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  1. Count to 20 Without Prefects Interrupting: Students vs Prefects

    -rolls in- well hello
  2. The Domesticity Challenge | Deadline: March 2nd 2018

    @LunaStellaCat Hi Jenn! Thank you I'm super excited to read your piece! Full List of Participants:
  3. The Domesticity Challenge | Deadline: March 2nd 2018

    @sunshine_locks Awww that sounds adorable! Super excited to read it Full List of Participants:
  4. The Cute Things in Your Fandom

    ^ THIS (jumping on the Reylo bandwagon). Honestly I could talk about it forever but really, I've been stalking the Reylo tag on Tumblr and d y i n g. Ughhh <3 I'm just going to mention a few cute things from the ATLA fandom (feat gifs because they're fun): Iroh/Tea (honestly, the best ship in the fandom) Zuko's "wHY AM I SO BAD AT BEING GOOD" hello zuko here (honestly, all of zuko during The Western Air Temple) zuko's "that's rough buddy" field trips w/ zuko (tbh zuko in general) FooFooCuddlyPoops <3 Sokka's Cactus Juice "I AM NOT TOPH. I AM MELON LORD." SECRET TUNNEL (honestly the best song ever) Honestly, there's so much more, but those are some of my favorites
  5. forever_dreaming's reviews

    @sunshine_locks @Tecla Sunrise I’ll get to these ASAP All slots are full. Give me a week or two and they’ll be back open!
  6. The Domesticity Challenge | Deadline: March 2nd 2018

    @Tecla Sunrise Ahhh I’m honored! Your prompt is “grocery shopping.” Let me know if this doesn’t work for you Full List of Participants:
  7. forever_dreaming's reviews

    As a note to anyone else looking for reviews, here’s my new policy: - You can request as many reviews as you like in one go, as long as the sum total is not more than 20K words. Just note that it’ll take a little longer for me to read if your request is upwards of 12K. Then you’ll probably get your reviews on the weekends - LGBTQ+ fics are perfectly fine now Honestly, anything’s okay, aside from graphic depictions of suicide as that makes me uncomfortable. If you’re feeling unsure, just ask; I’ll let you know if I don’t feel comfortable reviewing. - I’m open to reading from the following fandoms, in addition to OF & Harry Potter: MCU, SVTHSA, ATLA/LOK, Hamilton, Hunger Games, Merlin (though I’m a little shaky on my plot knowledge of Merlin since I watched the show a while ago!), Pride & Prejudice, Stranger Things. If you want a review for something that falls under Other Fandom, just send me a PM. I read a lot/watch a lot of TV so I may be familiar enough to be able to write a fair review - I’ll take between 3-5 requests at a time, depending on how busy I am. I’m currently accepting two more requests.
  8. If anyone is looking for nonfiction to read for a reading challenge/just ‘cause, I highly recommend “The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human” by Jonathan Gottschall! It’s a great meta-look into storytelling and (for the science nerds) delves into the evolutionary purpose of storytelling too :D 

    1. PaulaTheProkaryote


      This sounds great! I'm adding it to my reading list!

    2. forever_dreaming


      Literally I was just about to DM you telling you about it :D I think you’ll love it! 

    3. 800 words of heaven

      800 words of heaven

      You had me at science nerds :wub:

  9. Reading Challenge 2018

    I have to read quite a bit for school, but I’m hoping to start small and read 25 books for pleasure Starting on Jan 12th with: 1. Simon v.s. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertralli
  10. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda/Simonverse

    OKAY so I just finished and this is going to be a rather ramble-y messy because I have So Many Feelings. But basically this is possibly the cutest book I’ve ever read, and second only to Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe as the best LGBTQA+ YA book I’ve read (nothing can beat Aristotle and Dante, that is just genius).
  11. I have an idea for OF that’s going to be hopefully clever and creative and funny and I’m super excited to write it :D 

    1. victoria_anne


      Good luck :wub:

    2. Margaret


      That sounds brilliant.

  12. Holiday and Diversity Writing Challenge Winners!!

    Congratulations everyone, so well deserved! ❤️
  13. The Fairy Tale Challenge | Deadline: 1 March 2018

    Hey Sian I’m a maybe, undecided on the fairytale (possibly something Eastern though). I’ll let you know when an idea takes hold
  14. Word Association