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  1. Ugh! I'm so sick I've just been laying in bed for the last two days. 

    1. Renacerá


      Oh no! I hope you feel better! I’m sick too, but I have to go to work. :(

  2. Found an old dramione story idea and might attempt to work on it soon.

  3. I really hate the fact that I'm allergic to two of my fur babies. But that wont stop me from loving them

    1. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      Awww! Hope you have some good allergy medicine. My aunt is like this too, she has cats despite being allergic to cats and. And she works at an animal hospital too :P 

  4. Author Talk changes

    yes please! Thank you!
  5. The Say Goodbye Challenge - Deadline: 2 March 2018

    I have a small idea for this and would like to use George
  6. December Bulletin

    Congratulations to everyone! All very well deserved! A special congrats to Ranacera and FlamingQuilltips! I'm so excited for you all! Sad to see Aph stepping down but I know that you have done so much for the site so thanks for everything you have done! Also those awards, banners, and that header are all absolutely gorgeous!
  7. So I have failed at NaNo this month. However this month I have found some cute christmas movies, made 2 batches of brownies, made chocolate chip muffins, spent lots of time with my fur babies (found out I am allergic to 2 of them), and took probably about 20+ bathes. I call that successful 

  8. Once Upon The Marauders (Years 4,5) - by FlamingQuilltips / princesslily_36

    Just stopping by to say: YOU'VE GOT THIS! Seriously, I love stories that are like this. They explore so much of the character development that it makes it really easy to understand the characters and where they have been and what they want out of life. I know I've already told you dramione is my OTP... well Lily/James is my second favorite to read! I don't really know what it is about them that makes me love them so much but I do. I will definitely have to look into this story and start reading it some time.
  9. Finally sitting down to attempt writing. It's been a while but at least a few words are pouring out onto the document.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Slytherinchica08


      Thanks! I haven't written much but at least its something and the ideas are flowing!

    3. BlackPixie


      That's words on the page and that is an achievement in itself! Keep going! You can do it!

    4. abhorsen.
  10. Finally got a start! Not sure how much of it I will keep once I start posting the story though. 

  11. Haven't started writing yet for NaNo but I'm hoping that I will be able to get a little bit done while at work tonight.

    1. Rumpelstiltskin


      YOU CAN DO IT! <3 

    2. bittersweetflames


      You can do it, Erica! Surely. <3 

    3. Renacerá


      Go, go, go! You rock! :loveshower:

  12. Anyone around to help with some last minute planning for my dramione NaNo novel?

    1. BlackPixie


      Do you still need help? Im around on and off today if need be.

    2. Slytherinchica08


      I would love it! I'll pm you!

  13. Pajama Party Check In

    This lady is decked out in fleece leggings and a maroon cotton tee... thinking its a bit too gryffindor of me but super comfortable so I guess it will have to do. Also no costume for tomorrow. I will either be doing a double at my job or staying at home with my fur babies continuing to tie up the loose ends for my NaNo novel.
  14. PP: Race to the Death-Survival Kit Edition

    Laptop: 6 Coffee : 5 Sweets: 6 Notebook: 4 Music: 4 Distractions: 5
  15. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 3 Rebels: 3