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      January's bulletin is up! It includes information about recent staff/prefect bumps, the upcoming FROGS, some special awards, and more! You can check it out +here.


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  1. Haven't stopped to say hi in a while, thought it was about time: hello! :hug:You're amazing. ^_^ That's all.

    1. Alopex


      Thank you!  I haven't been around in a while.  :couch:  I started a new job and have had various life changes over the past couple of months.  Things are settled down for the most part now.  :)

    2. Rumpelstiltskin


      I hope everything is going your way and I'm glad things are starting to settle down! 

  2. Milestones

    That's an actual Android emoji, which I don't think we can use ourselves, but I can look around for something similar. This one is a free open source version...how's that? Sorry to keep on crashing the Milestone topic...
  3. Milestones

    Haha, yes, it was. I added a few new ones. If you find any you particularly love (or have a suggestion for one I can try to find myself), let me know.
  4. Your Preferred Reviewing Method?

    I tend to read all in one go and write the bulk of the review at the end--but I frequently scroll down to make notes about something if I think I might forget it or if it stood out particularly to me for some reason. If I'm finding myself making a lot of notes, my review winds up being more the "stream of consciousness" style. I don't necessarily follow a particular structure, although I like to end on a positive note. If I am reviewing for a request, I do make an attempt to be more structured if the author has asked me to comment on specific things. Mostly what I talk about are my overall impressions, things I liked or found interesting, things that maybe made me think of something that had never occurred to me before, comparing with other stories I've read that have similarities (usually when I like the story more than I expected because of that), what I think might happen next. Whatever comes to mind as I am reading or thinking about what I just read. I think I tend to focus on the characters.
  5. It's a bit late, but I have uploaded some autumn/halloween emoticons!  (And also a few other new ones.)  :happyhalloween:

    1. Alopex


      Alsoooooo.  For those of you who aren't sure how to find them, if you tap/click the emoticon button, then tap/click "categories" in the upper right,  you get a dropdown menu where you can pick the different categories.  You can then see ALL the emoticons in a particular category, rather than just a few (the default view shows the first 20ish).

    2. Rumpelstiltskin



  6. Once Upon A Time

    So far I have only watched the first episode of the new season. Some thoughts occurred to me. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I didn't miss the main characters as much as I expected. Thank goodness Lana Parilla is still in it. Also Hook. I think the story almost needs to be driven by a child (if there's no child who "believes" in the magic first...), and with Henry being essentially grown up after season 6, it made sense that a new child would need to be introduced. I hadn't thought of that before, but I think it now, and it makes sense. How the heck did everyone get to Seattle? I'm kind of tired of the memory loss curses, quite frankly. Anyone else have thoughts about it?
  7. I have a new forum set!!  :wub:

    1. Veritaserum27
    2. Rumpelstiltskin


      Oooh, it's so pretty!! 

    3. Alopex


      Yes, I gave really vague directions, but the artist came up with something awesome!

  8. Staff Review Thread

    I did verses' review, finally. Sorry for the wait! CambAngst - -
  9. slow burn/fake date/enemies to lovers game

    Slow burn President Snow because he deserves it? Fake date Yoda because that sounds hilarious. Enemies to lovers Kingsley Shacklebolt because he's a bad ass character, so I'd like to think I'd like him, even if it took a while. I leave Luna Lovegood, the Dowager Countess (Downton Abbey), and Samwell Tarly (ASOIAF).
  10. Ask a Validator

    No, you do not. You can have many WIPs going at once and toss in some one shots and poetry as well if you want. We aren't going to prevent you posting one story just because you haven't completely finished (and/or finished posting) another. So go ahead and start submitting the sequel if you'd like.
  11. Cluedo! Round 1

    Gryffindor has not replied to say they can disprove, but they can indeed disprove. The card(s) will be revealed to you in your common room. And now it is Gryffindor's turn to make a guess within the next hour!
  12. Cluedo!

    A better word than points would actually be tokens. You spend the tokens to play the game, but they aren't HC points. We'll be awarding first through fourth place (on the probably familiar 100-75-50-25 point scale). First house to guess correctly gets first place, and then we'll look at how many clues the remaining houses have marked off in order to determine the rest of the placement. If there's a tie, we'll also look at remaining tokens/points.
  13. Cluedo Round 4

    The fourth and final round of Cluedo! Event topic here.
  14. Cluedo Round 3

    Round 3 of Cluedo! Event topic is here.
  15. Cluedo Round 2

    Round 2 of Cluedo! Event topic here.