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  1. Where Does Canon Stop?

    This is a serious hard question and I totally agree with you here, Rose. My canon continuum seems to fluctuate from time to time! Personally, I think I would cut ties canon wise for the Harry Potter World at the epilogue in DH. Don't get me wrong, for the most part I enjoyed Cursed Child, but it just seemed like an awful lot of different fan fiction theories combined to make a play, and seriously unsettled me. There were just little things that I feel happen in CC that would definitely not co-incide with the original story that we had in the seven books, and as the seven books are our original story and plot line, I hold that more closely to my heart than CC. I would say in regards to the movies vs. books I would hold it as canon, but only if it coincides with the plot of the books, so I guess I am leaning on the books primarily as original canon (which from an avid Dramione shipper is kind of funny, I guess it would seem like it would throw it all out the window 😂). I'm on the fence about Fantastic Beasts, I think once we get a bit more of the movies and we can delve a bit more into the background of that story (especially when they start including characters we are familiar with like Dumbledore) I think it will give us a bit more information and a 'feel' of whether we find it canon or not. Hopefully that makes sense, and I didn't just ramble! 😂
  2. I just read it, soo cute!! Thank you <3 And of course, I left you a review as well :D

  3. Hey Grace!! Your Dramione drabble is complete! It's in the queue on HPFT and I hope you like it when it gets published! It's called "Dedication" :)

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      Thank you lovely! I am super excited to read it. Much love :wub:

  4. It's so beautiful, well done and many thanks staff!! :x:x 

  5. Various | BLONDEbehaviour

    Finally got away from editing and writing for a few minutes to pop in and answer some questions in my novel nest. Thanks Madi and Kenny for stopping by! Hi Madi! Thanks for this, I love answering questions! I apologise if I go on for a bit! 1. Oh man, both have changed tremendously! Especially my characters and their development. I'm critiquing a little bit of my six-year-ago writing self here, but not in a bad way, just so you know! I have learnt a lot from when I started on these stories. When I wrote the first few chapters of In Sickness back in 2011, I wasn't concerned about the characters sticking to canon. Of course, I wasn't outrageous, but I wasn't bereft of Hermione and Draco only taking mere hours of being stuck in a house together to become as friendly-ish as they had become. However now, and this goes for all my characters across my fanfictions, I am very aware of how much (for the most part, anyway) I want to keep them canon, and enjoy stories where their paths may change but their general character arcs, who they are as people, do not, because that is why we enjoy writing and reading those characters, and also what I think makes us enjoy reading really really well-written fanfic stories. For example, (*I will say this is a wee spoiler for what is already published, but as it is being re-written probably not too concerning haha!*) I had Draco abused by Lucius, who volunteered for Voldemort to punish Draco after killing Dumbledore, but we all know from canon that even though he was harsh, he was never willingly abusive to his son (in the most sense, anyway), so I have had to kind of change my character development for Draco, and think of another approach for his backstory of why he is as he is in the current predicament in the story. So, yeah, re-writing the characters now, I'm more aware of their characters arcs, and because of that, how the plot works around them too. Just like above, I've had to shuffle some things around both in The Memory Book and In Sickness because before, when I wasn't as concerned, some scenes weren't a problem, but now they seem ridiculous to happen when they do, so I have to rethink my writing. The plot I have become way more aware of a lot of things that my younger self didn't really take into consideration. One thing I will say, is that now, as opposed to way way before, is I actually plan my stories, instead of do the worlds lightest outline and jump right in. When I recently re-read the chapters I have of In Sickness and the Memory book I hated how fast time seemed to flow through the chapters, or for TMB, how much seemed to happen in such short of a time. It was horribly unrealistic (to me, anyway haha) so I've since sat down and mapped out a brief timeline on where things that I have planned to happen should roundabout happen. I'm going from there to shake out any major plot holes, because there were a few. I feel just being a little bit older, reading a fair few different novels and doing some research and writing classes and educating myself a little bit more has made me a bit more susceptible to 'normal' things we need to make a plot good, or work that in the past I know I wasn't either aware of or didn't consider important enough to include. Timelapses are one of them, as are sub plots. The direction of both stories hasn't changed much though, I will say that. TMB has a very very solid ending in the back of my mind and it hasn't faltered, and In Sickness is getting there, I have a vague idea of how it is going to end, but it's not solid. May just change yet! 2. It's hard to chose just one thing! I think I enjoy the slow 180 flip from maybe not quite enemies to relationship, and the slow burn path that it takes. there are so many paths you can take something like that and mould it in to your own story that I love that it opens so much opportunity. And especially for those particular characters where their his so much history between the two of them and just from their characters in general, it holds a great premise for a fantastic story. And I have read some truly amazing Dramione renditions with several different ways to take the 180 flip, so haven't even flipped them really at all. And I think it's great to have such exciting characters to write with like that. Man I hope I'm making sense and not just rambling haha! 3. Very, very different! With writing fanficiton, even though you are creating a story in it's whole, the world and (for the most part) the characters are there for you too mould as you see fit. So, I feel like I almost slot myself in amongst it all and create something to add to the amazing world we are all a part of. OF, however is a whole other story. No character (or their flaw, habit, job, star sign), place, background is there unless you have made it. And it is very, very hard to write a story if all you have is a story idea but no real 3D characters or extras. So unlike a lot of my fanfictions, I spent the first two months of my writing journey planning elaborately. I had Pinterest boards, mind maps I'd drawn out, lists, timelines, and I'd invested in The Novel Factory (which, by the way I can highly recommend for planning) which had a huge amount of questionnaires for your characters which initally you wouldn't think of adding to your characters but has added a depth which has come increasingly in handy when I have had a bit of a murky writing day. Writing itself I feel I do very similarly. Maybe my format is a bit different? My OF story focuses around a few people, and each chapter focuses on one character, whereas my FF tends to chop and change a little bit in each chapter. There maaaaay be a bit more description in my OF due to the fact it's a world I'm creating, but I am also trying to add in more description into my FF so that may change! My consumption on the other hand is quite different! I'm not one who picks out romance novels in OF, I am a huge thriller and fantasy fan and keep away from novels that have a huge amount of romance, but when I am reading FF, in particular HP I aim to go for Dramione as a pairing, and then I look at the genres: thriller, action, adventure. Which is highly narrow-minded of me haha. I do look elsewhere for one shots and short stories, but when we're thinking novels, I do tend to stick to different Dramione stories because I'm a creature of habit haha. Thriller is not my field, but your plot sounds interesting. What brought you the inspiration to write about a group of young professionals? Thanks for the questions Kenny! And thank you for that! I am excited to see it all come together, so I hope I can do the plot in my head justice The idea of the blackout around a group of mid-twenties working people (or young professionals, or YoPro's as we call them in our little place in NZ) actually formed out of a lot of observation of friends and acquaintances around me. I myself fit into the categories of a YoPo, and I've watched a lot of my friends go out clubbing or to house parties while we've been in our last year of high school, or going through uni, or working in hospitality and drink beyond their means, and wake up in the morning and just go "I have no recollection of events from the night before." I don't drink a lot, but having my friends and such act like that and not remember the things that they did while they could barely keep themselves standing is serious scary! It kind of sat in the back of my head and while I was thinking up the book, it was a clear thought that sprang to life. When I was actually talking to a few of my friends about how the premise for the book is that after a big night due to the blackout no-one remembers, I wasn't surprised when a fair few went.."wow, but that could actually happen!" And I'm sitting there like...yup, it's scary! So I wanted to build on that, especially from the fact that it's a book based in a smaller than normal city where a lot of people know one another, when you are still in that "young" category, when tragedy such as that strikes it is dealt with differently. Hopefully that makes sense?!
  6. The Road Not Taken Challenge! 1 October 2017 Deadline

    Oooooh been a verrrry long while since I've done a challenge and this is right up my alley, I'll put myself down as a maybe please! My mind is already tinkering away! I'll PM you with a chapter to review, that's extremely thoughtful of you! 💜☺️
  7. Various | BLONDEbehaviour

    I'm taking advantage of being able to clock my time spent on writing in hours instead of words this NaNo to work on a few things and hopefully accomplish all (or at least some) of them! I've set myself up with 50 hours to work with, which is roughly under an 1 1/2 each day (which, starting two days ago I've already gone over, whoopsie) which I am hoping will not come back to get on top of me! Without further ado.. 1. In Sickness and In Health In Sickness was my starting Dramione fic from way way back and, unfortunately as time moved on was a little bit neglected, but I am determined to wrap her up! it's based around the second wizarding war, where Hermione and Draco are flung together in a somewhat cliche yet peculiar case of unidentified sickness. After having a very quick re-read over some of the first chapters of this baby a little while ago I realised it needed some serious re-writing. So my plan is to give the 14 chapters currently written a full blown re-write to get it up to my current writing standard, and iron out any plot holes and characterisation kinks that I picked up on. During this time, I also hope to draft out some new chapters for the story and write some new content and hopefully get a 'completed' by the story! 2. The Memory Book A dramione based post war, Hermione takes on a mammoth task of hunting down what seems to be a new villain at large with a new partner, freshly returned to London after disappearing without a trace seven years ago. Much the same as above with In Sickness, the written chapters need a bit of a re-write to iron out any kinks and such, and just want to continue writing chapters for this one, really. This fic has kind of already written itself my head, I just haven't written it down! 3. Save Yourself Save Yourself is my thriller OF based around a group of young professionals, who, after a big night out, have to face the consequences and piece together a blackout evening to try and remember what happened to their friend (as you can tell, my summary isn't quite up to snuff yet). This book is currently going rigorous editing and re-writing as I have changed the plot around to manipulate the characters a bit more, so there's a bit more writing and editing for this book to do priority wise, than there is the others.
  8. A trip to Ollivanders

    Cypress wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ¾" and supple flexibility "The great medieval wandmaker, Geraint Ollivander, wrote that he was always honoured to match a cypress wand, for he knew he was meeting a witch or wizard who would die a heroic death. " And a heroic death Blondie shall give!
  9. Welcome to HPFT!

    Read and understood