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  1. Hi there!  I just saw you joined about a week ago and I wanted to welcome you to HPFT and to Ravenclaw! :ravenclaw: Great to see you!

    1. MeIsMoonie


      Thank you!! xD

  2. Deadline: The Totally Constraining Challenge

    The Totally Constraining Challenge Deadline
  3. we rattle this town, we rattle this scene by cat!

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  4. Cluedo - Round 3

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Great job, everyone! This mystery has been solved. The fourth and final round will begin at 4:00 PM GMT tomorrow (October 22). Hufflepuff will have the first guess!
  5. Cluedo - Round 3

    Okay, moving on.. It's time for the Snakes to make a guess!
  6. Cluedo - Round 3

    Aaaand now the Claws have seen Slytherins information. It is Hufflepuff's turn!
  7. Cluedo - Round 3

    So the Puffs have proven the Gryffindors wrong in this guess. Claws, are you ready to take your best shot?
  8. Cluedo - Round 3

    Alriiiiiiight. The Gryffies have proved the Snakes wrong, and now they get their chance to make a guess!
  9. Cluedo - Round 3

    So, now that the snakes have disproved the Claws' latest guess, it's time for Hufflepuff to take a turn!
  10. Cluedo - Round 3

    I'm deeply hurt, Gryffindor that you would even THINK of suspecting me... What!? I was the killer last round? No, no, I'm pretty sure that was a mistake. Either way, although no other team can prove Gryffindor wrong, they do NOT have the correct answer. Take what you will from that. So... Ravenclaw, I believe it's your turn!
  11. Cluedo - Round 3

    Okay Slytherin, the Gryffies have left something in your common room for you to look at. Gryffindor, it's your turn!
  12. Cluedo - Round 3

    Okay - all has been revealed to the Puffs in their CR. Slytherin - make your best guess!
  13. Cluedo - Round 3

    Okay - the Claws have seen the Puff's disproof. So now it's Hufflepuff's turn to take a guess.
  14. Cluedo - Round 3

    The Gryffindors have their disproof from the Ravenclaws. So Claws, it's now your turn to make a guess!
  15. Cluedo - Round 3

    The Hufflepuffs can prove you wrong! Cards are revealed in your common room. Now the Puff's have 30 minutes to make a guess!