Holt, who was a Disney star when I was little? And she can actually sing, and it's amazing, I love that song. I'm also of course obsessed with all things musical theatre and Disney! Umm, Falsettos anyone? Fun Fact: I actually know Anthony Rosenthal from that show, and he is my smol son. But yeah! My guilty pleasure right now is actually the Descendants (1 & 2) soundtracks (and movies, ngl). Dove Cameron is great, and I just love the songs in the movies!
  3. The Say Goodbye Challenge - Deadline: 2 March 2018

    I know it says no pre-written stories, and I want to clarify something- I have a story that is unfinished (none of it is up on the archive right now) and has to do with this theme. It's basically a collection of one-shots, because each chapter is related to a certain topic, but not specifically connected to each other- could I enter a chapter that isn't written yet, but is going to be palced in this story? If that makes sense! Either way, please put me down as a maybe!
  4. What's Your Pottermore Patronus?

    On the my first account I got a black and white cat, and on my second I got a Manx cat. So evidently....I'm some sort of cat. To be honest, I always thought of having a cat patronous though I never really assumed it would be a domestic cat. I always thought of tigers or leopards (though that may be just because tigers are my favorite animal). Though reading through the Cat description on the link.. yeah that fits me pretty well. I definitely need alone time once in a while and I love being pampered! I do wish J.K had written a blurb about each animal though- what's the difference between black and white cat and a manx cat?? I want to make another account just to see more animals!
  5. Albus Potter/Scorpius Malfoy

    Okay, so I'll admit it- I really used to be a Scorose shipper. This was also back in the day when I would only ship characters with one person, and couldn't imagine them with anyone else (OC's sometimes permitted) so this didn't really open the option for me. I think I have to thank Lisa for opening my eyes to this ship though- reading TFWMS is what started my interest in Scorbus and it just went from there. Now I love them! I do still ship Scorose, though not as much as Scorbus and I kind of have 2 different Next-gen universes in my mind, so it works. Scorbus would work so well though! I imagine them both in Slytherin, and becoming friends from that. I feel like both Scorpius and Albus would try to act all tough and "I've heard stories about you dad from mine" at first, but as first year went on, they realized they had a lot of stuff in common and started to become friends. And they grow up together, figure out their sexualities together, learn about the world and prejudice and all of that together, and eventually fall for each other in the "my feelings haven't even changed, they've always been this, I'm just realizing what it means" kind of way. I think Scorpius and Albus are soulmates honestly! They're lovely together, and I love the different adversity they have to overcome in the fics I read- Harry and Draco accepting them being friend/boyfriends, Draco (usually) accepting Scorpius is gay, figuring out sexuality in the wizarding world and how it differs from the muggle world, etc. I love Scorpius and Albus so much because they just fit. Cursed Child spoilers To sum up: Scorbus is one of my favorite ships, and I love these two so much.
  6. Was Percy Weasley really a Gryffindor?

    Honestly, I think Percy ultimately belonged in Slytherin actually. Think about it: Percy was driven first and foremost by his ambition. Not sure about the sly and cunning part- he was a stickler for the rules, so he wouldn't do anything to achieve. But he was ambition driven, completely. Obviously he would have done well in Ravenclaw as well, because of his intelligence, but I don't think he wold have fit there as well as Slytherin. HOWEVER, I do think there is a reason he was in Gryffindor, apart from the "all Weasley's are in Gryffindor" thing. Percy was driven by his ambition yes, but before the war started and he got started at the Ministry, his ambition was to fit into his family. He always felt like the odd one out n his family, he wasn't cool, or brave, or funny, or popular. He was smart and that was his thing. He wanted to be a true part of his family, and have them accept him for who he was. If he had been in any house other than Gryffindor, he would have been even more different, and Slytherin would have been the worst (we all know te Weasley's prejudice with Slytherin house). Percy may have belonged in Slytherin, but he wouldn't have worked there at that time in his life and in the world. I don't believe that Percy would have come back to his family in book 7 if he had been in Slytherin. Not because I think he would have become a Death Eater, not at all! But he would have been more or less shunned if he had been in Slytherin. His siblings would make fun of him and avoid him at times probably, and his parents- though they'd obviously love him still- would be disappointed. Slytherin prejudice. So, pretty much, though I think Percy should have belonged in Slytherin, I think he had to be in Gryffindor for himself.
  7. Writing / Noveling Software

    I tend to use Word or Google Docs quite a bit, but obviously those can get really messy at times. A few years ago I downloaded yWriter, which I like quite a bit. It says it's better for PC's as opposed to Macs (it suggests Scrivener as an alternate) and I have a PC, so I wouldn't know how well it would work on a mac. But yWriter is super amazing for so many reasons! I can't compare it to Scrivener personally because I've never used it, but from what I've heard it's really similar. It gives ypu the option to break your story into chapters, and your chapters into scenes. It has a option to turn on typewriter sounds as you type-which I like- and it can also read out what you've written to you (in various accents. Sort of Siri-ish). It also has the options to put in different characters, and give them a picture, bio, appearance, etc. that you can come back to for reference, and can put them as a main or secondary character. There are also sections to write notes/descriptions about the setting, plot, important objects and things like that. You can also say which character's pov each particular scene/chapter is written in. The downside is that it's a download, so it's not backed up by anything other than manual stuff. It's FREE to download, which is a huge bonus though. It's not the most popular, but I do really like it and it helps me keep track of everything.
  8. Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley

    Ginny and Harry- my OTP to end all OTPs. As my name kind of suggests, I love this ship so so much. I've waited a while to talk about it in this thread until I could get my thoughts in order- though no promises they actually will be. First off, Ginny is my favorite character anyway. So I was thrilled when her and Harry got together, because they were happy. I can't really say if I shipped them before HBP came out, because I didn't start reading the series until shortly before that, so by the time I got to HBP, it was already out (if I'm remembering correctly-it's been a while and I was pretty young). But I do remember that when I read HBP, I was never disappointed by this ship. They just seemed to fit together! So much of the hate for this ship seems to stem from either Ginny hate altogether- she was just a fangirl, she wasn't fully fleshed out, it's wish fulfillment, etc., or hate that the lead up wasn't fleshed out. Which, I'll admit, it wasn't as fleshed out as Romione or whatever, but I don't personally think Ron/Hermione was that fully fleshed out either (obvious yes, lovely yes, fleshed out not so much). But I think that's because of the series itself- Harry Potter was never about relationships or romantic love. It was about good vs evil, the importance of platonic and familial love, war, prejudice, racism, life and death, etc- all these themes that we've learned throughout this series. Yes, Ginny was a fangirl of Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived as a child. Who wouldn't be? (To be honest, aren't we all?) She grew up hearing stories about him just as every wizarding child did. He was a hero in the wizarding world! Of course she had a schoolgirl celebrity crush on him. It's like us having a crush on Thor, or Superman, or Chris Hemsworth. She had a crush on an idealized version of him, a boy she didn't know- we've all done it with celebrities. (Also, right after she met him, she go possessed by an evil wizard, was forced to write her own death note on the wall in chicken blood, and was saved by the boy in question which just furthered the 'hero' ideal) The thing is, Ginny got to know Harry. Just Harry. She learned to talk in front of him, learned to be herself, let herself fall for other people and date other people. She didn't wait around for Harry to realize how amazing she was- she actively tried to get over her crush. Boiling down their relationship to hero worship/wish fulfillment and desire for family is a disservice to what they actually stood for and what each individual character was like at the time of their relationship and throughout the rest of time that we know them. (I don't mean this offensively, you don't have to ship them obviously-but I personally feel like that argument doesn't hold much water, ya know?) Ginny wasn't afraid to stand up to Harry. The "Lucky You" comment in OotP shows this. She cut him down, made him take a step back and think about things. Hermione, and even Ron to a point, were terrified to stand up to him like that (which is part of the reason I don't ship Harry/Hermione, but that's a different story). They backed down easily, let Harry rant and rave and blow up at them and very rarely stepped in. Harry needed someone that would let him rant, but wouldn't let him get away with being stupid or rude. Someone that could match him blow for blow and wouldn't take any of his shit. Their humor is so similar as well. So many times in the books there's a sentence somehow mentioning Harry and Ginny catching each other's eyes and sharing a smile at something someone just said or did. Similar senses of humor is so important in a good, healthy relationship! And more than just their senses of humor, their experiences are so similar as well. Yes, everyone in the books went through dark stuff- everyone experienced death, torture, war, etc. But only Ginny can truly understand what Harry's been through. She can understand being possessed, being violated, having your mind vulnerable to the most evil wizard in existence. She knows what it's like to have your free will taken from you, what it's like to feel guilty for the hurting of others. This is so so important. While Ron and Hermione were with Harry for these things, it's so obvious that they can't relate to him at all, whereas Ginny can and that's what Harry needs in a relationship. Basically, Ginny balances Harry. And Harry balances Ginny. She can rise up and take him shot for shot, or come down and help him relax. They both can enjoy similar things, such s Quidditch, they both find the same things humorous. They both can help the other through the guilt of what Voldemort made them do. They support each other, they care for one another, they love each other. I have more thoughts on this, but this is getting really long so I'll stop here for now
  9. Favorite Characters

    Oh there are so many to choose from! Okay, my top favorite character will have to be Ginny, hence my name. I've always always loved Ginny, for as long as I can remember. Being the youngest child is something I can relate to- though I only have one older sister as opposed to six older brothers. What I always liked about Ginny is that she is strong. She's strong in her beliefs, and strong in her magic. The twin's quote about size being no guarantee of power is one of my favorite lines, because I'm quite small, but it doesn't stop me from doing things. I always loved Ginny's determination too! The fact that she snuck out, stole her brother's brooms, and taught herself to fly is amazing and I think that, above all, shows Ginny's character. She doesn't let anyone stop her from doing what she loves. Molly wanted her to be her perfect little girl, but she didn't adhere to that- she was her own person and did what she wanted to do, even if what she wanted didn't seem to fit together. And I also love how much she owned her femininity and her sexuality- she went off at Ron when he freaked out at her kissing Dean, and told him off for the double standards he was putting on her. She wasn't ashamed of her relationships, she held her head high, and held her own throughout them. She broke up with Michael Corner because he couldn't handle that she beat him at Quidditch, she broke up with Dean because he constantly tried to help her in areas she didn't need/didn't ask for help (Okay yes, Harry had a bit to do with that- but it obviously wasn't the first time they had that discussion). She cares for her friends, she protected Luna from people teasing her, she went with the Trio to the Ministry to help save Sirius (and she's obviously a good fighter- she came out with only a broken ankle!), she joined the DA at 14 years old, and she helped lead the resistance at Hogwarts and 16 years old. Ginny is and always will be one of my favorite characters because of her strength, because she's a good role model and she's someone I looked up to when I first read the books. I don't know who else to put in my favorite characters list! I feel like the Marauders need their own- their friendship is so so special. It's enviable how close those four were- and yes, I'm including Peter in this. Pre-1981 Marauders include all four. At 12 years old, these boys found out that one of their friends was a werewolf, and what did they do? They didn't run away, they didn't scream, didn't complain and run to Dumbledore, didn't out him. Instead, they decided to learn a very complex, very difficult branch of magic in order to help their friend one night a month, so Remus didn't have to be alone. They made him feel comfortable by joking and normalizing it, showing that they didn't care. They trusted one another with their lives (well, we know how that turned out, but let's pretend Peter wasn't a rat for right now). James, Sirius, and Remus are all on my top 10 favorite HP characters separately, and together they're just amazing. That's #friendshipgoals right there. Lily Evans! Vivacious, charming, kind, smart Lily Evans that came from a family where her sister turned against her, who stayed friends with Severus Snape no matter what other people said until she decided she didn't want to be friends anymore. Lily Evans who loved her husband with all her heart, who died when she didn't have to in order to try to save her son. Lily, giving Slughorn snappy comebacks, being exceedingly kind to everyone who deserved it. She, like Ginny, knew what she wanted and she didn't let anyone stop her. When Snape called her a Mudblood, it was the final straw and she dropped him and his friendship right away, because she knew she didn't want it anymore. She got married when she was 18 or 19, had a child by the time she was 20 and began fighting a war on the front lines right out of school. Lily is bright, kind, charming, witty, vivacious- and she's one of my favorite characters because of what she represents in what we see of her. More than just the love of a mother, we see strength from Lily, we see that it's okay to walk away from toxic friendships, we see that it's okay to be weak sometimes, it's okay to cry. We see that compassion is important, but not everyone deserves it all the time and we see that we can grow up and our views can change. My other favorite characters include Luna, Fleur, Bill, Victoire, Teddy, Harry, Neville, and McGonagall and probably more but these are in my top 11 (13 if I split up the Marauders and get rid of Peter)
  10. Teddy Lupin/Victoire Weasley

    Okay, so I love Teddy/Victoire- they are one of my top OTP's and I am of the belief that they stayed together- or at least eventually ended up together. My love for this ship may have a lot to do with how I headcanon their characters. We obviously don't have a lot to go on from canon, even with the extra info we get on Pottermore. So the way I view these two is a way that makes them fit so perfectly together, melding into each other's lives in all the right places and supporting each other through everything. Another part of me just really loves the "best friends as kids to lovers" trope I suppose. Obviously we don't know what their relationship was like as kids, but since Bill and Fleur stayed in England (assuming they stayed at Shell Cottage after they had kids), I think they would be pretty close. They're the closest in age- Victoire only being 1-2 years younger than Teddy and we don't know when the next child was born. I think they grew up together and were best friends because they were closest in age. They felt like family, but Teddy was always very aware that he wasn't actually a part of the Weasley family, no matter how much they loved and accepted him as one of their own. Just like Harry was always aware that he wasn't truly part of the family- Teddy lost his own family, except for his grandmother, and it was never a fact that he could forget. Victoire on the other hand, comes from a huge, close-knit family. I think that this would have made them get along very well, for the same reason that Harry and Ron got along- they are opposites to a degree, able to help each other in places that the other wouldn't know how to handle. Growing up as best friends and turning into lovers is one of my favorite tropes, ngl. I think it's just cute and a fairytale ending almost, even though it's more than plausible for the situation to happen. It gives such a good background for buildup to a relationship amongst other things. Plus, the realization that some characters get- the "Oh my god, I'm in love with her"- realization is gold and I love reading those. Ships like this aren't for everyone- next-gen ships in particular can be very difficult to get behind. It really is all in how you think of the characters- if the way you imagine two characters leaves no room for romantic chemistry, then the ship won't work with those characters for that person. That's why I ship Scorose and Scorbus- my headcanons of Scorpius, Albus, and Rose are pretty fluid and though I tend to think pretty similarly for the most part, sometimes I can't see Scorose working in a particular situation, other times I can't see Scorbus working. It's all in the characterization (and sexuality, tbh). In my mind, Teddy and Victoire have so much potential for that chemistry and time to develop those feelings. (Did any of this make sense? This was such a long ramble I'm sorry if this was confusing I can try to clear up what I meant if need be)
  11. Ilvermorny Houses

    For those of you that are confused about why you got a certain house or convinced it wasn't entirely right for you, I found this post on tumblr that I personally thought broke down the reasoning behind Ilvermorny Houses very well. It talked about how Hogwarts houses were more about traits one possesses and that one desires, while Ilvermorny are more like this: -theconsultingdramaqueen on Tumblr I already agreed with my house to begin with (Thunderbird), but reading this post made me see even more that I truly fit into my house. Of course, it's not saying that the house Pottermore picks for you has to be your house either. Pottermore also said I was a Ravenclaw *shrugs* I may fit in Ravenclaw better at some points, but I feel like a Gryffindor half the time. I chose Gryffindor over Ravenclaw outside of Pottermore, I'm sure you can fit yourself into your best fit as well
  12. Ilvermorny Houses

    I got Thunderbird, and I'm quite happy with the result It says that Thunderbirds are represented by their soul, and that they tend to like adventure, and I think that describes me pretty well. I know they are rather different than Hogwarts Houses, but I think if Thunderbird as a bit of a Gryffindor/Ravenclaw mix, and that's perfect for me. On my primary account on Pottermore, I'm a Ravenclaw, and on my secondary account I'm a Gryffindor. I think Thunderbird fits me anyways though, especially with the whole thirst for adventure!
  13. James Potter/Lily Evans

    Oh my gosh, I love Jily so much. It's weird that I would love a couple that we never actually see- save for memories and pictures- in the books so much right? This couple is dead before the books begin yet I love their relationship so much. I love how their relationship grew as they did. We see one moment from them at 15/16 years old and at that point it really does seem like a love/hate relationship. I don't think Lily ever truly hated James- I think he frustrated and annoyed her, but I don't think she hated him. It would be very difficult to go from complete hate to love in a matter of two years. I think James was infatuated and had a crush on her starting young though (though I don't think he asked her out a billion times everyday- it doesn't seem like something Lily would put up with? Any comments on that?) and he was an immature, jerky kid at 15. As he grew up on his own merit and Lily grew up on her own merit, they grew closer and eventually fell in love. My favorite (canon) Jily stories are the ones that portray each of them as their own person who then grow together- those stories seem so real and the relationship in those stories is one of those perfect romances. Also, if these two didn't get together, we wouldn't even have a story, now would we? And I am a believer that everyone made bets about when they would get together at last. (McGonagall won- she beat Sirius by two weeks)
  14. Boggart

    Ahh, boggarts have always been the most difficult for me to decide on. Well, this and what my Patronus would be. I'm afraid of quite a few things I suppose- pretty basic things though, like spiders and clowns and murderers lurking behind my shower curtain or in my closet (that last one might be brought on by the overabundance of crime shows I watch, but I'll ignore that). I don't think any of them are my biggest fear though- none of them are the paralyzing, breathtaking fear described by what boggarts like. (If I ran into Aaragog, it may be a different story but honestly who wouldn't be terrified of a giant man-eating spider that can talk) The fears that paralyze me like spiders do to Ron aren't so much material things as ideas or circumstances. I'm terrified of being buried alive or suffocation (again, possibly a side effect from my tv show list). I would probably say that's my biggest fear- I can barely watch it on tv without feeling panicky. I'm not sure how a boggart would replicate that though, and I'm not really interested in finding out
  15. Favorite HP book?

    I think I'll start out by saying I don't think I have a least favorite book- I love them all, so this was really difficult to pick a favorite. Actually, if I had to pick a least favorite, it would probably be the first one, just because all the introductions to everything I know already As for my favorites though, this time I picked Half Blood Prince and Prisoner of Azkaban. I tend to draw back to these two, though Deathly Hallows sometimes gets in there as well. I love Half Blood Prince because it's dark and light. While the war is brewing outside of Hogwarts, and there is a lot of dark stuff going on, you still see a bunch of teenagers living their lives, falling in and out of love, playing around. Plus, Harry and Ginny are my OTP so this book is really great for me. I also like going deeper into Voldemort's mind and childhood and learning about new things that happened to him and why he does certain things. It's fascinating. Prisoner of Azkaban I like for slightly similar reasons- you get the dark and light together. Harry doesn't fight Voldemort himself in either of the two books, so maybe that has something to do with it haha. I like seeing the regular lives sometimes instead of the 'constantly fighting, middle of the war" type thing (though I love that too of course). Also Marauders!! I love love love the Marauders to death (.....ignore my phrasing here) and you get so much more information about all of them and you get to meet two (three) of them. And Harry gets a godfather and someone who cares about him and actually checks up on him and that's just awesome