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  1. January Fic Night Voting

    This month we have a run-off between two (2) strong stories by two (2) even stronger Snakes. Take a look via the links below and then cast your vote! Truth or Lies by toomanycurls People Watching by BlackPixie
  2. Best Family/Friendship Voting

    Best LGBTQA+ Character 2018 This year we stepped beyond romance to reward well-crafted bonds of family and friendship. Which of these Fantabulous Five did it best? In this phase there's only one (1) simple rule - don't vote for yourself! Still need help? The finalists and the reasons for their nominations are below (with links): Chloe (OC) and Family in red luck by: @just.a.willow.tree Reason for Nomination: This is a Rose/OC fic, and I really loved the chemistry Eva brings to that pairing. Equally noteworthy, though, is Chloe (the OC) and her relationship with her (somewhat traditional) Chinese family, especially in light of her sexual orientation and relationship with Rose. The moments between Chloe and her mother are particularly raw - though they maintain an element of hope, too. It's an amazing fic - all the more so given that it's one of her first attempts at fanfic! The Dumbledore Family in Prisoner (M) by: Crimson Quill Reason for Nomination: Abbi's writing always have this big emotional impact and this story is so powerful and a great example of that. The Dumbledore's story is replayed in all its tragedy, but there is still a note of hope underlying it all that I absolutely adored. I also really loved how she plays with the points of view, especially the little snippets she gave us of Percival and Kendra, and how she really focuses on the internal struggles and braided interactions among all the family members and the love that is always there, despite all the heartbreak, the guilt and the grudges. It's just a wonderful piece with so much complexity, totally worth reading. Peter Pettigrew & Sirius Black in Secret Keeper by: @poppunkpadfoot Reason for Nomination: Peter Pettigrew is NOT typically my most favorite character to read about; let alone have a story that's being told from his POV. That being said, however, Kayla has done a miraculous job of taking this evil character that we all love to hate, and making him actually feel likable. I absolutely LOVED how she chose to highlight the friendship between Sirius and Peter that is often times overlooked in Marauders fics. She has them both characterized in such believable ways, and everything in this piece just flows so naturally. I love the way the Sirius confesses his secret to Peter (even if it was not 100% intentional), and then how Peter proceeds to go out of his way to prove to Sirius that his friends will all still love and accept him just the way that he is; no matter what. It's all so sweet and endearing, and it's a side of Peter Pettigrew (post-war) that I really quite enjoyed reading about. They were all true friends at one point and, if you think of this story in terms of it being a "missing moment" of sorts from the books, it would actually make sense at to why Sirius was so quick to put his trust in Wormtail when it came down to something as important as the lives of Lily and James Potter... It's just SUCH a great story, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has not read it yet!! Victoire & Fred Weasley II in Shenanigans, Capers, and Hi-Jinks (M) by: @abhorsen./Beeezie Reason for Nomination: Vic and Fred are refreshing to read. Cousins who are best friends, look out for each other and know that family is important. Lavender Brown & Parvati Patil in to the end of time (M) by: @clevernotbrilliant/clairevergreen Reason for Nomination: So this story does have romantic element to it but it is the focus on the friendship which makes this story so endearing. Claire has crafted such a beautiful friendship between the two girls. Claire has picked up on so many little moments here which make a lasting friendship, it is the bond of friendship make this story so engaging and adds another layer to this story.
  3. Best LGBTQA+ Character Voting

    Best LGBTQA+ Character 2018 Our authors write characters who identify as LGBTQA+ with incredible authenticity. Which of these Triumphant Three did it best? In this phase there's only one (1) simple rule - don't vote for yourself! Still need help? The finalists and the reasons for their nominations are below (with links): Hannah Abbott (Bisexual) in When I Go Out With You (M) by: @Dojh167 Reason for Nomination: Sam took a relatively unknown character and gave her a depth that could have fooled me into thinking that Hannah Abbott had been a fully fleshed-out character in the original novels. But everything about her is all Sam's. The way Hannah's life in love was explored throughout the story was so beautifully written. One of the best things about this story is that it spoke on polyamory, and how Hannah found love in both Susan and Neville. Just, being able to see Hannah's growth throughout the story was incredibly rewarding, as she learned to accept and embrace different parts of herself, as a bisexual woman with so much love to give to others. Albus Potter (Gay) in Before the Sun Sets (Next-Gen Series) (M) by: @toomanycurls Reason for Nomination: Albus is one of my favorite characters in this series. Just reading his character growth from Pure Intentions, to the later oneshots, from after the two novels, was a great experience. There were times when I wanted to slap him, and other times I wanted to hug him, and others that I wanted to cry for him. He was never stagnant, and such a pleasure to follow through some pretty trying times in his life. And his relationship with Brandon is one of my favorites in all of time. Albus Potter (Asexual) in And the World Went On by: @manno-malfoy Reason for Nomination: I love Manno's writing and I love this story - it's so rich and complex and well-told, and even without reading any of her characters before, it's very easy to fall in love with them. Albus is a brilliant character - moody and confused and loveable - and I thought his struggle to understand what asexuality means for him and his relationship with his girlfriend (who's also a fantastic character!) was so well written and portrayed. (Pretty sure someone has said this elsewhere, but you need to read this!)
  4. Best Depiction of Mental Illness/Disability 2018 Our authors represent those struggle with mental illness or disabilities incredibly well and it's time to take notice. Which of these Faithful Four did it best? In this phase there's only one (1) simple rule - don't vote for yourself! Still need help? The finalists and the reasons for their nominations are below (with links): Astoria Greengrass (Depression; PTSD) in Dead Eyes and Red Eyes (M) by: @abhorsen./Beeezie Reason for Nomination: Branwen does a fabulous job of showing how the war has affected Astoria and the self-harming mechanisms she uses to cope. This is such a realistic moment for Astoria, going through the trauma of living through terrible things. The characterization is spot on. The emotions are real. And, for anyone who loves Branwen's Drastoria fics, this is where they meet! Sirius Black (Mental Illness) in The Department (M) by: @poppunkpadfoot Reason for Nomination: Reading Kayla's story, I imagined the dark hallway, staircase of Grimmauld Place and his mother's shriek. I felt pity for Sirius who had found that his brother Regulus ended in his mysterious death. (spoiler alert!!! →) Even he saw his brother's ghost there. Regulus Black (Depression) in keyframe by: @forever_dreaming Reason for Nomination: so this is really wonderfully written piece. I thought Shreya did a beautiful job at portraying Regulus' thoughts in one of his darkest hours. I thought it was very sensitively handled and I loved how his depression was compared to music and how that was a running theme through out the piece. I thought the dynamic between Regulus and Pandora was good and it ended on a hopeful but realistic note. Sirius Black (Depression; PTSD) in Words and Silences (M) by @Shadowkat678 Reason for Nomination: "Words and Silences" is an extraordinarily written piece--it's dark and heartbreaking and immediately connects the reader to the character so they are immediately swept away in Sirius' pain. I think the author did a fantastic job exploring a character who is struggling with both depression and PTSD, allowing for Sirius' thoughts and actions to reflect the narrative and sentence-structure in a way that captivates the reader.
  5. Best Romance Voting

    Best Romance 2018 Love is in the air in these Spendiforous Six stories - our finalists in a much beloved FF genre. In this phase there's only one (1) simple rule - don't vote for yourself! Still need help? The finalists and the reasons for their nominations are below (with links): A Candle (M) by: @abhorsen./Beeezie Reason for Nomination: Draco and Astoria are so amazingly perfect together in this--I can't even. Branwen painted the two characters' chemistry in such a lovely way (I'm especially impressed on how she handled Draco Malfoy in how he shows his love through his caution and how Astoria is simply so wrapped up in him). Their love is sweet and precious and I shipped them so hard as I was reading this. Aside from the amazing romance, the story itself is well-written in combination and extremely interesting. It was easy to read and easier to get lost in. I also thought that Branwen handled the love scene in this story in a very passionate, careful way that made it lovely to read. Overall, I think it's a wonderful story and if you haven't read it yet, do so now. Nights Like These (M) by: @banshee Reason for Nomination: This Dean/Seamus fic shows a very believable way that the two might get together. As usual, Julie writes brilliantly. It's heartbreaking to watch Seamus struggle, but then so, so lovely to experience the realizations of love alongside both of them. There's just enough passion in this, and the romance is SO CUTE. I swear, it is literally impossible not to root for Dean and Seamus once you start reading this fic. Skewed Toward Truth (M) by: @MuggleMaybe Reason for Nomination: I love this piece so, so much. Renee's Alicia is so, so easy to relate to - her description of what kissing people she wasn't super into is like is literally perfect, and it builds toward a conclusion that I found so, so satisfying. <3 Thrill by: @nott theodore Reason for Nomination: I am so smitten with this story because Sian managed to capture so much love in every interaction between Sirius and Remus, down to the smallest little moments. They're both characterized so perfectly which just added to how genuine the whole story felt. Of course, Sian had to go and add some crushing angst in (which, like, relatable ) but I found that it heightened the non-angsty bits and made them all the more powerful. When I Go Out With You (M) by: @Dojh167 Reason for Nomination: This story is just amazing I defy anyone not to fall in love with Sam's Hannah Abbott, and the romance and relationships in this story are incredible. Sam does a wonderful job of crafting the romance between Hannah and her partners, exploring the different relationships, characters, and polyamory. Every time I even think about this story I can't stop smiling, and it's guaranteed to fill you with warm, fuzzy feels. When Spring Doesn't Return by: @Rumpelstiltskin Reason for Nomination: We notice Rumpel separated each person’s POV beautifully on the right and the left. Some of the words are sexually stimulating. The others are horrifying. She tried expressing the ship, romance between Karkaroff and the original female character, Grace, using all seasons. I say their romance "peculiar" because Karkaroff is apparently a Death Eater, Rumpel created the original and unique world in these poems. I like all stanzas inlayed with brilliant descriptions of seasonal phenomena and their emotion. Especially winter parts are very impressive.
  6. Best Rare Pair Voting

    Best Rare Pair 2018 Another of our new categories this year, only a Terrific Three qualified for the most rarefied air in Best Rare Pair. In this phase there's only one (1) simple rule - don't vote for yourself! Still need help? The finalists and the reasons for their nominations are below (with links): Cormac McLaggen/Eloise Midgen in Logarithmic (M) by: @val Reason for Nomination: This is my favorite story in the history of fanfiction. Cormac is completely in character, but Val gives him a depth that I've never ever seen before. Eloise is an absolutely brilliantly written character and I'm just cheering her on no matter what she decides to do or who she ends up with. Their chemistry is at least three fire emojis and the dialogue is everything I've ever wanted out of life. Dorcas Meadowes/Marlene McKinnon in war & mint by: @sihaya Reason for Nomination: This was an entry into the recent prefects' challenge, and holy shit did I love it. Sian does an absolutely incredible job at capturing the relationship between Dorcas and Marlene under the shadow of the war, and I cannot recommend it strongly enough. Lavender Brown/Parvati Patil in Parisian Scars (M) by: @Crimson Quill Reason for Nomination: Abbi expressed both Lavender's emotional scar and the look from the outside, which is deeply related to her feeling towards Parvati. I'm glad she set a happy ending after lots of her pains, which is very her style. With visual Indian food, a floral descriptions of Parvati sounds very comforting for readers, too.
  7. Best Humor Voting

    Best Humor 2018 As we embark on another year of fun, what better category to enjoy than Humor? Though many were bandied about, ultimately our Fantastic Four finalists remain for your consideration. In this phase there's only one (1) simple rule - don't vote for yourself! Still need help? The finalists and the reasons for their nominations are below (with links): Hormones (M) by: @Deeds/dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Reason for Nomination: This is genuinely one of the most hilarious fics I've read in my life. I think I laughed so hard in some parts that I cried. The scenarios presented in this fic are absolutely ridiculous yet somehow believable at the same time, which only makes it funnier. In the future, I can definitely see myself returning to this fic for a way to lighten up my mood if I'm feeling down. It's honestly that funny. Please read it if you haven't, it's so, so good. Your day will be made ten times brighter. Immortal Misconceptions (M) by: @AbraxanUnicorn Reason for Nomination: This piece is hilarious. There are so many lines that are laugh out loud funny (embarrass yourself on a bus full of people laugh out loud funny). The idea for the one-shot is totally off the wall but it works so well. Meera uses pop culture references to add the humour. It's just the best thing that I've seen in its genre. Humour is so difficult to get right but Meera hits the nail on the head with this! A must read! In Which Harry and Ron Discuss Everything BUT Quidditch by: @Veritaserum27 Reason for Nomination: I really enjoyed and appreciated this story because it was really funny without being absurd (although absurdity can also be good, of course!) and because I found both Ron and Harry to be so in-character (which I always find extra impressive when it's characters as major as those two) When Dahlias Bloom (M) by: @dirigibleplums Reason for Nomination: Okay, so a ton of us read Dormitory 2.6a and we all loved it and Nova Hale was a magnificent character and Al was a cutie, right? Right, but the story was really made by the running commentary and expertly crafted snarkiness of Dahlia Darzi. Now imagine an entire fic of her. Yes, your dreams came true in the form of When Dahlias Bloom. She's hilarious, clever, and a fierce friend with so many dimensions and facet. If you've ever worked in the service industry you'll die laughing at her trying to deal with and not kill annoying customers. The banter will make you laugh out loud every other line. Plums never disappoints.
  8. Best Dark/Horror Voting

    Best Dark/Horror 2018 This year marked the first appearance of a brand new category honoring stories that plumbed the darkest of depths. Only these Sinister Six survived. In this phase there's only one (1) simple rule - don't vote for yourself! Still need help? The finalists and the reasons for their nominations are below (with links): Bruises (M) by: @TreacleTart Reason for Nomination: Kaitlin's storytelling in this is just stunning. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time while reading this, as she described the treatment of a girl locked up in an asylum of sorts, and what it took in order to leave. There was just something painfully reminiscent of the real world, and how those who don't fit into society's neat little boxes are encouraged (and sometimes beaten) to stop being who they are. I absolutely loved every moment of this story, and I definitely think it deserves this. Erasure (M) by: @AbraxanUnicorn Reason for Nomination: This was, I felt, a pretty outstanding piece about George Weasley. If I gush too much, it will give away the ending, but in his need to escape one nightmare, he gets locked inside another. Very well written with a wonderful twist. Got You (M) by: @sihaya Reason for Nomination: This story is so original and awesome. Sian wrote about Fenrir Greyback, and I wasn't in a rage the whole time I read this. In fact, this story is such a disturbing exploration of his mental state that I almost felt sympathetic towards him. The language is fabulous, the writing--as always for Sian--pristine. This story will give you goosebumps. Muggle Studies (M) by: @esmeraude Reason for Nomination: This is one of the most unique stories that I've come across during the snowball event and perhaps in all my time reading fanfiction. It's written in such a unique way from multiple perspectives, and it's so meticulously done that it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it. It really unfolds like a puzzle and doesn't entirely make sense until the very last sentence. It is one of the stories that really stuck with me, mostly for the writing technique, but also for the way it focused on super minor characters and fleshed them out even though we were hardly ever in direct contact with them. And I personally got very emotionally invested in these characters, despite the short length of the story, and then they eventually shocked me and broke my heart. And I think it takes special skills to put such an amazing story together and it definitely deserves loads of love and acknowledgement! The Skull Beneath the Skin (M) by: @esmeraude Reason for Nomination: Not only was this piece extremely well written (and I mean some gorgeous lines throughout), the characterization of the main character, Posy, is exposed so thoughtfully and thoroughly in the narrative that the piece is easy to get lost in and nearly impossible to stop reading. Speaking of characterization, between the slightly surly, brazen, strong main character, Posy, and the carefully crafted ensemble of secondary characters and minor characters, I couldn't help but fall in love. There are little twists and surprises scattered throughout paired with some downright shocking turns of events (and I'm looking right at Tib's wonderful insanity here) that are absolutely fantastic to read. Best of all, we're looking at things from potential Death Eater's perspectives (the other side of the story). So, yeah, if I had to choose just one story to nominate in the Dark genre, this one takes the cake. Spiral (M) by: @Rumpelstiltskin Reason for Nomination: This piece is amazing! It explores snippets of Sirius' life at his darkest points, Rumpels does a beautiful job writing his pain, it's so well thought out and it's a short piece but it's so well written so the pacing is perfect. the angst is just so strong in this piece but it's really wonderfully done. it's engaging and gripping wolfstar!
  9. Best Angst Voting

    Best Angst 2018 Another packed category after the close of nominations, a Fierce Five remain for your consideration as the Best Angst story! In this phase there's only one (1) simple rule - don't vote for yourself! Still need help? The finalists and the reasons for their nominations are below (with links): Beyond Repair by: @MuggleMaybe Reason for Nomination: When I look back this story, I feel sad remembering Lily's deep emotion, attachment to Petunia. Renee expressed how Lily tried doing anything to please her sister and Petunia's complicated feeling towards her sister who lived in a different world (the magical world), her jealous heart and her affection for Lily. Gods Without Grace [M] by: @dirigibleplums Reason for Nomination: A time-travel fic, taking us back to the time in the First Wizarding War Era where Tom Riddle attends Hogwarts as a student, which features Hermione Granger who loses her memories. Oh yes, yes, yes! This is a twisted, dark, and angsty fic and I loved every second of it. The quality of the story, itself, was positively stunning! As Hermione is sucked into an utter debacle of the utter, terrifying darkness that is Tom Riddle while struggling with her amnesia, the plot is intense and keeps you right on the edge of your seat. I promise, once you start reading it, you will not be able to put it down. Hermione's characterization, given her position, was done so thoughtfully and Tom Riddle's characterization was simply on point--terrifying, dark, twisted, cruel, and manipulative. Amazing job. Haunting Shadows [M] by: @dreamgazer220 Reason for Nomination: Jill is the angsty character queen, and this story is definitely one of her darker ones. She explores the relationships between so many different characters in this story, where every character feels so real and brings their own problems and conflicts into the story, leaving you on the edge of your seat. silence. death. [M] by: @poppunkpadfoot Reason for Nomination: So I can't think about a story more deserving than this one. Kayla has beautifully written this piece, the topic is so sensitive but she does it justice. It's amazing how she explores the topic in such detail with such wonderful bright imagery. You can feel Remus' pain in this piece, It's such an emotional one-shot and the ending just ruined me. It's engaging, interesting and thought provoking piece. I feel like I'm not doing it justice with my words but if you haven't you need to read her story! This Misery Will Suffice [M] by: @BellaLestrange87 Reason for Nomination: There are so many layers to this story! Olivia weaves together Astoria's life over the course of many years in a way that builds her fears and anxiety into something with deeper (and more painful) meaning. It's an absolutely amazing one-shot, and I can't recommend it strongly enough.
  10. Most Versatile Author Voting

    Most Versatile Author 2018 After many nominations and even more seconds and thirds, this category has yielded some truly talented finals - a Sensational Six! In this phase there's only one (1) simple rule - don't vote for yourself! Still need help? The finalists and the reasons for their nominations are below: @abhorsen. (Beeezie) Reason for Nomination: Though it may be easily obscured for the moment by her deluge of Astoria/Draco, Branwen writes so many things and writes them so well. From different generations to different POVs to OCs to a wide range of diverse characters, she's really written it all within the fandom and that's not even getting started on her non-HP works, which IDK if I'm allowed to include @BlackPixie Reason for Nomination: Hayden's AP is two pages long, and it is chocked-full of so much variety! Hayden writes all different types of stories, from poetry to short-stories, to drabbles; and they're always experimenting with writing different eras and genres, as well as trying out new characters with every new piece that they write. Hayden doesn't only write for the Harry Potter fandom either! There are also a few Original Fiction pieces, and some Hamilton fan-fiction on their AP as well!! Hayden's writing style is so unique and so different, and I really feel as though it deserves to be recognized!! @melian Reason for Nomination: I'm nominating Mel because she has wide range of stories posted on the archives. I think what makes Mel special is that she actively try to push herself with her writing and try new themes/pairings etc... She isn't afraid to write outside her own head canon either, e.g. she has wolfstars yet she is the author that made Laura/Sirius basically canon in many people's eyes. She has taken apart in a lot of challenges and forum events which have pushed her as a writer which means she has a brilliant authors page which is full of different and interesting stories. 4. @nott theodore Reason for Nomination: There are so many stories on Sian's page, spreading through all genres, themes, eras, writing styles... anything she writes is a small piece of art, from the sweetest of fluff to the most heartbreaking of angst. There isn't a single thing I've read by her that I haven't found absolutely stunning. 5. @PaulaTheProkaryote Reason for Nomination: Paula writes major characters and minor characters, she plays with a wide variety of genres, she includes a lot of incredibly creative headcanons in her stories, and she's even branched out from Harry Potter. I've never read something of hers that I didn't really, really enjoy. 6. @pookha Reason for Nomination: I always really enjoy it whenever I check out anything Pookha writes and he can write about anything. From a Dread Hogwarts Cthulhu story to Crookshank's final day to McGonagall hosting a Cat Fight Club in the Room of Requirement (yes, you read that right). His writing is inspiring, clever, and always interesting. There's no genre or character he can't flesh out in a way that makes me rethink their entire story.
  11. Best Reviewer Voting

    Best Reviewer 2018 Your nominations are in. The dust has settled on all the seconds and thirds. Now, the time has come to decide who among these Super Seven is the cream of the crop! In this phase there's only one (1) simple rule - don't vote for yourself! Still need help? The finalists and the reasons for their nominations are below: @Felpata_Lupin Reason for Nomination: Chiara leaves such wonderful thoughtful reviews for everyone which I always love receiving. I think she's also really great because she makes effort to leave reviews at all times of year (not just events etc.) , she's really active in offering review swaps and she keeps up to date with her busy reviewing thread too. @forever_dreaming Reason for Nomination: Every review that Shreya leaves is so positive, thoughtful, and detailed. Her reviews spread so much happiness. She comments on all aspects of a fic and is never afraid to add her personal thoughts or interpretation of a particular section. Sometimes I read her reviews and realize that she was able to glean much more from a story than I could, which I think is a special gift she has. Perhaps most importantly, Shreya is unfailingly honest and includes constructive criticisms in her reviews as well as compliments. She definitely deserves this. @just.a.willow.tree Reason for Nomination: Eva hasn't been around for long and yet if you look at her review count she's already got the impressive number of 183 reviews (and I've had the luck to be on the receiving hand of a few of those...) She's been just incredible during the snowball event and she's still rocking it with her super busy review thread now. Also, all her reviews are super thoughtful and enthusiastic and guaranteed to bring a huge smile on your face! She totally deserves to be recognized! @PaulaTheProkaryote Reason for Nomination: Paula's reviews are always such a joy to receive. Whether or not they've been requested, they're always so detailed and thorough, and you can tell she's read through the entire piece and has given some thought to the review. She's always so positive and encouraging. Her reviews constantly leave me smiling and give me something to think about. @Rumpelstiltskin Reason for Nomination: Rumpels has left a lot of reviews in a short period of time, and I have grown to absolutely love receiving them from her. They ALWAYS make me smile. They're thoughtful and honest and she's a definite consideration for this category. @Stella Blue Reason for Nomination: Kristen's reviews are constantly on point. Not only are they really kind and fun to read, she's always making inferences about what's to come, really thorough when it comes to pointing out things she really likes about chapters, and isn't afraid to leave a bit of CC should she spot anything. @victoria_anne Reason for Nomination: Bianca has reviewed just about every chapter of my Novel, and whenever I post an update; I can pretty much always count on her to be the first one to review it. Her feedback is always such a joy to read, and I absolutely love the enthusiasm that she leaves in her reviews. Bianca is such a passionate reader, and it never fails to show through in her reviews. She is currently the 4th-most-highest reviewer on HPFT, and that's probably because she literally reads & reviews EVERYTHING!! If you wrote it, Bianca will read it, lol!! Not to mention the fact that she has kept her Review Thread up and running for almost a year-and-a-half now - she started it in August of 20116, and it's still going!! I love her reviews SO MUCH, and I'm sure that the authors of the hundreds of other stories that she has R&R'd know exactly what I'm talking about, and are likely to feel the same.
  12. just.a.willow.tree's reviews

    Howdy again! I have returned to ask if you would be so kind as to R&R the last three (3) chapters of this bad boy. Story & Author Name: No Accounting for Taste (M) by TidalDragonWarnings & Advisories: Sexual Assault, Sexual Content, Substance AbuseGenres: AU, Drama, RomanceLength: Novellette (Completed: six (6) chapters; 13,633 words)Ships: Harry Potter/Katie Bell, Unlisted PairingSummary: There's more to life than crunching numbers. Professors be damned.Areas of Concern: This go around I'm interested in how you see the dynamic evolving between Harry and Katie and whether I'm showing enough while avoiding (mostly) telling. There is also a particular scene/setting that I'd like your feedback on - I'm pretty confident you'll know it when you see it. And the ending. Enough or no? Plus your general awesome feedback of any kind as before. I'm going to try to beat you to reviewing with my responses. Thanks!
  13. The Cute Things in Your Fandom

    Psych (because God love the cast and everyone for resurrecting it) Shules The Shawn/Gus Bromance Star Wars (TFA Forward) Cassian/Jyn #justrey Also the fathiers and their escaping back into the wilds
  14. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    @Elena Like @abhorsen. I have read a number of articles on this, seen the tweets, the photos, etc. TBH, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to take away from this piece in particular. First, it contains a picture that, while far from the worst I've seen (and I've unfortunately seen many), still looks...pretty bad. As in, pretty clear she got punched/struck in the face at least once, probably more than once (note the eye and cheek - probably a punch - and the bruising on the forehead as well). If the point is the joint statement and confidentiality agreement...first, there is a large number of people that take the settlement, statement, and voluntary dismissal of the DVPO as some sort of retraction of the allegations. As I'm sure you know, that's not true. However, since you brought up the content of the the settlement and accompanying confidentiality agreement, it's important to note that there aren't going to be "new facts" in those documents. Their entire purpose, like the reality they create, is to avoid admission of any wrongdoing on the part of anyone. So those documents aren't going to put in writing specific allegations, especially ones that haven't even become public. The only facts they're likely to include are identifiers and marriage and separation dates - maybe references to things that were already put in the public eye, but unlikely. And then a bunch of releases. Regardless, even if Depp does have "stuff" on Heard - even if she was violent toward him - it doesn't erase his own wrongdoing or his own violence. Second, the contents of the statement - designed to put a nice public face on everything - is telling in that it doesn't retract the allegations of abuse. It says that "[t]here was never an intent of physical or emotional harm." (emphasis added). It also puts to rest claims that Heard "made it up for money". Finally, re: the 911 call and the "smashing up the place" - there is video of the latter and the former involved allegations that Depp threw a phone and hit Heard in the face. IDK about the response time, the manner of contact, etc., but someone could be hit in the face with a phone and not have visible injuries. Does her recanting to the police by stating that it was only verbal draw that particular aspect of that particular incident into question? Yes. Does it nullify everything else? No.
  15. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    I agree with your premise @Elena in that I have seen many people, famous or otherwise, who have lost their jobs, livelihood, and reputation to ultimately false allegations because of the court of public opinion wherever they were. However these situations and the varying legal standards that accompany them can't be looked at in a vacuum. First, false allegations occur most often in "he-said-she-said" cases where there is no tangible or third-party evidence. In Depp's case though, there is a lot of evidence against him. Third-party calls to police followed by the classic "verbal-only" recant that often comes in these situations after she initially reported a violent situation. A DVPO being issued against him. Photos of injuries sustained by Heard. While I don't know how it works out there, it is true that the initial DVPO was likely granted at an ex parte hearing, but even then issuance is not some guarantee. It is true that the initial statement to police could've been the false statement rather than the latter. However, the weight of studied evidence shows this to be incredibly unlikely. It's not a surprise Heard would settle the case and withdraw the DVPO - she was being raked through the coals by many who, as is sadly typical of victims of domestic violence are often not trusted or are ascribed ulterior motives. This actually plays into a classic tactic of abusers: convincing their victims that the system won't help them, that nobody will believe them, that nobody will believe them over the abuser, that it will be worse for them if they do stand up for themselves. While I initially left my own post on this about my concerns between protecting alleged victims and the rights of the accused, I think the most compelling thing I discovered, leading me to edit my original post shortly thereafter is the photos. Unless you believe that they either: (1) came from somewhere else, which AFAIK, has never been claimed by anyone or (2) that Heard did it to herself or had someone else do so at her request just to support false allegations, which IMO strains credulity, the evidence is very strong that she was abused.