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      Blogs & Site Rules Update   08/15/2017

      Blogs are now available!  Keep your entries within our site rules for content/ratings, and also be sure to cross-post any entries into relevant existing threads (such as story recommendations and challenge winners).  See our site rules  for the new section on blogs & status updates.  We also made a few additional small tweaks to the site rules, including: Moving the section on ratings to the top Updating anonymous feedback info (we no longer have this feature, but you can e-mail or use anonymous tumblr asks) Minor tweaks to wording Contact staff if you wish to obtain a copy of the old rules for comparison


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  1. Just FYI, although the poll results in the top post did not carry over from SMF to IPB, the winning option (just barely ) was 1 year. We did decide to go with that, after discussing a couple of the next-most popular options. A big reason for deciding to go with the 1 year format was so that it is easy to continue giving points for engagement-type activities (such as participating in challenges) throughout the entire year. As such, our schedule will run from September to August. Yes, this does mean there will be an opener event coming up next month. Keep an eye out for more information and teasers leading up to it...
  2. You know that feeling when you are reading a book that you wind up not really being excited about, and you have two more books you checked out from the library that look way more exciting? And you'd rather read them, especially since you are wasting precious check-out time reading the not-exciting book? But you also hate to abandon a book partway through and rarely ever do unless it's truly awful (only a handful of times ever)? And you also read only one book at a time because you get confused otherwise? Yeah, that's me right now... :|

  3. Who else has password "memory" embedded in their fingers? I find when I am used to typing a password on a keyboard, it is almost impossible for me to peck it out on my tablet. I just can't remember it and get all the symbols and whatever correct. When I go back to a keyboard, I can type it just fine!

    1. toomanycurls


      I keep reading this as having the password memory and I was tempted to log in as you :ninja:

      I also struggle with passwords without a tactile keyboard. Thank goodness for Chrome password keeper. 

    2. Alopex


      Haha! You are welcome to try logging in as me using memory as a password. :P

  4. Staff Review Thread

    I did NPE's. SLOTS: 1. Silence Cuts the Loudest Through the Chaos [M] by: 1917farmgirl 2. Monster (M) by LunaStellaCat 3. OPEN!!!
  5. Member Groups & Ranks

    Here at HPFT, we have both member groups and ranks. Ranks are based on your content (posts, statuses, and blog entries) count. Member groups determine what you can see and do around the site, with the major difference (aside from staff/prefects) being which common room you can see. You can be in more than one member group (Professor and Gryffindor, Prefect and Slytherin, etc.), one of which will primary and which will dictate which color your name appears around the site. A person's primary member group is listed below their avatar/profile photo in the panel beside posts they've made. Ranks Each rank has pips associated with it. They appear in the panels beside posts users make. Your rank, along with the number of pips, increases as you post more content. A breakdown of the ranks with the minimum content count for each is listed below. New Member - 0 content items - 0 pips First Year - 25 content items - 1 pips Second Year - 100 content items - 2 pips Third Year - 300 content items - 3 pips Fourth Year - 400 content items - 4 pips Fifth Year - 500 content items - 5 pips Sixth Year - 750 content items - 6 pips Seventh Year - 1000 content items - pips Alumni - 2500 content items - 8 pips Member Groups Headmaster - site administrators Professor - (global) moderators Auror - archive validators Gamekeeper - event coordinators Muggle Liaison - social media/outreach moderators Prefect - assistant moderators (essentially house leaders) Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin Muggle - default member group after a new user's first post has been approved Validating - default member group for new users until their first post is approved Switching Member Groups (Joining a House) In order to switch your member group (change or join a house), you must either: Write to a staff member to ask to be switched OR post in the sorting ceremony thread Note that house change requests are not granted while a competition/event is actively underway and will be delayed until after it is completed. Requests may also be denied entirely if there appears to be suspicious activity associated with your account. User Info Panel The user info panel appears beside posts around the site. It may not be visible if you are on a mobile device. Some of the information is also displayed elsewhere, such as on profile pages and the mini profile pop-up that appears when hovering over someone's username.
  6. Hey everyone, you can post blog entries now!  Please read this announcement. 


  7. Hi everyone. As promised, blogs are now available! As such, we have added a section for "blogs and status updates" into our Site Rules/Guidelines. The main thing is that personal topics/issues/information are fine within the parameters of our site rules, of course. We also require that any content that has a designated thread (such as challenge winners or story recommendations) must be cross-posted there. In addition to the blogs and statuses section, we made a few other updates to our site rules document: Revising the anonymous posting information--we no longer have that capability on the forums, but you may e-mail or submit anonymous asks on tumblr Moving the rating explanations to the top of the document Cleaning up and condensing some of the wording (minor tweaks) As always, anyone who wishes to see the old copy of the rules for comparison can contact a staff member, and we will provide it to you.
  8. Site Suggestions and Feedback

    Just to add to what @toomanycurls said... None of us are actually computer programmers by trade, hence the advantages of an "out of the box" software system. So far we have never found a generous HPFT member to be our volunteer coder for the many things that are beyond our skills. You can create your own custom folders for your messages. The software will not move them there automatically, but if you want to sort some of your messages by your very own folders, you can create the folders and move your messages there. Drafts for both posts and message are stored for a time depending on your browser settings. However, this doesn't work across different devices, does not persist when you make new posts in between (since the new info will be stored), and if you prefer more secret browser settings, it may not store at all. It's definitely imperfect as far as drafts go. Based on what I've read, it seems IPB only has drafts for blogs but not for anything else, unfortunately.
  9. Ask a Moderator

    It is just a thing for new members. Once you sign up, we try to keep you from being able to do much of anything until you make your new user post (it is a measure against spammers and also an attempt to get people to read the rules ) and the post is approved. I just approved yours, so you should be able to edit your profile now. If you'd like to join a particular house, just post in the sorting thread in the new users area, and we'll get you sorted.
  10. Come request a review in the
    Staff Review Thread!! :excited:


    1. abhorsen.


      Yes, do! We're so psyched to review your stories, guys! <3 <3

    2. Lady Asphodel

      Lady Asphodel

      This is great, what you guys are doing! :D I'll request from you guys as soon as I have a rewrite of my story posted, and more to follow. ^_^ 

  11. Autocorrect has taken to trying to change "Alopex" to "Alopexthing" when I type it. ¬¬

    1. forever_dreaming


      My phone autocorrects my name (shreya) to sheets >_> I feel the pain! (I won't bother trying to type forever_dreaming too fast; I'm positive it'll autocorrect to something not PG-13 haha) 

  12. Is that a new profile pic?! I love it! :o

    1. TidalDragon


      It is. I dug it up on Google Images - as I do most pictures because I'm not among the artsy cognoscenti :P It's been hard to find a good one (1) recently what with not wanting too menacing a dragon, not really liking using a photo of some other person, and being tragically unable to find the awesome Koopa Troopa I had on another forum once that was wearing a brown sweater over a dress shirt.

      I'm glad you like it!

    2. toomanycurls


      I also like it ^_^

  13. Staff Review Thread

    Welcome to the Staff Review Thread! This review thread will be run jointly by all current staff. We'll take turns filling review requests that you post here. Come on in and don't be shy! Story must be posted on the HPFT Archives. Three slots open at a time. We'll skip you if you post when we're full! We'll read anything, though be warned we may not be familiar with all fandoms! One chapter at a time, though if it's super-short like a drabble, you can request multiple chapters up to a total word count of 500 words. Any story length is fine, but because this thread will be run by multiple people, it can be hard to jump into the middle of a story. We'll do our best! You may indicate a preference for a particular staffer to fulfill your request, but we can't guarantee that's who will review. You can use this form to post your request. At the very least, we will need the chapter link! [b]Link to Chapter(s):[/b] [b]Word Count:[/b] [b]Summary:[/b] [b]Advisories:[/b] [b]Genre:[/b] [b]Main Characters:[/b] [b]Ships:[/b] [b]Areas of Concern:[/b] [b]Preferred Staffer (if applicable):[/b]
  14. I just went clicking around and followed a bunch of people--no obligation whatsoever to follow me back. And if I didn't follow you, I will follow back if you add me. Still don't have the rest of my profile up to scratch, though. :P

  15. I was having this issue initially on my home computer using Firefox only (other web browsers were fine). On my work computer and my tablet, it was never a problem. I found on my home computer that it wasn't loading unless there was something after the hpfanfictalk.com bit in the url...if I added /index.php or /forums then it was loading ok. I feel your pain, believe me. We'll continue to observe to see if the problem continues or if it clears up on its own once indexing/updating/propagating has completed...this can take a few days.