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  1. What's Your Pottermore Patronus?

    Just did it. Snowy owl, perfect.
  2. Ah, yes, Ron. I would have had him receive some character development when it comes to his self-esteem issues. Every book he gets overshadowed, put out of the action (to wit: dragon bite in first year, debris in second year, broken leg in third year, brain attack in fifth, and fourth and sixth year have him throw tantrums). It's especially glaring how the locket Horcrux plot is basically Book 4 all over again with him having learned nothing. I would have loved to see him put up a fight against the locket and make clear he's over his envy of Harry and jealousy over Hermione.
  3. Idea for a fanfic I'm too lazy to write: Sirius assuming the identity of Joe King White. "Are you Sirius?" - "No, I'm Joe King."

  4. Hogwarts Express is a transformer. A mechanical being can only function in direct proximity to a wizarding school if it has a soul.

    1. StarFeather


      Hmm, an interesting idea. It may be a good idea to write about Hogwarts Express which has a soul or a will itself.

  5. "Alrigh' Arcee", Hagrid patted the motorcycle's seat, "shall we?"

    "My handlebars are up here, Hagrid", an irritated female voice said, which seemed to come from the vehicle.

    1. Nhaz


      ... Told my best friend and now she's shipping Arcee x Sirius...

  6. I tried translating some HP location names and stopped at Little Hangleton because it made me laugh. Or maybe it's just late.

  7. Michael Gambon should have saved all his anger from "HARRYDIDYOUPTYOURNAMEINDAGOBLETOFFAIA" and poured it into "REMEMBER MY LAST, PETUNIA".

  8. If Dudley was a wizard, would Snape treat Harry better because the boys would remind him of Petunia and Lily, respectively?

  9. Hey! We've never spoken before but I just thought you should know how entertaining I find the snippets you post from time to time. I use writing as a form of escaping depression as well, and I also can't write anything in sequence EVER, so I understand where you're coming from on both those fronts! I hope you're having a good day! :)

    1. Nhaz


      Hey! Yeah, it does have the power to lift your spirits, doesn't it? ^^ It's always nice to see these things are funny to someone else as well, even if I can't imagine releasing the chapters I'd add them in... I'd be happy to talk about this way of writing if you're in the mood sometime.

  10. I'm toying with the idea of James calling Severus "Snakey" when they become sort-of-friends. Please someone convince me not to write this.

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    2. Nhaz


      Because it would involve Severus getting trolled by James, I imagine. Then again, maybe that would prompt Severus to troll James back by... feeding him a Polyjiuce Potion from an actual troll?

    3. Rumpelstiltskin


      They could have a trolling war.  With actual trolls xD .

    4. Nhaz


      Poor Lily though. I imagine she would say "boys, get a room" a lot.

  11. Just listened to this (M for Youtube) and thought of writing a chapter in which Voldemort possesses Hogwarts Express... but then I imagined the engine with his bald face on it and thus Tom the Tank Engne ruined a perfectly good horror track. 

  12. Wow, Rumpels, thanks for the wonderful reviews! ^^ I'm so glad you liked it so far, it does wonders for summoning my muse and getting her to help me write. Be ready for a few surprises, including who Max's car really is! ;)

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    2. Nhaz


      Hahshahaha... sorry for spamming... but... right now... I'm standing in front of a... toy store... with trucks... and... screaming... "OPTIMUUUUS!"... Sorry, had to share...

    3. Rumpelstiltskin


      Ha!  I heard a joke once (it's a little cheesy, but bear with me).  Hopefully, I tell it right, here it is:

      I set my phone to airplane mode and threw it into the sky, but it only came tumbling back to the ground.  Worst. Transformer. Ever.  xD

    4. Nhaz


      Probably some Decepticon.

  13. Watching Goblet of Fire after evening exercises took a bad turn after noticing how Harry Potter at half my age is fitter than me now.

  14. Hi, I reviewed your story Bad Blood... twice, because I forgot to log in the first time. Feel free to delete the duplicate review.

    1. greisful


      Oh wow it was a really unexpected, but pleasant surprise thank you so much I'll get around to answering it soon!

  15. Hey, so anyone wanna read a Mad Max/Transformers crossover with Furiosa meeting Optimus Prime?

    1. Rumpelstiltskin


      o.O:excited:OMGIOSH YES!!!!!!!!

    2. Nhaz


      Sorry, had to iron out some kinks. Here. ^^ (M for further updates, I guess.)