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  1. pFS1Kj.md.png

    a gift for you, from Salazar's Caroling Sorceress <3

  2. September Featured Stories

    Oh my gosh this is lovely! Thank you! And I am sooo excited about all these new stories to add to my TBR list!!! I hope I get to spend part of this weekend binge-reading some of these!
  3. Chapter 27 of Traitorous Hearts is up! :D In which Draco & Astoria are briefly reunited by magical means...  Ch 26 - The Man in the Mirror (M)

  4. Chapter 26 of Traitorous Hearts is officially in the queue! It will be the first brand new chapter of TH to be posted straight to HPFT, and I am so excited!!!  :loveshower:

  5. I looove your cover photo! That's gorgeous. And so thematically appropriate :D 

    1. Alexis Black

      Alexis Black

      Thanks! Had to go with green for Slytherin!

  6. Guys I am sooo excited about status updates and all these exciting changes! Staff, y'all are awesome!!! :D

  7. Cursed Child first thoughts SPOILERS

    Everyone here has had some great things to say about Cursed Child. Important thoughts and excellent interpretations. But I'm really here to talk about just one thing, one single development that has haunted me from the moment I read it...
  8. Archive Issues/Bugs

    Thanks so much! I'll do that.
  9. Archive Issues/Bugs

    I may be doing something wrong, but I just tried to enter a story for the first time, and for the categories like "Characters" and "Warnings" it was only letting me select one thing in each section. For instance, I have one character listed, because it wouldn't let me add multiple. Or if I tried to put in an advisory for Sexual Content and for Violence, it would not let me select both. I ended up just holding shift down and highlighting a bunch of advisories, not all of which actually apply to the story, just to be on the safe side. But how can I choose multiple selections from the same category?
  10. Congratulations, Prefects! All these appointments are extremely well-deserved. So excited to have y'all out there prefecting to perfection! Don't forget to polish up those badges before heading out to confiscate some fanged frisbees And Tanya, so glad to see you on admin. You're a star!
  11. Was Tom Riddle destined to be evil?

    I think you make a good point, Margaret. Of course we cannot love everyone, and that does not doom us to hate them or be unable to do right by them. At the same time, though, Tom Riddle apparently cannot feel any sort of affection for anyone but himself. So, like, what does it do to you if you cannot feel even the least desire to care for someone else, the vaguest concern for their well-being, because you simply don't care? Perhaps in an extremely introverted personality, that would only result in being antisocial and a bit of a jerk. But in someone with Tom Riddle's inherent charisma and ambition? I think it's that blend that doomed him. He had an inherent desire to rise, without any checks on that ambition. He lacked the ability to care about people--could not even understand why someone might care, thought it made them weak, stupid, and unworthy--so why would he hesitate to murder anyone in his way? With that combination, I think he was essentially doomed to be a villain. That isn't to say that everyone who has issues forming attachments is bound to be a terrible person. But I think the combo of Tom's hunger to be important, along with his inability to love anyone in any way, is what made him such a villain. And, like you say, there's also the whole mess of other things in his background: mentally unstable, inbred bloodlines; an extreme lack of appropriate care in his childhood; being told he was great and, at the same time, having spent much of his life being seen as the lowest of the low. But really, we have most of that in Harry, as well. The Potters seem fairly well-adjusted, but let's keep in mind that they were considered Purebloods before James married Lily. Even if it didn't manifest the same way, it's likely that Harry's genetic pool isn't all that much more varied than Tom's was. He, too, suffered abuse for his entire young life. He's told that he's this hero, the child of heroes, and gets to go off to magic school, but at the same time, there are always so many people looking down on him. Sometimes he just wants to prove himself. But Harry never does that at the expense of others. He cares about other people and, while he messes up like any kid, he consistently puts his friends, and even strangers, first. As far as I can see it, the main issue between Harry and Tom Riddle really does seem to be that Harry can understand love and Tom cannot. TL;DR: I think Tom was doomed, but not just by his inability to love. It could have been the combination of the ambition he was born with (and that arose from growing up with nothing), along with the inability to understand or feel any sort of affection.
  12. Lily Luna Potter/Scorpius Malfoy

    I actually love this ship and I never see enough about it! Lily (II) / Scorpius was the first fic I ever wrote, and I had so much fun with it. I never posted it, because it needs a massive overhaul, but made me fall in love with this pairing for all time. I know the Rose thing seems obvious based on that bit where Ron pushes Rose to beat him on all the tests, and Albus/Scorpius hits some of the same notes of dating a Potter, but I do think Lily/Scorpius is just as plausible as either of the others. Besides, it's just a ship that's got a lot of fun and interesting potential. I would love to see more of this pairing, for sure!
  13. Andromeda Black/Ted Tonks

    So, Tedromeda is completely my OTP, thanks almost entirely to LavenderBlue's Kill Your Darlings (which, if you haven't read it, I really can't recommend it highly enough). I'd like to write about them myself, except that her story was so wonderful I don't even know how to write about them, since I've basically adopted it as my headcanon. Maybe one of these days I'll come up with an original idea for a Tedromeda story, though! Live the dream I just love the set up. I mean, Andromeda Black was the sister of Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange, who would go on to become part of Voldemort's inner circle. She was a daughter of the House of Black, one of the staunchest, most bigoted Pureblood families. And yet, she married a Muggleborn. Andromeda is fascinating because she is maybe the one Slytherin we see (alive) who, as far as we can tell, completely rejected the bigotry and hatred she was raised on. She supported the Order of the Phoenix. She married Ted Tonks and raised an incredible, heroic daughter. She (presumably) accepted a werewolf into the family. And after she lost absolutely everyone she loved, Andromeda took on the challenge of raising her grandson and pulled herself together to be a parent to him. And then of course you have the good-natured Ted Tonks, a Muggleborn who married a Pureblood before the First Wizarding War. I mean, think of what they--and he in particular--must have gone through both times. We know that in the Second war he had to flee (and, tragically was captured and killed). But did he have to go into hiding in the First War? Did both of them? I mean, as a Muggleborn, marrying a Pureblooded witch must paint a huge target on your back, and he did it anyway. There's no way that her and Ted's relationship wasn't epic, and I think that, out of all the untold stories in the background of the HP books, their's is the one I'm the most curious about. They are absolutely my OTP.
  14. Top 5 Favourite Fics

    (1) Title: Kill Your Darlings Penname: LavenderBlue Link (with rating): Kill Your Darlings (M) Site(s) Linked From: HPFF Fandom: Harry Potter Summary: Andromeda Black has a perfectly crafted future: marriage to a respected pureblood, a comfortable socialite life, and top marks at school. But the Slytherin ambition that has brought Andromeda this far is about to take a turn for a most unexpected goal. Dobby Award Winner 2015 - Best Novel Completed or WIP? Completed Length: 160104 words Why I Would Recommend It: This is honestly the best piece of fanfiction I've ever read. Bar none. Period. Please do yourself the favor of reading it. I've probably read it half a dozen times by now, and I'm as in love with it as ever. It's got great, believable character development, high stakes, a wonderful slow-burn romance--basically it's perfect. The scenes and characters are well-described, the dialogue is snappy and natural-sounding. I just can't rave about this one enough, guys. It's fantastic! (2) Title: The Keeper's Daughter Penname: Mistress Link (with rating): The Keeper's Daughter (M) Site(s) Linked From: HPFF Fandom: Harry Potter Summary: I'm Georgiana (Gee) Wood and this is my story. Yes, my father is THAT Oliver Wood. Yes, my mother is THAT Jane (Perry) Wood. And yes, Aurelia is THAT sister who insists on trying to snog my mates. This is the story of how I went from starting Keeper for Gryffindor, pro-league bound, to injured, annoyed consultant to Albus Potter, Captain. [based on Keep Away / Hide & Seek, but is a stand-alone story] Completed or WIP? WIP Length: 143957 words Why I Would Recommend It: While it's sort of a sequel to Keep Away and Hide and Seek, you really don't have to have read the first two to enjoy this 3rd installment, starring the original protagonists--Oliver Wood and OC Jane Perry--'s daughter. I enjoyed the first 2, but this one is easily my favorite. Mistress is always great, but this story is some of her best work--she really creates fun characters that manage to straddle the line between cool and dorky. It's a story about growing up and finding your place in the world, and about resilience, and...well, I don't know what else, because it isn't over yet. But I can't wait to find out! There's also, of course, some very enjoyable romance between one Albus Potter and Miss Gee Wood. It's great fun! (3) Title: And Capers Ensue Penname: justonemorefic Link (with rating): And Capers Ensue (M) Site(s) Linked From: HPFF Fandom: Harry Potter Summary: "The power of friendship isn't an actual form of energy, Al." Armed with spunk, sugar and a blatant disregard for the laws of physics (or laws in general), inventor Bea Chang is determined to finish her electricity-to-magic device, even if she has to drag in half of Fred's extended family for her ragtag heists. That smarmy entrepreneurial Malfoy, on the other hand, can shove off. —2011 Dobby Winner, TGS Story of the Year— Completed or WIP? Completed Length: 102382 words Why I Would Recommend It: Speaking of great fun, I have to include something from justonemorefic! I couldn't possibly leave such a talented writer off the list. I was really torn between And Capers Ensue and Game--you really can't go wrong with either--but I had to pick one for these purposes, and I'm picking Capers on grounds of pure quirk. This is what I would call a delightful romp. While it has its more dramatic moments, what I love about this fic is just getting to sit back and watch all the details and craziness justonemorefic weaves into her characters: cupcake obsessions and explosions, bad fashion sense, and commentary on the craziness of Hogwarts. I still remember one line about a missing staircase that had gone to visit a family member (cut from the same quarry, and all) that absolutely had me in stitches. She really captures the delightful absurdity of Hogwarts and everyone in it. Read this story and have a ball. (4) Title: Thicker Than Water Penname: dreamergazer220 Link (with rating): Thicker Than Water Site(s) Linked From: HPFF Fandom: Harry Potter Summary: My father might be coming to see me. Here, in St. Mungo's. At least I was used to being a disappointment. ------------------------------------ Part 2 of 4 in the Ginny/Seamus series. ------------------------------------ 2016 Keckers Winner for Best Minor Character! Completed or WIP? Completed Length: 3414 words Why I Would Recommend It: For those of you who are really into one-shots, I have a suggestion for you, too! Jill's whole Ginny/Seamus series is great, and has actually has me shipping those two when she's writing them (much to my surprise, since it wasn't a ship I'd ever thought of till I'd read her stories). But this one, which has fairly little in the way of romance, is actually my favorite. That speaks to how good it is, because normally I'm all romance, all the way. Jill writes Seamus just...beautifully. She takes all these tiny details we know about his character and weaves him into a much more complex Seamus than I have ever run across. This story about his relationship with his father and mother and his recovery after an injury in the Battle of Hogwarts is a real gem, and I recommend it highly. Great characterization in very little space. (5) Title: Magpie Penname: Lululuna Link (with rating): Magpie (M) Site(s) Linked From: HPFF Fandom: Harry Potter Summary: Verity Burke, teenage co-owner of Borgin & Burke's in Knockturn Alley, lives her life surrounded by dark objects, mysterious curses and stories she collects as if they were precious relics of another time. But when Verity's best friend is murdered, darkness rises up to surround her. With help from the colourful cast of characters who work and live in wizarding London, Verity must fight for the truth even as the magical world itself begins to crumble. Completed or WIP? WIP Length: 59323 words Why I Would Recommend It: Jenna is absolutely brilliant. It's so hard to pick my 5th recommendation, but I think it has to be Magpie. I'm not completely sure where this story is going yet--I'm not all the way caught up, because life has been crazy--but just...wow. Her descriptions are gorgeous. I cannot overstate it. Verity is a really interesting protagonist--I mean, as a teenage co-owner of Borgin & Burke's, how could she not be? And I think there might be some romance starting up between Verity and George Weasley--I sense something simmering, here, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing what comes of it. If you want to read a good mystery that's written in beautiful prose, I really suggest you give this a look. And there we go! That's my list for now. It was so hard narrowing it down to 5--I have so many more *cough* TreacleTart's Bruises, WriteYourHeartOut's Lying Josephine and--wait, what do you mean I can't list them all? *sighs* Well, you heard the bosses. Alas. But if you're looking for some really great fics, I think these are all excellent stories to start with. Happy reading!
  15. A trip to Ollivanders

    Ollivander's wand shop was a strange experience. It smelled of leather and wood polish and was filled with shelves towering with thin cardboard boxes. There was something undeniably exciting about it - just something in the air, I guess. I batted curiously at the silvery measuring tape as it wrapped itself around my head, my ankle, and calculated the distance from my eyebrow to my earlobe. It made a loud squeaking noise and Mr. Ollivander turned about and shot me a long, intimidating glare that I refused to look away from, smiling hugely back at him, though I did at last stand still long enough for the ridiculous measuring. When the enchanted measuring tape had finished its task, Mr. Ollivander pulled a wand box off the shelf and placed it in my hand. "Just a little swish and flick, if you would, Miss Inkwell." I swished. I flicked. Nothing happened. This went on. For an HOUR. "Adventurous, for certain," he muttered somewhere around the 75 minute mark. "Enjoys challenges--anyone could see that from your wrist measurements." I was baffled, but decided in this case it was better not to ask. "The wood choice is clear. Something about the core, though..." I cleared my throat. "With respect, sir, I've read several of your entries in the Journal of Wandlore, and while I applaud your business sense in promoting the idea that the three cores that are most accessible to you are the only ones that can produce high quality wands--" "I say--" "I sincerely doubt that they are the ONLY excellent wand cores. There have been recorded cases, like the Elder Wand that supposedly has a thestral hair core! Or Triwizard Champion Fleur Delacour's veela core! Have you considered--?" "Of course," he huffed. "An American. Why didn't you say something?" Mr. Ollivander gave me no chance to answer, turning toward the back of the shop and pressing down on a spot on the wall. An entire set of shelves slid to the side, revealing a small, dark room in the back. He stepped inside, but I could still hear him muttering, "Always difficult. Tea in the harbor. Abominable accents..." Finally, he trundled back out with a thin stick in his hands. Strangely, he was holding it up to his ear, his head tilted toward it attentively, as if the wand were speaking to him. "Yes, yes." He turned to me. "I've had this in the back for decades. Never thought I'd find a match for this one, but I suspect it will suit you." With a surprising amount of reverence, a look of true curiosity in his eye, Mr. Ollivander placed the elegantly carved stick of honey-colored wood into my palm. I swished, I flicked, and a rain of pale pink blossoms began to fall from the ceiling. "Hmph," he muttered as, grinning widely, I pulled out my pouch of galleons to pay. "I'm well rid of that one. I've said it before, I'll say it again, the only truly powerful wand cores are--" I didn't swish. I didn't even do the tiniest flick. But suddenly there was an absolute deluge of water gushing down from above, sweeping through the shop. It poured into the room until it came up to my knees. Cardboard boxes were floating past, and Mr. Ollivander was completely soaked. "Sorry about that," I said, shrugging ruefully. "I guess it was just all the power in my wand. Weird, huh?" I handed the gold to him and turned to wade towards the door, mysteriously dry despite the magical flash flood. I noticed that the water seemed to be turning darker, and something about it smelled like warm, cozy mornings. "Darjeeling," he grumbled as I opened the door and a flood of tea-colored water flowed out onto the cobbles of Diagon Alley. "I truly despise Americans." Maple Sea Serpent Scale 11 3/4 inches Fairly bendy