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  1. Wooo almost to 5k words of lab reports and personal statements for NaNo! (aka half of my goal!!)

  2. I want to bake cupcakes.  That sounds like fun!  I need more fun in my life.

    1. MadiMalfoy


      Right?! It's so fun and relaxing at the same time, and helps me de-stress from college life! Plus they're delicious sugary treats so there's really no losing when baking cupcakes. :P

  3. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 25 Rebels: 24
  4. Milestones

    Broke 2600 words between lab reports and personal statement writing tonight! I have a feeling my lab report is going to be over 2000 words at this rate though....but on I go!
  5. Various

    Hey Pix!! I'm definitely thinking it'll more have to do with her powers, and will hopefully illuminate her struggles to be taken seriously that we see in canon and where they maybe began. I'm planning on spending time next week writing chapter 3! It's going to build the foundations for her future struggles, but hopefully they'll be hidden enough that it'll be more of a surprise when it happens later on in the story. Thanks for the support and for sticking with the story for so long, Pix!
  6. Instead of writing for NaNo, I'm planning a challenge and baking cupcakes...

    1. Rumpelstiltskin


      Challenges and cupcakes are fun! xD

  7. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 16 Rebels: 17
  8. Various

    Hi! Well my Trelawney story actually stemmed from a prompt @Pixileanin gave me back a long time ago and I'm just now attempting to finish it so she has a completed lovely story! Chapter 3 will focus on Sybill working with her new hire Eddie and teaching him some of her trade secrets and how to determine if customers were muggles versus wizards and so on. Chapter 4 will delve into some sweet courtship and romancing things while they are working the shop. The final chapter will hopefully be just a brief little wrap-up of this chapter of Sybill's life, whether or not it ends positively will depend on my mood when I get there writing-wise! I'm really hoping to describe more of her Sight powers in chapter 3 as Eddie will need to know some tricks so it's a perfect time to inform the reader as well! As far as angst goes, I haven't yet decided how I want this story to end -- if I want to keep it light and happy or have it all come crashing down on Sybill. You'll just have to wait and see Thanks for the questions Kenny!! Aw, thanks Ysh! Really this was the only way for me to truly participate in any kind of major-ish capacity this year, and I didn't want to break my streak!! Thanks for the donuts, I'm really going to need that sugar!!
  9. Various

    Hello everyone! Once again, I'll be doing NaNo as a rebel this year, and also aiming for a much lower goal than in years past due to my course load and other responsibilities. I'm hoping to get 10,000 words written over the course of the month! Projects (some definitely, some maybe): 1. Love Makes Me - finish Chapter 20 (and post!) (~2,500 words left) 2. Lab Reports - 2 formal write-ups (~1,000 words each) + notebook write-ups 3. Grad School Applications - personal statements (100-600 words each) 4. Trelawney Short Story - finish Chapter 3 (and post!), start Chapter 4 (~2,000 words) As far as needing motivation goes, 2 & 3 have certain deadlines (#3 is self-imposed deadlines) so those words will definitely be done before NaNo is completed. I'm planning on spending a lot of my Thanksgiving break from school to write my personal statements and such and also do my fun writing (#1 & #4) so we'll see what happens. *shrug* I'm happy to answer any questions about anything related to this terrible excuse of a NaNoWriMo project, but hey, it works!
  10. How do you feel about the "Soulmate AU" trope in fan fiction?

    1. cat!


      it's one of my favorites! especially when a lot of thought is put into the world building ^_^ 

  11. Be on the lookout for a new writing challenge with a twist from me in the next couple of weeks!!

  12. Nanowrimo Rebel Sign-Up Thread

    Here I am, just like every year! HPFT Penname: MadiMalfoy NaNo Username (if applicable): MadiMalfoy NaNo Project: Lab reports, personal statement writing, anything I actually write of Love Makes Me Goal: 10,000 combined (it's gonna be iffy)
  13. Hi all! It's been a minute, or several, I guess. As always, as soon as the school year hit, my activity on this site plummeted. Curse you, college and club involvements! I've been meaning to get back into my writing, but with graduate school applications due in less than two months, along with running two very different and large clubs on campus, not to mention my regular schoolwork and actual jobs, it's fallen onto the furthest back burner. So this week is National Chemistry Week for the American Chemical Society (Happy Mole Day!!!) and on Friday is our student chapter's biggest event of the year, our annual Halloween House event. This event brings in close to 1000 people from the surrounding community and we show them cool chemistry demos (of course we have fire and color changing demos, and liquid nitrogen ice cream!) along with some cool activities from the biology, earth science, physics, and pre-med clubs. It's a great event but when you're in charge of it going smoothly it's extremely stressful. That's one of the many excuses reasons why I'm not more present on the site as of now, but also because I've completely forgotten where I'm at in my novel as well and what's supposed to be happening. *shrug* I'm definitely going to have time to work on it over Thanksgiving break though, right alongside my personal statements for grad school applications. This was just my way of saying hey, I'm still around, but more in a lurking sort of way until I actually have some time on my hands. Look for a BRAND NEW chapter of Love Makes Me within the next month though for sure! ~Madi
  14. I want to host a challenge but I'm not sure about the theme I want to do...anyone available for me to bounce ideas around with?

    1. Rumpelstiltskin


      I'm in the middle of a review, but if you give me a bit of time I'll be available. ^_^

    2. MadiMalfoy


      Sweet! I have a bit of reading to do for class anyway, so just PM me when you're ready :)

  15. Guys I'm creating a potion in LMM and I literally spent at least 3 hours researching which magical components needed to be in it so it would do what I wanted it to based on the literature. Can you tell I'm a chemistry nerd yet? 

    1. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      This is awesome. By the way, congratulations, you have received an Outstanding on your Potions NEWT. :D