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  1. Fic Feud Partners & Sabotages

    Just FYI, if your group has not posted your elements yet, get those in by the end of the weekend. Otherwise, staff will assign you elements.
  2. Fic Feud Partners & Sabotages

    I'll be sending out PMs tomorrow to the groups that haven't posted their elements yet. I hope the planning and writing process is going well so far!
  3. Fic Feud!

    Yes, the point of the challenge is to combine things that don't normally go together. (We were kind of mean that way in designing this event. ) We know it's going to be tough to be both creative with your elements and also score well on cohesiveness. But yes. If you choose a character as an element for chapter one, that chapter must focus on that character...but no other chapters should have that character as a focus (though they can be mentioned/peripheral). If you don't pick characters as your elements, you won't have that restriction. You will face others, though, because as you noted, elements, including genres such as romance, cannot be repeated. Each chapter must utilize and focus on a different set of elements.
  4. Fic Feud!

    The first two up front, but if you have gotten additional chapters planned, please post those elements as soon as you decide them. Basically this is because we want you to write to the elements rather than choose elements afterward that fit.
  5. Fic Feud Partners & Sabotages

    Looks like that is all the sabotages. If you haven't already, confer with your partner and make your final element choices for your stories. Reply to this thread by March 15 (approximately 72 hours from now) with your elements for at least two chapters. (There's no penalty, meaning points deducted, for being a tiny bit late, exactly, other than that I will keep obnoxiously PMing you to ask and then finally asking my fellow staff members what we should do about it. And I don't know yet what they'd say. So just choose and post over the next three days, and we're all good.)
  6. Fic Feud!

    If you are blocked, you cannot use those elements at all in any chapter. If you are assigned an element, it must be used in one chapter. You don't have to use it in more than one. In fact, you can't, as you cannot double up elements.
  7. Fic Feud!

    PoC can be mentioned. Blocked elements cannot be the focus of your story. Just make sure that your chosen elements shine through more strongly than everything else. My understanding of angst is basically OotP Harry. Sort of a story that's a little on the darker side with a moody character who goes through a lot emotionally or mentally. And there's lots of drama. Does that help? Erm, you may not be penalized per se. By that I mean you aren't going to be disqualified or have house points taken away. However, if all or many judges feel the angst comes through really strongly in comparison to the intended elements, then that will reflect in the "focus on elements" portion of your score being lower. I don't really think of that as a penalty, but more that you wouldn't get maximum points in that section.
  8. Fic Feud!

    No, they do not need to be HP stories. It just needs to be used once. No, you do not need to decide how many chapters you will write, but you do need to plan for the minimum required two chapters. You can decide later if you want to write one or two more chapters. If you do plan to try writing additional chapters, go ahead and plan your elements out right away and post them. Otherwise, post them later. There won't be any penalty if you don't complete extra chapters. The benefit to extra chapters is that you will receive participation points for each chapter written. For judging/placement, each individual writer's score will be averaged so there will be an even playing field amongst teams regardless of the number of chapters written. The reason we want you to turn in your elements for the two chapters up front is because writing a story and deciding afterward what elements fit it is easy. That's correct.
  9. Fic Feud Partners & Sabotages

    Formatting error...thanks for pointing that out.
  10. Fic Feud Partners & Sabotages

    ~~ Fic Feud!! ~~ All right, feuders, it is time to reveal partners and get started with planning and writing! First, about the requirements. Stories must be 2 to 4 chapters long, with each chapter 1000 to 4000 words long. Stories must be posted to the HPFT archive by April 15, with both you and your partner listed as an author. You must contribute at least 1000 words. You may collaborate with your partner on chapters, but we must be able to tell who wrote what. Each chapter must be based around 4 elements from at least 3 different categories (so you will use a minimum of 8 elements for your story). The categories: Sentence(s) to include - any EXCEPT the one you submitted; you can edit tenses/pronouns to make it fit your story Character(s) - any canon Genre(s) - from our archive, EXCEPT general and micro-fiction Inclusivity(ies) - from our archive Theme(s) - from our archive As a reminder, you can obviously go the easy route with picking elements that very easily fit together (e.g. questioning identity with genderfluid/genderqueer, marriage with romance, war with PTSD). However, we challenge you to step outside the most obvious choices and blow us away with more creative combinations! About the sabotages: You have two choices here. You and your partner must decide if you want to force your sabotagees to include 1 element OR block them from including 3 elements. Post the sabotage you are giving in this thread by March 12. Then, taking into account the sabotage you received, post your final choice about which elements you will use by March 15. About scoring: Each chapter written will receive participation points just like challenges do. In addition, each person will be judged on creativity, focus on elements, plot cohesiveness, characterization, and mechanics. (If you write more than one chapter, your scores will be averaged.) Your story's score will be the sum of your score and your partner's score. About teamwork: If you are having difficulty communicating with your partner, and it doesn't seem like they will be able to follow through, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me or any other staff member with your concerns. Likewise, if something comes up in your life and you need to drop out, let us know. We do have some lovely back-up writer volunteers, so we should be able to find a new partner if it comes to that. Now, without further ado, here finally are the partners! You will be sabotaging the group BELOW you on the list. @Alexis Black & @NPE @Aphoride & @Dojh167 @clevernotbrilliant & @MalfoysAngel @just.a.willow.tree & @StarFeather @Levana & @pookha @Phoenix Potioneer & @Pixileanin @Rumpelstiltskin & @victoria_anne @ShazaLupin & @Unwritten Curse (you sabotage Alexis Black & NPE) If these forms are helpful, have at 'em. Sabotages due by March 12 Your choices on elements are due March 15
  11. Fic Feud!

    Sign ups are now CLOSED! Partners will be announced by 48 hours from now at the latest. If you wish to get on the list of backup writers any time between now and April 15, you can reply to this thread to sign up for that.
  12. Fic Feud!

    Bumpety bump bump. You have 2 more days to sign up for this event and to submit sentences to include!
  13. If you haven't already, click here to submit a sentence for Fic Feuders to choose from in their stories! We only have had 7 different people submit so far. https://goo.gl/forms/eF9DCykkfO6hTT0H2

  14. Don't forget to sign up for Fic Feud if you are interested in participating!

  15. Staff Review Thread

    I have done pookha's review. CambAngst ( @RoxiMalfoy are you still doing this?) 1917farmgirl