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  1. Tag Requests

    Can you add Taylor Metternich to the characters under Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda?
  2. Using my very first status update to let anyone who I've dragged into the SVTHSA fandom (or anyone who loves Becky Albertalli's books) know that the fanzine preorders opened yesterday! I have a story in there and it'd mean a lot to me and the rest of the people who worked really hard on this if you guys checked it out! It's a magazine full of art and stories about Becky's books! the link to order is here

    1. banshee


      I knew I was gonna forget something. All proceeds for this go to charities including The Hispanic Federation and GLSEN! 

    2. MuggleMaybe


      This is so cool! How did this happen???

    3. banshee


      Sorry late response! So the idea came about from two of the people on our simon discord chat, and they were largely responsible for the whole thing. I applied for one of the writing spots, obviously, and everyone did fics or art pieces and they're putting it all together in a fanzine! 

  3. extra extra late to this party but thank you so much!!
  4. Tag Requests

    Hi I am here with a fandom request and YEAH YOU ALL KNOW WHAT IT IS HAHAH. uh so I have come to realize that i have managed to spoil this book for literally every single person I have recommended it to, so uh, spoilers below? Fandom: Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda Tagline: "Why is straight the default?" Characters: Simon Spier Nora Spier Abby Suso Nick Eisner Leah Burke Bram Greenfeld Martin Addison Garrett Laughlin Cal Price pairings: I know there was a thing about clearing out the archives of unused tags but I have fics for 90% of these right now and will have fics for all of them in the future. Thank youuu!
  5. KAITLIN these are so amazing! Such a creative idea. Congratulations to all of the winners and runners up! You guys are all so amazing. Thank you for our awesome staff for putting this together and thank you to the people who voted for my stories :-* I just noticed under Best One-Shot RU Sleep Without Pain should say Pookha's penname, not mine. It's on the graphic but it says mine on the text under it.
  6. If you've seen my Twitter in the past few months you probably know I'm pretty obsessed with this book called Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. You've probably even been poked once or twice by me to read this book because it is my everything. So I'm gonna wax poetic about it for a little bit and hope it makes you want to read it too. But first, this book has a big old mystery to it, and if you've read the book you know which one I'm talking about. Please, please use spoiler tags in this thread if you talk about this character in a way that might reveal information about him. So, this book. I think it can best be described as a pile of heart eye emojis and another pile of crying emojis. and then one of those rows of rainbow heart emojis. Maybe that's just me. Book summary from goodreads: I think this story is so important. It's a romance, but there is so much more to it than just that. Simon's adventure is so unique and at the same time so relateable. As you read you learn his biggest reason for not wanting to come out is because he fears it will change the relationships he's built up around him his whole life, and I think that story line resonates so well with a lot of closeted queer people. At least for me. Intertwined - and eventually encompassing - with Simon's story is the email exchange that Simon shares with Blue, a fellow junior at school with him. I think another beautiful thing that Becky does is how freaking well she writes teenagers. God, some of the emails are so important and profound and beautiful, but then there's one where Simon romanticizes Oreos for an entire page. (Really if this book doesn't make you want to go out and eat an entire package of Oreos then I don't know what to tell you.) Simon's family dynamic is also pretty amazing. His parents are so real, and so entertaining. There's a quiet type of homophobia that doesn't get written a lot where being gay is the punchline of a joke, and Simon's father is like that. It is handled so, so well when the topic is finally addressed after Simon comes out. There are SO many Harry Potter references! There are drarry references! Simon is one of us! Simon is a Hufflepuff. Come on. Please read this book. Becky Albertalli is literally the nicest, most interactive author I've ever seen. She is so active with her fans on Twitter and you can tell just how much love she put into this book from that. If I haven't sweetened the deal for you yet, this book is being made into a movie in March 2018. We literally get to watch Simon fall in love with Blue on a big screen. There is a lot of information about casting and all that on Twitter, otherwise you can just ask me because I'm literally obsessed with everything. Okay, some end of book opinions! Seriously, don't click this spoiler tag until you read. I know it totally looks like I'm keeping it together really well in this post, but I am literally begging you to love this book with me. It deserves so much love. Becky's second book, The Upside of Unrequited, came out a few months ago, also, and in the fear of talking your face off I will just say it is equally wonderful. The main romance is m/f but there are literally more queer characters than I can count. And there are a bunch of references to Simonvs, including a cameo later in the book from a few of Simon's friends. (please read this book)
  7. Order of Merlin April 2017

    This is SUCH a well deserved award! Lotte is amazing! Congratulations!!
  8. Ask a Validator

    I was wondering if there's an Auror around i could PM about a sexual content scene? I'm not sure if it needs a rating or not and I'd like to be sure
  9. Staff/Prefect Changes

    YAY I'm so proud of all of you, these are all such well deserved promotions!
  10. The Parody Challenge - Deadline: July 20, 2017

    I have an idea for this but I don't know if anything will come of it, so i'll be a maybe for now
  11. Archive Issues/Bugs

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but is there a way to unselect something when creating a story shell? So I have an advisory selected on a story that it doesn't need and now I can't unselect it without clicking on something else. I posted this here because maybe there could be a "no advisories" selection so if this is something that happens and i'm not just failing and this is an issue, that could be a way to close that loop. :-\ :-\ :-\ ???
  12. Ask a Validator

    Thank you for the quick response!
  13. Ask a Validator

    I feel like this is probably a silly question, but can we have reasons for ratings written in our story summaries? Like, I'd like to put "Rated M for profanity" in my summary as a way of explaining why it's at a higher rating on hpft than it is on ao3, but I want to make sure that's allowed before I just do it. thanks
  14. The Raven Cycle

    Uh so I know there was a big old twitter freak-out with the news yesterday, but RAVEN CYCLE TV SERIES RAVEN CYCLE TV SERIES. Who's excited? Who's nervous? I hope Maggie gets to be a big part of the creation. Also, I got a raven cycle/Ronan tattoo a couple weeks ago bc why not. It says "a smile made for war" and I'm pretty much in love with it.
  15. Make-up

    ME me me me Benefit is my jam for foundation/concealer. Their big easy foundation is my FAVE (and so far the only really good match for my skin) and their boi-ing concealer is magical. I'm also a huge NYX fan because their products are great quality for the price. I rarely do eye makeup (shadow/mascara/liner) because my skin is really oily so it just ends up getting messed up at work anyway (and because urban decay primer is SO out of my price range) @Ineke (and really anyone else) I use baby wipes for makeup remover and they work amazingly. There aren't all the chemicals in them and they're like a third of the price of a pack of makeup wipes. It is definitely the best makeup hack I've ever been taught. My one makeup hurdle is lipstick. I know it's in my own head but I feel like lipstick always looks so weird on me, even if I get compliments when i do wear it. I feel like I need to find some more neutral colors, but I just love red lipstick so much :-* I have a routine for eyebrows. I get them waxed once a month and also get them tinted because my eyebrows are super light. I use a micro-pencil to fill in spots on the tails and some on the arches that don't grow as much hair. I would definitely recommend nyx's micro-pencil for that, the formula works great, stays in place and is only like $7 a pencil. I spend about $32 a month at the salon but I get so many compliments on my eyebrows it's unreal. I think the key is to find a good place and someone that listens and someone that does consistent work. (if you're ever in the MSP area i have a great recommendation ) @Rhaenyra PLEASE SEND ME PALE FOUNDATION RECOMMENDATIONS @Paula I used to do IPSY and it's AWESOME. My credit card on the account expired and I'm lazy and haven't renewed my subscription.