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  1. Milestones

    CONGRATULATIONS! I've recently passed 21,000. Almost halfway!
  2. Rat Race #57 | :55 - :15

    SWC: 18,154 EWC: 18,985 +831 Not as good as usual, but still decent! @Rhaenyra Here's the topic!
  3. Would anyone like to rat race sometime in the next 2.5 hours?

    1. Rhaenyra


      I will be free to start in 10 minutes or so and then free for the next couple hours.  Just need to get something to drink while I write.

    2. Renacerá


      I missed this comment! Want to do :55 - :15?

    3. Rhaenyra
  4. 50 Books Reading Challenge 2017

    READ: “True Crime Addict” by James Renner “Six of Crows” by Leigh Bardugo “The Woman in Cabin 10” by Ruth Ware Unpublished Manuscript: “The London Book of the Dead” “Crooked Kingdom” by Leigh Bardugo Unpublished Manuscript: “The Devil’s Caravan” “Through the Woods” by Emily Carroll “We Are Okay” by Nina LaCour “Ash” by Malinda Lo “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer “Midnight Sun” by Stephenie Meyer “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher “Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur Unpublished Manuscript: “Summerland” Web Comic: “Super Secret” “Life and Death” by Stephenie Meyer “New Moon” by Stephenie Meyer “Hope: A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland” by Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus “Dressing Room Stories” by Alvin Epstein & Jonathan Fried Web Comic: “Siren’s Lament” “The Girl of Fire and Thorns” by Rae Carson “The Crown of Embers” by Rae Carson “The Bitter Kingdom” by Rae Carson “Eclipse” by Stephenie Meyer “The Jolley-Rogers and the Cave of Doom” by Jonny Duddle “Between Two Skies” by Joanne O’Sullivan “Midnight for Charlie Bone” by Jenny Nimmo “Five Good Minutes in the Evening” by Jeffrey Brantley “The Girl of Fire and Thorns: Stories” by Rae Carson “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Diana Wynne Jones “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” by J.K. Rowling “Breaking Dawn” by Stephenie Meyer “Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise” by Gene Luen Yang “Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Search” by Gene Luen Yang “Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Rift” by Gene Luen Yang “Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Lost Adventures” by Gene Luen Yang “The Star-Touched Queen” by Roshani Chokshi “Charlie Bone and the Time Twister” by Jenny Nimmo “Heartless” by Marissa Meyer "Tortall: A Spy's Guide" by Tamora Pierce READING: "Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” by J.K. Rowling “Avatar: The Last Airbender: Smoke and Shadow” by Gene Luen Yang “Castle in the Air” by Diana Wynne Jones “The Shallows” by Nicholas Carr “The Artful Edit” by Susan Bell “In the Time of the Butterflies” by Julia Alvarez “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” by J.K. Rowling
  5. Rat Race # 56 | :45 - :15

    SWC: 16,851 EWC: 17,832 +981 FLYING TONIGHT!
  6. Rat Race #55 | :00 - :25

    SWC: 15,584 EWC: 16,559 +975 I literally love rat races! If you want to do another, just let me know!
  7. Question for the masses: If I call something in my Dramione fic a "Hydra Team," is everyone just going to think of Captain America?

    1. WindingArrow


      Given that my husband owns a game shop where they play MTG with hydra team tournaments... No. At least not for me. xD

    2. abhorsen.


      I totally am :P

  8. "Rendition" by Renacerá

    Rendition Updates Okay, we're halfway through the month! And I am soooooo far behind! I'm currently sitting at 15,392 words (approximately 11,000 behind where I should be). I'm really happy with the chapters I've written so far, but I also know I have a long way to go with this novel. Here are my current updates: Day 15 (haven't written today yet): 15,392 words, 6 chapters complete confident about: plot, Hermione's characterization, villains, interesting background things I've come up with unsure about: pacing, emotions, balance of action and internal strife, DracoDracoDraco Now, off to write for the day!
  9. Milestones

    I'm still 10k behind where I should be, but thanks to some great motivation today and @Rumpelstiltskin rat racing with me, I've hit 15,000 words! Woooooo!
  10. JUST TOPPED 15,000 WORDS! :roflol:

    1. Renacerá


      I'm still 10k behind where I'm supposed to be, but still! Yay!

    2. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      Woooooooooooooo! :yay: Congrats! That's a lot of words!

    3. bittersweetflames


      OMG, you are the best, Emily!!! :hearteyes: I believe in you. :wub: 

  11. Rat Race #54 | :25 - :45

    SWC: 14,719 EWC: 15,220 + 501 That went so well! These rat races are such a good help for me! Thank you so much for racing with me!
  12. Would anyone like to rat race in a bit? I'm far behind in NaNo, but feeling like tonight might help change that!

  13. Learning to Write Again

    Thank you so much for the encouragement, Stella! I'll definitely go back and read some of those reviews and see what people were saying. I think that's a great idea. I totally understand what you mean about writing feeling like a chore. I'm really enjoying NaNo, but I've had days where I just don't feel up to it. I'm super behind right now, but I do still feel productive because I've actually written this month rather than just talked about it. I hope your own writing has been going better lately too! And Angie, I'll just repeat what everyone else has told me that's really helped: just write! Anything. Five words. Two words. Anything. It's really helped me get back into it to just write things and try not to worry about how good/bad it is. Let me know if you want to talk as you get back into it too!
  14. Guys. GUYS. I am so far behind in NaNo that I'm about to literally scream.

    1. Dojh167


      Scream. Then write. 

    2. Rumpelstiltskin


      You can do it! What can I do to motivate you? I can play both Good Cop and Bad Cop :p. 

    3. abhorsen.


      Me too, if it helps!! I'm at like... 7k? :ninja:

  15. Rat Race #39 :00 - :20

    SWC: 6875 EWC: 7496 +621 WOW THAT WENT WELL.