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  1. Next quick question: should a villain explain his plan in his inner thoughts or dialogue (at the end sort of thing ) or should there be room for the reader to speculate if something was a part of the plan and never really figure it out fully? Which would be better in which situations?

    1. Simplicius


      If the plan is complicated then it's best to let the reader know some of it early on, otherwise it could come across as contrived later on.

      Otherwise, letting the reader know ahead of time is good for creating tension. Once all is said and done, however, it's sometimes best just to have other characters speculate rather than outright saying what was and was not part of the plan.

      It all depends on the type of plan, though. For instance, Crouch's plan in Goblet of Fire was so convoluted and relied too heavily on things outside of his control that the actual reveal of the intricacies of the plan is the worst part of the book (for me, at least); it might've been better served by Dumbledore/Harry/Whoever only speculate as to when/how the plan came together.

  2. Anyone know when the modern style of English horseback riding developed?

    1. AbraxanUnicorn


      About 16th C? 
      The idea of riding horses over jumps was a bit later, though, and ties in with the conversion of open field farming systems into closed ones, and navigation of the boundaries on horseback.


    2. Professor McGonagall

      Professor McGonagall

      Thank you! And the riding clothes?

    3. AbraxanUnicorn


      Jodhpurs (riding trousers) originated in India in the 19th century (when the Brits came over and discovered the game of Polo). Jackets and long boots were already worn by Europeans for horse-riding, and I'm not sure when they were first in vogue. Like any fashion, things have changed down the years and I have no idea how closely today's outfits resemble those worn in the 16th/17th Centuries. Interesting topic! Might toddle off and do some research! Thank you for asking the question :D


  3. Anyone else find Star Wars fanfic hard to write?

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    2. PaulaTheProkaryote


      Yes! I end up drowning in wiki pages too! 

    3. Nhaz


      Mmm, yes, hard to write they are. Especially when you decide to mix canon with legends because you like some old elements.

    4. Professor McGonagall

      Professor McGonagall

      Well, I suppose I'll try to.

      Or rather do, or do not.

  4. I'm wondering if the past few months have even been what I've wanted. In any case, I will be ending a scholarship early and returning home on account of improving my mental help. I'm not sure what to feel, but I'll feel whatever it is as long as it isn't feeling nothing.

    1. abhorsen.


      :hug:  Taking care of yourself is the most important thing. I'm glad you're doing that!

  5. Oh I feel so bad. I haven't responded to reviews since April! Getting to them...

  6. Hey y'all! I'm back again. Yay fanfiction!

    1. Ineke


      Welcome back!