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  1. Once Upon The Marauders (Years 4,5) - by FlamingQuilltips / princesslily_36

    Just stopping by to say: YOU'VE GOT THIS! Seriously, I love stories that are like this. They explore so much of the character development that it makes it really easy to understand the characters and where they have been and what they want out of life. I know I've already told you dramione is my OTP... well Lily/James is my second favorite to read! I don't really know what it is about them that makes me love them so much but I do. I will definitely have to look into this story and start reading it some time.
  2. In This Reality or the Next by Slytherinchica08

    So I'm finally getting some writing done and this first chapter is going pretty well I think. The one thing that I"m most concerned about with this chapter is that I'm really diving into Hermione's character and the fact that she is suffering from a huge amount of stress which is really affecting her life. I want to make her character believable so I'm hoping that I'm not going overboard with the stress that she is going through. Here is a small snippet from what I've written so far:
  3. Finally sitting down to attempt writing. It's been a while but at least a few words are pouring out onto the document.

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    2. Slytherinchica08


      Thanks! I haven't written much but at least its something and the ideas are flowing!

    3. BlackPixie


      That's words on the page and that is an achievement in itself! Keep going! You can do it!

    4. abhorsen.
  4. Finally got a start! Not sure how much of it I will keep once I start posting the story though. 

  5. Haven't started writing yet for NaNo but I'm hoping that I will be able to get a little bit done while at work tonight.

    1. Rumpelstiltskin


      YOU CAN DO IT! <3 

    2. bittersweetflames


      You can do it, Erica! Surely. <3 

    3. Renacerá


      Go, go, go! You rock! :loveshower:

  6. Anyone around to help with some last minute planning for my dramione NaNo novel?

    1. BlackPixie


      Do you still need help? Im around on and off today if need be.

    2. Slytherinchica08


      I would love it! I'll pm you!

  7. In This Reality or the Next by Slytherinchica08

    What is the reason Hermione and Ron don't work out (assuming that part isn't AU) It starts as an insecurity from the AU where Ron brings a new girlfriend over and makes Hermione uncertain about her role in his life. What kind of mental health issues do you plan on dealing with? It deals a lot with stress related mental health/anxiety What time is this story set in? (Hogwarts, before or after the war) Just after the war What does Harry's role in Hermione's life play in her relationship with Draco? Harry is concerned for Hermione and listens to her but he has a hard time understanding her relationship with Draco What other things are AU about this story? This story takes place in two realities. One which is of course the real world and the other where there are small differences like Ron having a girlfriend. Some events are the same in both realities and others only take place in one reality.
  8. Pajama Party Check In

    This lady is decked out in fleece leggings and a maroon cotton tee... thinking its a bit too gryffindor of me but super comfortable so I guess it will have to do. Also no costume for tomorrow. I will either be doing a double at my job or staying at home with my fur babies continuing to tie up the loose ends for my NaNo novel.
  9. PP: Race to the Death-Survival Kit Edition

    Laptop: 6 Coffee : 5 Sweets: 6 Notebook: 4 Music: 4 Distractions: 5
  10. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 3 Rebels: 3
  11. Slowly getting my NaNo novel completely figured out. Pieces are coming together and I'm so excited about this story.

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    2. Slytherinchica08


      YAY! and I saw that you are doing a dramione as well! We are going to rock this NaNo!

    3. Renacerá


      Yes we are!

    4. Rumpelstiltskin


      You can do it! :D Best of luck during NaNo! 

  12. In This Reality or the Next by Slytherinchica08

    You've written Dramione in quite a few stories. How do you manage to differentiate the romance aspect of your stories so that they aren't too repetitive? Do you find this difficult? A lot of my dramione's have completely different plots which means the way in which they get together is vastly different. Because of this the characterization is also different but yet the same. I still try my best to keep my characters as close to canon as I can while adding in the dramione elements but because they are in different situations they are not the same from one story to the next. I actually love the challenge of making my characters as close to canon as I can while adding in my own elements. I don't really find it difficult at all. What made you want to draw inspiration from those particular Doctor Who episodes for this novel? I had actually just watched this episode a few days prior when this idea suddenly came in my head to do something similar where the main character doesn't quite realize that things aren't really what they seem and that the world they are in is actually fake. That's really all that I'm taking from the episode. You wont find any appearances of any of the characters in this story. It was all just inspired by the idea that a character could live in their own world and not realize that the world is not the one that they knew. Why did you decide to write this story from Hermione's POV? Hermione is actually my favorite character to write. I love writing from her POV so I feel like there really is no other way to tell this story. I presume you'll have a small cast of characters, just like in those episodes -- do you think you'll find it hard having limited opportunities to bring new characters into the story, if needed? Really the cast isn't as small as what happened in the episodes in Doctor Who. Everything is still happening in the real world as well as the alternate so you have characters from jobs, family, friends, etc that will be brought in and playing different roles. What is your perspective on 'Ron-bashing' within Dramiones? To be completely honest, I do my best to stay far away from those. Ron really isn't a bad person. I just feel that Draco is much more suited to challenge Hermione in every aspect and can continue that spark in her unlike Ron who really isn't motivated to learn. Are you planning on writing scenes that involve the little girl from the beginning, or will you keep it as a surprise ending? She will not be a part of this story. Really it's just her situation that I'm drawing on and having Hermione not quite realize at first what exactly is happening to her. Have you counted your shadows? Hey! Who turned out the lights?! Thank you for your input on who should be with Ron! I like the idea of an original character as well.. might have to go with that.. maybe someone he bumps into at the joke shop? Also looking for thoughts on Harry's place. Should it be 12 Grimmauld or some place else?
  13. In This Reality or the Next by Slytherinchica08

    Thank you so much for the response! The library itself is not going to be a part of the story but the idea that the little girl (and those in her world) believes that the world they are in is real when in fact it's more of an alternate universe is what inspired the idea of doing a dramione with alternate reality aspects to it.
  14. Puffs! Make sure you check out the common room!

  15. Are the Penpals replacing the adoptions or will we be able to adopt people as well?

    1. Alopex


      It's a replacement. I think we started it at JulNo? That said, you can arrange adoptions with your friends in PMs and such...we just aren't posting a thread for it. :)

    2. Slytherinchica08


      Thanks! I will definitely do that!