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  1. Great, so I just listened to Britney's Gimme More and now I got the mental image of a certain dark lord dancing around moaning "Volde- Volde- mort, Volde-moooart, Volde- Volde- mooooahrt"...

  2. Hey, about that Snape fic, sorry, but procrastination has bren getting the better of me lately... well I hope not for long.

    1. Shadowkat678


      No problem. I've been experiencing the same thing.

  3. *Snape viewing Slughorn's memory*

    Tom Riddle: Can one split his soul not once but, for instance, seven times?

    Slughorn: To rip the souls into seven pieces...

    Snape: Ah, Slughorn never wrapped his head around the fact that when you dilute 7 to 1, that's a 8 time dilution... Gave us a textbook full of mistakes.

  4. Personally I only have a problem with people who claim Snape was irredeemably evil ever since he was a kid. I guess I might one day have my fic flamed regarding this. Still, I don't understand why you would care about some flames. It's the Internet and it's full of different opinions, some of which are stupid and framed in an even stupider way.
  5. Gandalf: ... Four... Five... Fili, Kili... Bombur, seven... Ehhh... Wait, Bombur, I counted you? And you're suddenly... much bigger? To think I blamed Mr. Baggins for eating up all the food!

    Hagrid: Eh... Professor Dumbledore, sir?

  6. Hey Rumpel, just decided to drop by. ^^ How's life?

    1. Rumpelstiltskin


      ^_^ Hey! Life doesn't want to make up its mind lately xD  but I guess that's where the fun is. How are you?

  7. How do I name a fic about a wizard having his name shortened from Krumov to Krum? Why, "Krum-Off", of course.

  8. So I just watched the 2004 Hound of the Baskervilles and Watson looked a lot like Lupin... but it was Ian Hart. That's right, I mistook Quirrell for Lupin.

    1. toomanycurls


      Both actors were considered for Quirrell and do resemble one another. 

  9. *makes a post*
    *edits it every 5 minutes*
    Typical Nhaz.

  10. Hey, that's a nice thread about wizarding countries. Should I aim for a brief outline of my headcanons or should I give details?

    1. Margaret


      Whichever you like. I'd love to read the details if you want to give them.

    2. Nhaz


      Alright, because I'll go Wikipedia on it. :D

  11. Something that bothers me every time I try to rewrite my Sev/Lily fanfic. In Snape's Worst Memory, he casts Sectumsempra on James, slices his cheek, then James hoists him up and the events take their course. At no point does anyone, not the Marauders, not Lily, not James himself, pay attention to the wound. What's up with that?

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    2. FlamingQuilltips


      It was Snape's worst memory and Harry saw it from his perspective - and as we know from personal experience, memories are more about the way incidents are perceived than what they actually are. This theory might make sense because Severus himself didn't focus on the wound. 

      Of course, there's the question of the dialogues that followed. I'm guessing that James and Severus are in the habit of throwing spells at each other that might cause bleeding incidents in the past and this one wasn't special? 

    3. Nhaz


      Hey Ysh! :D

      I doubt that, to be honest. Snape's memory contained details he would hardly care or want to remember, such as James doodling Lily's initials on his exam paper or Sirius lounging in his chair. My guess is that the memory also contains information that has been subconsciously perceived (any neuroscientists here?). 


      And this is Lily we're talking about. I doubt she would ignore James's wound... Maybe Severus deleted that part of the memory?

    4. FlamingQuilltips


      Well, In my head Lily was not so righteous to focus on that. Maybe she might have written off as self defense, or was just so angry with James to notice that! I doubt Severus deleted the part of the memory. My headcanon of Sev doesn't match that image!

  12. Me writing a fic about Durmstrang's founder: "Yes, why not have her deal with the Peverell brothers? And maybe the Potters? And the Malfoys? And the families of the Hogwarts Four? And every named medieval wizard in canon? And why not throw in Herpo the Foul for good measure?"

  13. Ah, I presume that must be your Bad Blood story. As you said, fandom has always been polarised when ot comes to Snape. Opinions are all over, and of course those who idealise him and those who hate his guts are disproportionately more vocal than those holding more moderate opinions. Now, while The Prince's Tale was what made me return to Harry Potter after a decade, and I strongly identified with poor grim bullied young Severus with his crush on Lily, I have shifted to a less forgiving standpoint, although rather than hating or resenting him, I stop at pity and wish certain choices had been made differently. Still, I can understand an author with an even more stringent attitude. But this is only tangentially related to the problem with flaming. It's plain stupid. The act of degrading someone's work for being different from your opinion without even a word of constructive criticism is like playing a pigeon playing chess with you - it will simply knock over your figures, cluck on the board and strut, and any effort to explain anything will be met with a wall of "I won". So simply laugh, shrug and ignore. If someone wastes their time flaming you, don't give them satisfaction by wasting your own time.
  14. I really want to write some blog entry but I have no idea what about. It's one of those moments when a clear idea hasn't crystallized into my mind yet.

  15. I haven't said hello in forever (I think it has actually been months)--so I'm officially dropping by to say it: Hello! Hope things are well :) . 

    1. Nhaz


      Hey, Rumpel! ^^ Sorry for ghosting, life just... happened... very intensely all of a sudden. So, how've you been? Any exciting developments? :D

    2. Rumpelstiltskin


      Completely understandable--life is good at happening. xD And I'm well--nothing particularly exciting on the Rumpel-front.