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  1. The Panic Thread

    I've written a lot of words this month! Unfortunately...they've almost all been for work and not NaNo. I'm hoping that will change after next week, but...yeah, I'm drowning.
  2. Call for Stories - November

    This month is a bit complicated, but the November Fic Night will go live at approximately 4:00 PM GMT, 26 November 2017 on our YouTube (M) channel! If it's your first time engaging with Fic Night, you can learn all you need to know in our Rules thread - also the perfect place to ask any questions you may have about nominating, voting, and most importantly - participating! This thread will be open for nominations until 11:59 PM GMT, 17 October 2017. Voting will begin thereafter and run until 11:59 PM GMT, 24 November 2017. Ready? Use the form below to nominate! Just remember to keep nominations to your own work, as we need the author's permission for the live reading portion. [b]Story Title / Link[/b]: [b]Author[/b]: [b]Length (chapters / words)[/b]: [b]Summary[/b]: [b]Would you be willing to participate in the livestream? If yes, by video or audio only?[/b] Please keep the story length to no greater than 5,000 words. Nominate away!
  3. PP: Music

    "And we can build write this thing together, standing NaNo-ing strong forever, nothing's gonna stop us now..."
  4. Balancing Act by dreamgazer220

    Howdy Jill! I'm always excited to read people's OF ideas and yours seems to carry that delightful blend of mystery and understanding what you'll be diving into. I have some questions, that I've been careful to make sure (hopefully) haven't been asked yet! 1. Will there be any alumni that "return" for the story that will play a significant role? 2. What decade is the story set in? What unique challenges do you think that will carry? 3. Do you see the romance you've envisioned for Maddy as endgame as far as this story is concerned or is it more of a vehicle for growth that will live its life within the confines of this book? Looking forward to your answers! Hope you're able to start NaNo with a bang!
  5. A Scandalous Affair, by esmeraude

    Howdy Isobel! Your stories are seriously always so intriguing and this is no exception. Naturally, there are questions... 1. You mentioned expanding/fixing the Black family tree in this story. Is that limited to the characters you've named above or may there be other additions? Do you plan to publish this fancy tree anywhere on its own? 2. How do you view the DMLE handling murder investigations generally? How is that changed during this precarious time? 3. Do you see this story concluding with "justice" against the killer, the reveal of that person's identity, or neither? Thanks for taking the time to answer! Good luck!
  6. "Rendition" by RenacerĂ¡

    Howdy Emily! Having not read Collateral I am a bit at a disadvantage, but this story sounded very interesting for a Draco/Hermione story (usually not my cup of tea), so I thought I'd stop by with some questions! 1. How do you plan to address the immediate aftermath of the war, where people often, even if only temporarily, go their separate ways to achieve closure with their families and separate friends? Do you think it will challenge Draco and Hermione's relationship immediately if those groups are not supportive (which I am assuming they won't be - at least not uniformly)? 2. Do you view the society that appears to be coming from the quotes you've chosen above a result of a particular person or persons' machinations or as a somewhat natural, strong reaction to the causes of the war - oppression in rejection so-to-speak? 3. Will the story pick up immediately after the war ends or will there be a time jump? 4. Since you don't reference the British Wizarding World specifically, do you plan to incorporate international politics as well? Hope you enjoy these on NaNo-eve (and Halloween)!
  7. Divine Chaos by MuggleMaybe

    Howdy Renee! So many of my questions seem to have been asked already, but I'm going to try to come up with some new ones for you! 1. Will we be seeing different aspects of Divination in your story than we did in canon? 2. Does Rose actually like Divination as a subject or is she just sucked into it as a reality in her life? 3. Does Rose have any ability to "control" or "explore" her visions once she's in one (1) or is she just along for the ride? 4. What do you see as your biggest challenge in the mechanics of writing a Seer with repeated visions? This sounds like a very interesting story on a number of levels! Good luck with NaNo!
  8. Various by clairevergreen

    Howdy Claire! I love the idea for Friday Night Flights! I've always loved FNL and this sounds like the PERFECT American AU. 1. What made you decide to have the Fort Mill Eagles be upstarts (?) instead of champions like the Panthers? 2. If you had to give the following players Quidditch positions, which would you pick? Saracen Riggins Smash Vince Luke Voodoo 3. Will this story feature a Buddy Garrity figure? 4. I happen to agree with you about public wizarding school in the USA, but what drives your vision for it? 5. Do you imagine the fever over Quidditch in the Fort Mill area actually took any inspiration from American football mania? Good luck writing! I can't wait to read it!
  9. Pajama Party Check In

    Well...since I'm still at work I'm in a blue-gray sharkskin suit, white button down, and my weekday Halloween staple - a Gryffindor tie.
  10. PP: Food

    Food bomb!
  11. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 1 Rebels: 3 Clearly we see who has time on their hands...
  12. PP: Music

    Too soon? Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley
  13. Plan B

    Plan B: Gloomy realistic fiction (OF) - Usually good for about 15K of this A new episode of Unconfirmed Reports - Should be about 9-10K A sequel/alt-POV to No Accounting for Taste (or making it into a novel...who can say) - many words So...that's promising, right?
  14. November 2017 Bulletin

    So glad to have surfaced to see this go live! Congrats to our new Prefects and featured authors/stories!
  15. Earworm

    Don't Take the Money by Bleachers