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  1. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 31 Rebels: 35
  2. November Story of the Month Nominations

    Title: Once Upon the Marauders (m) Author: FlamingQuilltips Link to Story: Once Upon the Marauders (m) Warnings: Hate Speech, Sexual Content and Substance Abuse. Nomination Reason: Ysh has worked so hard on this project and it's such a wonderful story, she knows everything about these characters. She has made their stories engaging through their Hogwarts lives so far and the characterisation is amazing. You just feel the love that she has for the characters as you're reading. I have to admit I haven't finished all the chapters that she has up yet! It would make a very deserving winner though!
  3. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purist: 26 Rebels: 26
  4. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purist: 23 Rebels: 22
  5. Rat Race #29 :30-:55

    diff: 425
  6. Rat Race #29 :30-:55

    SWC: 641
  7. Milestones

    completed 2k of my 10k target and I've finished the piece was currently working on so will have something to add to my AP in December !
  8. Can I see a different character? Number 52 perhaps?
  9. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 16 Rebels: 14
  10. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 12 Rebels: 8
  11. Evolution by TidalDragon

    just dropping by for some gryffie love!! you can do this!! the world needs an ending to this story! #gogolion #roar
  12. Firestarter by WindingArrow

    my beautiful Liz!! I'm just dropping by with a quick message of support for your project! I can't wait to talk about this project with you and all your crazy complicated plotlines! I'm so behind you and here for you!! remember: you're amazing and talented. you're going to kill this!!
  13. Untitled (The Hartling Trilogy #2)

    Just a quick message of support for my favourite dragon queen! I'm rooting for you and I can't describe how much I'm behind you with this project! I shall be cheerleading for you all the way!
  14. The Bro Code by Wandlessmagic

    just dropping by to offer some gryffie love! I'm rooting for you. #gogolions
  15. Divine Chaos by MuggleMaybe

    just a quick message of support for you! I'm rooting for you! this concept sounds amazing, something totally different! best of luck for this!