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  1. Oh my goodness you actually went and left a review on my oneshot on ever fanfic site that I've posted it on thank you so much that was so sweet of you


    1. Elena


      Same story, same review :) It was deserving. I can't understand why you'd get negativity for it - and I'm a Snape lover.

  2. Conquering Self-Doubt in OF

    Writers block - Pfft! I’m going on into my 5th year of it. I got nothing on this, literally. Self loathing your work is normal, I think. I don’t actually get through it as much as tell myself “just do it anyway”. I also don’t think just because it has already been done is an issue. When you look at Harry Potter in its companants, it’s all been done before. Witches and Wizards are nothing new, either is hidden worlds, fairies, pixies, goblins, magic, etc. it’s in how you present it. When you read Harry Potter, it’s like you are discovering all these things for the first time. JKR owns her world, not just in copyright I also think you need to believe what you are writing. Not just that you are talented or that you know the English language because you studied it. You need to believe the story, the characters, and go on the journey with them. I always know I’m heading in the right direction when the characters fight you. You have one idea in mind, but then once you start writing, the characters make you do something else. Sometimes this may not fit what you are meant to be writing, but it’s when you know the story is coming alive. I have often written scenes, but loved what’s happened - it’s just not suited for the story I’m writing, so it goes into the bunny folder. Other times, the characters build a side plot on their own and I have no choice but to go there. The project I’ve been working on since 2009 is huge. It’s a historical fiction based on a true timeline of events, but also based on real towns. So the longer it takes to write, the more the towns change and research has to begin again. Sometimes I feel like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, but I’m too determined to not write it. I have an editor already waiting for the draft when it’s finally completed. I just need to push through this writers block and get it done.
  3. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    #Me too I do understand it personally, I just can also see it objectively too. @TidalDragon I’m also not sure what you want me to take away? Unless you’ve seen the confidentiality agreement, you can’t say for certain what’s in it. As I said, it could prove both to be victims and abusers and trying to protect both names. I too have seen the pictures, some worse then that in that article, but my point was about the statement. As I have also said previously, accusations are just that. If the “proof” is so solid and he is guilty, why has he not been arrested and charged? Like I also said, I am a fence sitter. I don’t say anyone is guilty or innocent. For me, personally, I require more proof. I’m sorry if that differs from your opinion.
  4. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    And I do agree, you had the right reference. However, that was not meant to be taken personally. As I said, nothing of what I have said is targeted at anyone. In general, when there is a debate much like this one “society” tends to jump on board. Technically, we both belong to that society but it doesn’t mean that either one of us fall into that category.
  5. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    I never insinuated that you were ignorant or jumping on any bandwagon. Nothing I have said in this thread is targeted at anyone. I'm responding my thoughts and opinions based on how I see the whole situation. I'm sorry if this topic goes to a personal place for you. You are not the only one touched by it and just because my opinion differs to yours, it doesn't mean that I condone abusers or making excuses. I posted that link based on what @TidalDragon said.
  6. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    I'll post this here: Amber Heard: JK Rowling ‘just not right’ about Johnny Depp The above has a pic that Amber has posted, but it's more her joint statement, that she so wants everyone to remember - because she tweeted it: “Our relationship was intensely passionate and at times volatile, but always bound by love. Neither party has made false accusations for financial gains. There was never intent of physical or emotional harm. Amber wishes the best for Johnny in the future. Amber will be donating financial proceeds from the divorce to charity.” I'm not arguing what your personal opinion might be, I've already said that I'm on the fence. But what Tasha said is also a truth. This is why I'm choosing not to believe Depp or Heard. We are not talking stats, we are talking Heard and Depp and they settled a divorce. They both gave an agreed statement. For all we know, they were both "volatile" to each other. Sure things get settled all the time, but unless you know all the details in that settlement, you only have partial facts. How do we know that, in that confidentiality agreement, Depp also has stuff on her that he agrees not to reveal to protect her name and reputation as much as he wants to protect his own? How do we know any pictures she's taken and posted aren't work injuries or injuries sustained elsewhere? We don't. Did she go to a hospital and have it documented? Go to the police and have him arrested and charged? We don't know anything more than he said this and she said this. There is another article that says that in one episode where she claims that Depp was smashing up the place she was on the phone with a friend and asked them to call the police, but when they got there, she had no physical injuries, everything seemed in order, but there was a verbal argument. This is why I chose to be a fence sitter. Contradictory evidence doesn't prove anything one way or the other.
  7. I haven't written any fan fiction for YEARS!! But I think I want to do this...A spin-off story from a one-shot I already have.
  8. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    Nobody is dismissing anything nor any victims. In this case, it's up to Amber to come forward and stick to her allegations if they in fact, true. If there is a confidentiality agreement, then it's up to her legal team. As I stated above, there was a divorce settlement and a withdrawal of allegations. If Depp is guilty, it will come out one way or another. But people can throw accusations out in the wind at any time for any reason. This is why they are "allegations". But a man's life, career, and reputation are on the line. If he is guilty, I hope they go after him and he gets what he deserves - but if he's not guilty and Amber was just hurt and angry about the divorce and said stuff that isn't true, should he have to pay for that? Imagine if it were you - not the victim (well, if the allegations are false, Depp technically is the victim), but the one having allegations thrown at you. Would you want to be considered guilty without proof?
  9. Then you'd hate my 4,025 emails I haven't cleared I just found your story on AO3. I'm on a Snape binge at the moment, so I'll read it shortly. I'm actually just submitting a Snape story to HPFT.
  10. I love Severus, I've never read your story, but now I want to I'm an AU writer, I love Draco/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, Sev/Lily, Lily/Sirius, and SS/HG. I wrote a story called "Portrait in the Headmaster's Office" and there is a scene at the end where Snape is given time with Lily before he takes his place in the portrait and he whispers to her that they would have made a better couple and she agreed. Canon fans HATED me for it. But it's something that I grew accustomed to being an AU writer and writing the ships that I do. My perception is that we all, kind of are. Even if you write a "Canon" compliant fic, you are still adding your own story or events and characters that JKR never wrote. So that is already AU - it just has Canon facts. But I learned two things: 1. I wrote fan fiction to satisfy me. What I wanted to read and place characters in situations to see where they would end up. 2. When you go against the masses, you are sometimes ostracised for it. That has happened to me and the main reason why I stopped writing fan fiction. I think the fan fiction world is passionate - regardless of character. We all love, hate, dislike, like, want to change, want to manipulate situations etc. But at the end of the day - it's you and your expression. People may love it or hate it - but they can only get to you if you allow them to. Naturally, we generally all want our stories to be liked and only positive stuff said because it's disheartening to read the negative - but sometimes it's also humourous and makes you realise that people say things for the sake of saying things rather than entering a discussion with valid points. I also wrote a story as a parody of sorts. I placed a warning that Canon fans would NOT like it - they read it and commented anyway. Post it. Why should you hide your creations? If you get negative feedback, scroll by or have a laugh. But if anyone goes all out to post hate stuff to YOU - it says more about them than it does you. I'm a Stephenie Meyer and Twilight hater. I think I love to hate it. But I'd not spend any part of my day writing and sending it to SM. She'd probably never get it anyway, but also - it's sooooo pointless. Who cares if this person in Australia hates her books when millions loved it and made her rich and famous?? I'd only think for you NOT to post it if you are the kind that can't take the negative. And there is a line between negative feedback and out right abuse. No-one deserves abuse, even the verbal/written kind. Maybe someday I'll grasp the world of tumblr better, today won't be that day though
  11. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    It never went to court though, she withdrew her complaint. They went through a divorce settlement and I posted above the public statement - so I don't believe a public apology is needed. I hear what you are saying about public opinion - But the public opinion rarely means anything if it cannot also be fair. I think the state of the world is all about "I think this and that's all that matters, so make what I think right." And you get this on many topics, not just this one, but in regard to race, religion, gender, equality, etc. As I said above, if he is proven to be guilty - and the truth always manages to surface - especially about this topic now with the "Me too" movement and "Times Up" - then I'm sure not only will he suffer the weight of public opinion, but also the law. But if he is innocent he was hanged by the public for no reason other than someone said something about him that wasn't true.
  12. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    But that also means that he doesn't have to be rejected either. "Accusations" are just that. If we bring it back to the HP world, look at what happened to Sirius. This happens a lot in real life too. Not to mention many people extort, are fraudulent, blackmail, etc. We only know what the media reports. We do not get 100% of the facts. Which is why hanging a person based on hardly any facts can also be wrong. I’m someone that that needs to know, not think, that a person is guilty to be punished. I do not want to be responsible for the innocence of a person to be robbed from them. So I sit on the fence till more is known.
  13. The Issue of... Johnny Depp

    So there is no such thing as innocent until proven guilty? Only guilty? I don't think Depp is damned. I think if he's innocent, he'll fight to clear his name and reputation. If he is guilty, the truth will come out one way or another.
  14. Was Dumbledore good?

    Was Dumbledore right to hide the information he did from Harry? Some things yes, some things - no. Sirius died because Dumbledore hid things from him that he should have known and Dumbledore admits this. But something like him needing to die because he was a Horcrux - I think yes. I don't think Harry is the brightest or even the most skilled Wizard and he needed so much help to get through anything - but I think if Harry knew too soon, he may not have made the right decisions or did something stupid and screw everything up. Did Dumbledore knowingly manipulate Snape from the very beginning? Yes. Dumbledore was disgusted with Snape when he first appeared to him, warning him about Lily. Then Dumbledore mocked him in his grief over her death and used his love and guilt over Lily to help protect Harry. I do, however, feel that over the years they formed a great friendship and trust with one another. Would Dumbledore have stayed on the same path with Grindelwald if Ariana hadn't died? I think he would have eventually worked things out - but by then, how much damage would have been caused and would things be on the same path they were on?? Do you think that finding out the truth about Dumbledore's past was a necessary character development? Did it make him more relatable? I honestly found it pointless and boring. So no, it wasn't necessary for his character development and it didn't make him more relatable. I think DD was already relatable. His death would not have been as sad as it was if he was unrelatable.
  15. Severus Snape

    Did Snape really love Lily? Of course, he did Unrequited love doesn't mean that the emotion is not real. I feel for both Snape and Lily. They had such a bond and a solid friendship but the time in which they grew up together was against them. Did he have a choice about joining the Death Eaters, or was it the only way for him? Yes, he had a choice. I don't think he was forced to be a DE. But I do think he felt it was the place he was most accepted. Did his work for the Order and the manner of his death redeem him? I feel as if it did. I don't think it changes the kind of man that he was but he didn't have to place himself in mortal danger for a boy who he had a major grudge against. Right up to his death he helped Harry. Was he justified in treating Harry the way he did? Justified? No. I think we saw a flaw in Snape. Even as a man, he hadn't gotten over the torment from James and given Harry looked exactly like his father but with his mother's eyes, it tormented him again and he took that out on Harry. However, I think if Harry felt that Snape's treatment of him was so bad and unforgivable, why name his son after him? I don't think Snape was justified but could be forgiven. Was Snape actually a good guy? I think he wanted to be. I think he wanted to be what he needed to be for Lily. I think he was extremely conflicted and had no middle ground. He wasn't part of Lily's world, but not completely in the DE world. As much as he wanted to save Lily, he didn't have to go to Dumbledore, he did not have to help protect Harry - but he did. I think if you took the danger away, Lily may have chosen Snape. Even if she didn't, and still fell in love with James, Snape would be a part of her life regardless of what James thought.