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  1. Hi! I largely dislike how love triangles are written/portrayed, so I'd like to take a shot at this. I'll be a maybe as well.
  2. @JChristine JAMI! You're back!!! :bliss:

  3. Taming the Dragon Tamer | Merlins Beard

    Heya Anja! I had a bit of time on my hands today, so I thought I'd come by and strike up a conversation about your story. I'm very excited to see that you have a paraplegic character in your story. I feel like it makes sense that magic doesn't have a solution to every illness or injury. It makes things more grounded. I also admire that you say it doesn't stop him from achieving what he wants. And I see you've mentioned in previous answers that the wheelchair flies and that Charlie and Chris talk about flying. So my question is whether Chris can play Quidditch on a broom? Are there maybe special Quidditch games for paraplegics (kinda like wheelchair tennis tournaments)? Is he even into Quidditch at all? Given that Charlie works at a dragon reserve, is he only interested in dragons or are there other creatures he likes? Does he have any pets maybe? Say I just walked into Charlie's flat and had a look around. What's it like and how much/what does it tell me about him? Good luck writing this out and reaching your goal! I'm cheering for you and offering cookies and seaside vibes as incentive.
  4. Babel Towers | nott theodore

    Hey Sian! I'm here to say hello and leave some questions I've had about this story. First of all, I must point out that I love the premise of it. I mean, where can I sign up for this academy? Honestly, I've never read a Hugo/Scorpius story before, so I'm intrigued. I'm writing Rose/Scorpius myself for Nano, and I've gotten into Scorbus recently. But I'm looking forward to see how you develop both Scorpius and Hugo and how it'll all work. Since I have a soft spot for Scorpius, I'm wondering what he's like as a character. Have you gotten to write much about him yet or is he still not taking up much space in Hugo's POV? As a budding language enthusiast myself, I was wondering if witches and wizards have things similar to our quick (albeit inaccurate) online translators and digital dictionaries? Do they maybe have special quills that you can write with in English in and then it translates? Or maybe special notebooks like Tom Riddle's diary where you put in the words and then it churns out a translation? Special charmed dictionaries that pronounce foreign words? Trained birds that are taught languages that you can bounce half-formed sentences with? How multi-cultural/multi-lingual is the student community in the Towers? Would you say the ratios are similar to Hogwarts, or does it harbour students from all over Europe and perhaps farther lands? That's all! I'll be eagerly waiting for this story to be posted (probably reading Jigsaw in the mean time).
  5. endnotes. by sapphicsunrise

    Heya there, Elisabeth! I thought I'd drop by an ask some questions about this story that I'm very excited about. Seriously, I cannot wait for you to start posting it. I'm gonna put everything under a spoiler tag, just in case. That's all, I guess. I wish you all the luck with the rest of the writing process!
  6. Rose & Co. Apothecary by PaulaTheProkaryote

    Paula, that quote is absolutely breathtaking. I cannot!
  7. What Fics Would You Like To See As a Movie?

    I totally agree about The Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship as it is one of the fics that I revisit quite often. And I do think it would translate well in a movie. The other ones I'd like to see are a bit old but I love them so much. Bathing in Roses by Celestie, Starving Artists by peppersweet, Traitorous Hearts by Penelope Inkwell, and I'd say all of JustOneMoreFic's novels, really.
  8. Account glitches and CTF

    I've just experienced the glitch for the first time right now, and I think I was logged in as an admin (the interface was different).
  9. Make-up

    I'm not the biggest makeup fanatic out there but I'm the best person with it at my house. So before special events, I'm the one doing everyone's make up. And I did spend most of my senior year at high school watching makeup gurus on YouTube. But personally, I am obsessed with eyeliner pens and exaggerated winged liner. Recently, I finally took the step of wearing dark lipsticks to every day things, so there has been a lot of crimsons and plums. My favourite at the moment is a dark red Velvet Matt from NYX. It's so smooth and stays on all day! As for eyebrows, I don't touch them myself. I go to a beauty salon and get them threaded (which is the common practice here) almost every month. But other than that, I don't do anything to them. It did take me a while to find someone who does them for me perfectly, and I kind of haven't liked my eyebrows since she has left the salon a couple of months ago :'(. So that's the downside of being heavily dependent on someone else for this task. I actually once shaved off one of my eyebrows as a kid so they're pretty different until now, which is why I can't do them myself.
  10. Archive Issues/Bugs

    The series is called Darkest Before Dawn , but I posted the story and it came out normal without the series issue. Not sure why it popped up in preview though.
  11. Archive Issues/Bugs

    I need some help, please. I am trying to add a new story, but every time I fill everything out and choose to preview it, the story description shows that my story is part of a series that isn't even mine? I tried to do it several times, but it turns out the same every time, with the same series even, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  12. Welcome to HPFT!

    Read, understood, and will do my best to comply.