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      January Bulletin   12/31/2017

      January's bulletin is up! It includes information about recent staff/prefect bumps, the upcoming FROGS, some special awards, and more! You can check it out +here.


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About Me

Welcome to my About Me, I'm flattered you stopped by :) My name is Shreya.


  • I'm currently a senior in high school which means I am definitely 100% panicking about college apps. (Advice about that or even just fun gifs to distract me until January 1st would be awesome). 
  • I originally started writing fanfic when I was twelve but that was really bad... I like to think that I'm a little bit better now? :D
  • I like to read genfic, fluff, romance, and mystery, but I'm absolute crap at writing all of these genres, with the exception of genfic. I love writing genfic and especially considering new sides to canon characters and delving deeper into their characters. I have a lot of trouble developing OCs; canon characters are far more interesting to me. 
  • My main fandom is Harry Potter, but I also like: Hamilton, The Flash, The Lunar Chronicles, Pride and Prejudice, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Supernatural. 
  • I also read a lot of books, often times for school, but when I can, for pleasure too. At the moment, I'm reading The Awakening by Kate Chopin. The best book I read recently was A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. If you have a book rec, I'd love to hear it :)


  • Completed:
    • keyframe (T) — (n.) a moment that seemed innocuous at the time but ended up marking a diversion into a strange new era of your life. | Third Place in the August Prefect Inter-House Friendship Challenge | Regulus-centric 
    • Hermione's Betrayal (T)  Crookshanks didn't notice Hermione's odd behavior, not at first. | written for MAGIC, Round Two: Write something in the POV of a pet | Post SWW, implied Dramione, mainly just a fun fluff fic. 
  • In Progress: 
    • War Stories (M) — In the end, war heroes are humans too. | Post Second-Wizarding-War, genfic | featured story, October 2017 



September 2017 - Head Student | image by abhorsen. @ TDA

October 2017 - Third Place in Prefects' Inter-house Friendship
Challenge for keyframe | image by victoria_anne

October 2017 - Featured Story: War Stories | image by abhorsen. @ TDA 

October 2017 - Claw of the Month | image by abhorsen. @ TDA 

October 2017 - Ravenclaw Story of the Month: Best Quote for "Keyframe" | image by abhorsen. @ TDA 

October 2017 - Most Active & Most Quality Reviewer, BvB | image by abhorsen. @ TDA 

November 2017 - HPFT Prefect | image by abhorsen. @ TDA 

November 2017 - HPFT Featured Story for "Keyframe" | image by abhorsen. @ TDA 

January 2018 - HPFT Winter Wonderland Thorough Reviewer | image by abhorsen. @ TDA