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  1. Welcome to HPFT! I'm Rumpels--If you need anything, feel free to send me a PM :) .

    1. Tecla Sunrise

      Tecla Sunrise

      Aw thank you so much!! :hug::loveshower:


  2. I haven't said hello in forever (I think it has actually been months)--so I'm officially dropping by to say it: Hello! Hope things are well :) . 

    1. Nhaz


      Hey, Rumpel! ^^ Sorry for ghosting, life just... happened... very intensely all of a sudden. So, how've you been? Any exciting developments? :D

    2. Rumpelstiltskin


      Completely understandable--life is good at happening. xD And I'm well--nothing particularly exciting on the Rumpel-front. 

  3. :hug:Hi, how are you?

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    2. Rumpelstiltskin


      I'm good :) . Just checking in--I feel like I haven't said hello in a while ^_^

    3. Renacerá


      I totally understand. Life gets busy and I fall out of the habit of talking to people. 

    4. Rumpelstiltskin


      Same :( . :hug:I hope everything keeps going okay for you, though, and that things settle down soon!

  4. The Character Vignette Challenge results have been posted in the Hall of Fame ^_^

    1. StarFeather


      I enjoyed your story challenge, Rumpel. Thank you for leaving your kind encouragement on my story. It really made my day. :D

  5. Challenge Hall of Fame

    Challenge Name: The Character Vignette Challenge Challenge Creator: Rumpelstiltskin Short Challenge Description: Write a character vignette, capturing a single moment in time that focuses solely on a character which most likely will reveal at least one level of characterization. Fandom(s) Included: Harry Potter, GoT, LotR/the Hobbit, Walking Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek (excluding Discovery, as I haven't seen it yet), and Supernatural. Original Fiction is also welcome. You may propose a fandom not on the list to see if I'm familiar enough with it to properly grade this. Minor crossovers are absolutely accepted (taking certain elements from one fandom I'm unfamiliar with to a fandom I am familiar with, so long as the canonical understanding of those elements do not significantly impact the plot). Challenge Winners: First of all, I had so many wonderful entries that I truly enjoyed reading! Everyone did a spectacularly amazing job! Congratulations! Third Place: There was a tie for third place between beeezie's The Way You Say My Name, Redux [Mature] and StarFeather's A Prayer (chapter four) [Mature]: Branwen's moment captured between Draco and Astoria exposes both characters and the nature of their relationship thoroughly and thoughtfully. Its heavy mood does wonder to add to that effect. Prizes: one additional review, a challenge graphic, listed in my profile under Character Vignette Challenge Winners, and bragging rights Kenny's stylistic imagery in combination with some awesome character exploration of the four founders created an extremely fun read. The characters were very well developed and I loved reading their interactions. Prizes: one additional review, a challenge graphic, listed in my profile under Character Vignette Challenge Winners, and bragging rights Second Place: Second place belongs to just.a.willow.tree.'s untrue, untrue [Mature]: Eva wrote a heavy-hitter that explores Lily Evan's character with some much darker undertones than what is typically written. The nature of the plot and the way it was presented made for a wonderful read that was full of moral quandaries. Prizes: two additional reviews, a challenge graphic, listed in my profile under Character Vignette Challenge Winners, picspam, and bragging rights First Place: *drumroll* abhorsen.'s Everything took first: Branwen's Everything was pure emotion and that pure emotion was the character herself. Every sentence in this piece was alive and was an excellent example of what a vignette is. Prizes: four additional reviews, listed in my profile under Character Vignette Challenge Winners, picspam, a link in my signature for 30 days, and (at least) 3 Writer's Journal questions, and, of course, bragging rights. The rest of the entries were fabulous as well, so I grant more bragging rights to each and every entry! Challenge winners: I'll be posting the winners in my profile as soon as possible, as well as adding the first place winner's link to my signature; I'm working on picspams as we speak, and please PM me about what you'd like me to review for your challenge prizes! Thanks to everyone!
  6. Okie dokie, the first chapter is finished (I will definitely have the second chapter up by the deadline, if not more, just dropping the link now so I don't forget.) B-Movie Scream Queen [Mature]
  7. just.a.willow.tree's reviews

    Hey, Eva! I'm totally going to take advantage of this since this has been weighing on my mind for a while. Story and Author Name, including link: What We Become [M] by Rumpelstiltksin Warnings and Advisories: Sexual Content, Violence, Substance Abuse and Hate Speech Genre: Dark/Horror, Romance Length: 13, 276 [the chapter that I'd really like some input on is 3042 words] Summary: Leaving Hogwarts to leap into the cesspool of adulthood is hard. Leaving Hogwarts to leap into the cesspool of adulthood in the wake of a life-altering war and falling in love with a Death Eater is even harder. Ships: Igor Karkaroff/Original Character, canon pairings, and some randoms Areas of Concern: Just the very first chapter [Chapter One]! The timeline tends to jump around, which is the way I intended (I like to experiment) but each section is dated (just a disclaimer). My main area of concern is that the characters are feeling extremely flat and uninteresting as they are being introduced (starting in the second section and to the end). Something feels particularly dry about it, as if it were an exposition but I can't quite put my finger on it, so I would definitely like a second opinion of that. This chapter feels incredibly dull and things start to work themselves out as I've been writing chapters, becoming much more alive and colorful whereas, no matter how much I've tried to fix it, this chapter seems incredibly boring [I can't tell if it's the flow, the plot, or the characters, or some kind of combination]. I'm particularly worried about it because it's the very first chapter...I don't want anyone who reads it to fall asleep or something. Thanks so much!
  8. Sweet slasher pic!

    1. Rumpelstiltskin


      I'm in looooooooovvveee <3.

  9. Randomly dropping in to say hello! :hug:I hope 2018 is treating you wonderfully so far. Have a great January! 

    1. just.a.willow.tree


      Thank you omg! :hug:Same goes for you. I hope you have a wonderful year!

  10. Haven't stopped to say hi in a while, thought it was about time: hello! :hug:You're amazing. ^_^ That's all.

    1. Alopex


      Thank you!  I haven't been around in a while.  :couch:  I started a new job and have had various life changes over the past couple of months.  Things are settled down for the most part now.  :)

    2. Rumpelstiltskin


      I hope everything is going your way and I'm glad things are starting to settle down! 

  11. Just dropping by to say hello and that you're a wonderful person. :hug:

    1. PaulaTheProkaryote


      Hello and thank you! :wub: You are too! :hug:

  12. Reading Challenge 2018

    I think I kind of need this challenge in my life this year! But, I'm going to aim really small and shoot for one-per month [12 books], which is going o be a big enough challenge for me! Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (in-progress) The Ghost Files by Apryl Baker (in-progress)
  13. Holiday and Diversity Writing Challenge Winners!!

    Congratulations, everyone! I loved reading these--you all did an amazingly wonderful job! Also, congratulations on the extra prizes, very well-deserved!
  14. Welcome to HPFT! I'm Rumpels...if you need anything, don't be afraid to shoot me a PM! ^_^

    1. RoxiMalfoy


      How can you possibly be a "Snape lover" and NOT be in Slytherin?!? :P You seem to have chosen the wrong house, my dear, haha!!! :slytherin:  I'm just kidding, of course, lol!! Welcome to HPFT hun, I am Deana!! I'm one of the Muggle Liaisons of the site, and a Slytherin Staffer - but I swear I don't bite!! :darkmark:  Feel free to shoot me a message at any time if you ever need anything or have any questions. :thumbsup: (Or, you know, if you happen to want further information on joining the dark side... There's plenty of Snape love to go round in the Basilisk Bodega, I'm just saying.) :roflol:


    2. SnapeLove


      Rumpelstiltskin - thank you, I'll keep that in mind :) 

      RoxiMalfoy  - Hello Deana, thank you. I happen to think Claws and Snakes go well together (I should know - living with one for 5 years now, and he would give Salazar run for his money ;) ). If it means anything to you my hybrid house is Sliterclaw.:D  

  15. Best Family/Friendship Nominations

    Characters Involved: Cora (original character) | Renkim (original character) Archive Name: M C Crocker Story/Series Title(s): That Bakery Smell Link to story: +click Reason for nominating: First of all, the dynamic friendship itself is so unique and simply adorable that it holds its own for nomination in this category. Cora is spirited halfling (a small race of people who are generally known to be kind and, most often, harmless) and Renkim is a kind-hearted half-orc (a race prone to violence and known for their valor). If that isn't sweet enough, Renkim can't smell, so Cora decides to describe the smell of a bakery to him since she thinks it a shame that he's never known the wonderful smell of a bakery. Carrie did a magnificent job explaining a smell of something without using the sense of smell and relating it to the other senses.