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      Announcing... Teams Gorgon and Griffin!   12/14/2017

      Your third and final snowball fight is just just over a day away, and your special team common rooms are now open in the Courtyard! For this fight, Hufflepuff and Slytherin will form team Gorgon, while Gryffindor and Ravenclaw will form team Griffin! The official topics in your common rooms will unlock tomorrow, but you're very welcome to use the space now to decide on a strategy, ask the staff for clarification on any rules, and just get to know each other if you don't already.


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  1. Writing this chapter is legit miserable.

    1. StarFeather


      I need to reread chapter 32 of HP and CoB...

  2. Staff Review Thread

    Here is an odd duck among my A/P. Curious what somebody thinks of it: Link to Chapter: Dark Legacy (M) Word Count: 7,610 Summary: “They’ve lived like this for hundreds of years,” the witch replied. “When the Statute of Secrecy was adopted, most of us chose to hide in plain sight. They didn’t want to conform. They chose this life instead.” Advisories: Domestic Abuse, Sexual Content, Violence Genre: Action/Adventure, Crime/Mystery, Drama Main Characters: Susan Bones, Justin Finch-Fletchley Ships: None Areas of Concern: I've never felt quite sure about the underlying premise of the story. I based it on one short line in one of Roisin's chapters about recidivist wizarding families passing down heirloom wands. I'm curious whether the primitives in this story are something that feels like it "fits" in the HP universe. Preferred Staffer: I'm most grateful to anyone who is able to spare the time. Thanks!
  3. Staff Review Thread

    Link to Chapter(s): Chapter One: What We Both Deserve (M) Word Count: 8696 words Summary: "Alright, Tonks, calm down. You’re doing this for Remus. Don’t forget that this is all for Remus. Whatever he does, just play along. You can do this." Advisories: Discrimination, Dying/Grieving, Lycanthropy Genre: Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort Main Characters: Tonks, Remus Ships: Tonks/Remus Areas of Concern: Is the idea too far-fetched? Is Tonks in character? Preferred Staffer (if applicable): n/a
  4. Chapter 9 of After Destiny, The Heart's Desire, is posted on HPFT!

  5. Anyone have plans for eclipse viewing? Unfortunately, I think I'm going to be in an airport.

    1. pookha


      Where I live north of Seattle it's going to be 90%.  I'll be at work, but will go outside on my break. I remember an 75%-80% from when I was a kid, so I have that already.

    2. sunshinedaisieswindmills


      I'm going to pretend that the universe is celebrating my birthday and also pretending that it's not a big deal I forgot to get glasses and now can't even watch it :(

    3. MalfoysAngel


      Same here...😢

  6. Love the new forums software. Great job by all involved!

  7. Very exciting development!
  8. End Of Year Member Survey

    Survey completed.
  9. Annual Cost Report

    I really appreciate the info.
  10. Archive Wish List

    Hi! After a month or so of settling into the new archives and getting comfortable, this would be my wish list: To be able to see word count (by chapter and total for multi-chapter stories) on the Manage Stories page Change the Manage Favorites page to have sections for Favorite Authors, Favorites Series and Favorite Stories instead of links to individual pages. It would save a click. On the Your Reviews page, a way to see them all sequentially instead of in Story Name -> Chapter Number sort order. Also, a way to filter Responded vs. Not Responded. On the View Your Statistics page add Total Word Count and Reviews Received, split by Responded and Not Responded. On the Story Shell page, I wish there was some way around using those multi-select lists. Especially for the warnings, because I'm always afraid that my computer won't register the Ctrl-click (or Optn-click) and I'll end up with only the last one selected. Good things: For the story (chapter) editor, I honestly wouldn't change a thing. It works brilliantly for porting content from other Archive sites, Google docs, etc. Thanks for all you do (and all you're doing)!
  11. Archive Issues/Bugs

    The Archives seem to be slipping into German on the page that shows a story's (chapter's) reviews: Name: abhorsen (Signed) · Datum: 29 Nov 2016 05:23 PM · Für: Strange Bedfellows
  12. Tag Requests

    Here's one I don't think has been requested yet. Under Characters, Alastor Moody.
  13. paulatheprokaryote reviews

    Title: Like a Rat in a Maze Author: CambAngst Link: Here (M) Genre: Horror/Dark/Mystery Ships: Nada Summary: Peter Pettigrew finds himself in Severus Snape's house on Spinner's End. How he got there is a mystery. Whether he'll survive remains to be seen... What I'm Curious About: This is a "missing moment" story set early in HBP. I'm curious whether the setup seems plausible, like it could have actually happened this way. I'm curious whether you can feel Snape's emotions. I'm curious how you feel about Wormtail after. Thank you!
  14. Archive Site Guidelines Feedback

    It just dawned on me that there's likely to be a deluge of cross-posted material from HPFF in the days and weeks after the new archive opens. Maybe there would be some benefit to having a different validation process for stories being directly migrated from HPFF? Although there's no way to assure that the correct ratings/warnings are being applied, I suppose. Anyway, I think it's something worth considering.
  15. Archive Site Guidelines Feedback

    Wow. You have all been very busy! A few questions/suggestions come to mind: I think the range of things that could be considered "glorifying" substance abuse is pretty broad. A lot of stories set in the 70's, for instance, would tend to "glorify" smoking based on modern standards. You could also argue that Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which is arguably one of the most influential books written in the past 50 years, is one long glorification of substance abuse. Will the process of achieving CA status be better defined here than it was at HPFF? Let's be candid for a moment: at HPFF, it was often more about who you were friendly with than any objective measure of how well your writing complied with the rules. There were also those 40-slot cattle calls where if you picked the wrong week to be away from the forums, well, too bad. I really think there should be a defined, documented appeals process for chapter rejections. I fully understand that it will be a pain to administer and a lot of people will appeal even when they don't have a ghost of a chance of being right, but I also remember at least two situations where I had a chapter rejected for what the validator later admitted was an invalid reason or a bad interpretation of the rules. Since a lot of the rules involve judgment calls on the part of the validators, I feel like authors should have a chance to make their case to a second set of ears. Awesome job!