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  1. What's Your Pottermore Patronus?

    Since the site just launched their Patronus quiz, I was curious to see what everyone's were Mine is a blackbird. It would've been cool if they had written a descriptor of what each animal represented upon creating the form though...
  2. I've been debating whether or not to write another novella continuing my OC's story. The idea's there, but it's not flushed out.

  3. Rick and Morty

    I'M PICKLE RIIIIICK!!!! 8D Also, Funko is going to be making a figurine of him with and without the laser. Because obviously, we need both versions in our life. #picklelife
  4. Final Fantasy

    Which FF is your favorite from this series? I'm currently playing 15 with my S/O right now. We're still on chapter 8 doing sidequests and hunts. We've completely raided the Moogle Chocobo Carnival (I GOT ALL THE THINGS FROM FISHING! I AM THE QUEEN OF FISHING!) and I will not chase after those chocobochicks that's obviously hopped themselves up on steroids. Personal all time favs are 6, 7, and 9.
  5. Chatterbox

    Guess who's gonna see "Puffs" tonight? This gal! My friend managed to score tickets. Will report back tomorrow. *Does salute*
  6. House Points

    Hufflepuff: 34 Gryffindor: 6 Ravenclaw: 69 Slytherin: 21 Muggle: 0
  7. Earworm

    Drew ofthe Drew- Padfoot and Prongs [it's all instrumental with mixtures of EDM in it. Have at it, shippers.]
  8. House Points

    Hufflepuff: 34 Gryffindor: 6 Ravenclaw: 65 Slytherin: 21 Muggle: 0
  9. Earworm

    OST of "Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime." You need to play this game. And never in my life had any video game make me swear so much... Except for FF-12. Stupid Vossler T_T#
  10. The Very Christmassy Earworm

    Christmas in Hollis - Run DMC
  11. Word Association

  12. Ask a Moderator

    Is a writing challenge considered "finished" if no one participated in it past its deadline? And does the challenge creator have to make a post about it in the "Challenge Hall of Fame"? Thank you!
  13. I Am Thankful For...

    I'm thankful for this community to continue the love of the HP fandom amongst many others. I'm also thankful for being able to write such stories with such supportive people who push me to improve this hobby of mine when I get artist's block.
  14. Chatterbox

    YOU GUYS. There's an off-broadway play. ABOUT THE PUFFS!!! It looks interesting. http://www.puffstheplay.com/#home (M, just in case)
  15. Word Association

  16. The Happiness Thread

    My mom had surgery yesterday to remove an abnormal growth; it was thankfully negative for the big C.
  17. Grand Opening Drabble Competition

    Do we post it in this thread?
  18. Web Comics (Recs.)!

    (becomes super giddy and titters) Oh have I got a list for you! But I'll start out slow ; Name: ReLIFE Author(s) and rated link: Yayoiso (M, just in case) Summary/Storyline: Kaizaki Arata is an unemployed 27-year-old who quit his last job within 3 months and runs into an opportunity to test out an experimental drug with a program called ReLife where they give the test subject a second chance to experience high school life and in the process, fix the subject's personal issues. Independent website (only the comic/or that author), or shared website (other comics not by the same author and/or comics and other stuff): http://www.comico.jp/articleList.nhn?titleNo=2 (M, just in case again) Genres/Topic and Theme/Mood: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School life, Tragedy Reasons for Recommending: Aside from the art being fabulous, this story touches on modern day invisible struggles of adults all over the world. Not knowing what to do with their lives, people aimlessly float from one job to the other trying to find it. In Arata's case, he quit his job after 3 months for personal reasons. But of course, if you were in HR and see this on someone's resume, you'd think this person's unreliable and flighty. This comic also touches on how hard it is for some to be perfectly honest and the difficulty of expressing one's thoughts; things I'm sure we've all encountered once or twice before.
  19. Forum Issues/Bugs

    The quote thing just started acting up for me too. I'm on a Mac and use Chrome as well. I do have Firefox as a backup browser but... meeehhh.
  20. Harry Potter Fan Art

    Well when I said reference, I meant just a pose reference, not the actual art style. Sorry I didn't clarify that. Mmm... strawberry bread... Wait. Please don't devour me O_O; lol
  21. Harry Potter Fan Art

    @StarFeather: Thank you! Yours is really good as well. For the pose, I used a reference from Yamamori Mika's "Hirunaka no Ryuusei" featuring two of her male lead characters to draw out in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. Coloring wise, it was simple, but I wish I put shadowing on the wrinkles of their uniforms.
  22. Harry Potter Fan Art

    6th year Albus and Scorpius. With confidence post-CC, wouldn't you say so?
  23. Earworm

    hide- Drink Or Die (D.O.D.)
  24. Earworm

    @StarFeather: AHH! So great to see another RAD fan here! <3 Their stuff's SO good! "Kurenai" by X Japan. I watched the documentary last night and it was amazing. Every music fan should watch it.
  25. Earworm

    Utada Hikaru- Nijikan Dake no Vacance feat. Shiina Ringo (If there's any Hikki fans here, you need to listen to "Fantome." It is FIRE.)