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  1. Rat Race #61 | :05 - :25

    Aye, I'm late, and I think I missed that last one! Here we go! SWC: 0 Ewc: q 107 Forgot to come back and edit for a couple minutes 😑 it's been a heck of a weekend.
  2. Hi! Welcome to HPFT and to Slytherin House! We're so happy to have you! I'm Rumpels, feel free to PM me with questions or whatnot :) . 

  3. Rat Race # 56 | :45 - :15

    SWC: 0 EWC: 611
  4. Rat Race #55 | :00 - :25

    SWC: 0 EWC: 451 WW: 451
  5. Rat Race #54 | :25 - :45

    I'm here! I'm here! I'm sorry! SWC: 0 EWC: 174 WW: 174
  6. Heeeeey, how do you feel about a Texas Chainsaw Massacre fanfiction? [Obviously, keeping the violence way down to a solid M maximum .]
  7. The Character Vignette Challenge | Deadline 1 January 2018

    Aww, that's okay Kristen! Thanks for letting me know! Participants (all takers and maybes): forever_dreaming bittersweetflames Jen25 dreamgazer220 MuggleMaybe MegGonagall StarFeather MalfoysAngel abhorsen. BlackPixie wandlessmagic magpie Entries: Everything by abhorsen.
  8. Rat Race #51 | :00 - :25

    SWC: 14741 EWC: 14922 WW: 181 *game face this time*!
  9. Rat Race #49 | :35-00

    SWC: 14472 EWC: 14741 WW: 269 hoping for better concentration than last night <-- just barely, but better
  10. Rat Race #47 | :40 - :10

    SWC: 14157 EWC: 14303 WW: 146 Really, this time Apparently, I can't focus tonight
  11. Rat Race #46 :45 - :10

    hopping in late but I'm also behind, so let's do this!! SWC: 14057 EWC: 14157 WW: 100 eek. hubby got home a couple minutes into writing...we'll call that a warm up!
  12. PP: Dares

    Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnne! All breakfast scenes brought to you by autocorrect! I'm also taking: because it was bound to happen, anyway, and because I feel like this could work. I'm kind of hoping I can put all three of these in the same chapter . --- Also, I'll leave: A curse (hex, potion, other outside influence) causes at least one of your characters to speak in only iambic pentameter make a Dr. Suess reference go open a book to page 394, use the first full sentence in your work (with credit, ofc) [change the quote to your heart's desire or to what best fits your piece]
  13. In the spirit of NaNo...what's everyone's WORD COUNT CHECK???!!! (I'm just over 14000, falling a touch behind, but I'm hoping to get caught up tonight.)

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. MuggleMaybe


      I know you can do it! <3

    3. DictionaryWrites


      21,000, but I hope to hit 30k today!

    4. Rumpelstiltskin


      That's amazing! Good luck with reaching 30k!:greenstars:

  14. Saving Severus Snape by MegGonagall

    *poke* Wake up, Meg! I brought some love with me.
  15. Rat Race #44 :10-:35

    (Oh no, Renee! I just saw this, I was taking a break! I'm so sorry! Good luck on making your goal for tonight! )