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  1. The Panic Thread

    Yesterday (Monday) was a complete fail (only had the <30 words from just after midnight which barely counts) and today's even worse. I was doing so well! but then I had an awful headache and just no energy and the next few scenes I have to write are very important and have a lot going on and introducing a ton of characters which doesn't help me just sit down and write the thing. I've tried to write a couple times today but it's just so hard to get the words out. On Sunday the words were coming so easily and now it's taking me forever to get a single sentence out. The time change really screwed me over, honestly. I didn't think it would get this bad for a few more weeks but I miss the sun already Also I'm trying to make Christmas presents and that's very time consuming and fussy and I have SO MANY TO DO. Just finished the second one. Out of a dozen. Well, not even finished, I just got through the first massive step, since I'm doing each step for all of them before moving on to the next part. The embroidery is taking 2-3 DAYS per ornament (though I do think it'll go faster the more I do) and honestly it's (objectively) more important for me to get the gifts done in time than for me to write fan fiction. Which is frustrating. And the ornaments and typing are both hard on my hands and eyes. Managed to get about 100 words which is better than nothing I guess but now I'm even more exhausted which is going to make tomorrow rough so writing will probably be a struggle again.
  2. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 26 Rebels: 24
  3. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 22 Rebels: 21
  4. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 20 Rebels: 21
  5. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 18 Rebels: 21
  6. Milestones

    Not only am I not behind, but I just annihilated my record - 1520 words in 75 minutes! before this I've only ever managed about 500 words per hour.
  7. Day 5 Writing Update! Current word count: 8,391 Still on track, but a couple hundred words behind my goal for today (8,512 would put me at 1667 words for the day, so I just lost my buffer). I gave up on 10k when I realized how much I really need to be working on Christmas presents made good progress on presents today. also realized/accepted that I write best at night, under a bit of pressure, which is why I sat down with my laptop at 10:45 and managed to write about 1500 words in about an hour. That's almost three times my previous record for an hour of writing (>600) which is frankly miraculous. and it wasn't crap! most of it was a traveling scene, but it doesn't really feel like filler so I'm counting it as a win also thanks to my limited amount of time to get my words in I did minimal googling. Today's google search history: canoe speed, river width, lake ontario photography I'm getting better at just writing fact check this in the comments didn't quite get to Bellamy today, but that just gives me something to look forward to tomorrow! we might have physically left Finn behind, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop writing about what a garbage human he is! so here, today's excerpt: fingers crossed for a finn-less excerpt tomorrow unfortunately, since Clarke and Harper only talked about guys, and Echo doesn't really converse, at least not yet, passing the bechdel test is still a distant dream. HOWEVER, I am passing enough +other female representation tests that I don't feel too bad about it. starting to feel slightly nervous that 50k is only gonna get me through season one, and this will end up being a trilogy. or stupidly long. either way, yikes.
  8. Day 4 Writing Update! Current word count: 6804! counted the bonus hour (thanks daylight savings) towards the 4th rather than the 5th, because today was another bad writing day mostly because I was writing filler for the first half, but once I realized what was going on I started summarizing and skipped to the good part. no particularly good lines today, so I'm gonna leave you with this one instead: [Clarke] searches her brain for any reason to leave [Finn] behind other than [...] his entire personality. which I'll probably have to cut during editing but I'm definitely gonna enjoy it being there now in better news, up next: I'm leaving Finn behind for a while and we're going to finally see Bellamy! And Roan! and also Octavia I guess. looking forward to writing tomorrow. hoping to hit 10k. managed to not google anything today! it's a miracle here, have an excerpt (feat. italics abuse):
  9. Day 3 Writing Update! Current word count: 5081! which is frankly a miracle because today has been pretty much terrible but I manage to hit 5k total AND 1667 for the day, with only a minute to spare seriously today sucked. minor injuries on important body parts + not having any latex free bandaids + migraines + not being able to sleep until almost 5 this morning (I went to bed at 12:30 so ) I did have the most amazing dinner ever - perfectly cooked filet mignon (rare), sautéed chanterelles in a roasted garlic cream sauce, and a salad with white balsamic vinaigrette. good job self. Today's google search history: mammals of great lakes region, maple trees, maple tree age, radiation effect on trees seriously I learned so much about maple syrup today guys. did not expect that maple syrup would have any place in my post-apocalyptic sci-fi fanfic but here we are. I got through pretty much all of the pilot, or rather the plot points from the pilot that help my plot out - discovering there are survivors on the ground (though without any major injuries or death) and a near-death encounter with a mutant animal. up next: I haven't passed the Bechdel test yet, need to fix that. one of the downsides to not having O around, she's pretty much the only girl Clarke really talks to until Raven gets down. Although O and Clarke did talk about boys, so that wouldn't really fix anything. well, there's always charlotte. also need to work out some timeline issues, mainly about when Echo's going to show up oooh echo and clarke will def be interacting, that'll help. favorite lines from the tail end of the action-ish scene (not sure that I've ever written any kind of action anything in my life, and I'm actually pretty pleased with how this turned out!) : “Hell yes, I’m going to eat it,” Jasper says. “I absolutely do not care at all that it’s a radioactive dog that definitely tried to murder us.” Also: wow my dialogue tags need some work
  10. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 17 Rebels: 18
  11. Thanks so much, @FlamingQuilltips! I'm particularly proud of that sentence because description definitely is not my strength, and it was easy to write and felt natural in context, which was very exciting Day 2 Writing Update! Did a +word crawl from the NaNo site and managed to hit my target by the halfway point! Highly recommend if you're more motivated by microgoals than timers Current word count: 3407! not as much as I was hoping for but at least I'm not behind! Last NaNo I got behind on day two and never recovered so this is exciting. That also definitely makes word crawls the most effective way for me to get words out. Rat races are faster but I can't do as many and also I have a special talent for only noticing they've been posted halfway through. Definitely spent 200 words making the characters do math #sorrynotsorry Today's google search history: food safety and radiation, various searches on carrying water in bags , various searches on walking and kayaking speeds Thank you, screencaps, for allowing me to check up on character outfits without having to actually watch the show. Still not sick of listening to the MMFR soundtrack! Which is good, because I don't have any other instrumental music that works with my fic. Really feeling the effects of not having Bellamy (and Octavia, but mostly Bell) on the drop ship (maybe should be one word, but drop ship is better for my word count). Bellamy completely changes the dynamic between Clarke and the other characters during the pilot, not to mention the plot in general. And people say he isn't a main character! Super excited to get to repair Clarke and Wells' relationship (since Bellamy isn't around to accidentally tell a 12 year old to kill him). Clarke&Wells interactions also help establish Clarke's main character traits of 1. caring A Lot about Everything and 2. holding grudges until the end of time and 3. being a cute blonde ball of spite Unsurprisingly, Finn continues to be The Worst. I'm getting some kind of twisted enjoyment as writing him as the kind of skeevy guy that thinks he's a good guy that people make excuses for up until and sometimes after he straight up murders eighteen people. So much mansplaining and and bragging and backhanded compliments and purposefully not mentioning his girlfriend. Ergo, favorite sentences of the day: “Hey, nothing wrong with being well-read,” Finn protests. He grins at Clarke, like they’re sharing a joke. “I happen to like smart girls.” Clarke somehow manages not to roll her eyes. I can either do dialogue or introspection, not both at the same time. Conversations look more like scripts than anything. Description still a nightmare, but that's what revising is for. Feeling dangerously confident about the dreaded week two - at the rate I'm going, I'll only be introducing Bellamy on day four or five, which means I'll have the beginning of the relationship to get me through the tough days I'm feeling slightly terrified that this fic is going to need close to 100k to get through the whole story
  12. Rat Race #12 | :25-40

    SWC: 1712 EWC: 2039 Difference: 327
  13. Nano Penpals

    Pen Name: Catja Full NaNo or Rebel? planning on full Nano Goal: 60,000 House: Ravenclaw Nano Project: we rattle this town, we rattle this scene Will you be posting as you go?: nope Link to your NANO Nest: +here What can your penpal do to help encourage you along?: nagging mostly, general pestering about getting off the internet and writing, bouncing off ideas is a plus but mostly if someone can just bother me constantly about writing I'll be thrilled ^_^
  14. Milestones

    Just hit the day one wc goal with three hours to spare! 1712
  15. First Words

    And for Raven's POV (which will either be alternating chapters or a separate side story, I'll figure that out once the thing's written): And for the unrelated untitled fic I can't stop working on: