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      February's bulletin is up! It includes information about recent staff/prefect bumps, our secret cupid event, our monthly awards, and more! You can check it out +here.
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      We've announced the winners of our 2018 FROGS Winners! You can check out the livestream +here and the awards post on the forums +here!
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      The deadline for delivering gifts is Sunday, February 25th! You have all day Feb 25th (GMT) to get those gifts sent.  If you believe you will not be able to finish, please let your two delivery people know ASAP.  They will be the two staffers (LadyL8, Ineke, BellaLestrange87, Alopex) who sent you a PM telling you who your Secret Cupid recipient is.  


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  1. I'm so sorry, I got distracted the past few days so I missed the deadline. I'm putting mine into the queue tonight!
  2. Hey there! So I guess this officially makes me a taker because the first chapter is up. Between a Hurricane and the Sea (M)
  3. Review Tag

    Reviewed Red Luck.
  4. Review Tag

    Reviewed Chapter 1 (M) of The Harder They Fall Edit by staff: added rating to link
  5. I LOVE CATHERYNNE M. VALENTE, ESPECIALLY HER FAIRYLAND SERIES. :wub: It's so cool you read it, I've never met anyone who has before!

    1. manno-malfoy


      Oh my God, yes! I've only read the first one but I know I'll devour the rest of them soon. And also, does this woman give writing classes because I'd give anything to write like that!!!

    2. just.a.willow.tree


      Omg yes, her writing is just stunning. It's so whimsical and descriptive and just perfect.

    3. manno-malfoy


      YES! Whimsical is the perfect word to describe it. It just made my heart melt the whole time. I also glowed with envy the whole time because I can't write like that. It's been a week since I read it and I still can't get over the writing.

  6. Reading Challenge 2018

    I participated in a reading marathon this past week, so I managed to get a decent amount of reading done. Yay! 1. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Cathyrenne M. Valente (recommended) 2. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson 3. Hunger by Roxane Gay 4. The Morning They Came for Us by Janine Di Giovanni (highly recommended) 5. Simon Vs. the Homosapiens Agenda by Becky Abertalli
  7. Review Tag

    I read and reviewed Fix You by TidalDragon .
  8. Reading Challenge 2018

    So I usually do the Goodreads challenge, but my reading has become slightly sporadic lately, so I could use the motivation (and the recommendations) in this thread. I'm going to aim for 25 books because every time I aim higher, I end up reading way less than my usual. So 25 is a realistic goal given the year that I know I have ahead of me. 1. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catheryn M. Valente (in progress)
  9. Best Minor HP Character Nominations

    Character Name: Crookshanks Story/Stories/Series Title: Hermione's Betrayal Link to Story/Stories/Series: T Author: forever_dreaming Reason for Nomination: This is such a gem of a story because it's told from the point of view of Crookshanks in the best way possible. Not only does it represent cat behaviour impeccably and accurately, but it's entertaining and, if I may say so, perfect. I really can't imagine that it's easy to write such a realistic story from the point of view of an animal. The story really does revolve around Crookshanks trying to find out what is causing a change in Hermione's behaviour, and so he uses his special pet powers to do that, all while introducing us to all his likes, dislikes, and his excellent observational skills.
  10. Archive name: 1917farmgirl Story Title: Passports Required Link to story: T Reason for nominating: This story is absolutely HILARIOUS and really lives up to the name of the mischievous Fred Weasley. It's a rather interesting take on the afterlife in the wizarding world and means of travel between realms. But most importantly, it portrays Fred absolutely brilliantly and in a most entertaining light. It's full of quirks and little details that make it funny every step of the way and until the very end where we get to understand what Fred was trying to orchestrate all along. It really was such a delight to read and I can't explain how much I liked it in any other way; so I thought maybe a nomination might cut it.
  11. Archive Name: emeraude Story Title: Muggle Studies Link to story: M Reason for nominating: This is one of the most unique stories that I've come across during the snowball event and perhaps in all my time reading fanfiction. It's written in such a unique way from multiple perspectives, and it's so meticulously done that it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it. It really unfolds like a puzzle and doesn't entirely make sense until the very last sentence. It is one of the stories that really stuck with me, mostly for the writing technique, but also for the way it focused on super minor characters and fleshed them out even though we were hardly ever in direct contact with them. And I personally got very emotionally invested in these characters, despite the short length of the story, and then they eventually shocked me and broke my heart. And I think it takes special skills to put such an amazing story together and it definitely deserves loads of love and acknowledgement!